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The NextMarket Podcast features host Michael Wolf's conversations with technology and media makers. Topics include digital publishing, web, investing, podcasting, crowdfunding and pretty much anything else on the frontiers of tech innovation.

The NextMarket Podcast features host Michael Wolf's conversations with technology and media makers. Topics include digital publishing, web, investing, podcasting, crowdfunding and pretty much anything else on the frontiers of tech innovation.
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The NextMarket Podcast features host Michael Wolf's conversations with technology and media makers. Topics include digital publishing, web, investing, podcasting, crowdfunding and pretty much anything else on the frontiers of tech innovation.




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The Goodbye Show

As you can probably tell, I'm not great at saying goodbye. Instead, when it comes to podcasts, I often just move on. Which is dumb and kinda sad since I had such a good time creating the NextMarket podcast and interacting with many of the listeners. Because of that, I thought I'd say goodbye, tell you why I've moved on, and introduce you to the Smart Kitchen Show where we're talking about many of the same things (like the future of media), only through a food lens. So take a listen. And...


#93: Jason Hirschhorn on running Sling, MySpace & Taking REDEF From Hobby To Company

Guest: Jason Hirschhorn Nearly two decades into when many started using email, most of us still have our favorite newsletter and valuable info we get via the inbox. Jason Hirschhorn, who put MTV into the Internet age and later helped run Sling Media and MySpace, took a hobby and turned into a business around his great curated newsletter of interesting articles, video and stuff he puts together every day. Mike caught up with Jason to talk about REDEF and how he got from his early days at...

#77: Jack Conte and Tom Merritt

It's a 2 for 1 episode! In our first segment, we talk with Jack Conte, the CEO of Patreon. Jack returns to the show to let us know how his patron-model crowdfunding business is going, as well as talks about how to balance the life of tech entrepreneur with working musician. In the second segment, I visit with Tom Merritt, long time journalist and tech podcaster who recently went independent. Tom talks about his last ten years in podcasting, utilizing Patreon to fund his new venture and how...


#67: Marshall Kirkpatrick on leaving blogging, getting funded by Mark Cuban

For a while, there was probably no more prolific tech blogger than Marshall Kirkpatrick. HIs prodigious output at AOL, Techcrunch and finally ReadWriteWeb was amazing to behold, and he owed much of his success to systems he developed for early discovery of trends and technologies. So when he announced he was leaving pro blogging to create a company that would help people discover emerging trends and information, it wasn't all that surprising. Marshall and I talk about his years as a pro...


#64: David Pogue on leaving the New York Times, his new gig at Yahoo & what

This conversation is with David Pogue, long-time consumer tech columnist for the New York Times who has just announced his move to Yahoo to start a new consumer tech site for the big web company. I caught up with David and asked him why he made the move, if his move is part of a larger trend of big named journalists jumping from traditional media properties to web-centric ones, and what technology excites him most over the next few years. You can find out more about David at...


Author Douglas Rushkoff on Present Shock, Breaking Bad and the decline of t

This conversation is with Douglas Rushkoff, author and media theorist. I've been reading Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now, because like many of us I've been thinking about what happens to us, our work, media and society when ever more of our time is spent in the online world vs. the physical world. Douglas spent more than two years writing a book about this and came out with a fairly interesting work, one that is, from what I've found, the most cohesive analysis of the impact of...


Fullscreen's George Strompolos on rise of MCNs, discovering talent & new pl

One of the most interesting trends in the indy video creator and distribution space in the last few years has been emergence of MCNs, or multichannel networks, on YouTube. One of the biggest of these new breed of content aggregators is Fullscreen. In this podcast, I talk to Fullscreen's CEO George Strompolos. George, who worked for YouTube before he founded Fullscreen, talks about the evolution of the space, how they discover new talent in the data-driven world of YouTube and where he sees...


Steve Dahl on disco demolition night, death of radio & getting people to pa

When I was a kid, I remember hearing about some crazy explosion involving disco records at Comiskey Park. The man behind that little promotion that resulted in the first forfeited baseball game in decades and helped hasten the demise of disco was one Steve Dahl. Fast forward 30 years later, and now legendary radio man Steve Dahl is a podcaster. Steve runs, which is a paid podcast network featuring shows from himself and others. I caught up with Steve last month to talk about how...


Seamus Blackley on the Xbox epiphany, being a Hollywood agent & the Xbox On

As an Atari 2600 kid, long-time Xbox (read Halo) fan, and a one-time gaming industry analyst, I've long been fascinated the stories behind the stories of the gaming platforms. So with the dawn of a new console generation upon us, I decided to catch up with Seamus Blackley, one of the original Xbox founding fathers and the guy who coined the term DirectX-Box (which later became Xbox). Seamus and I talk about those early days of the Xbox, how he got into the video game industry, why he...


