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Essential Apple Podcast 123: Feeling slightly SMUG with Mark Elliss of Suffolk Macs

Recorded 10th February 2019 This week things went bonkers, Jeff Bezos refused to be blackmailed, Apple fixed one bug and then got accused of another... Some apps have been recording your screens and Apple tells them stop that or else, Angela Arhendts is leaving Apple, Apple are working on making their own modems and rumours surface of revised iPhone 7s and 8s because of the German sales ban won by Qualcomm. To talk to me about that and of course “anything else that comes to mind” is my...


Essential Apple Podcast 122: Sometimes bad news is all there is

Recorded 3rd February 2019 This week Simon had trouble with iCloud, Facebook and Google had trouble with Apple, and Apple had trouble with FaceTime. Meanwhile criminals are tapping into the phone system backbone to attack banks, governments continue to try and get into everyones chats, and the Internet of Things may be an even worse security threat than you ever imagined. Meanwhile guest Guy Serle of the MyMac podcast has problems of his own with some shelves, Apple's “awful terrible no...


Essential Apple Podcast 121: Happy Birthday Macintosh & SE/30 – TheMacMommy

Recorded 27th January 2019 This week it was 35 years since Steve pulled the Macintosh out of the bag to say hello, also it is 30 years since the launch of the SE/30. The latest iOS Beta holds clues about new iPads and even a possible new iPod Touch! Apple reassigned 200+ staff from the Titan project elsewhere (notice I said “reassigned” not laid off...). Apple got some flack about a photo competition and promptly did the right thing about it, while Zuckerberg continues to be a lying...


Essential Apple Podcast 120: The Bob is back in town

Recorded 20th January 2019 This week Slackers everywhere lost their collective cool over a new Slack logo, Apple put some iPhone SE's on clearance for $249 and they sold out almost instantly, a huge cache of email addresses and passwords got put online and Duck Duck Go moved over to Apple Maps. Here to talk with me about all of that, plus woodworking, a great computer cutting machine he discovered and much more is the always effervescent Bob “Dr Mac” LeVitus. GIVEAWAYS & OFFERS Ghostery...


Essential Apple Podcast 119: Ghostery: spikes spooks and knackers trackers

Recorded 11th January 2019 This week Apple caught everyone by surprise by bringing their services to Samsung and other smart TVs... CES was surprisingly “iterative” - that LG roll up TV was back again plus there was a demonstration of my Sci Fi fantasy OTA power with promises it could be in consumer's hands by 2020. Meanwhile I am joined by semi regular co hosts Nick Riley and Donny Yankellow and special guest Pete Knowlton of Ghostery - the amazing free “anti tracker” that helps you browse...


Essential Apple Podcast 118: “But I’m keeping my Fahrenheit”

Recorded 6th January 2019 This week it was ALL about the DISASTER of Apple announcing a likely Year on Year revenue decline... CES is coming and no doubt it will be full of “smart” things! But far more importantly we are joined by Paul Kafasis of Rogue Amoeba to talk about the new Loopback 2, and lots of other audio related things... and as ever some off script stuff too. GIVEAWAYS Listeners of this show can claim $10 off purchases of Luminar and/or Aurora HD 2019Also we have a two...


Essential Apple Podcast 117: Merry Christmas Everybody!

Recorded 23rd December 2018 This week we are having a party... I am joined by Karl Madden, Guy Serle, Donny Yankellow, Bart Busschots and Mark Chappell. With six of us on the line I am afraid that some of the audio struggled a little but it held up and we had a pretty fun time. Thanks to all the listeners and guests over the last year. All the Essential Apple crew wish everybody a Merry Christmas (or your midwinter festival of choice) and all the best for 2019. GIVEAWAYS Listeners of this...


Essential Apple Podcast 116: “Simply having a wonderful Christmas time...”

Recorded 16th December 2018 This week Apple Music started working on Amazon Echo devices (well if you live in the US anyway). Apple Pay arrived in Germany, and Apple announced a $1 billion investment in Austin, Texas, for a new campus (plus a lot of other US expansion). App developers got some extra analytics from the Mac App Store and Apple backed a move for a US Digital Privacy Law. Meanwhile I am joined by Oliver Breidenbach of Boinx Software and Nick Riley to talk about all that and...


Essential Apple Podcast 115: GPS – "From obscurity to ubiquity” with David Acklam

Recorded 8th December 2018 This week a slightly different show as I am deeply privileged to have as my special guest David Acklam, not a name you may know, but he was part of the development team for the Global Positioning System. Something that we now take forgranted but as one of the team described it a technology that went “from obscurity to ubiquity” and started out at what became known as “The Lonely Halls Meeting” which sounds more like a Peter Jackson fantasy epic than a world...


Essential Apple Podcast 114: Talking Luminar 2019 with Alex Tsepko

Recorded 2nd December 2018 This week George Bush Snr (41st President of the USA) passed away. Amazon announced the Apple Music service will be available on their devices by Christmas. Amazon also announced it is going with custom designed ARM Graviton chips for AWS servers. The iPhone Xr is declared best selling iPhone, Apple offers increased trade in values on old iPhones and Apple supports anti AIDS efforts. PLUS our guest this week is Alex Tsepko of Skylum who returns to the show to...


