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Salerno, Italy






|| M.K.R. • Episode#057 | #Experimental #Techno #Noise #Live

Bunker 026 Podcast || M.K.R. • Episode#057 | #Experimental #Techno #Noise#Live M.k.r.’s passion for music grew since an early age starting with Double bass and passing through drums and guitar while experimenting with rock, punk and metal. Shifted gradually into electronics M.K.R. reflects this huge musical background panorama with productions that are made of heavy bass lines, minimalist rhythmic suites, noises, wall of distortions, fluctuating from ambient to techno settings. || M.K.R. •...


|| Emir Hazir • Episode#056 | #Techno

Bunker 026 Podcast || Emir Hazir • Episode#056 | #Techno Though Turkey may seem like an unlikely place for Techno, following in the tradition of fellow countrymen Len Faki and Butch; it is the home of a true hidden gem in Emir Hazir. Starting his career in music as a DJ at a popular turkish radio station, he discovered the world of production through a chance encounter with some analog gear at a friend's house in 2004. He immediately fell in love and the rest is history. Emir eventually...


|| Vincenzo Pizzi • Episode#049 | #Techno

Bunker 026 Podcast || Vincenzo Pizzi • Episode#049 | #Techno Vincenzo Pizzi is Italian and although young, he has already been in the musical scene for a few years. He is a graduate of Nut Academy in Naples with a diploma in electronic music and is now persuing a Bachelors degree in Sound Design at IED, Rome. Vincenzo has released a compilation, a live recording and a vinyl for Blackwater Label as well as some stuff for Secret Keywords and RDL47 too. His music is a mix of IDM,...


|| Yaz Tassara • Episode#45 | #Techno

Bunker 026 Podcast || Yaz Tassara • Episode#45 | #Techno Djane Yaz Tassara A.k.a Lunati, is a music lover, from an early age was captivated by the sounds of nature and music, developing an innate hypersensitivity, she discovers in the electronic sounds the way to convey your emotions. She has been present in the electronic scene since 2007 playing minimal tech. Since then, studied the best way to transmit the feelings, believing that it’s necessary for to start the change by oneself and...


|| MataVerve • Episode#41 | #Techno #Experimental

Bunker 026 Podcast || MataVerve • Episode#41 | #Techno #Experimental Valerio Angione Aka MataVerve Was Born in 1983 in Italy. MataVerve's music passion has grown from the wish of making the difference in society,trying to change it with his music. For this reason, MataVerve decide to start sharing his own idea of different culture in sound and create a new way of music. In the last four years, his dark and metallic sound has been played and make dance in a deep and intense trip around...


|| Israel Toledo • Episode#40 | #Techno

Bunker 026 Podcast || Israel Toledo • Episode#40 | #Techno Israel Toledo-Live @ Lehmann Club Israel Toledo is one of the most mexican exported techno djs and producers, in 2004 he produced the remix "Quetzalcoatl" for Corvin Dalek at Mark Reeder´s German label MFS-FLESH, the same year the remix was edited on the Love Parade´s compilation on the mexican edition and Poland for LIFE Magazine. That year Israel Toledo´s track/ep called "Edge of Empire" was released at the Dutch Techno label...


|| Jimmy Wellder • Episode#38 | #Dark-Techno

Bunker 026 Podcast || Jimmy Wellder • Episode#38 | #Dark-Techno Dark minimal techno music was love at first sight for Jimmy, started to produce with his best friend "în subteran". Soon he got totally in to it and it was the only thing he wanted to do. After a while he started with mixing and eventually he got a couple chances to play at some small underground parties in Belgium. He is also working on his first own concept Innenstadt. Dedicated to the underground scene, Jimmy wants build up...


|| Chris Mole • E&B 2015-2016 Episode#04 | #Techno

Happy End 2015 & Happy Beginning 2016 Bunker 026 || Chris Mole • E&B 2015-2016 Episode#04 | #Techno Chris Mole was born in 1986 and was spending his youth in a narrow-minded suburbian area near Aachen, close to the frontier between Germany and the Netherlands. In the late 90s there was not much subculture for the kids and teens, so his awakening as a musician was highly influenced by the sounds of the early “gabber"-scene and came for the first time in touch with vinyl and turntables. His...


|| Anna Bolena • E & B Episode#01 | #Grindjazz

Happy End & Happy Beginning Bunker 026 Podcast || Anna Bolena • E & B Episode#01 | #GrindJazz Anna Bolena Music producer, promoter and videomaker. 1995 started as techno dj in the free parties alternative scene in Italy and Europe. She has an eclectic and experimental approach to both her live and music sets; a non-conformist and with a socio-political narrative around radical ideas in art and organization. Interested about innovations and challenges, she runs the label Idroscalo Dischi...


