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Episode 364 | Andy Frievalt - You Don't Need Permission

Guest: @ Andy Frievalt talks with Dave Rael about career, JavaScript, open source, asking for permission, speaking, and delivering Andy Frievalt is a senior software engineer at Northwestern Mutual, a fortune 100 financial services company in Milwaukee WI. Andy is a customer focused enterprise developer with over 25 years of experience. Despite his years in the trenches, he is still passionate about his craft and loves improving himself and those around him. Andy created Firefight...


Episode 363 | Ed Charbeneau - Community Powerhouse

Guest: @ Ed Charbeneau talks with Dave Rael about innovation, community, extra effort, and making good happen Ed is a Microsoft MVP and an international speaker, writer, online influencer, a Developer Advocate for Progress, and expert on all things web development. Ed enjoys geeking out to cool new tech, brainstorming about future technology, and admiring great design. - Dave introduces the show and Ed Charbeneau - How Ed got started in software, working with electronics and...


Episode 362 | Billy Korando - Automating Gratitude

Guest: @ Billy Korando talks with Dave Rael about being a speaker, the benefits of user groups, automated testing and delivery, and gratitude Billy Korando works as a software consultant with Keyhole Software in Kansas City Missouri. Billy has been a developer for a little over a decade and has worked in many exciting industries including insurance regulation, shipping, and government. One thing Billy has often wondered throughout his career is why do organizations struggle...


Episode 361 | Jakob Heuser - Optimized for the Learner

Guest: @ Jakob Heuser talks with Dave Rael about the human side of engineering, training focused on learners, formative experiences, and making an impact Jakob Heuser (HEW-zer) has taken up the mantle of Evangelist for human-centered instruction to help businesses, start-ups and brands retain talent. His unique blend of engineering and instructional experience results in a different kind of training; it’s optimized for the LEARNER, not the instructor. This approach is a breath of...


Episode 360 | Guy Royse - Generalized Excellence

Guest: @ Guy Royse talks with Dave Rael about impact, conference speaking, curiosity, and going deep on understanding what lies beneath Guy works for Data Robot in Columbus, Ohio as a Developer Evangelist. Combining his decades of experience in building software with a passion for sharing what he has learned, Guy goes out into developer communities and helps other build great software. Guy has programmed in numerous languages over the years—many of them semicolon...


Episode 359 | John Rouda - Leading Wisely

Guest: @ John Rouda talks with Dave Rael about family, leadership, education, learning, and the value in books and talks John Rouda is an IT Leader and Computer Science Professor. Currently, he is an IT Director and he teaches as an adjunct professor at both York Technical College and Winthrop University. John has spoken at numerous conferences and is currently on the board of the Interface Cyber Security Conference. John’s past experiences include more than a decade of Technical...


Episode 358 | Zach Supalla - Internet of Awesome

Guest: @ Zach Supalla talks with Dave Rael about starting a business, making bets, hard, software, manufacturing, caring, and the Internet of Things Zach Supalla is the founder and CEO of Particle, an IoT startup that’s making it easier to build, connect and manage internet-connected hardware on an enterprise scale. Zach launched Particle on Kickstarter in 2013 with the vision of making the Internet of Things easy and accessible. Particle has grown to have the largest developer...


Episode 357 | Bryan Colligan - Dragon Slayer

Guest: @ Bryan Colligan talks with Dave Rael about dragons, software, business, audio, and growth Bryan Colligan is a 3 time founder and developer with over 15 years experience and 10 years of startup experience. Bryan loves building channels of growth has helped multiple companies Hack Growth and expand their customer base including, TalkDesk, Equidate, Sliced Investing, Lumity, Sendoso and Aquila(A-Quill-A). Currently Bryan spends his time advising companies and growing...


Episode 356 | Chris Buecheler - Rampant Creation

Guest: @ Chris Buecheler talks with Dave Rael about being creative, teaching, writing, marketing, and making an impact Christopher Buecheler's a self-taught developer who's been working on the web full-time since 1997. He's spent almost all of his time with startups and was an early employee at and OkCupid, among others. He's lived and worked in upstate New York, Southern California, Philadelphia, New York City, Indianapolis, Paris, and Providence Rhode Island, where...


Episode 355 | Jamon Holmgren - Context, Effort, Feedback

Guest: @ Jamon Holmgren talks with Dave Rael about the joys of software, early exposure to business, figuring things out, open source, and the importance of context Jamon (pronounced JAY-mun) is one of the founders and Chief Operating Officer of Infinite Red, a fully distributed app design and development agency based out of Portland, Oregon. He's been coding since he was twelve and professionally for over 14 years, working on projects across a broad range of industries. Jamon has...


