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Episode 332 | David McCarter

Guest: @ David McCarter talks with Dave Rael about creativity, code quality, the challenge of tact, and getting involved David McCarter is a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional), C# Corner MVP, solutions architect, speaker, consultant, professional code reviewer and interviewer in San Diego, California. He is the editor-in-chief of a web site dedicated to helping software engineers in all aspects of programming since 1994. David has written for programming...


Episode 331 | John Callaway and Clayton Hunt - Professional Craftsmen

Guest: @ Clayton Hunt and John Callaway talk with Dave Rael about testing, Test-Driven Development, influences, influencers, teaching, writing, and soft skills Clayton has been programming professionally since 2005 doing mostly web development with an emphasis on JavaScript and C#. He has a focus Software Craftsmanship and is a signatory of both the Agile Manifesto and the Software Craftsmanship manifesto. He believes that through short iterations and the careful gathering of...


Episode 330 | Stephane Maarek - Push the Edge

Guest: @ Stephane Maarek talks with Dave Rael about educational impact, lifestyle, making a difference, pushing progress, and constant learning Stephane is a solutions architect, consultant and software developer that has a particular interest in all things related to big data and analytics. He's also a best seller instructor on Udemy for his courses in Apache Kafka, Apache NiFi and AWS Lambda! He loves Apache Kafka. He regularly contributes to the Apache Kafka project and wrote a...


Episode 329 | James Long - Seeking Deep Knowledge

Guest: @ James Long talks with Dave Rael about working at Mozilla, building products, making it harder to make costly mistakes, and understanding why something works James Long worked for Mozilla for 6 years on various projects ranging from Firefox OS to Firefox developer tools. Last year, he quit to pursue self-employed contracting, and recently has been working on launching his own product, Actual, a personal budgeting app. He enjoys leveraging powerful technology to solve real...


Episode 328 | Ben Clinkinbeard - More than Minimum

Guest: @ Ben Clinkinbeard talks with Dave Rael about being misled, data visualization, JavaScript, caring about the domain, and being a self-taught programmer Ben Clinkinbeard is a consultant, trainer, and the author of D3 + SVG: How to Create Flawless Charts for Any Screen. His video courses include Build Interactive JavaScript Charts with D3 and to date, more than 25,000 developers have spent over 18,000 hours watching his video lessons. Ben helps organizations improve their...


Episode 327 | Andrew Cook - Create Projects

Guest: @ Andrew Cook talks with Dave Rael about being a paramedic, becoming a software developer, community engagement, and learning Andrew Cook is a software developer and Paramedic with years of experience in the Microsoft Stack including ASP.Net, MVC Framework, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft SQL Server, Redis Cache, VSTS, C#, HTML, and CSS. He's a Xamarin Certified Developer and a Udacity Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree Graduate. - Dave introduces the show and Andrew Cook -...


Episode 326 | Alex Balazs - Find Your Voice

Guest: @ Alex Balazs talks with Dave Rael about his role at Intuit, diversity, listening, impact, and finding your voice Alex Balazs is Chief Architect for Intuit. He leads business and technical architecture, drives product and engineering excellence, and stewards technology talent across Intuit. Intuit products serve over 45 million consumers, self-employed and small businesses in the US and around the world. Alex previously served as chief architect for Intuit's Consumer Group...


Episode 325 | Trae Robrock - Automate Everything

Guest: @ Trae Robrock talks with Dave Rael about opportunity, efficiency, delivering, giving, values, and dealing with friction Trae Robrock is the CTO and Co-founder of Green Bits, where they build a retail platform for the cannabis industry. He has been coding forever and professionally for over a decade. He's passionate about automation and how software enables this. He's also a youtuber who vlogs about automation, time management, and general life stuff. - Dave introduces...


Episode 324 | Obie Fernandez - Timing Opportunity

Guest: @ Obie Fernandez talks with Dave Rael about attention, connecting varied interests, lifestyle, timing, and meaningful impact Obie Fernandez resides in Mexico City and runs a boutique tech consultancy. He makes his living as an author and by helping clients to build kickass web software. Early in his career, he worked on some of the world’s first Java enterprise projects and founded Atlanta’s Extreme Programming User Group (later Agile Atlanta). At ThoughtWorks and his own...


Episode 323 | Don Syme - Languages and Stories

Guest: @ Don Syme about Microsoft Research, languages, F#, exposure to software development for children, and deconstruction of ideas Don Syme is a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Mobile Tools and Microsoft Research, Cambridge. He works with researchers, Microsoft and open source communities to make better programming technologies, and, through that, make people more productive and happier. His main responsibility is the design and implementation of the F# programming language...


