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The Past, Present, and the Future of VR (Ben Lang, Executive Editor of Road to VR) - 088

Ben Lang, Co-Founder and executive editor of Road to VR joins us to talk about the early days of the VR industry, the founding of his publication, the what's right around the corner in the industry. Topics discussed: - Oculus Quest's target audience and place in current HMD landscape - Minimum spec requirements for PC VR gen 2.0 - Is "perfect Virtual Reality" the bar we need to reach? - Will Valve ever enter the all-in-one VR space? - Magic Leap's target audience


Designing for mobile AR with Torch 3D (Paul Reynolds, CEO) - 087

Paul Reynolds, CEO and Co-Founder of Torch 3D, joins us to talk about their design tool called Torch, built to bridge the knowledge gap for designers with web/mobile backgrounds, and letting them dive into the world of Spatial Computing Topics discussed: - Current state of iterative design (or lack their of) in VR/AR - AR input methods, which to focus on right now, and what to plan for - The importance of posting examples and use cases of what can be done with AR


HaptX's High-Fidelity VR Haptic Feedback Gloves for Enterprise (Jake Rubin, CEO) - 086

Jake Rubin, the CEO and cofounder of HaptX joins us to talk about the benefits and challenges of Haptic Feedback in VR. Topics discussed: - What are the different modalities of touch? - What are the different ways of visual stimulus can trick your brain into feeling something different? - Surviving in today's VR market and industry - Using VR to control 100's of robots - How far are we from full body VR suits?


The Problem with Magic Leap One's Display, Explained - 085

Az and Petr go deep into discussing the Magic Leap One's display technology, what we were expecting, what was being worked on, and what was finally delivered. Topics discussed: - What is vergence, accomodation, lightfield displays? - How does Magic Leap's display work? - Why is the near clipping plane at 37 cm?


Training Firefighters in VR using Photogrammetry (Alex Harvey from Rivr) - 084

Firefighter training in VR using Photogrammetry with Alex Harvey, Creative Director of Rivr. Topics: - Cheaper, repeatable, and more robust training scanrios for firefighting in VR - Animating scanned Firefighters using Mocap - AR headsets for live firefighting situations


Prototyping AR Interactions in VR with ModBox VR (Lee Vermeulen) - 083

Lee Vermeulen, creator of ModBox VR joins Petr and Az to talk about prototyping AR using VR today. Topics discussed: - What does VR/AR enable in an IOT equipped house? ie, controlling lights from within VR. - Mixed Reality Meshing using Stereolabs Zed cam - IRL Monitors interacting with spatial computing apps - Photogrammetry scanning using Arkit


Oculus Medium 2.0 with Jessica Zeta and David Farrell - 082

Jessica Zeta and David Farrell from Oculus Medium join us to talk about their latest Medium 2.0 update. Topics discussed: - Creating a multi-hour comfortable creative tool - fitting into professional pipelines and workflows - How the new Move Tool works


Volumetric Video, Depth Cams, and Filmmaking using Depthkit, with Alexander Porter - 081

Alexander Porter joins us to talk about DepthKit, a Volumetric Video Capture tools and Scatter, the company he cofounded. Topics discussed: - Starting from building an open sourced volumetric video creation tool - Creating mobile Volcap tools for non engineers with small budgets - How do IR Depth Cams work? Key takeaways: - The need for Volumetric live action capture is on the rise (because of new display tech; ie VR, AR, holographic displays) - New Depth cameras are on the rise once again -...


The State of the VR Industry with Tipatat Chennavasin, GP at The VR Fund - 80

VR Investor and developer Tipatat Chennavasin joins us to talk about how far we've come over the past 2.5 years of consumer VR. Topics discussed: - Jumping from development to venture capital - Which businesses _need_ VC investment, and which don't - How media hype overvalued VR companies Key takeaways: - Right now is the BEST time to be investing and developing in VR, with no real AAA competition, no overinflated hype, with a growing and hungry for content userbase. - Plenty of business...