|| Marc Newman • Episode#37 | #Techno

Bunker 026 Podcast || Marc Newman • Episode#37 | #Techno https://soundcloud.com/marc-newman-989620996 https://www.facebook.com/Newman-Mole-1106918002682339/?fref=ts https://pro.beatport.com/artist/marc-newman/85622 Bunker 026 Podcast || Marc Newman • Episode#37 | #Techno 25/12/2016


|| Katrin Gelmi • Episode#35 | #DeepHouse #TechHouse

Bunker 026 Podcast || Katrin Gelmi • Episode#35 | #DeepHouse #TechHouse From #CriminalRecords http://www.criminalr3cords.com/ Criminal is a young vinyl and digital record label from Italy that its clearly speaking techno music and expand his musical essence focusing on a hybrid style between old and new school, presenting in their releases some heavyweight tracks which are right now at the top of Techno and Tech-House STEMS charts on Beatport, Juno and Traxsource. The label owner Cr3s is...


|| PABLO SANTOS Episode#34 | #Techno

Bunker 026 Podcast || PABLO SANTOS Episode#34 | #Techno Dj Spanish and producer with more 10 years in the electronic scene.This high style ithe music darker , deep and melodic techno have led him to share cabin with dj most outstanding national and international techno scene.His productions are assimilated to their ideals regarding electronic music, ow terribly enveloping, melodies of unsurpassed acid and a deep drums excite you to take you to the climax. Say pablo santos is say techno,...


|| Matter Episode#33 | #Experimental

|| Matter Episode#33 | #Experimental Matter is Fabrizio Matrone aka Heidseck. Matter's music has been released from labels such as Kvitnu (UKR), Le Petit Machiniste (D), Soviet Media Kontrol (US). He played in several festival like Piombino eXperimenta III (IT), Live Performers Meeting 2006 (IT), Le Petit Machinist Festival 4 (D), Storung Festival 7 (ES), Flussi Festival 2013 (IT). The project is focused on electronic and experimental sound. Rhythmic walls, deep and dirty analogue...


|| VINCENZO DE ROBERTIS • Episode#32 | #Deep-House

This second Monday of December we present in this our episode 32, from La Pitti Records: Vincenzo De Robertis / Italy. Vincenzo was Born in Salerno, Italy, begins to approach the music from a young age studying the piano as a child. Over the years begin to enjoy the music they bought the sisters on vinyl, The Cure, Duran Duran, The Smiths and all the strand 80/90 to finish to house that was beginning to take hold in Italy. Thus began his passion as a DJ began playing in small party of his...


|| HAN MONO • Episode#31 | #Techno

|| HAN MONO • Episode#31 | #Techno Han Mono From Germany became fascinated by electronic music in the early 90’s when listening to Steve Mason`s radio show on BFBS London. Influenced by the burgeoning German techno movement he bought his first turntables 1994 and begun spinning techno, acid and house. Soon his obsession turned towards breakbeats and jungle, he started playing as many local parties and clubs as he could. Later on he launched own parties additionally he started a...


|| PHORM • Episode#30 | Electro

This week, we present in the "Electro & Experimental" Session Phorm, from Italy; all sounds of this liveset have been made without use of personal computers Phorm (Max Foti) is an assembler of various kinds of electronic, synthesized and found sounds, and former drummer too. Through his music he is constantly researching for a comfort dimension placed outside of the self, the analogy of a shamanic research but cleared of false spiritualities. Bunker 026 Podcast || PHORM • Episode#30 |...


|| HIBRIDOTEC • Episode#29 | Tech-House

This Monday we present: HibridoTEC from Chile, Deejay - Remixer and Performer , with a completely different proposal linked to new technologies making each set unique and amazing to those who hear it with his combination of sound House, Techno and Experimental experience. HibridoTEC is pure technology , is musical innovation is sound heavy machinery is a hybrid between man and the musical machine. He was born as a project in 1999 in order to bring innovation to sound as many places on...

|| PHOOKA • Episode#28 | Techno-Experimental

This is the Second Episode on Bunker 026 Podcast in this day. Now we present a special Live set of Phooka from Italy. He is also known as Francesco Maddalena, born in 1978, is the official father of Homework project, one of the main electronic netlabels in Italy. Charmed by sounds and edgy rhythms, at first he approached electronic music with IDM and experimental productions, then he became interested in techno/minimal-techno productions, but without entirely departing from his first...


|| Audiophilet • Episode#27 | Techno

This Friday in the Techno section we hawe 2 upolad. In the First we present Audiophilet from Germany He Was Born in 1984 to Recklinghausen (DE), kindness & ease is what best describes Audiophilet's nature. A fetish for rhythm & sense for ocassion specifies the music. At the edge of fourteen he started to go partying regularly and diving deep into the electronic music scene. He developed a multi-faceted, intense love for it and at the age of 20 he kicked things off mixing on vinyl. It was an...


|| Ricky Pagano • Episode#26 /Soulfoul

Bunker 026 || Ricky Pagano • Episode#26 /Soulfoul http://www.discogs.com/artist/470742-Ricky-Pagano-DJ