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A technology podcast with an EVER so slight Macintosh bias. We cover gadgets and software, freeware, shareware, photography, security and we get pretty geeky at times. We welcome listener contributions and have a strong community who have named themselves the NosillaCastaways.

A technology podcast with an EVER so slight Macintosh bias. We cover gadgets and software, freeware, shareware, photography, security and we get pretty geeky at times. We welcome listener contributions and have a strong community who have named themselves the NosillaCastaways.
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A technology podcast with an EVER so slight Macintosh bias. We cover gadgets and software, freeware, shareware, photography, security and we get pretty geeky at times. We welcome listener contributions and have a strong community who have named themselves the NosillaCastaways.






NC #688 Parallels Update, Bellus3D FaceApp, Affinity Designer for iPad, Security Bits

We're off to Macstock Expo next week so the show will be 2 days late next week. In this week's show I'll explain why even though I'm retired, it was a really stressful week (and why). I'll tell you why Steven Goetz was only partially right when he said we need to make the Mojave Beta installer into an ISO to use it in virtual machine software. Then we'll talk about how you an make truly disturbing 3D video face scans with the free Bellus3D FaceApp for iPhone X. We'll talk about how the...


NC # 687 Who Ya' Gonna Call?, Jump Desktop, Belkin Stage, Virtual Machine to run Mojave

Dr. Garry is back in Chit Chat Across the Pond, George from Tulsa brings us a story he entitled, "Who Ya' Gonna Call? Try Allison!" Next, I'll tell you about Jump Desktop to control your Mac/PC from your iOS/Android devices. Dave Ginsburg of the In Touch with IOS Podcast tells us about the Belkin Stage for iOS and Android devices for giving presentations. Finally, I'll tell you about my adventures installing virtual machines to experiment and solve some problems with Mojave and why I'm an...


NC #686 Listening to Bart Pays Off, Instagram from a Computer, Security Bits

This week I'll tell you a tale of how all the knowledge Bart has been pouring on us really paid off this week, then I'll tell you how to play on from a real computer. Heck, I learned a lot of what I used there from Bart too! Then with even more Bart, we've got Security Bits and it's mostly good news!


NC #685 Rocket; PhotoBulk; Compression, Encryption and Archive; PSA on Photos After Accidents

In this week's show, you'll learn how to do emoji like the cool kids with Rocket app for macOS. You'll learn how to batch resize, rename and watermark images with PhotoBulk for macOS. Then we'll get even geekier while I explain the difference between formats for compression, encryption & archive. Then we'll finish things off with a public service announcement about why you might want to take photos if you're ever in an accident.


NC #684 MacBook Keyboard, HashPhotos, Security Bits

Thanks for giving us a few extra days with Steve's dad before publishing the show. We'll start out with a rant by me against everyone who has declared the butterfly keyboard on the newer MacBooks as bad, then I'll tell you about an amazing photo app for iOS called HashPhotos from BeyondF. Bart is back with another installment of Security Bits where he'll talk about the new USB restricted mode for our iOS devices, and then he'll talk about all the new security features Apple introduced at...


NC #683 Drobo 5N2, Wyze Cam Pan, WWDC Excited or Not

It's a nice long show but only a few topics this week. We'll start with a walk through what I learned testing the Drobo 5N2 network attached storage. It's not so much about the Drobo itself but more about the technologies involved. Then we'll talk about the new Wyze Cam Pan $30 security camera. Finally I'll tell you what I thought was interesting, exciting, boring, disappointing or just plain dumb in the announcements from Apple's WWDC keynote.


NC #682 Vectornator Pro, Tiny Tip to Dim Your Screen, Apple Heart Study, Security Bits

We'll be in the live chatroom during the WWDC Keynote - join us! I also hope you'll come to Macstock Expo in July, and to help it be more affordable use coupon code PODFEET. The free Vectornator Pro for iPad (and iPhone) is an amazing vector design program and I'll tell you all about it. Rick from Baltimore brings us an amazing Tiny Tip about how he uses the Accessibility shortcuts on his iOS devices to both dim his screen at night and turn on the magnifier. Steve Sheridan tells us all about...


NC #681 Audio-Technica NAB, App Switcher Display, GDPR Notice, Electric Quilt, Explore Bike Share, ecobee Switch+

Thanks to our fabulous contributors, we've got a full-length show this week. We'll start with the last audio interview from NAB, this time with Audio-Technica about their microphones and headphones (we use both!). Then I have a Tiny Tip about how to fix a problem with multiple monitors on your Mac. I'm trying to be like all of the other cool kids, so I've done GDPR work on Podfeet just because it's the right thing to do. Sandy Foster brings us a review of an app called Electric Quilt. I'll...


NC #680 Keep It, Backblaze B2, Airtable, Security Bits

There won't be a live show next week, and the NosillaCast will be out on Tuesday instead of Sunday (sorry guys). Check out the tutorial I did on Keep It for ScreenCasts Online at We've got another of Steve's videos from NAB, this time from Backblaze about their B2 cloud storage. Then I'll tell you how using Airtable from might help me finally wrap my brain around databases as I attempt to manage my bathroom remodel with it. Bart Busschots is with us for...


