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Industrial Vending Machine

While Chris was away traveling the world, Jon got a tour behind the scenes at Veritas, a tool making company based in Canada’s Capital. From the first all metal lathe ever made to building CNC machines at home, this episode is all about tools. This episode of Off Hours was made possible in part thanks to the Santa Fe Symposium • Control Plane We mentioned the macOS app, Control Plane, in the last episode, unfortunately it is no longer under active development • Cycloid Drawing Machine An...


Travel with Your Pens Full

Backpacks—an unsolvable problem. Chris has an unexpected run-in with some surrealist art, followed by a discussion of dealing with the realities of travel. • Masters of Contemporary Watchmaking An additional book highlighting the work of independent watchmakers, that we ought to have mentioned in Episode 27 • Watchmakers The Masters of Art Horology A book Chris picked up recently that catalogues the work of modern independent watchmakers • 12 Faces of Time The 12 Faces of Time details the...


Smoking Bellows

Chris has just returned from a conference on ornamental turning. He and Jon discuss the difference between ornamental turning and engine turning, along with some of the other things Chris got up to while out on the West Coast. • OTI Symposium Chris just got back from the 2018 Ornamental Turners International Symposium in Seattle, Washington • Guilloché on Off Hours We touched on guilloché work & engine turning quite a bit right off the bat, in Episode 1 of Off Hours • History of...


No Longer Mangling Watches

Chris is back from the British Horological Institute, where he spent a week working on watch movements. He and Jon chat about his time in the UK, the unique things he saw, and the incredible people he met along the way. • BHI Short Courses Short watch & clock making courses offered by the British Horological Institute • John Murphy Official website of John Murphy (FBHI, Cert. Ed., WOSTEP) who trained Chris at the British Horological Institute • ETA 6497 • ETA 2824 • Incabloc A...


A Box of Bandaids

• Mia Sable A saddlery maker who has branched out into making watch straps in recent years • Shell Cordovan Leather A durable leather made from horse hides • Moose Leather • Horween An American firm with a strong reputation for making quality leather • Apple Watch Link Bracelet • Crabyon Antibacterial fabric made from crab shells • Mycoworks Mushroom leather • Royal Doak An example of one of Alex Doak's hand drawn watches • Gerald Genta The designer behind Audemars Piguet’s Royal...


Renaissance Version of a Twitter Troll

Jon and Chris discuss follow up books to read, tricks for beating the Vatican hoards, letter press documentaries, and canes that aren't quite what they appear to be. • The Perfectionists A new book by Simon Winchester we discussed last episode, which traces the impact that ever increasing levels of accuracy have had on our world • Michelangelo and the Pope's Ceiling A book by Ross King • Brunelleschi's Dome Another book by Ross King about a literal Renaissance Man who reinvented...


The Lord Chancellor

Precision, accuracy, and a smattering of etymology. Chris and Jon discuss Simon Winchester's latest book, The Perfectionists. • The Perfectionists A new book that traces the impact that ever increasing levels of accuracy have had on our world, from the industrial revolution, through to the digital age • Ned Ludd An English weaver, from whom the term "luddite" was derived • Bokeh The blur that occurs when an object within a photograph does not fall inside the bounds of the lens's depth of...


The Memory Thief

Jon and Chris talk about buying art, stone carving, and managing notifications without a wearable. • Adam Young A Canadian artist that Jon & his wife recently acquired a painting from • Steven Strang Local artist & friend of the show whose work Chris has been a longstanding patron of • 'The Memory Thief' Chris' most recent acquisition from Steven Strang • Printrbot Ceases Operations We spoke a little about Printrbot back in Episode 15, they recently & suddenly shut down • Monoprice...


I Keep Buying Lathes

Turns out there’s more than one way to thread a screw. Chris talks to Jon about the upsides and challenges of crafting multi lead threads for his pens, and why you should use metric—not imperial—measures. • Jessica Edwards The Producer of the documentary film, Design Canada & founder of Film First Co. • Timely Tees Jon recently released a co-axial version of the Escape Tee • Multi Lead Threading One of Chris’ most popular blog posts • The Machinery's Handbook A quintessential reference...


Design Canada

It was Canada Day this past weekend. This may get a little patriotic. Sorry. Full visual show notes available at • Helvetica A documentary detailing the origin & ubiquity of the typeface Helvetica • Design Canada A documentary on Canadian design • Canadian Flag A visual history of the Canadian flag, courtesy of Wikipedia • Canada Wordmark Official guidelines for the Canada wordmark • Massimo Vignelli "If you can design one thing, you can design everything." •...


