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Does Your Future Smart Home Include A Rosie-Like Robot?

If you've paid any attention to home robotics over the past decade, you've probably noticed one thing: all home robots are basically single function devices that vacuum our rugs or roll around on the floor. But Misty Robotics' Tim Enwall hopes to change that. You may remember Tim from his days as CEO of Revolv, the company behind the super hub that included seven radios. After spending a couple years at Nest after they acquired Revolv, he made his way over to another Boulder, Colorado...


Your Face Is Your Key: Exploring Facial Recognition Technology with TrueFace's Shaun Moore

Back in 2014, Shaun Moore and his cofounder started selling a consumer video doorbell called Chui with facial recognition and detection technology. Eventually they realized the future of the company was not in doorbells, but in developing robust facial recognition/detection technology that could be applied to a variety of scenarios. Shaun talks about those early days, the competitive video doorbell market, the pivot to becoming an enterprise facial recognition/detection technology provider...


The WWDC 2017 Prediction Show (Smart Home Edition)

Apple's big developer conference is just three days away, and so it's time to make some predictions. Mike gets together with his old friend Adam Justice from Connectsense to discuss what we can expect this coming Monday from Apple on the smart home front. Topics discussed include: -Whether Apple will release a Siri speaker -Possible features of a Siri speaker, such as camera, touchscreen, HomeKit capabilities and more -What to expect for HomeKit -How Apple could improve the Home app -What...


An Echo Show...Show

In this solo-pod, Mike gives his first impressions of the Echo Show. That's right, a Show about the Show. An Echo Show Show. You get the picture. Enjoy. See his thoughts on the Show at The Spoon:


The Regenerative Home: Envisioning The Home (And Neighborhood) Of The Future

When we think about the smart home, most of us think about what is doable today. But what will new homes and neighborhoods look like twenty five, fifty, hundred years from now as we face a world of dwindling resources? That's what my guest James Ehrlich thinks about every single day. James is a former video game entrepreneur turned successful TV documentary producer turned CEO of Regen Villages, a company that is building the 'Tesla of Ecovillages'. James and I talk about how our homes and...


After The Flood: How Smart Home Will Change Disaster Recovery & Other Critical Home Services

Mike sits in with Jamie Smith, the CIO of Servicemaster, one of the biggest providers of critical home services such as disaster recovery, pest control and home warranty services. Mike and Jamie talk about how the smart home will change these businesses and what Servicemaster is doing today to modernize their services with IoT. Check out this and more episodes of the Smart Home Show at


Recipe For Disruption: Housewares Meets Smart Home

Mike showed up at the Housewares show in Chicago this past week to discuss how the smart home will change the world of blenders, vacuum cleaners, cookware and home furnishings. Joining him was the Nathan Smith, CTO of Wink, Carley Knobloch, HGTV's smart home expert, and Chris Young, CEO of ChefSteps. Make sure you listen to this as it's a great episode!


Mike Invites An Amazon Smart Home Consultant Into His Home

A week and a half ago, I was the first to write about Amazon's new smart home consultations (You can read the article here That's right, Amazon is sending their own employees into consumer homes in seven west coast cities for free smart home consultations to help them figure out how to best build a smart home that fits their needs. And since Seattle was one of the markets, I decided to have Amazon visit my home and give me a consultation. In this podcast, you can...


Virtual Reality and The Smart Home

In this episode Mike visits with Basheer Tome, hardware interface designer for Google's virtual reality group. We talk about how VR is changing, how it will interact with the smart home, how new interfaces like Alexa will work with virtual environments and why the physical interface is still important. We're having a smart kitchen get together at the Target Open House concept store on February 16th. To get the email with an invite, sign up for our newsletter at


Fighting Off The IoT Zombie Hoard With Jim Hunter

Last week's botnet attack was akin to a massive technology-driven zombie attack, as hundreds of thousands of IoT and smart home devices were taken over by a malicious strain of malware called Mirai. The result was a massive DDOS attack on popular consumer websites such as Soundcloud and Twitter. To discuss the implications of Mirai on the IoT and smart home industry, Mike is joined by the Internet of Things Consortium's Jim Hunter. You can find out more about Jim at...


