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Telecom news and commentary for industry professionals from industry professionals. Published every two weeks.

Telecom news and commentary for industry professionals from industry professionals. Published every two weeks.
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Telecom news and commentary for industry professionals from industry professionals. Published every two weeks.




Coming Soon: NG911 and OTT!

Next Gen 911 (NG911) 2013 with the ability to deliver detailed location, medical, and environmental information about a 911 caller 2013 is a quantum leap over today's legacy E911. Just one problem, industry pros say it will be 3-5 years before significant deployments. But Mark Fletcher, Avaya's Public Safety Specialist and 911 guru reveals some great news in this Telecom Junkies podcast with CCMI's George David. In a few weeks, a novel approach that uses Over the Top (OTT) technology will...


TEM Trends: A Review of 2012 and What to Expect in 2013

Hyoun Park, principal analyst at Nucleus Research, and George David, president at CCMI, review telecom expense management (TEM) trends from 2012, and discuss what to expect in 2013. Find out why midsize organizations began to embrace TEM solutions more fully this year, plus understand how mobility, BYOD, and apps are forcing enterprises to control spend in whatever way they can. As for what2019s to come in 2013 for TEM, expect more change and more unexpectedness. A shifting economy, the...


Inside the Network 2012: Infrastructure Growth Trends

Mobility, spectrum, and cloud computing were the dominant themes at the Telecommunications Industry Association's (TIA) annual conference in June. In this episode of Telecom Junkies, CCMI President George David talks with TIA President Grant Seiffert for an inside look at the conference to explain TIA's role in advancing these key trends and what they mean for enterprise users.


The Great E911 Debate

A headline session at May's International Avaya Users Group annual conference was "The Great E911 Debate," moderated by Avaya's Mark Fletcher and featuring four companies on the cutting edge of the E911 market. Our last Junkies episode gave you a look ahead on the debate, and now each of the participants return with an on-target review of the debate and the key issues it addressed.


A Prequel to the Great E911 Debate

A feature session at this year's International Avaya Users Group annual conference in Boston is "The Great E911 Debate." And this episode of Telecom Junkies gives you a taste of the issues and themes that will be covered by the panel. Listen in as moderator Mark J. Fletcher, ENP, Avaya's Product Manager for Public Safety, gives you a preview of the debate and then has each of the panelist outline their place in the E911 ecosystem. Debate panelists are: * Nicholas Maier, Senior Vice...


Bandwidth Battles: A New Approach

Telecom manger Andrew Wolf at Linfield College had a problem -- one just about all communications pros face or will face: huge file downloads were chewing up precious bandwidth and dragging down network performance. Plenty of traditional fixes were available, but the cost and staff to manage the apps were serious obstacles. Then Andrew landed on a unique "bandwidth behavior" approach from Art Reisman at NetEqualizer. End result -- great performance at much lower costs, a real win-win. Get...


The SMBs' Telecom Expense Management Conundrum

Telecom procurement and management has grown more complex for SMBs as both wireline and wireless service offerings have exploded. Outsourcing may seem like an out-of-reach solution for many enterprises that think the costs will outweigh the benefits, but don't rush to judgment. In this episode, guest Telecom Junkies, Joanie Wexler, an independent editor in the communications industry, and Gary Storm, President and CEO of vCom Solutions, examine the alternatives available to SMBs for...


Why Scan a QR Code When You Can Just Text a Picture?

QR – quick response – codes, those little square boxes, seem to be everywhere these days. But they have limitations, like the need to install yet another app (or several apps) on your mobile device in order the read the code. Listen in as Aram Kovach, CEO and chief fantasy officer at Mobius International, and George David, CCMI president and Voice Report publisher, talk about an Augmented Reality image-recognition-based service developed by Mobius. It's device and carrier agnostic and...


2012 TEM Forecast

Mobile data ... BYOD ... cloud computing ... internationalization ... TEM M&A activity ... just a few of the trends that impact enterprise-wide telecom expense management solutions. In this episode of Telecom Junkies, you hear about each, plus a lot more, when Joe Basili, managing director of the Telecom Expense Management Industry Association (TEMIA), walks through 2012's trends with CCMI President and Voice Report publisher George David, and tells you what they mean to your enterprise.


All About Next-Gen 911

Believe it or not, but the technology behind the nation's 911 system is 40+ years old! But that's about to change – and quickly. CCMI President & Voice Report Publisher George David talks with 911 guru, Mark Fletcher, product manager of public safety solutions at Avaya, about next generation 911 (NG911), an affordable IP-based framework that delivers a lot more than location information ... like individual medical histories! It's a fascinating development that also offers enterprise users...


