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The objective is to share with the audience how to harness the power of innovation to radically improve their personal, career and business success.

The objective is to share with the audience how to harness the power of innovation to radically improve their personal, career and business success.
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The objective is to share with the audience how to harness the power of innovation to radically improve their personal, career and business success.






The Impact of the Innovation Economy S14 Ep28

A recent event brought back to mind a blog I posted in January 2017 on the innovation economy. A news agency reporting on a candidate running for governor referenced that blog post. The candidate‘s platform is the innovation economy. It seems to be gaining traction this political season. There is a drive for economic rebirth […]


Setting Innovation Objectives S14 Ep27

In a recent show, I talked about setting innovation objectives. Listeners wrote in asking for details on how to include innovation in the objective setting process. So, in this week’s show I share the steps to setting innovation objectives. Done well, innovation objectives can result in exponential success for your organization. The purpose for setting […]


Innovation Leadership Skills: 6 Questions Great Leaders Ask Their Employees S14 Ep26

A key mission for an innovation leader is to motivate, support, and help your teams learn good innovation habits. This should occur daily with each interaction. Modeling leadership habits and exhibiting leadership skills inspires employees to become leaders. In today’s show, I share six questions I ask my employees. These questions encourage good habits and […]


Five Barriers to Innovation S14 Ep25

A common question I get from listeners is how to fight against the roadblocks and barriers to innovation. In this week’s show, I address five of the biggest barriers to innovation. The list is based on the 2018 Innovation Leader study done in partnership with KPMG. The study surveyed Chief Innovation Officers in organizations ranging […]


Innovation Leadership: Using Influence for Success S14 Ep24

Success in the innovation game requires strong innovation leadership. But there is confusion about what defines leadership. To understand leadership, we need to boil it down to the essence – what it is and what it isn’t. We need to identify a key leadership skill and determine how this skill can elicit success. There are […]


On the Road: Thoughts on Innovation S14 Ep23

Today’s show is unique. I recorded it as I drove back to Denver from an annual event in Keystone, Colorado. The event centers around what’s coming in the next three to eight years in technology and innovation. So, sit back and enjoy the ride as I share my thoughts on innovation and the near future. […]


Creating Customer Value through Cost Innovation S14 Ep22

Often when we think about innovation, it’s high tech or a game changing breakthrough. Today, we look at innovation through a different set of glasses. Rather than innovating a product or service, “costovation” innovates on the business model. Stephen Wunker talks about innovating behind the scenes, creating customer value through cost innovation. New Markets Advisors […]


No Limits to Innovation and Creativity S14 Ep21

On today’s show, instead of hosting a guest, I am the guest. Erich Viedge interviews me for his podcast, The Skeptical Executive. Erich brings innovation to unique industries. He’s also an early listener of Killer Innovations. Erich has some good questions to ask me. We touch on a range of thoughts and issues around innovation […]


Catching the AI Wave: Content Management Innovation S14 Ep20

From my shows on this year’s CES, you’ll know I’m leery of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the many companies touting it. On the flip side, I have also featured some interesting ventures into AI. When I heard that Box was delving into AI, I had to learn more. In this show, hear how Box’s content […]


Competing for Fuel Efficiency Innovation S14 Ep19

There’s been an explosion of innovation competitions in recent years. They highlight the fact that innovation can come from non-obvious sources. These competitions bring together smart people – usually industry outsiders – to tackle a problem. The annual Shell Eco-marathon Americas took place this year in Sonoma, California. In today’s show I welcome three members […]


Smart Ideation to Scale Your Business S14 Ep18

Great ideas come and go, but what makes an idea into something bigger? How do you develop your idea into a product that will attract venture capitalists and scale your business? Is the idea sustainable beyond one or two seasons of growth? Can the idea bloom into a niche market and then cross pollinate? Patrick […]


Goals and the Journey to Fully Living S14 Ep17

Did you ever set a goal or New Year’s resolution only to abandon it? Do find your life lacks purpose? Do you doubt your ability to accomplish amazing things? Today’s show features Tal Gur, blogger, author, motivational speaker. Tal’s goal, or one of many, is to inspire you to set goals and achieve them. The […]


Politics of Innovation: How Should Politicians Think About Innovation? S14 Ep16

The pressure is intense in the U.S. government to get innovation efforts underway. “Beltway bandits” riddle proposals with “innovation” in hopes of securing contracts. Politicians believe it will solve all the problems. This politics of innovation doesn’t always bring about impactful innovation. What can governments do to generate meaningful innovation? How should politicians think about […]


Look in New Directions to Create the Unexpected and Spark Innovation S14 Ep14

At the Innovation Boot Camp, I had a chance to talk with Kym McNicholas. We’ve both been traveling. Kym’s made stops in Europe and Asia to promote medical innovations. I’ve driven 12,000 miles in four months in the Mobile Studio. On the road, we’ve found innovation in non-obvious locations. Here’s a recap of what we’ve […]


Non-Obvious Innovation, Non-Obvious Location S14 Ep13

Take a look in an unexpected direction and discover non-obvious innovation. One entrepreneur is building solutions to meet basic needs in rural and urban slums of India. Hasit Ganatra is founder of ReMaterials. His company designs and produces the ModRoof, roofing for the developing world. ReMaterials solves a serious problem in a non-obvious location. Microchips […]


Copycat Innovation and the Ethical Innovator S14 Ep12

This year at South by Southwest (SXSW), I facilitated a discussion on neurodiversity hiring. This is part of my work with Hacking Autism. SXSW is a multi-week event, part music festival, part innovation reveal. It’s where big names like Twitter first launched. However, I noticed at this year’s SXSW, as with CES, a shocking lack […]


Being Content is the Enemy of Innovation S14 Ep11

Being content may be a positive emotion in some senses. Not so with innovation. If you are ready to rest on your laurels after a triumph or a stressful circumstance, get ready. Major change could be looming around the corner. Let me explain why I believe being content can be the enemy of innovation. First, […]


Discovering the Roadmap to a Better Future S14 Ep10

Ever wish you could travel the world discovering better ways of doing things? The next best thing – read the book. Author Mark Stevenson is an innovation explorer. He’s visited remote parts and populous cities worldwide. This ‘reluctant futurist’ searches for people whose innovations are making a positive impact. In the process, he’s discovering the […]


Startup meets BigCo – the Confluence of Innovation in Cincinnati S14 Ep9

When civic and business leaders have a meeting of the minds, amazing things can happen. Cincinnati is home to several major corporations and health care organizations. The demand is high for tech innovation. This midwestern city has created a unique approach to draw in the best talent. Cintrifuse is the confluence of innovation in Cincinnati. […]


Small Spaces Inspiring Student Innovation S14 Ep8

Exploring rural innovation, I stopped in Paducah, Kentucky. Drs. Lula Luu and John Crilly, founders of FIn Gourmet Foods, joined the mobile studio. Word got around town. Monica Bilak contacted me through The Innovator’s Community. I’m pleased to welcome Monica and Jimi Gwinn. They share how Sprocket is inspiring student innovation in Paducah. Sprocket is […]