Episode 354 | Sirar Salih - Lit Up on Community

Guest: @ Sirar Salih talks with Dave Rael about burnout, human connection, community involvement, and caring about good software that serves people Sirar Salih is a solution architect working at Making Waves. He is the creator and maintainer of the node-server-ar-drone library at NPM, co-founder of the AngularJS Oslo user group, program committee member of the Mobile Era Conference, board member of the Norwegian .NET User Group Oslo, the Oslo Software Architecture user group and...


Episode 353 | Kevin Grossnicklaus - Sustained Impact

Guest: @ Kevin Grossnicklaus talks with Dave Rael about passion, software, business, learning, and mid-life crises At one point in his career Kevin was the youngster on most development teams. He got his start developing with Visual Studio and managed .NET code during the early beta cycles in 2001. As a technical author, his first writing experience was for the Visual Basic.NET Bible released in 2002. He has been recognized as a Microsoft MVP since 2009 and is a member of the...


Episode 352 | Chase Aucoin - Looking and Leaping

Guest: @ Chase Aucoin talks with Dave Rael about his unique medical history, business, sales, data science, microservices, and delivering Chase Aucoin is a passionate technologist. He has been fortunate to work with some of the best minds in enterprise-scale data, services, DevOps, BI, and people management. His knowledge is the culmination of approximately 20 of the best professionals in these fields spanning more than 100 years of expertise. He is in a unique position for a...


Episode 351 | Laura Elizabeth - Designing Life

Guest: @ Laura Elizabeth talks with Dave Rael about lifestyle, passion, learning, designing software and websites, and teaching Laura Elizabeth is a designer with a hankering for cross stitch and rockets. She runs Design Academy which aims to help developers conquer their fear of design. She's also launched her first product called Client Portal—a client-friendly way to keep your projects organised. - Dave introduces the show and Laura Elizabeth - Design for developers - Reuse...


Episode 350 | Jhonny Edelist - Action

Guest: @ Jhonny Edelist talks with Dave Rael about culture, taking action, delivering value, human interaction, and punching fear in the face Born and raised in a suburb of Tel Aviv, Israel, Jhonny acquired his degree in software engineering from the Israel Institute of Technology. Following that, he served his obligatory military se rvice, first as a lead for a helpdesk support team, and then as a software developer and development team lead. After leaving the military, Jhonny...


Episode 349 | Eric Potter - Harness Your Enthusiasm

Guest: @ Eric Potter talks with Dave Rael about being a leader, speaking at conferences, the relationship of life to software, and relationships between experienced and inexperienced developers Eric is a Software Architect for Aptera Software and a Microsoft MVP for Visual Studio and Development Technologies. He works primarily in the .Net web platform but loves opportunities to try out other stacks. He has been developing high-quality custom software solutions since 2001. At...


Episode 348 | Alfonso Garcia-Caro - Linguistic Discovery

Guest: @ Alfonso Garcia-Caro talks with Dave Rael about natural languages, programming languages, community, testing, open source, and positive experiences A linguist by heart and a programmer by choice, Alfonso has brought his passion for natural languages to the computing world. He is the creator of Fable, a popular F# to JS compiler, and coauthor of the book "Mastering F#". He currently works as a freelancer specialized in Azure-based cloud and web applications using F# and...


Episode 347 | Gwen Faraday - Confident Growth

Guest: @ Gwen Faraday talks to Dave Rael about becoming a professional developer, organizing user groups, helping people, and doing uncomfortable things Gwendolyn Faraday is a software developer from Indianapolis, IN. Professionally, she works mostly with cross-platform mobile technologies, React, and Node on AWS. For fun, she loves dabbling in other languages, working on new IoT projects, and making apps that help people learn or build good habits through gamification. - Dave...


Episode 346 | GeePaw Hill - How You Love It

Guest: @ GeePaw Hill talks with Dave Rael about shipping more valuable software faster, hippy communities, enabling the best in people, and being a "whole geek" About 20 years ago, Geepaw Hill became an avid early-adopter of a programming method called Extreme Programming (XP). He fell deeply under the influence of ne’er-do-wells like Kent Beck, Ron Jeffries, Bob Martin, and joined that early movement with great energy and fervor. He also became a software development coach. He...


Episode 345 | Karoline Klever - Saving Lives

Guest: @ Karoline Klever talks with Dave Rael about careers, family, open source, perspectives, and meaningful open source work that saves lives Karoline is a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft, focusing on application development in Azure and DevOps. She is passionate about how organizations can improve their software development processes through automation and shorter feedback loops, and she is fascinated by how developers work, the tools they use and why they make the...