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Reviewing the QwerkyWriter Mechanical Keyboard: A Little Qwerky, but way Better than Qwerty!

Dive into this podcast to learn about the Qwerky Writer Mechanical Keyboard, a keyboard dedicated to those who want the greatest typewriter feeling under their fingertips at all times. I reviewed this keyboard as a courtesy of the company providing me with a unit. As you can hear, I could not be more than pleased with the design, build, and overall retro feel of this product. While you can pick up other keyboard claiming a typewriter feel, I truly challenge you in these three qualities...


CBT Live! at Google I/O ’18: Accessibility for AR and VR

In this session, Google covers ways to make Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality more accessible to more users.


CBT Live! At Google I/O ’18: What’s new in Android accessibility

Learn about the latest feature additions to Android P, get an update on accessibility testing and best practices, and hear about new APIs that developers can use to create more accessible app experiences. This session will also offer a unique look into how Google conducts UX research for users with disabilities.


Ultimate Ears ROLL 2: Designed to Take Your Music Where it Shouldn’t Go!

CBT takes a dip in the water with the Ultimate Ears roll 2. Will this portable bluetooth speaker sink or swim? No speaker has the same versatility or unique portability that ROLL 2 does. Strap it to your backpack, and it’ll still be there. Wirelessly Double Up with a second Ultimate Ears ROLL 2 speaker and take your sound to a whole new level. every ROLL 2 comes with a free inflatable floatie. Now while you're lounging on your giant inflatable swan, your ROLL 2 can float right beside you....


Diving Into GarageBand Part 3

This time out we take a look at recording audio. This covers everything from setting up the computer to know which device/microphone to record from to telling GarageBand which track to record onto. Especially useful in projects with more than one tracks.So warm up those vocal pipes or playing fingers and lets continue our dive into recording with GarageBand. Keyboard Commands Covered in this Episode: K = Toggle Metronome on/off Shift K = toggle Count In on/off R = Start recording SpaceBar...


Diving Into GarageBand 2

In this episode we get into the basics of doing some midi recording. You’ll hear the lovely Steinway Grand Piano on a childhood classic while learning some concepts of how GarageBand handles recording. Grab a copy of GarageBand and lets dive in! Keyboard Commands Covered in this Episode: K = Toggle Metronome on/off Shift K = toggle Count In on/off R = Start recording SpaceBar = Start/Stop Playback (technically play/pause), Stop Recording Return = Go to beginning of the project Command K =...


Diving Into GarageBand

Packed with the greatest hits of sounds from its big brother Logic, GarageBand frees you up to be creative without any of the overwhelming sensation of option paralysis that can confront a new comer in more “Pro” apps. In this introduction we cover acquiring GarageBand, setting up the app, and getting familiar with its interface. Also showing off one of its cool features to get you playing with just your Mac. Grab a copy of GarageBand and lets dive in!


Monster Adventurer Bluetooth Speaker Drop Test!

We put the Monster Bluetooth speaker to a sound and drop test, guess what happens? Your life is an adventure, and you need to have CBT wherever your adventure takes you. With an “everything proof” exterior (weatherproof, rust-proof, dust-proof), the Monster® Adventurer can follow you into the fray and survive the most harsh climates and environment. Be prepared! Charging your devices is easy with Adventurer's battery reserve. As you rise to meet any challenge, the Monster Adventurer's...


Victor Reader Stream New Generation First Impressions

The Victor Reader Stream is ubiquitous in the blindness community with over 36000 units in circulation. Imagine having the latest novels, magazines, your favorite music, audio-described films, texts and your own voice recordings, all in the palm of your hand. With its new lightweight and compact design, Victor Reader Stream delivers hours of listening pleasure ANYWHERE! The new Victor Reader Stream is 28% smaller than its predecessor. Its new sleek design is thinner and features rounded...


Essential PH-1, A Premium Phone Without the Premium Price

CBT gives you the first impressions of the new Essential Phone. The Essential Phone’ has a stunning edge-to-edge Full Display and is a large-screen device that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Essential PH-1 features Materials Titanium body Ceramic back Corning Gorilla Glass 5 cover glass Dimensions Height: 141.5mm Width: 71.1mm Thickness: 7.8mm Weight: 1000:1 (typical) Technology: CGS / LTPS Human Input + Sensors 10 finger multitouch; palm and water-error rejection Fingerprint...


Spotlight with Stephen Ewell: Executive Director of the CTA Foundation

In this Spotlight Interview, James Oates sits down with Stephen Ewell, the executive director of the Consumer Technology Association Foundation. The CTA Foundation, a public, national foundation affiliated with the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™, was launched in 2012 with the mission to link seniors and people with disabilities with technologies to enhance their lives. The […]


Now Available In Narrator! AI-tagged Image Descriptions

If there was a word which is to define the era that dominates this early 21st century, it no doubt would be the cloud. Everything has moved to incorporating some cloud-based feature or another. Whilst screen reading has done OCR and other image recognition prior, this too was relegated to locally performed magic, rather than […]


Introduction to TWBlue

There are many twitter clients that are available for Windows, but very few are designed to work with screen readers. In this podcast, Leonid demonstrates the interface, as well as several useful features on TWBlue, a free, open source twitter client. Let us know what you think in the comments!


VIP: Let Me See You Work It!

This week, the team is quite active! Join Joel, Jessica, and Rachel, as they discuss topics from a 9-month National Fitness Challenge, to the Ecobee4 Thermostat, to the Amazon Echo stepping into the communication market. A 9-Month Fitness Challenge? Students from the Georgia Blind Sports Association along with the United Association of Blind Athletes and […]


Setting Up Audio Description on the Amazon Prime Video App

In this podcast, Rachel demonstrates how to enable audio description for the movies and TV shows that have this feature in the Amazon Prime Video app. One must have an Amazon Prime membership which entitles a viewer to some free content. Other movies and TV shows that have audio description, can be purchased for a […]


Customizable Control Center on iOS 11 Beta

In this podcast, James Oates takes a look at the new customizable control center in iOS 11. He shows us how to add items to the control center, and tries out some of the more interesting additions that are now available.


Cool Picks: June 19, 2017

This week Joel, Jessica and Darrell Hilliker share their opinions on this week’s Cool Picks. Cool Picks This Week Include the Following: Aira Visual Interpreter for the Blind Darrell shows us how he uses his Cool Pick for help with day-to-day tasks around the house. Google Calendar Find out how Jessica manages her insane schedule […]


Spotlight on The Read Read: Making Braille Literacy Accessible to All

Join Jessica for an exclusive interview with Alex Tavares, Harvard University graduate and developer of The Read Read, an innovative new Braille literacy device which allows students to independently engage in the process of learning Braille. If you would like to see The Read Read become a reality in classrooms everywhere, please Donate to The […]


VIP: Let Me Change Your Mind

This week the Cool Blind Tech team along with a special guest host, discuss the latest happenings in the world of Accessible Technology. Join Joel, Jessica and Darrell Hilliker as they share their opinions on this week’s news and bring to you some very Cool Picks. Make sure to press play or download this week’s […]


Cool Picks: June 11, 2017

In this weeks Cool Picks, James Oates, Joel Ramos, Tamas Geczy, and Jessica Rickards get together to share their latest findings in the world of assistive tech. Cool Picks Duolingo Jessica shows us how to learn another language while having fun. Sleep Watch – Auto sleep monitor using your watch Tomi is all about getting […]