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Each episode, Paul Spain and guests discuss what's happening in the world of technology, gadgets and telecommunications around the world and in New Zealand.

Each episode, Paul Spain and guests discuss what's happening in the world of technology, gadgets and telecommunications around the world and in New Zealand.
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Auckland, New Zealand


Each episode, Paul Spain and guests discuss what's happening in the world of technology, gadgets and telecommunications around the world and in New Zealand.




PO Box 90436 Victoria Street West Auckland 1142 New Zealand +64-9-377-8947


Huawei Mate 20 Pro hands on, Rolls-Royce autonomous ships, DJI Drone update - NZ Tech Podcast 411

DJI Drone update, October Windows 10 update damages Microsoft reputation, iPhone Xr lands, Rolls-Royce works with Intel to deliver self driving ships, follow up on Lime Scooters, hands on with the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and D-Link's Mesh Wi-Fi range.


Air NZ commits to Cora autonomous air taxi, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Lime Scooters, NZ is most scammed country - NZ Tech Podcast 410

Old PCs kills productivity says Microsoft, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Lime Scooters, NZ is most scammed country, Air NZ commits to Cora autonomous air taxi. Hands on: Samsung Q9F TV, soundbars, Harmon Kardon Allure, Blockworks blockchain conference highlights.


Tim Berners-Lee’s Solid bet, Punakaiki Fund capital raise, Windows 10 update deletes data, Intel’s next CPUs - NZ Tech Podcast 409

Lance Wiggs talks Punakaiki Fund, NZ judge rules in trees vs Wifi case, new HP convertible Chromebook, Intel 9th Gen Core CPUs, new Microsoft Surfaces, Microsoft Windows 10 update deletes data, Tim Berners-Lee’s Solid bet, Google slide captions, Bye Google+


NZ E-Voting, Terrafugia Flying Car, 20-Years of Google, Streaming in Asia, Keezel VPN gadget - NZ Tech Podcast 408

Surface Go realities, Apple Watch 4, Facebook suffer another setback amid hack, iFlix and streaming tech in Asia, NZ E-Voting, Terrafugia Flying Car about to be available for pre-sale, 20-Years of Google, Keezel portal VPN router.


iPhone Xs Max and Segway Drift hands on + Unpacking Amazon and Microsoft updates - NZ Tech Podcast 407

Upcoming electric scooter rentals in Christchurch/Auckland, Segway eskates, Apple iOS12, iPhone Xs Max and Apple Watch series 4. Looking at Amazon’s news – 3000 AmazonGo store, Echo Auto, Echo Wall Clock, Microwave and more. And Microsoft Ignite taster.


Is a $2800 iPhone crazy, HP 3D Printing, Oppo Find X, Ola vs Uber - NZ Tech Podcast 406

Apple’s pricing strategy with the new iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr. Plus, delving into HP 3D Printing, Ola vs Uber, Chrous 10Gbps Business Broadband, and hands on with the exciting and unique Oppo Find X.


Trump vs Apple, UK vs NZ mobile plans, Office 365 matures, Huawei cheats benchmarks? - NZ Tech Podcast 405

President Trump vs Apple in tariffs fight, flying taxis and NZ, the big difference between UK and NZ mobile plans, Alibaba’s Jack Ma to step down, Surface Go hands on, Office 365 and SharePoint mature, new Google Pixel Books, Huawei cheating on benchmarks?


$100m DHB IT Project could die, Russian Malware Killing IT, Financial Advise in an automated world - NZ Tech Podcast 404

This week - Xiaomi’s new Pocophone F1, Banks vs Disruption, the future of financial advance in a world or artificial intelligence and robo advice, $100m National Oracle System IT Project for District Health Boards and look back on the impact of NotPetya. The Untold Story of NotPetya, the Most Devastating Cyberattack in History:


Sky TV vs Criminals, China Insights, DJI Mavic 2 vs Yuneec Mantis Q, Microsoft Surface Go - NZ Tech Podcast 403

Sky TV’s Sophie Malone talks about copyright, Kodi boxes and blocking pirated downloads. Also China insights from Bear Liu, DJI Mavic 2 vs Yuneec Mantis Q, Australia vs Huawei and ZTE, Microsoft Surface Go, NZ name suppression challenges, Galaxy Note 9.


