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Talking the Threat Intelligence Mind Map and How It Can Help Organizations

Threat intelligence covers many different aspects relevant to an organization, including strategic intelligence, operational intelligence, tactical intelligence, digital risk monitoring, and the people and process behind them. Despite being interconnected, they are often viewed individually within organizations, said SurfWatch Labs chief security strategist Adam Meyer. Meyer recently created a mind map to show how those different aspects tie together and should be viewed under one large...


Talking the Preparedness Cycle with Gate 15's Andy Jabbour

In today’s cyber threat environment, many organizations are struggling to determine how to mitigate the array of risks they are facing. But don’t despair, said Andy Jabbour, the co-founder and managing director of Gate 15, there is hope. Andy recently wrote a series of blogs outlining how the Preparedness Cycle, which is often used to prepare for traditional threats, can easily be applied to cyber threats as well. On this episode of the Cyber Chat, we talk to Andy about the preparedness...


Talking the Expanding Digital Risk Footprints of Organizations

The digital footprints of organizations are expanding. With that expansion comes more avenues of attack for cybercriminals to exploit and more areas of concern for organizations to address. On this episode of the Cyber Chat, SurfWatch Labs chief security strategist Adam Meyer discusses the challenges businesses are currently facing due to their expanding level of presence and how organizations can respond to those new challenges to better manage their cyber risk.