Essential Apple Podcast 113: Canis from Wooji Juice talks Ferrite Recording Studio

Recorded 25th November 2018 This week was of course Thanksgiving in the US, so naturally almost all the news was filled with Black Friday/Cyber Monday stuff (and I note that “Black Friday” now starts almost a week before and runs on for up to two weeks after the nominal date). Much more importantly though Mark and I are joined by Karl Madden of the Mac & Forth Show (and a keen Ferrite user) and Canis of Wooji Juice the makers of Ferrite Recording Studio. Listeners of this show can claim...


Essential Apple Bonus: Double Interview Special

A couple of interviews I recorded recently that for a variety of reasons haven't made it into a "normal" show. Adobe Elements give us the lowdown on the latest releases for 2019 and BeLight Software (makers of Swift Publisher, ArtText, Live Home 3D and more) tell us about their products. Enjoy! Essential Apple Recommended Services: 33mail.comSudoProtonMailProtonVPNFake Name GeneratorWirePinecastFontBase Essential Apple is not affiliated with or paid to promote any of these services......


Essential Apple Podcast 112: A Pixelmator Pro Update

Recorded 18th November 2018 This week news (at least news that interested us much) was a bit thin on the ground so we were very happy to be joined by Andrius Gailiunas of Pixelmator to talk about Pixelmator Pro, the current beta, why the Pro verison is the future and why, for now, there isn't an iPad version on the horizon. DONT FORGET THE JOE KISSELL OFFER... 30% OFF any Take Control purchase before November 30th with this link 30% Off or use the code ESSENTIALAPPLE at checkout. Why not...


Essential Apple Podcast 111: Catching up with Jeff Gamet

Recorded 11th November 2018 This week Apple launched a pair of repair programs for some iPhone X and 13-inch MacBook Pro models, reviewers have been going at the new Apple hardware with in depth reviews, and Uncle Tim promised money for the wildfires in Califonia. Meanwhile Samsung showed off a face to face folding screen (just about) and Xiaomi are coming to the UK hoping to take on Apple and Samsung. I am joined by guest Jeff Gamet formerly of the Mac Observer and now with Smile...


Essential Apple Podcast 110: Scrap-Book Air?

Recorded 4th November 2018 This week of course Apple had a keynote event in New York and revealed a host of items, some expected (iPad), some only hoped for (Mac Minis and MacBook Airs)... Also they had an earnings call - not something we tend to get overly wrapped up in on this show but there were a couple of points of interest. Unsrprisingly there wasn't really much other news of note to us but even so we run extra long... DONT FORGET THE JOE KISSELL OFFER... 30% OFF any Take Control...


Essential Apple Extra: Featuring Tim Bajarin

Recorded 31st October 2018 In this very special edition of the podcast I am delighted and honoured to have the company of Tim Bajarin of Creative Strategies and Techpinions site and podcast. On this show TIM BAJARIN Tim is recognised as one of the leading industry consultants, analysts and futurists, covering the field of personal computers and consumer technology. His writing and analysis has been on the forefront of the digital revolution and he was one of the first analysts to cover...


Essential Apple Podcast 109: Modern photography, technical excellence & better bagels?!?!

Recorded 21st October 2018 This week Tim Cook said Bloomberg should retract their Chinese Hack story. Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, passed away. Adobe had their Max Conference and announced Photoshop for iPad and more. But Mark and Simon aren't interested in that stuff! No, we have the highly respected Jeff Carlson with us and we are only interested what he has to say, and the biggest of stories – #Bagelgate and Apple sending out invites to the “There's more in the making” event...


Essential Apple Podcast 108: Slap a sticker on it!

Recorded 14th October 2018 This week the Bloomberg story rumbled on, but Donny and I decide to just summarise that and concentrate on things like the Apple 11% drop in Q3 Sales. Alleged info on the upcoming iPad Pro. Apple's TV streaming plans and a wireless charger that intrigues both of us but we just think is too good to be true. Why not come and join the Slack community? You can now just click on this Slackroom Link to sign up and join in the chatter! DONT FORGET THE JOE KISSELL...


Essential Apple Podcast 107: Chinese Reds Under The Bed & Other Scary Tales!

Recorded 7th October 2018 Well that was a week that was (as they say). Indonesia can't catch a break as the earthquake not only caused a deadly tsunami but set off a volcanic eruption. Haiti was struck with an earthquake and South Korea by a typhoon. As if that wasn't enough Bloomberg came out with a scary story about a hardware hack that has turned into a massive mystery. Microsoft pulled their Windows 10 update, Simon discovered a big downside to Apple News on Mac and a data aggregator's...


Essential Apple Podcast 106: Teething toubles & falling down

Recorded 30th September 2018 Sorry it's late - life and work kind of intervened... Also sorry about last week - neither Donny or I were feeling up to scratch so we decided that if we both felt ill it was best to just abandon it. Meanwhile the stories kept piling up - an awful lot of it “security and privacy' related to be honest. DONT FORGET THE JOE KISSELL OFFER... 30% any Take Control purchase before November 30th with this link 30% Off or use the code ESSENTIALAPPLE at checkout. And just...