A Digital Loupe

Jon and Chris chat a little more about the Santa Fe speakers' trip, the closure of OSU's watchmaking program, and the potential upsides of augmenting reality. Full visual show notes available at • ABQ Jewellery Exhibit Chris got a sneak preview of the new jewellery exhibit at ABQ • Closure of OSU Oklahoma State University's Watchmaking Program is slated to close • Wit Jarochowski Wit Jarochowski’s 1991 patent for a mechanically driven electromagnetic...


Fringe Element

Chris just returned home from the Santa Fe Symposium where he delivered a talk on modern niello. He and Jon talk about this year's talks and some of the things Chris got up to while in New Mexico. Full visual show notes available at • Bricolage Podcast Official Twitter account of the Bricolage Podcast • Santa Fe Symposium An annual gathering of leading experts in the jewelry industry • An Introduction to Niello Chris' first paper on niello, presented at the...


Kicked Out by Royalty

Chris recently returned from Makers Central in the United Kingdom. He and Jon chat about what he got up to there—and elsewhere—with friend of the show, Rich Loen. Full visual show notes available at • Rich Loen Entrepreneur & maker, Rich Loen, with his CNC puck carving mill • Makers Central Chris & Rich were in Birmingham for Makers Central 2018 • The Goldsmiths Company Chris & Rich paid a visit to the Goldsmiths Hall in London • Dave Merry Dave Merry...



The simplest solution is often the best solution. Jon and Chris touch on the history of timekeeping and then dive into a discuss about the variables that play into precision, mechanical timekeeping. Full visual show notes available at • Samrat Yantra A massive equinoctial sundial in Jaipur, India • Dolphin Dial Jon’s favourite example of a sundial, located in Greenwich, England • Wadokei A wadokei wristwatch created by Japanese watchmaker, Masahiro Kikuno,...


3D Printing

Chris shares a bit about the first 3D printed prototype for the watch he is creating, the printer he bought and why, mixed with some discussion about other additive manufacturing technologies. Full visual show notes available at • Prototype Watch Chris' first 3D printed watch case • MakerJuice SF Resin The resin that Chris used to 3D print his watch case • A. Lange & Söhne Design Design & prototyping at A. Lange & Söhne • Makex M-Jewelry The 3D printer Chris...


Baselworld 2018

Jon and Chris reflect back on some of the new timepieces released at Baselworld 2018, with a few old gems thrown in for good measure. Full visual show notes available at • Seiko Shippo Dial The Seiko Presage SPB075 features a guilloché patterned dial overlayed with vitreous enamel • Slim Seiko Movement A limited edition, Seiko Presage SJE073J1 with the new 6L35 caliber • Black Bay Fifty-Eight The most vintage looking Tudor Black Bay yet • Longines Military...


Cloisonné Enamel

Jon introduces Chris to an unusual, Japanese eraser. Chris recounts the incredible work of a cloisonné enamelist he came across on a trip to Japan last spring and discusses his own processes as an enamel artist at Silverhand Studios. Full visual show notes available at • @the_watchnerd The Watchnerd on Twitter • Johan ten Hoeve Upcycled Apple Watch by Johan ten Hoeve • Antiques of the Future A book by Lisa S. Roberts • Kadokeshi Eraser A multi-faceted eraser,...


Everything is a Trade-off

Chris and Jon discuss the Apple Pencil, design trade-offs, and building things to last. Full visual show notes available at • Ackerman Ink Chris' red ink of choice, with an interesting bottle design • Michael Masuyama The bespoke nib grinder that Chris goes to for his fountain pens • Apple Pencil Designed by Apple in California • Silicone Sleeve for Apple Pencil The silicone sleeve that Chris uses with his Apple Pencil • Procreate The third-party app Jon...


Ink of Choice

A friend gives Jon a fountain pen and some ink, Chris distills what makes for a great writing experience. Full visual show notes available at • Duke Pen The pen Jon’s friend recently gave him • Ottoman Azure The ink Jon got with his pen • Silverhand Studios Official website for Chris’ handcrafted pens • JinHao Pen An inexpensive pen, made in China • Jowo Nibs A German maker of nibs, that supplies brands like TWSBI • Bock Nibs A German nib manufacturer,...


Podium Pieces

From $350 to $350,000, reflecting back on the first horologically focused trade show of 2018, Chris and Jon chat about the science and artistry of watchmaking. Full visual show notes available at • Cortex Myke & CGP Grey talk about their yearly themes for 2018 • Eterna The price of Eterna's calibers varies according to the configuration, finish, & quantity ordered • SIHH The Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie is an annual trade show in Geneva •...