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Mike Murphy Co | Learn. Create. Move Forward.




Ep146: The Writing A Book Show

Ep146: The Writing A Book Show Behind The Scenes of Writing & Self-Publishing a Book/p> Episode Summary: How did I write my new eBook: How To Podcast on Wordrpess.com? What tools and resources did I use? What was my process and workflow and my overall experience? --------- Questions, Comments, Feedback? mike@mikemurphy.co Complete Show Notes: https://mikemurphy.co/ep146 Buy My New eBook: How To Podcast on Wordpress com: The Step-By-Step Guide https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D6DSVVM


Ep145: The Creator Show

Ep145: The Creator Show What does it really take to create online content and to create the life you want?/p> Episode Summary: What does it take to make it as a content creator? What does it take to succeed in business? What does it take to create the life you want? --------- Questions, Comments, Feedback? mike@mikemurphy.co Complete Show Notes: https://mikemurphy.co/ep144 Buy My New eBook: How To Podcast on Wordpress com: The Step-By-Step Guide https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D6DSVVM


Ep144: The WordPress.com Show

Ep144: The Wordpress.com Show In today’s episode, I share a chapter from my new eBook How To Podcast on Wordpress.com and share 14 reasons to consider using Wordpress.com to launch your podcast and website. Chapter 1 of my new eBook: Why Use Wordpress.com as a Podcast Media Host? Why should you consider using Wordpress.com if you are launching a new podcast and website? What are 14 benefits Wordpress.com brings to the table? --------- Questions, Comments, Feedback? mike@mikemurphy.co...


Ep143: The Podcast Hosting Show

Ep143: The Podcast Hosting Show In today’s episode, you will learn what a podcast media host is, what to look for when choosing one and how much do they cost? Episode Summary:/strong> What is a podcast media host? How Does Podcast Media Hosting Work? What should you look for when choosing a media host? What podcast hosts do I use? How much does podcast hosting cost? --------- Comments, Questions & Feedback: mike@mikemurphy.co


Ep142: The Why WordPress.com Show

Episode Summary: The story of Why I Wrote The How To Podcast on Wordpress.com:The Step by Step Guide. The Anatomy of a Good Email Is Wordpress.com a legitimate podcast host? What makes Wordpress.com a good option for some podcasters? What ultimately made me decide to write my first ebook on Podcasting on Wordpress.com? --------- Comments, Questions & Feedback: mike@mikemurphy.co


Ep141: The Amazon Associates Show

Episode Summary: Today is all about The Amazon Associates Affiliate Program. What is the Amazon Associates program? How do you join the program? What are the pros and cons of the program? How much does Amazon pay in commissions? How do I use Amazon Associates? --------- Comments, Questions & Feedback: mike@mikemurphy.co


Ep140: The Podcast Roadmap Show

Ep140: The Podcast Roadmap Show Episode Summary: Today I simplify the start to finish process for starting a podcast. This is the cheat sheet I wish I had when I started. In today’s show: What is The Podcast Roadmap? Who is it For? What are the main steps in the Roadmap for launching a podcast from start to finish? --------- Comments, Questions & Feedback: mike@mikemurphy.co


Ep139: The One Life Show

Episode Summary: Episode 139 The One Life Show tells is life lessons and moving forward This story is to remind you that you have one life and there is no better time than now to create the life you want. Create the life you want Overcoming self-doubt and fear of trying One at bat Comments, Questions & Feedback: mike@mikemurphy.co


Ep138: The Teacher Show

Episode Summary: Episode 138 The Teacher Show about my journey to become an online educator So the key points I will discuss today: What does a perfect world look like for Mike Murphy LLC? What and who do I want to teach? What steps am I taking to position myself as an online educator? Comments, Questions & Feedback: mike@mikemurphy.co


Ep137: The Client Show

Episode Summary: Episode 137 is a look at my freelance client workflow for Murphy Concierge What is Murphy Concierge? Who are my clients and target demographic? How do I keep track of client information? How do I schedule and manage the calendar? How do I organize projects and jobs? How do I invoice and collect payment? Comments, Questions & Feedback: mike@mikemurphy.co


Ep136: The Ask Mike Show

Episode Summary: Episode 136 is a behind the scenes of Ask Mike Murphy Live What is Ask Mike Murphy Live? What are my objectives for starting a live Q&A show? What steps did I take to create the live-stream show? What tools do I use to go live? Comments, Questions & Feedback: mike@mikemurphy.co


Ep135: The Alexa Show

Episode Summary: Episosde 135 is all about Amazon Alexa What is Amazon Alexa and how does it work? What can Alexa do? What are Amazon Skills & Flash Briefings? How do you get your podcast on Alexa devices Comments, Questions & Feedback: mike@mikemurphy.co


Ep134: The Instagram Business Show

Episode Summary: What is Instagram for Business, what are the benefits of having a business profile and how do you get started? What are the requirements to create a business profile on Instagram and how do you get started? What are the differences between a personal profile and business profile on Instagram? What are the advantages and tools are available for business accounts? What advertising and monetization tools are available to business accounts? Comments, Questions & Feedback:...


Ep133_The Backup Show

Episode Summary: Today in Episode 133 I am going to take you behind the scenes and share my current 2018 backup strategy and system for archiving my digital data to protect me against any digital emergencies such as a hard drive failing or maybe a lost or stolen computer while on the road. Today will start off with: Practical tips for you to get started take control of your digital data and develop a rock-solid backup plan. The tools I use for backup and organization. My current backup...


Ep132: The iCloud Show

Episode Summary: Today will start off with: 1. An overview of what Apple iCloud is 2. What is backed up and where is it stored? 3. How does iCloud Photos really work? 4. What is iCloud Drive and how can it help you in your overall backup strategy? Comments, Questions & Feedback: mike@mikemurphy.co


Ep130: The Evernote Show

Episode 130 is all about the very popular note-taking app, Evernote. Episode Summary: What is Evernote? How does it work and what can it do? Why has it taken me 10 years to finally start using it consistently? How do I use it? Comments, Questions & Feedback: mike@mikemurphy.co


Ep129: The Value Show

Ep129 is about how to value your time and knowledge and create valuable content. Episode Summary: What is the definition of value? What is value based or perceived value? How do you figure out how much your time is worth? How do you make a good living creating impactful and valuable content and have raging fans and/or happy clients?


Ep128: The Podfest 2018 Show

Today’s episode is the overview and breakdown Podfest Multimedia Expo 2018 held at the Wyndham Resort in Orlando, Florida from Feb 8–10, 2018 Episode Summary: What is Podfest Multimedia Expo? Why did I attend for the third year in a row? What were my goals and expectations for attending Podfest 2018? What did I learn or takeaway from the event that I can apply to my podcast or business? Questions or Comments: Email me: mike@mikemurphy.co Direct Message on Instagram: @mikeunplugged


Ep127: The Facebook Live Show

Part 3 of 3 Social Media Mini-Series Special Guest: Ross Brand from LivestreamUniverse.com Episode Summary: What is Facebook Live? How do you use it? What type of Facebook Lives can you create if you are a personal brand, content creator or small business?


Ep126: The Twitter Show

Part 2 of 3 Social Media Mini-Series Special Guest: Ross Brand from LivestreamUniverse.com Episode Summary: What is Twitter? How does it work? 1.Is Twitter still relevant for content creators and personal brands in 2018 and if so, why? 2. Do you recommend sharing content from all other social media channels and is there any best practices to follow? 3. Can you explain the etiquette of liking posts, retweeting and sharing tweets? Show Notes: https://mikemurphy.co/ep126 Connect on Facebook:...