NC #679 NosillaCast Turns 13, Doorbell Tells on UPS, mimoLive, Airplane Noise Solved with Audio Hijack, Array Reference in Excel, Snapthread

We celebrate 13 years of podcasting (on the 13th), I tell the story of how my doorbell informed us that our UPS had died. We hear the interview with Boinx from NAB, and I'll explain how Rogue Amoeba's Audio Hijack solved two problems on an airplane. I get my Excel geek on when I solve a dumb question for John, and in a more practical tip, I'll teach you about Snapthread for making videos out of Live Photos.


NC #678 StepShot Guides, Monoprice SlimRun Ethernet & HDMI Cables, Security Bits

We'll take a look at StepShot Guides to see if it's a worthy replacement for Clarify after all. Then we have an interview with Monoprice from NAB where we'll have a surprisingly interesting and funny interview about SlimRun Ethernet and HDMI cables. Bart and I haven't talked Security Bits in ages, so we have a nice long one for you.


NC #677 SMR Takes Over the Show

This week while Steve and I are snorkeling with turtles, Chris Ashley and Robb Dunewood of the SMR Podcast stand in to host the NosillaCast. They talk Apple and Google and have a blast doing it.


NC #676 Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer, Vitec Imaging, Hindenburg Journalist, mimoLive

Next week the SMR Podcast guys are in charge of the show (good luck with that) so there won't be a live show till May 6th. This week we've got a review of the Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer done on location in Belgium with Peter Boodts, we've got two interviews from NAB: Vice Imaging about their Manfrotto grip for the mobile videographer and Hindenburg Journalist, the software I use for recording the NosillaCast. Then I'll tell you about a crazy tool called mimoLive from Boinx Software that...


NC #675 AssisTech SmartCane, LED Shoe Lights, Smartbox, Security Bits

In this week's show I announce the new "Special Pages" button on (I know, exciting to have a new button, isn't it?) We used mimoLive from Boinx Software for the first time making the live show, but I only tease you at the beginning that I'll explain what that is. I promise, I'll tell you all about it next week! We've got two last interviews from CSUN: the AssisTech SmartCane and Smartbox for those with speaking challenges. I'll tell you how I have even MORE blinky lights on me...


NC #674 Reggie Ashworth, Clarify, Second Sight, Dumb Question on Accessibility, Seeing AI

In this week's episode, I open with the sad news that Reggie Ashworth, author of the great apps AppDelete and VidConvert has passed away. We have a minor bit of news about Clarify that is slightly hopeful that it will survive into the next version of Mac App Store (but don't get your heart set on it). Then we finally start having some fun as we play interviews from CSUN’s Assistive Technology Conference: Second Sight and Orcam MyEye 2.0. I answer a dumb question about why I care so much...


NC #673 Dumb Mistakes, Monosnap Screencast, Worst Book Creation Apps, Security Bits

We start with how wrong I was last week, with two huge mistakes. I posted a teaser video about a Monosnap screencast I did for ScreenCasts Online, and how I was on Daily Tech News Show #3248 where we talked about whether the announcements from Apple will help them get back in the game with education. Then I'll walk you through the harrowing tale of how awful both iBooks Author and Pages are at creating ebooks. Then Bart joins us to give a follow up on the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook...


NC #672 Tech on Travel, Overcast Playlists, Auto-HDR on Olympus Cameras, Security Bits Cambridge Analytica & Facebook

I'll talk about what tech things we used and learned more about in Paris including improvements in Project Fi, VPN challenges, Apple Pay, calorie metrics with Apple Watch and high-speed trains. Bart barges in on the show to tell me about how he uses a combination of smart playlists and modifications in Overcast to create the best of both worlds. I'll tell you about a really cool button I found on my Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II to automatically shoot HDR shots. Bart joins us again for an...


NC #671 Hot Whiskey, MFi Hearing Aids, CES Wonder Workshop, AppleTV & AirPods, iCloud Photo Library Syncing, Mylio & Security Bits

Bart Busschots stands in for a vacationing Allison Sheridan. Since the show is recorded on St. Patrick's Day, Bart starts with a recipe for an Irish hot whiskey. Then we have a review of MFi Hearing Aids from listener Gretchen, an interview with Wonder Workshop recoded by Allison & Steve at CES earlier this year, an AppleTV & AirPod dumb question & answer from listener Dick, an iCloud Photo library syncing story from Allison, a review of Mylio from listener Tom, and finaly a solo Security...


NC #670 Paintcode, Apple Watch Health Tracking, Stretch Timer, We.Stream, Bellus 3D, Cyber Essentials, Rings

Allister Jenks stands in for a vacationing Allison Sheridan. We have a review of Paintcode, a story of using the Apple Watch to track health in ways other than the Activity app, Allister’s own health app Stretch Timer, two interviews from CES with We.Stream and Bellus3D, some security tips with Cyber Essentials, and a fun casual iOS game, Rings.


NC #669 CloudMounter, Mesh vs Regular Router Flyoff, PLEX, Security Bits

Steve and I are off to Paris for a couple of weeks, so be sure to send your audio reviews to Bart to help him out doing the show (Allister has his already in the can). We won't have a live show for the next two weeks - will miss you! In this episode I tell you about how CloudMounter might solve your cloud storage problems. Then I'll tell you the results of my scientific testing of a traditional Netgear router against their cloud router, the Orbi (you might be surprised at the results)....