Math, Chemistry, and Drug Designs using VR w/ Nanome Inc. - 079

Nanome CEO joins Az and Petr to talk about Chemistry and Math education and drug designs in VR. Topics discussed: - 3d Math visualizations in VR - 3d Chemistry education in VR - Protein designs on the blockchain recorded: July 2018


Knuckles 2.0, StarVR One, and best VR films at SIGGRAPH 2018 - 078

Wrap-up for all the new hardware and films shown at SIGGRAPH. Topics discussed: - Valve's Knuckles 2.0 controllers impressions - Star VR One Impressions - Extra wide FOV - MPC's Virtual Production System for VFX Films - Best VR Films: Arden's Wake & Tales of Wedding Rings


Intimate Emotions and Anonymous Networks in "Where Thoughts Go" w/ Lucas Rizzotto - 077

Lucas Rizzotto joins us to talk about "Where Thoughts Go: Prologue" as an anonymous way of sharing and listening to people's intimate thoughts and emotions in VR. Topics discussed: - BoostVC and why living with other founders is helpful for young startups - Social Networks with or without like/comment response systems - Why anonymity is important - How to handle bad behavior, trolls, and 4chan raids


Shared Technology between VR and Drones, Phones, IoT with Anshel Sag - 076

Analyst Anshel Sag joins Az to talk about the derivative nature of tech industries, what technologies VR/AR share with other sub-industries, and what innovations will prove to be important moving forward. Topics Discussed: - VR being derivative of Phones, Drones - 60ghz wifi routers of the future


History Preservation vs Documentation using Photogrammetry with Deb Mayers - 075

Deb Mayers, a Researcher and Graduate student of Ancient Cultures and Computer Science joins us to talk about History, technology, and VR. Topics Discussed: - Documentation vs Preservation of History - Technology's role in the interpretation of History - Cultures as dynamic entities Apologies for the audio quality for this episode. Sometimes impossible for windows to pick the right mic to record from.


Designing Impossible Musical Instruments in VR w/ Zach Kinstner - 074

Designer/Developer Zach Kinstner joins the podcast to talk about designing his VR music creation tool, Exa: Infinite Instrument. Topics: - designing Hover UI for hands with Leap Motion - building better musical instruments in VR - buttons that can be pushed from behind (for keyboards and such)


Facing Unconscious Biases with Debias VR, with guest Clorama Dorvilias - 073

Clorama Dorvilias, CEO and Cofounder of Debias joins the podcast to talk about her unconscious bias educational tool for teachers. Topics discussed: - Implicit Association Test - Biases in Education - Research around lowering Implicit Bias Scores recorded: May 2018


Is OTOY's RNDR the only Blockchain technology that makes sense? - 072

OTOY's Head of Blockchain Kalin Stoyanchev joins the podcast to talk about how they plan to crowdsource people's dormant GPU's, and use them to complete rendering jobs (in exchange for some crypto). Is this the only VR + Crypto idea that actually makes sense? Topics discussed: - Crowdsourced rendering - Is decentralization that important? - How does OTOY's current centralized rendering system work? recorded: May 2018


Creating a fun, social Art gallery in VR w/ Colin Northway and Robin Stethem

Colin Northway and Robin Stethem talk about their unreleased VR Art Gallery called the Museum of Other Realities. Topics discussed: - removing "elitism” from Art & museums - Art pieces turning into hangout spots - Architecture generated out of noise - Digital art’s scarcity/value problem - Using Etherium as a way to tie value to digital art recorded: May 2018


Neuroscience, Perception and AR Research in Meta w/ Stefano Baldassi

Stefano Baldassi, the Senior Dir. of Analytics & Neuroscience at Meta joins Az and Petr to talk about how his background in Perception, sports, and Neuroscience research guides his department's decisions in building an optimal fitting and functioning Augmented Reality headset.


Why Beat Saber FEELS so GOOD w/ Jan “Split” Ilavsky

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard of Beat Saber launching on Steam and Oculus Home. Lead developer Jan “Split” Ilavsky joins Az and Petr to discuss theories as to WHY Beat Saber feels so good, and what were the factors that have made it so successful.