Corporate-Liable Policies: RIP?

The hype about the growing move to BYOD – bring your own device – has many industry pundits predicting the demise of corporate-liable policies for mobile devices. "Not so fast," says Brandon Hampton, managing director at MOBI Wireless Management, in a fast-moving Telecom Junkies podcast discussion with CCMI President and Voice Report Publisher George David. Listen in as Brandon acknowledges the "consumerization" trend, but also explains how savvy companies blend a variety of policies to...


Secure, Green Cradle-to-Grave Mobile Device Strategies

The average lifespan of a mobile device is now a mere 18 months (and getting shorter). That translates to 5 million "retired" devices every year in the U.S. Here's the issue: most of the devices sit in someone’s desk or in a forgotten storage room – or perhaps they're in a dumpster or landfill. And each device carries sensitive corporate data and a laundry list of environmentally hazardous materials. In this latest edition of Telecom Junkies, e-Cycle Founder Tonia Irion and CCMI President...


Lessons from the "News of the World" Debacle

Neglecting to change a default password is a much more common occurrence than you might think ... and there are several surprising reasons why. Security Evangelist & Microsolved CEO Brent Huston in a revealing conversation with George David, president of CCMI and publisher of Voice Report, walks through the behavioral and cultural factors that lead to dangerous – and costly – security breaches and explains why data security must be a strategic imperative for every enterprise.


Director of Sustainability Solutions? Tell me more!

That's right, it's a brand new title. And whatever title you select, more and more enterprises now have a person charged with the specific responsibility to manage – cradle to grave – the deluge of mobile devices every enterprise faces today. Listen in as John Engles, Principal Product Manager – Mobility Group at Symantec and CCMI President and Voice Report Publisher George David walk through the issues and challenges this position faces and along the way gain valuable insight into...


Get up to speed with changes in TEM & MEM

Expense management – for both mobile and wireline – is a well-established discipline among communications technology pros. And so are the ways expense management solutions are procured and deployed ... until now. Join Xigo CEO and co-founder Dave Spofford and CCMI President George David as they take a hard look at the market and technology drivers behind Xigo's dramatic new approach to solving the expense management puzzle.


Complexity & politics bog down FCC reforms

The FCC has wrestled with inter-carrier compensation reform – the payment carriers make to each other – for years, and some insiders thought 2011 would be a breakthrough year that finally delivered real reform. The payoff for enterprises is lower rates for dedicated pipes and maybe even reductions in soaring USF fees. Join veteran FCC watcher Andy Regitsky of Regitsky & Associates and CCMI President George David as they detail the political and economic realities that likely push real budget...


Michigan Raises the E911 Bar

Wide spread adoption of recommended E911 standards – despite everyone's "good intentions" – has been an elusive goal. Now, in an industry first, the Michigan PUC has initiated a proceeding that would make penalties for MLTS E911 noncompliance mandatory. Listen in as Mark Fletcher, Avaya's E911 Product Manager, and Voice Report Publisher George David discuss the prospects of the Michigan initiative, and as importantly, the precedent it may set for the rest of the nation.


IPv4: Is the Sky Really Falling?

You can't read the trade press these days without seeing ominous headlines about the recently announced "exhaustion" of IPv4 internet addresses and the imperative to adopt the new IPv6 number format. But is IPv4 exhaustion really an urgent problem for enterprises? Marc Lindsey, partner at the Washington, DC law firm, Levine, Blaszak, Block & Boothby thinks not ... and he shares his reasons why in this spirited discussion with Voice Report Publisher, George David.


E911 in 2011 – Guidance for Enterprise Users

E911 issues for MLTS PBXs have been largely resolved from a technical and economic perspective. But enterprise customers still face a number of challenges when dealing with E911. Join Andrew Brown, Partner at Levine, Blaszak, Block & Boothby, LLP and Voice Report publisher George David as they follow up on a recent Voice Report article ( with a lively discussion on three E911 hot buttons that you need to follow in 2011: SIP trunking and the...


2011 and the TEM Market – A Look Ahead

As enterprise spending on communications services changes, successful Telecom Expense Management (TEM) programs must adapt from a narrow focus on wireline service to a much broader range of communications services. Join Joe Basili, Managing Director of the Telecom Expense Management Industry Association (TEMIA) and CCMI President George David as they reveal the results TEMIA’s recent survey on 2011 and explain what that means for TEM users – and vendors – as they wrestle with booming...