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WOMEN AT THE FOREFRONT OF Fashion, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability + Tech.

WOMEN AT THE FOREFRONT OF Fashion, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability + Tech.
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WOMEN AT THE FOREFRONT OF Fashion, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability + Tech.




143: Kristen Sanders, Founder of K.Michael Jewelry

We're back with a live media coaching episode for the first time in months. In today’s episode, you’ll hear a live media strategy session with a FEST founder and Spirit of 608 Facebook group member who needs help building a path to press coverage for her Bay Area-based jewelry collection. Like many ethical fashion entrepreneurs, she is beyond dedicated to what she does and looking to take her business to the next level. Listen in for a conversation sure to help any entrepreneur lay the...


How Modjewel's Eliana Ghantous Used DIY Strategies to Land Press in FastCompany + More

It's all well and good to know DIY PR and media outreach are possible for emerging fashion brands and fashion startups, but how does it actually work and what happens along the way? In today's Knowledge Drop episode of the Spirit of 608 podcast, we have a FEST founder who's sharing her experience - from the first round of outreach she did that garnered zero responses to the pitch she sent that landed her innovative handbag company in FastCompany and other publications. Meet this week's...


All About Ethical Fashion Branding with Marisa Flacks of RISE Creative Co.

We're diving into branding again on the Spirit of 608 podcast this week - and for good reason: it's consistently one of the top puzzles independent fashion companies have to sort out. And let's not forget: you can't really ever just "sort it" and move on. Great branding requires upkeep and evolution, as well as a helluva lot of content to communicate the right messages over time. But enough about the challenges - you know those. What you want to know is how to crack that nut, like...


Glad I Asked: My Questions, Your Answers + Why It Matters

How often do you ask questions? Lately, for me, the answer to that has been a lot more than usual. Yes, as the host of the Spirit of 608 podcast, I'm used to posing questions to the guests who come on the show each week. But as many of you who listen know, I've been looking to what the future of the Spirit of 608 will be. And that's led me to ask even more questions. I've asked those of you who listen to the podcast, the members of the Spirit of 608 Facebook group, random people sitting...


Putting Brand DNA Before Dollars with The Fashion Business Plan Author Bako Rambini

In this week's episode, we have the first princess to grace the Spirit of 608 podcast - and the first guest with a finance background to tell us to stop and think about something more than numbers and money in order to build a brand that will attract enough of an audience to, you know, produce impressive numbers and money. Not sure how that works? Curious why this week's guest says locating brand DNA matters even more with a fashion business than in other industries? Want to know how you...


How Karla Mora Launched Sustainable Fashion's New Eileen Fisher-Backed Venture Fund to Fuel the Future of Fashion

What is the future of sustainable fashion? Ask this week's guest, and she's likely to tell you it's about a lot more than consciously-made clothes. In fact, as the founder of a new venture fund backed by none other than Eileen Fisher herself, the FEST-ive voice we'll be hearing in this episode of the Spirit of 608 podcast is quick to explain how - and why - innovations that go beyond what's hanging on the racks are the drivers of change she and the fund she started earlier this year are...


My Green Closet Vlogger Verena Erin Polowy on Working with Ethical Fashion Influencers the Right Way

How can brands work with ethical fashion influencers? This week, we have insight and advice from a YouTube vlogger and blogger who's grown an enthusiastic following with her sunny, approachable style and spot-on tips for capsule wardrobes, slow fashion and conscious shopping. With her easygoing attitude and streamlined approach to style, you might mistakenly think this week's guest just breezes through her business. But behind-the-scenes, this sustainable fashion influencer is hard at work...


Getting Real on Starting Up, Figuring it Out on the Fly and Finding Mentors with Organic Baby Brand Founder Monica Royer Monica + Andy

Where do you find great mentors? Heck, where do you even find a basically-okay-most-of-the-time mentor? It helps to be the founder of one of the most talked-about baby brands around, one with a thriving fan base that not only scoops up its organic apparel and layette sets, but also comes to hang out with the company and connect with other moms in person through retail Guideshops that double as hubs for community events. Wait a second, you're probably now saying...Guideshops...where have I...


How Perrin Paris is Reinventing Ethical Luxury for the next 100 years with Instagram Influencer Olga Pancenko

Luxury is changing. How it used to be: big names, recognizable logos, It girls carrying It bags. But technology and a swelling desire on the part of shoppers to know what's happening behind the scenes of the brands they sink their dollars into are opening the doors for a new scenario, one where luxury isn't simply about brand reputation and price, but also intimately connected to how something is made, the team who makes it possible and why it's being made in the first place. You might...


Silicon Valley Vet Mauria Finley on Finding the Joy in Stress, Structured Living and Standing Out in a Crowded Market

What's it like to found your first startup in your late 30's after a successful Silicon Valley career where you've worked at someone of the biggest names in tech, then watch that company get acquired for $50M and next - instead of just kicking back and enjoying the fruits of your labor - going on to launch yet another startup in what is arguably a pretty crowded space? You'll get that story, plus a lot more in this conversation with the founder of Allume, an on-demand personal shopping...


