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An open show powered by community LINUX Unplugged takes the best attributes of open collaboration and turns it into a weekly show about Linux.

An open show powered by community LINUX Unplugged takes the best attributes of open collaboration and turns it into a weekly show about Linux.
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An open show powered by community LINUX Unplugged takes the best attributes of open collaboration and turns it into a weekly show about Linux.




285: Pain the APT

An embarrassing vulnerability has been found in the apt package manager, we’ll break it all down. Plus Alessandro Castellani tells us about his plans to build a professional design tool for Linux. We also have a batch of big community news, and the case for the cloud killing Open Source. Special Guests: Alessandro Castellani and Brent Gervais.


284: Free as in Get Out

ZFS on Linux is becoming the official upstream project of all major ZFS implementations, even the BSDs. But recent kernel changes prevent ZFS from even building on Linux. Neal Gompa joins us to discuss why it all matters. Plus some surprising community news, and a few great picks! Special Guests: Dalton Durst and Neal Gompa.


283: The Premiere Shell

Joe joins Wes to discuss the state of Adobe's Creative Cloud on Linux and why the Fish shell might be your favorite new tool. Plus community news, a reality check on Linux gaming, and some shiny new hardware. Special Guests: Jason Evangelho and Peter Ammon.


282: Wishing Upon a Kernel

We start off the new year with our hopes and dreams for Linux and open source in 2019 and beyond. Plus Clear Linux aims to build the ultimate Linux desktop based on Xfce, and it looks like GNOME is closing the performance gap. Special Guests: Alan Pope and Brent Gervais.


281: 2019 Predictions

We get serious and bring in a special referee to help us lock in our Linux predictions for 2019. Special Guest: Alan Pope.


280: Handmade Desktop Linux

We’re just back from touring System76’s new factory, and getting the inside scoop on how they build their Thelio desktop. This is our story about walking in as skeptics, and walking out as believers. Plus some surprising community news, a few great picks, and more!


279: WireGuardians of the Galaxy

We have a WireGuard success story to share, and it's probably not what you're expecting. Plus we check in on Ubuntu 19.04, start the search for an Emby replacement, and how to use Reddit on the commandline. Special Guest: Alex Kretzschmar.


278: Shell in a Handbasket

We chat with a developer who's gotten Linux running on iOS devices, do a deep dive into Clear Linux, and discuss Xubuntu ending 32bit support. Plus why Android in the cloud, and a bunch of community news. Special Guests: Alan Pope, Martin Wimpress, and Theodore Dubois.


Episode 277: Skipping Fedora 31

Fedora might take a year off, to focus on it self. Project Lead and Council Chair Matthew Miller joins us to explain this major proposal. Plus Wimpy shares his open source Drobo alternative, and our final Dropbox XFS hack. Special Guests: Brent Gervais, Martin Wimpress, and Matthew Miller.


Episode 276: Very Long Term Support

Android and Ubuntu are working exceptionally hard to create longer support cycles. We’ll highlight the work that makes this possible, and what’s motivating these two different projects to strive for Very Long Term Support. Plus Chris reviews how his new Thunderbolt 3 GPU docking station works under Linux, and why he’ll never be undocking again. Special Guests: Alan Pope, Brent Gervais, and Martin Wimpress.


Episode 275: Year of the Relevant Desktop

Christian F.K. Schaller from Red Hat joins us to discuss seamless Linux upgrades, replacing PulseAudio, some of the recent desktop Projects Red Hat’s been working on... And the value they get from them. Plus a big batch of important community news, Wimpy’s Thunderbolt Dock experiments, and way to run pacman on any Linux distribution. Special Guests: Alan Pope, Christian F.K. Schaller, and Martin Wimpress.


Episode 274: Open Source by Default

Have the revolutionaries won the war against proprietary software? That’s the argument being made. And we argue, what else did you expect? Plus some performance improvements inbound to Linux, and the perfectly proportioned open source project we’ve recently discovered. Special Guests: Alan Pope and Brent Gervais.


Episode 273: International Hat Machines

We speculate about a future where IBM owns Red Hat, and review the latest Fedora 29 release that promises a new game changing feature. Plus Chris returns from MeetBSD with his review, and we get the inside scope on System76’s Thelio hardware. Special Guests: Alan Pope and Martin Wimpress.


Episode 272: Prepare for Pipewire

The lead developer of PipeWire Wim Taymans joins us to discuss Linux’s multimedia past, and its exciting future. They promise to greatly improve handling of audio and video under Linux. Plus we review the professional grade Precision 5530, tour our new studio in a box, and release one of our first production tools as free software! Special Guest: Wim Taymans.


Episode 271: Juno Jubilation

elementary OS’ latest and greatest released today, and we talk with Dan and Cassidy from the project about their biggest release yet. Then community news, a preview of upcoming Ubuntu 18.10, and we announce our own free software project. Plus a chat with Dalton about the new Ubuntu Touch release and we find a real Photoshop replacement for Linux. Special Guests: Alan Pope, Brent Gervais, Cassidy James Blaede, Dalton Durst, Daniel Fore, and Martin Wimpress.


Episode 270: Stratis Pulls it All Together

Red Hat developer Andy Grover joins us to discuss Stratis Storage, an alternative to ZFS on Linux and its recent milestone. Also Google subtracts Plus, some KDE and GNOME news, and a bit of forgotten Linux history. Special Guests: Alan Pope, Alex Kretzschmar, Andy Grover, and Martin Wimpress.


Episode 269: Alternate Desktop Universe

What if desktop computing went a very different direction in the late 90s? Deeply multithreaded from the start, fast, intuitive, and extremely stable. This is the world of Haiku, and we go for a visit. Plus the latest community news, true flicker freedom comes to Fedora, and our favorite tools for easy virtual machines on our laptops. Special Guests: Alex Kretzschmar and Brent Gervais.


Episode 268: Elementary, My Dear Plasma

We chat with Nate Graham who’s pushing to make Plasma the best desktop on the planet. We discuss his contributions to this effort, and others. Plus we get the scope on a new Juno feature from the source, and the creator of WSLinux a distro built specifically for Windows 10’s Windows Subsystem for Linux joins us. Also some community news, some old friends stop by, and more! Special Guests: Alex Kretzschmar, Brent Gervais, Cassidy James Blaede, Martin Wimpress, and Nate Graham.


Episode 267: People Patches

Linus takes a break and the Linux kernel adopts a new Code of Conduct. We work through these major watershed moments, and discuss what it means for the community. Plus our review of our brand new ThinkPad T480’s running Linux, the bug you need to know about, and why this might be one of the greatest Linux laptops of all time. Special Guests: Alex Kretzschmar, Brent Gervais, Daniel Fore, and Eric Hendricks.


Episode 266: From Jupiter to Beyond

We announce our big news, Jupiter Broadcasting is joining Linux Academy and what we have planned for the future is huge! Plus a new NextCloud lands, concerns are brewing for the Solus project, and a report from the recent Libre Application Summit. Special Guests: Alan Pope, Anthony James, Brent Gervais, and Martin Wimpress.