Inside Centrality HQ, Apple vs Schoolboy Hacker, ATM Bank Heist nets $20m+, Russian Rogue Satellites - NZ Tech Podcast 402

We go inside Centrality HQ in Auckland to hear their approach to leveraging blockchain and about an upcoming launch. Plus Apple vs the Australian schoolboy hacker, the FBI and $20m+ ATM Bank Heist, Russian Rogue Satellites and Google One consumer storage.


Spark’s view of 5G, Galaxy Note 9, Magic Leap One arrives, Huawei Nova 3i

Magic Leap One, Spark moves further into live sport streaming with English Premier League, Australia vs Encryption, Hands on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Huawei Nova 3i. Insights into Spark NZ’s thinking 5G within NZ incl spectrum bands and network slicing.


Android 9.0 Pie, Oppo R15 Pro, Scott Bartlett on Kordia’s 4K TV broadcast - NZ Tech Podcast 400

Kodia’s 4K Terrestrial TV broadcast, Android 9.0 Pie, safer school internet, Walmart robot testing, robots plead for their lives, NZ Gaming Industry revenue up 43% and hands on with Oppo R15 Pro and MacBook Pro 2018.


NZ Tech Podcast 399: IBM’s Watson dangerous AI, Ridesharing and Autonomous Vehicles, Kodak’s disruption, Aboard NZ5

A special episode recorded about an Air NZ flight from Los Angeles to Auckland - IBM’s Watson dangerous AI, Ridesharing with others first hand, Autonomous car and truck updates, Kodak’s disruption and WiFi and Podcasts at 10km up.


NZ Tech Podcast 398: The State of Podcasting, Smart Speakers, Google Podcasts - Libsyn’s Rob Walch

Paul Spain joins podcasting commentator and industry veteran Rob Walch to discuss the state of podcasting in 2018 – delving into topics such smart speakers, the role of Google Podcasts, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


NZ Tech Podcast 397: Air NZ Wi-Fi now 10x faster, NZ Cybersecurity breaches, NZ’s Colour X-ray tech

Air NZ Wi-Fi is 10x faster now, new MacBook Pros, U.S. and ZTE makeup, George Hotz Self Driving Vs Assisted Driving, NZ’s Colour X-ray tech, Elon - stop tweeting, a dose of NZ Cyber Security reality from KPMG and Gorilla.


NZ Tech Podcast 396: Trickle Beer Tech, Chorus 10Gbps, Microsoft Surface Go, USB-C Monitors, Work vs Personal phones

Trickle offers tech to kiwi bars, Chorus trialing 10Gbps UFB, Universities exit REANNZ, Surface Go, Elon Musk and Thai cave rescue, Crypto-Jackers arrested in China, phones home vs work, USB-C monitors for Macs, PCs, Samsung S9/DEXdock and Huawei P20 Pro Links:


NZ Tech Podcast 395: Seeby Woodhouse on Voyager, Orion Health, Melon Health, Hands on Ring Spotlight Cam

Orion health $225m asset sale, Melon Health and the future of healthcare, Driverless delivery for U.S. supermarkets, Samsung Note 9 cometh, Microsoft secret pocketable Surface, Logitech Rally, Moto G6 Plus, Moto E5, Ring Spotlight Cam, Voyager update


NZ Tech Podcast 394: N4L and Internet for NZ Students, Ebay Plus with free shipping, Intel vs The Future

The latest from Network for Learning on their work student internet trials – plus Intel under the spotlight, Ebay Plus free shipping offer, is Apple playing fair, a new burger robot, Samsung’s new Flip smart whiteboard TV, Rocket Lab launch update


NZ Tech Podcast 393: Air NZ and Uber may fly electric in NZ, FIFA Live Streaming issues, inside TVNZ’s streaming world

Are Autonomous Air Taxis coming to Auckland thanks to Air New Zealand or Uber? Ohmio $20M deal, Fitbit Versa and Aria 2 scales, N4L and Chorus Wi-Fi trial, EU vs Kaspersky, FIFA streaming in Australia, TVNZ Hei Hei, Huawei mimics iPhones 10 for $500.


NZ Tech Podcast 392: Moto playing in NZ again, Australia’s latest NBN issues, Kitty Hawk Flyer, New Vodafone NZ CEO

Motorola is getting serious about NZ market again, Australia’s latest NBN woes, the very cool Kitty Hawk Flyer, Google’s Wi-Fi project with Railways in India, CIO Summit, Motorola’s Z2 Play plus 10x zoom camera and Jason Paris to be new Vodafone NZ CEO. Paul Spain - Linked In Podcasts NZ