Stitcher's Noah Shanok talks podcast market, raising VC round in '08 crisis

Summary: I caught up with Noah Shanok recently, the CEO of Stitcher, to talk about the popular podcasting service. Stitcher is a drastic departure from the early days of connect and sync podcasting, a company that is looking not only at being on as many phones and mobile devices as possible (they've signed up over 9 million accounts to date), but also inside every connected car that's on the road. Noah and I talk about the backstory of Stitcher, what areas of the market excite him and...


Norm Pattiz, father of modern radio syndication, talks podcasts, courtside

Summary: As the founder of Westwood One, Norm Pattiz helped usher in the era of modern radio syndication. Now, he's trying to bring some of the knowledge and relationships he's developed over the past few decades to the podcast world. I talk to Norm about his new company, as well as how things have changed (and maybe not changed) since his days with Westwood One. We also talk about how his podcast advertising business, as well as his deals to bring new shows like Stone Cold Steve Austin's...


Jesse Thorn talks podcasting, MaximumFun, NPR and how to create a community

After I finished my first round of conversations for the podcast project, I got a number of emails and social media mentions suggesting I talk to Jesse Thorn, the self-described proprietor of and host of the hugely popular Bullseye with Jesse Thorn radio show and podcast. So that's exactly what I did. During our conversation it becomes abundantly clear why people suggested I talk to Jesse. Not only has he been doing this for some time and is a certainly is a pro, but his...


Anthony Casalena of Squarespace talks commerce, Squarespace 6, Tumblr & web

Summary: I caught up with Squarespace CEO Anthony Casalena in late March to talk to him about his company's new commerce platform, as well as how he thinks web publishing platforms have changed since he started Squarespace back in 2004 with money borrowed from his father. We also talk about why they've always pursued a premium strategy, Squarespace 6, Tumblr & Wordpress and much more. To listen or subscribe to more NextMarket podcasts, simply do so using one of the following channels:...


Earwolf's Jeff Ullrich on podcast networks, bypassing gatekeepers & launchi

Summary: Anyone who listens to comedy podcasts knows about Earwolf, the hugely successful comedy podcast network responsible for shows like Comedy Bang Bang, Sklarbro Country and many more. Earwolf was founded by Scott Aukerman and Jeff Ullrich in 2010, and in this conversation I talk to Jeff about Earwolf's evolution, the podcast advertising market, the creation of his new advertising platform, the Midroll, why landing blue-chip big brands isn't always desirable and where he sees this...


Adam Carolla on the podcast business, selling Mangria and the future of Car

Adam Carolla launched his podcast in 2009, just days after his terrestrial radio program was cancelled. Since then, he's gone on to create one of the largest podcast networks around, featuring a number of podcasts, all centered around the flagship Adam Carolla Show. In this podcast, Adam talks about his views on podcasting, how he runs his business, why nothing is "free" if you're running a podcast business, how and why he pulled the plug on his father's podcast, why selling Mangria is...


Scott Meyer of Basic Instructions talks webcomics, his new novel and Disney

Summary: Scott is a former standup comedian who has been creating his very funny webcomic, 'Basic Instructions' (which can be found at for over a decade, and recently published his first novel, 'Off to Be the Wizard'. Scott and I talk about his comic, getting discovered by Dilbert creator Scott Adams (and how the subsequent traffic swallowed his site for 48 hours), his novel, working at DisneyWorld and the sheer weirdness of Florida. If you enjoy this podcast,...


Microsoft's Podcast Man Rob Greenlee on the State of the Podcast

Summary: Like Apple, Microsoft has been one of the most supportive big tech companies behind podcasting. Rob Greenlee has been there for the entire ride, helping to get podcasts launched first on Zune and more recently being the go-to guy for podcasts on Xbox and Windows Phone. I talk to Rob about the history of the podcast at Microsoft, how he's seen podcasting evolve, where he thinks it's going and, oh yeah, Joan Rivers (she has a new podcast, after all). This conversation is one of the...


Rob Walch of Libsyn: The podcasting market by the numbers

Summary: In this conversation, I talk to Rob Walch, the VP of podcaster relations at Libsyn, the company responsible for hosting some of the biggest podcasts today (Carolla, WTF with Marc Maron, Nerdist, Slate,etc). During the conversation, Rob breaks down the market* by talking about how much of the market is currently using iPhones/iPads, why Google/Android isn't a bigger part of the market, where Microsoft sits in the broader market, etc. He also talks about how many downloads the...


5by5's Dan Benjamin on being the 'NPR for geeks', what makes a good host &

Summary: Some have called Dan Benjamin's 5by5 "NPR for geeks". Given the fast-growing podcast network's mix of shows that go deep and long into tech and geek culture - and do it very well - it's a pretty apt description. In this conversation, Dan and I talk about a number of topics, including: the state of the podcast market, 5by5's early days, how Dan manages being so involved with all aspects of 5by5, how he determines what type of role he should take as podcast host for each show, and...