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5by5 is an Internet broadcast network for geeks, designers, developers, gamers, entrepreneurs, corporate stooges, technophiles, and people like you, with shows hosted by Dan Benjamin, Merlin Mann, Jeffrey Zeldman, Gina Trapani, and more.

5by5 is an Internet broadcast network for geeks, designers, developers, gamers, entrepreneurs, corporate stooges, technophiles, and people like you, with shows hosted by Dan Benjamin, Merlin Mann, Jeffrey Zeldman, Gina Trapani, and more.
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5by5 is an Internet broadcast network for geeks, designers, developers, gamers, entrepreneurs, corporate stooges, technophiles, and people like you, with shows hosted by Dan Benjamin, Merlin Mann, Jeffrey Zeldman, Gina Trapani, and more.






Supercharged 196: Modular Robotics (with Eric Schweikardt)

This week Tommy and Adam talk to the founder and CEO of Modular Robotics, the company that created the wonderful STEM toy Cubelets—little blocks that you snap together to create a robot!


Road Work 107: I Got Rolfed

John and Dan talk about John's new back injury, potential treatments, sports teams, and mountain climbing.


On Taking Pictures 312: I’m Put Off By Such Comfort

This week marks the end of year six of OTP and we’re talking about style - specifically questions around whether or not our particular style of making (photographic, design, painting or otherwise) is “baked” into how we see. If we stray too far from what we “know” does it simply look like we’re trying to emulate someone else? Also, a listener asks what (if any) obligation does one creative have to another? Mary Ellen Mark is our Photographer of the Week. Thank you for being here, for...


Back to Work 372: Hole That Rabbit

This week, the boys discuss Drafts, The Archive, Merlin's love of Spotify, some great playlists, and weird rules for cheerleaders. In extensive follow-up, your hosts talk about the listener who was having trouble with addressing employees and social media use. This goes lots of interesting places. Next up, even more input from listeners on social media policies and living life in a fishbowl.


DLC 228: What If...

Jeff and Christian welcome Andrea Rene from What's Good Games back to the show this week to discuss Boss Key's new battle royale game, Shenmue 1 and 2 being remastered, Billy Mitchell losing his records, Jeff's infamous tweet, and more! The Playlist: a SPOILER FREE deep dive into God of War, plus Radical Heights Parting Gifts!


Road Work 106: The Scrappy Doo Phenomenon

John and Dan discuss ethical codes.


On Taking Pictures 311: Poseidon Giveth and Poseidon Taketh Away

This week, a look inside four Instagram photographers who reveal the “contact sheets” behind some of their images. Turns out it can take quite a few shots to get that perfect selfie or lifestyle pic. Also, the start of a broader discussion around social media and the number of “subs” or follows as the real barrier on entry into making a living as a photographer. Also, trouble on the high seas costs one of us a lens. O. Winston Link is our Photographer of the Week.


Ruby on Rails Podcast 243: A Surprise Rails 5.2 Appears!

Now that Rails 5.2 is production ready, Britt gives Kyle a tour of Rails 5.2 and all it's coolest, newest, hippest, frameworkiest new features.


Back to Work 371: Avocado People

Bula vinaka, bee tee dubs nation! This is an epic odds and sods episode, replete with TV follow-up, font follow-up, and Wild, Wild Country follow-up, along with book recommendations, happy Splatoon 2 talk, and a pretty terrible 70s board game. Also, ubi sunt retail amirite? Also, your hosts finally (finally!) address a listener's excellent and very difficult question about her millennial employee's use of social media. Lot of levels!


Diagnostics & Usage 148: Cheese-Graters and Trash-Cans

This week Cody and Joe discuss iOS/macOS updates, MacPro, Apple's education event, and future iPhone rumors.


Ruby on Rails Podcast 242: Let Me Get My Toolbox

This week the talented Brit talked to Christoph Olszowka about Ruby Toolbox, SimpleCov, and what's up with Ruby these days. What's in your toolbox?


Supercharged 194: Selfies and Legacies

Tommy shares the details of the Museum of Selfies, which he co-created, and he and Adam discuss the often innate human desire to be remembered—and those who prefer to be forgotten.


Back to Work 370: King Jeremy the Wicked

This week, Dan and Merlin discuss Jessica Jones and the problem of super power constitution, plus some more Netflix recommendations ("Look away! Looooook awaaaaay!"). They also do a dive into updates on the monospace fonts they like and use. Next, up they talk about the new app, The Archive, contrasting with nvALT. Finally, your hosts answer an excellent listener question about struggling to manage more experienced developers.


On Taking Pictures 310: Let Me Just Finish This Donut

This week, do individuals make the collective better? Do we have a responsibility to use whatever talents or gifts we may have (artistic or otherwise), or is it okay to simply walk away and do something else? Also, a recurring question from a listener around overcoming self-doubt, who asks, “does it ever go away?” Spoiler: no, but it’s often an interesting discussion. William Ukoh is our Photographer of the Week.


DLC 226: The Second to Last Screen

Jeff and Christian welcome Jared Petty from Kinda Funny and A Hop, Blip, and a Jump to the show this week to discuss No Man's Sky coming to Xbox, PSVR getting a price cut, Red Faction Guerrilla getting a remaster, and more! The Playlist: Far Cry 5, Punch Out on Switch, Kirby Star Allies, What Remains of Edith Finch VR Talk: Moss, WipEout Omega Collection Tabletop Time: Jeff interviews Rob Daviau about Fireball Island Parting Gifts!


Supercharged 193: Universal Basic Income

This week Tommy and Adam discuss the pros and cons of implementing a Universal Basic Income around the world with the help of expert Federico Pistono. Federico is an entrepeneur, technologist, author, and head of blockchain for Hyperloop Transport Technology. He's written and spoken about universal basic income, as well as the many surrounding topics, and offers an important perspective that dispenses with unrealistic idealism and focuses solely on finding ways to improve the lives of...


On Taking Pictures 309: Giant Bags of Stuff in the Car

This week, we talk a little about the upcoming relaunch of Ektachrome and wonder whether Kodak will be able to make a boutique film commercially successful. Also, some insight into exhibiting your work from three successful curators, courtesy of the British Journal of Photography. Plus some terrific questions from YOU, the listeners, that we do our best to answer. Miranda Penn Turin is our Photographer of the Week.


Back to Work 369: Comic Blood

This week, your hosts say "Bula Vinaka!" They also discuss phone cards, some Netflix recommendations, Merlin's phone usage, and "accidentally" getting punched in the face by your kid. Of course, they also talk about the TV and voice control ecosystems. They also respond to listener questions about better active listening, and how they each take notes for podcasts.


DLC 225: Stealth Better

Jeff and Christian welcome Joel Eddy from Drive Thru Reviews to the show this week to discuss Epic's State of the Unreal at GDC, the formation of the Fair Play Alliance, Asmodee getting into pan media production, Star Wars Battlefront 2 unlocking everything, and more! The Playlist: Sea of Thieves, Far Cry 5, Kirby Star Allies, Vermintide 2, Shadow of the Colossus Tabletop Time: Rising Sun, Bottle Imp, Azul, TIME Stories: Lumen Fideli Parting Gifts!


Diagnostics & Usage 147: An Apple-Bow

This week Cody and Joe discuss Apple's upcoming education event, FaceID Ads, new Apple Watch bands, AirPod audiophile review, Apple's microLED facility, and a surprising purchase from Cody.


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