Power CEO Tina Sharkey on Brandless, Brand Tax + Building Exclusive Products at Inclusive Prices

Can a brand every truly be brand-less? On the show this week, we're talking to one of the most accomplished female founders out there today about her attempt to build a company that does just that - all while bringing low-cost, yet high-quality food, beauty, household and personal care products into your home. Yes, we're stepping away from fashion and apparel this week to explore the story behind one of the most talked-about ecommerce startups out there at the moment, one seeking to bring...


132: Why Running a Fashion Business Isn't as Glamorous As it Seems And What You Can Do About It with Successful Fashion Designer's Sew Heidi

In rethinking goals news, we have an episode this week diving into a different way to be a fashion designer than we typically talk about on the Spirit of 608 podcast. Yes, it's true, we're so often focused on building a business that involves a standalone brands with its own products and services. But this week's guest is here to tell us how she uses her designer skills to get freelance work that allows her to do her job anywhere she wants (even in a few gorg tropical locales) while also...


131: Third Love’s Heidi Zak on Taking Entrepreneurial Risks to Change How Lingerie is Bought and Sold

It’s been nearly four years since Heidi and I first met in the original Third Love offices in San Francisco. In this week’s episode of the Spirit of 608 podcast, I get to check in with the innovative fashion tech startup’s founder and find out what’s happened since they set out to upend the women’s lingerie market – spoiler alert: a lot. Dubbed one of the fastest growing startups in America last year in the media, they have amassed fans around the world for their different approach to the...


130: Talking Chat Bots, AI, Sustainability & the Future of Fashion with Epytom's Anastasia Sartan & Marianna Milkis-Edwards

Chat bots don't sound inherently stylish, but today's guests are betting these conversational marketing tools can use artificial intelligence to change the face of personal styling. If that weren't interesting enough on its own, learn from the co-founders on this episode of the Spirit of 608 podcast just how sustainability prompted them to begin exploring a tech-enabled way to cut waste from the consumer shopping experience and build a solution for brands at the same time. Plus, hear...


129: Building Fast Fashion’s Ethical Virtual Factory of the Future with Soko’s Gwendolyn Floyd

When is a jewelry business not really a jewelry business at all? Today on this episode of the Spirit of 608 podcast when we get to know a stylish startup company whose underlying technology and way of working with over 2,500 artisans in Africa is almost more eye-catching than the on-trend jewelry the site now sells online and in partnership with more than 400 retailers around the world. Almost. We dare you not to fall in love with their collections of ultra-giftable earrings, necklaces and...


PressDope Minisode: The Art of the Bite-Sized PR Pitch

If there’s one thing that’s classically entrepreneurial, it’s the idea of more. More ideas, more customers, more press, more growth, more reach, more everything. While that hunger for and drive toward more so often serves business owners well, there are times when focusing on the more can actually detract from your most pressing goals. You’ve likely heard about choosing one thing, the lean approach to business building and entrepreneurial minimalism in books like this one and this one and...


PressDope Minisode: How to Find a Journalist's Email Address

Have you ever found *exactly* the right journalist or influencer - someone you're dying to tell about your brand - but you can't for the life of you find a reliable email address to use when reaching out? While most bloggers and influencers with online personas should be relatively easy to contact (after all, their business depends on connecting with others), many members of the media and especially staffers at national media outlets with large audiences make their email addresses...


128: Solo Episode

What does a year talking to FEST founders, creating a media startup and heading in an entirely new direction from your previous professional day-to-day teach you? A lot. For the final Spirit of 608 podcast episode of the year, I'm sharing a solo episode with 10 takeaways I wrote down in recent weeks that sum up what I've learned in 2017. These aren't your typical lifehacks. Because life is messy and strange and full of hard decisions, especially when you're trying to build your own thing....


127: Live Media Strategy Session with Althea Simons of Grammar

Where do you go next after getting great press? Getting solid coverage in national media outlets - in the case of this week's guest, we're talking WWD and Fashionista - is difficult for a new, independent brand to do. It's all the more impressive if you nabbed that coverage during your crowdfunding phase, which is one of the hardest times for an early stage business to convince journalists and fashion writers to publish a story. But say you pulled that off. What then? How can you sustain...


126: Knowledge Drop with The Brightly Co's Laura Alexander Wittig on Successful, Sustainable Side Hustling + Productive Productivity

So you want to side hustle, but you're struggling to balance a budding fashion business with your main gig? Whether that's a full-time job, family commitments or both, this week's guest is here to talk about how she conceived, built and launched not one but two FEST-ive brands while... The post 126: Knowledge Drop with The Brightly Co's Laura Alexander Wittig on Successful, Sustainable Side Hustling + Productive Productivity appeared first on Spirit of 608 - Media Strategy & Fashion...


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