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John Cook, Todd Bishop and guests talk about the latest tech news and trends.

John Cook, Todd Bishop and guests talk about the latest tech news and trends.
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John Cook, Todd Bishop and guests talk about the latest tech news and trends.






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'Making weird' with Archie McPhee

Pickles that yodel. Foot-tall punching nuns. A rubber chicken museum. What do these things have in common? They're all brainchildren of Archie McPhee, the Seattle-based makers and retailers of whacky, delightful and (occasionally) practical items for more than 35 years. Join us for an audio tour of Archie McPhee's out-of-this-world retail store as we learn more about the company's history, its creative process and the stories of some of its most popular items. We're joined on this episode by...


Can NYC love HQ2?

Amazon is moving into the big apple with half of its HQ2 project slated to bring about 25,000 — or up to 40,000 — new jobs to Long Island City in Queens. But can NYC learn to love HQ2? We check in with GeekWire Civic Innovation Editor Monica Nickelsburg on the scene in Queens to find out.


Amazon reveals HQ2 locations

It's official: Amazon's HQ2 search has ended in not one but two new hubs for the technology giant in the Crystal City neighborhood of Arlington, Virginia, and Long Island City in New York. Join GeekWire Co-founders John Cook and Todd Bishop as they dissect the news and the repercussions of the tech giant's extraordinary search.


What's going on with HQ2?

Amazon's continent-wide search for a second headquarters took a strange turn this week as news leaked that the company is planning to split its second headquarters into two different cities. Critics have decried the move as a "bait and switch" and it puts the status of HQ2, due to be announced any day, up in the air. Also: Tuesday marked a monumental election for the U.S., including several ballot measures that directly involve the tech industry.


Dungeons, Dragons and NFL star Doug Baldwin

We're coming to you live again this week, this time from Renton, Wash, home of Boeing's 737 plant, the ultra-geeky Wizards of the Coast (maker of Dungeons and Dragons and Magic: The Gathering) and the Seattle Seahawk's practice facility. On this special episode of the Week in Geek, we talk with Wizards of the Coast President Chris Cocks about the company and its beloved games, including its experiments with augmented reality — plus we interview Seahawks Wide Reciever Doug Baldwin about his...


The little vaccine that could

In 2000, rotavirus killed more than half a million children every year. Not many people had even heard of the disease. Then an unlikely alliance of international scientists, policymakers, a first-time entrepreneur and the richest man in the world teamed up to take it on. We tell the story of what happened on this episode of Health Tech, a GeekWire podcast.


Live: The future of news

On this live episode of the Week in Geek, we interview former Breaking News leader and Factal co-founder Corey Bergman about the changing state of news and facts online. How can people escape the Twittersphere? How do you build an engaged community over the internet? We'll get into that and much more. Plus, we are excited to announce another live taping of the Week in Geek on Nov. 1 where we will interview Chris Cocks, the President of Dungeons and Dragons creator Wizards of the Coast. Join...


Paul Allen's vast legacy

Paul Allen was the co-founder and one of the technical geniuses behind Microsoft. But he was also a billionaire with wide and varied interest: The owner of two professional sports teams, the benefactor of several museums and art organizations, and the founder of multiple scientific institutes. On this special episode of the Week in Geek, we look back at Paul Allen's influence on the world and ask: What happens now to his vast legacy?


Remembering Paul Allen: 1953 - 2018

We're sad to report the passing of Paul Allen, who died Monday at the age of 65. The Microsoft co-founder had an outsized impact on technology, science, the arts and even professional football. In remembrance of his life, we are sharing an interview with Allen taped in 2011, where he candidly shares his outlook on Microsoft, the progress of technology, his relationship with Bill Gates and much more.


'This is crazy!' Interview: Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman

Glenn Kelman has led Redfin from a small, bold real estate startup to one of the global leaders in real estate technology. He's also an outspoken leader inside the company and beyond, not afraid to criticize his community and his industry when he knows they can do better. On this epsiode, we share the full interview between Kelman and GeekWire Co-founder John Cook, taped live at the 2018 GeekWire Summit.


Interview: Uber Chief Legal Officer Tony West

Uber has run into more than a few legal troubles in the last two years. Tony West is the man who has to deal with them. We're sharing Tony's full interview with GeekWire Civic Innovation Editor Monica Nickelsburg on this episode, including his take on Uber's data breach cover-up and how the company can regain the trust of its customers.


Amazon's $15 minimum wage

In a surprise move, Amazon announced it is raising its internal minimum wage to $15 an hour and also vowed to lobby for a raise in the national minimum wage. The move launches the company and CEO Jeff Bezos into the broader discussion over working wages, an issue Amazon has been critizised on in the past. Plus, we'll take a look at Likewise, the new reccommendation app hatched out of Bill Gates' office and led by his right hand man.


CAR T: The Underdog Cancer Killer

Nine years ago, Stephanie Florence was diagnosed with incurable blood cancer. Today, she's cancer-free thanks to a new treatment called CAR T immunotherapy. This treatment is the golden child of cancer research today — but it wasn't always this way. Find out how CAR T went from an underdog to a cancer killer on this episode of Health Tech.


Google's Nest bids on digital health

Last year, Google secretly acquired a digital health startup spun out of the University of Washington. After requesting documents related to the acquisition, GeekWire learned there's actually a surprising twist to the story, all to do with smart home device maker Nest. Plus, we discuss Jeff Bezos' plan to give away $2 billion to tackle homelessness and early childhood education and we take a look at the upcoming GeekWire Summit, our biggest event of the year.


Live: Startup success stories

You've just founded a new company, and it's time to start pitching to investors and partners. What do you do? We go inside the story of two entrepreneurs in that position: Cassie Wallender of Invio and Kwame Boler of NEU, both winners in the first round of GeekWire's Elevator Pitch series.


Amazon HQ2: One Year Later

One year ago today, Amazon announced it is searching for a city to host a second headquarters. This search has turned the tech world upside down in some ways -- it's pitted cities against each other and really shown us how much power Amazon weilds. So after all the time, where do we stand? And more importantly, what has this process told us about one of the most influential companies in the U.S.?


Film to digital: Tech behind Cinerama

Seattle's Cinerama isn't just a movie theater. For more than 50 years, the cinema has been a center of technology and pop culture, associated with geeky classics from 2001: A Space Oddyssey to the latest Marvel movie. Tour the theater and hear about all the hidden tech that makes it possible on this episode of the GeekWire Popcast.


Silicon Valley's Seattle secret

Silicon Valley investors are pouring more and more money into Seattle startups. So what's the secret behind this new influx of interest in Seattle's tech scene? We sit down with two experts from Silicon Valley Bank to talk through the numbers and trends around the startup world on this episode of the Week in Geek.


LIVE: Community + the future of work

Coworking! Accelerators! Virtual offices! The nature of work -- and of workplaces -- is changing in the startup world and beyond, and so are the communities built around those workplaces. Join GeekWire Co-founders John Cook and Todd Bishop for a conversation with The Riveter Founder and CEO Amy Nelson and ImpactHub Seattle leader Sarah Studer about the future of work and the communities around it. We'll also run down some of the biggest news stories of the week.


Saga of the stolen plane

How was an airline employee with no known flying experience able to successfully steal a plane? Why did he want to do so? And what can be done to stop something like this from happening again? We tackle those questions on this special episode of the Week in Geek Podcast and share snippets of the man's rambling conversation with air traffic control as he does stunts and evades F15 fighter jets scrambled to prevent a potential disaster. We also want to invite podcast listeners to a special...