Episode 322 | Ken Versaw and Dave Fancher - Software Trends

Guest: @ Ken Versaw and Dave Fancher talk with Dave Rael about software trends, what to expect in the future of software, and the Indy Code conference coming in April 2018 Ken Versaw is a co-founder and CEO of Amegala, an organization dedicated to creating high-quality, community-focused training and networking opportunities for software development professionals. Dave Fancher is the owner of Achiiv Solutions, LLC in Carmel, Indiana, a three-time Microsoft MVP, author of The Book...


Episode 321 | Craig Sproule - Better Experiences

Guest: Craig Sproule @Crowd_Machine Craig Sproule talks with Dave Rael about building distributed systems, Crowd Machine, business, quality of life in building software, and planning for change Craig Sproule, CEO of Crowd Machine ( has built the Crowd Computer, a decentralized app execution network that includes a comprehensive, embedded app builder technology. It radically transforms the app development process, is blockchain agnostic and is already in...


Episode 320 | Scott Drake - Future Proof

Guest: Scott Drake @tscottdrake Scott Drake talks with Dave Rael about building, learning, education, and becoming a genius maker rather than an genius Scott Drake is the Vice President of Technology for medical education company ScholarRx in his hometown of Louisville, KY. His career in software includes stops at Microsoft in Redmond, Wash., at startups in Silicon Valley he founded, and for seven years managed his own software development company. He is the author of "The...


Episode 319 | John Best - How You Respond

Guest: John Best @wintermute21 John Best talks with Dave Rael about limitations, philosophy, DevOps, empathy, and choosing your responses John Best is a .NET Framework specialist for TrackOFF inc, in Baltimore,MD. Prior to TrackOFF, he was a web developer for a number of private companies and government firms across various states, specializing in ASP.NET, MVC, and Angular. Having started programming at 14 in C++, programming and software design have always held a passion for him....


Episode 318 | Sean Casto - Attention for Your Apps

Guest: Sean Casto @seancasto Sean Casto talks with Dave Rael about motivation, marketing, making great things, and the impact of a marketing strategy for application developers Sean Casto is the Founder of the premier app marketing agency, PreApps, where he has helped Thousands of apps reach Millions in Downloads. He has worked with many Million Dollar apps such as Flyp, OverKill 2, Gadget Flow, and even Billion Dollar apps such as Cheetah Mobile’s Security Master with over...


Episode 317 | Steven Hicks - Scary Things

Guest: Steven Hicks @pepopowitz Steven Hicks talks with Dave Rael about conference speaking, solving problems, JavaScript, and Steven Hicks is a full-stack web developer with nearly 20 years experience. He believes in clean, readable, and maintainable code. Steve likes to use the right tool for the job, especially if the right tool is JavaScript. He strongly believes that if you ain't falling, you ain't learning. Steve embraces continuous improvement and believes that a developer's...


Episode 316 | Chris Ferdinandi - Idea to Living Thing

Guest: Chris Ferdinandi @ChrisFerdinandi Chris Ferdinandi talks with Dave Rael about teaching and learning, self-discovery, JavaScript, and delivering value Chris Ferdinandi helps people learn vanilla JavaScript. His JavaScript plugins are used by organizations like Apple, Harvard Business School, and CNN. After years of struggling with hostile web forums, bad documentation, and incomplete tutorials, he now helps beginners learn JavaScript faster and easier. He love pirates,...


Episode 315 | David Hussman - From Success to Fulfillment

Guest: David Hussman @davidhussman David Hussman talks with Dave Rael about why and how, health and motivation, cancer treatments, and significance David teaches and coaches the adoption and improvement of agility as a delivery tool. His work includes helping companies of all sizes all over the world. Sometimes he is pairing with developers and testers, while other times he is helping to invent, evolve and plan the delivery of all types of products and projects. David spent years...


Episode 314 | Jim Holmes - Breaking Bad Dynamics

Guest: Jim Holmes @aJimHolmes Jim Holmes talks with Dave Rael about the nature of leadership, the leadership journey, applying lessons from athletics to professional teams, resetting negative dynamics, and delivering value Jim is an Executive Consultant at Pillar Technology where he works with organizations trying to improve their software delivery process. He's also the owner/principal of Guidepost Systems which lets him engage directly with struggling organizations. He has been...


Episode 313 | Joel Beasley - Incremental Improvement

Guest: Joel Beasley @ Joel Beasley talks with Dave Rael about Modern CTO, his ambitious history in software and business, code quality, and the human elements of great software products and businesses Joel is an MIT Educated, family first workaholic. Joel loves his k9 friends Ted, Teddy and Bently has a beautiful wife Michelle. Recently Joel has welcomed a brand new addition to the family, his first child, a daughter, Ari. Joel has a passion for...


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