Reinventing Customer Support For the Integrator Channel

In this podcast Mike visits with Joey Kolchinsky, who went from running his own successful integrator business to taking what he learned about support and creating a support-as-a-service business to help other integrators. You can learn more about Joey's business at Find more Smart Home Shows at Check out our upcoming event on the future of the connected kitchen at Use discount code PODCAST for 10% off of...


Pop Goes The Smart Home

Today's guest is Richard Gunther of Home:On podcast. Mike and Richard catch up on the latest smart home news, including: -The Pop button/switch from Logitech -IFTTT's integration move for smart home -Samsung's acquisition of DACOR -Target's move into smart baby -The LG smart security device may actually ship -Echostar's abandonment of Sage Find more Smart Home Shows at Follow Mike at Check out Mike's other show about the future of the...


BONUS: Food Service Robots & The Meat Juice Problem

We have a new Smart Home Show coming this week, but why not try out Mike's other show, the Smart Kitchen Show? This week, Mike and Ashley catch up on the foodtech and connected kitchen news, including: -3D food printer ChefJet is still alive -A performance art piece posing as 3D printer food restaurant in London -Food service robots are going to take your food service job -Food delivery startup gets $ for being fresh -Plus updates on the Smart Kitchen Summit! Subscribe to the show in...


Predicting Apple's Smart Home Announcements for WWDC With Adam Justice of ConnectSense

Adam Justice, cofounder of ConnectSense, maker of HomeKit powered smart home gear, sits in with Mike on the episode as we speculate about what Apple may reveal next week at WWDC around their smart home efforts. You can find ConnectSense at Follow Mike on Twitter to ask questions and let him know what you think:


Apple Is Apparently Getting Siri-ous About Smart Home

This week rumors of an Apple answer to Echo were surfaced by The Information, plus Belkin launches smart water joint venture called Phyn, Pebble creates its own do-anything button and Eero gets a cool $50 mil for its mesh Wi-Fi system. Our guest for this week's show is Centralite CTO John Calagaz. You can find out more about Centralite at You can find the article Mike was talking about on the show at


Amazon Wants Us To Push Their Everything Button

In this podcast, Mike and Yonomi CEO Kent Dickson talk about Amazon's do-everything button, rumors of Google's Echo competitor and what a dedicated HomeKit app in iOS 10 would mean. We also hear about what Kent and his team are building with Yonomi. You can visit Yonomi at Find out where to subscribe to the Smart Home Show at Discuss this episode and suggest topics for Mike by direct messaging him on Twitter at


Smart Home Show Live

This is a recording of the Smart Home Show Live, which was recorded on November 19th at the Target Open House smart home concept store in San Francisco. Interviews on this show include: • Jason Johnson - Founder & CEO, August • Michael Papish - Director, Platform Strategy, Sonos • Peter Taylor - VP Products, Belkin • James Blackwell - CTO, Roost Labs • Greg Kahn - Head of Membership and Partnerships, IoT Consortium • Bill Mitchell - Founder & CEO, PicoBrew Stacey Higginbotham from the IoT...


HomeKit, CEDIA and Smart Kitchens!

On this episode, we have a two-parter as Mike catches up with Richard Gunther before he flies to Seattle for the Smart Kitchen Summit. On the second half of the show, Control4 CEO Martin Plaehn talks about what Control4 had to show at CEDIA. Check out the livestream of the Smart Kitchen Summit at on Thursday November 5th to see Mike, Richard and Internet of Things podcast host Stacey Higginbotham!


August CEO Jason Johnson Talks About Their New Products

I caught up with Jason Johnson to hear about their new lock products, which include: -a new HomeKit smart lock -video doorbell -a key pad add-on -a new service platform for home service providers like dog walkers and deliverymen to get one-time access through the August smart lock. Enjoy!


Apple Gets Artificially Intelligent

This week's guest is Al Baker, CEO of Reemo, a company building technology to allow wearables and smart home gear to help elderly people live more comfortable lives. We tackle a few smart home news items: -Logitech's new Z-Wave and Zigbee Adapter -Savant's DIY smart home play -Apple's AI imaging tech and how it could be used in the smarthome -Comcast's smart home offering -K4Connect's funding Get more Smart Home Shows at