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Does Your Future Smart Home Include A Rosie-Like Robot?

If you've paid any attention to home robotics over the past decade, you've probably noticed one thing: all home robots are basically single function devices that vacuum our rugs or roll around on the floor. But Misty Robotics' Tim Enwall hopes to change that. You may remember Tim from his days as CEO of Revolv, the company behind the super hub that included seven radios. After spending a couple years at Nest after they acquired Revolv, he made his way over to another Boulder, Colorado...


Your Face Is Your Key: Exploring Facial Recognition Technology with TrueFace's Shaun Moore

Back in 2014, Shaun Moore and his cofounder started selling a consumer video doorbell called Chui with facial recognition and detection technology. Eventually they realized the future of the company was not in doorbells, but in developing robust facial recognition/detection technology that could be applied to a variety of scenarios. Shaun talks about those early days, the competitive video doorbell market, the pivot to becoming an enterprise facial recognition/detection technology provider...


WWDC 2017 Smart Home Wrap-Up: What We Learned About HomePod, HomeKit & More

I caught up by phone with Adam Justice from WWDC to talk about what we learned this week about Apple's smart home efforts. We talk about: -Updates to HomeKit, including software authentication, NFC pairing, new event triggers -The overall showing of HomeKit and how this is the most important WWDC for HomeKit since it was launched in 2014 -What happened with Siri -The HomePod: We talk about Apple's new smart speaker and how it compares to Amazon Echo -Plus lots more! Listen in to get caught...


The WWDC 2017 Prediction Show (Smart Home Edition)

Apple's big developer conference is just three days away, and so it's time to make some predictions. Mike gets together with his old friend Adam Justice from Connectsense to discuss what we can expect this coming Monday from Apple on the smart home front. Topics discussed include: -Whether Apple will release a Siri speaker -Possible features of a Siri speaker, such as camera, touchscreen, HomeKit capabilities and more -What to expect for HomeKit -How Apple could improve the Home app -What to...


Meet Essential Home, Andy Rubin's Attempt To Eliminate Smart Home Fragmentation

In this episode, Mike looks at Andy Rubin's new smart home platform, Essential Home. Rubin believes he can eliminate all the friction and fragmentation consumers face today with all the various platforms by focusing on integration. He's created a smart home platform that plans to play nice with other platforms and hopefully get us out of a seemingly endless world of smart home apps and interfaces. Our guest in this episode is Pawel Orzechowski, the Director of Systems Software at Neato...


An Echo Show...Show

In this solo-pod, Mike gives his first impressions of the Echo Show. That's right, a Show about the Show. An Echo Show Show. You get the picture. Enjoy. See his thoughts on the Show at The Spoon: via Knit


Here's a Fresh Hand-Squeezed Podcast For Your Enjoyment

This week's guest is Home:On's Richard Gunther. Richard and I discuss the Bloomberg story about Juicero that showed you can bypass the company's $400 juicer and squeeze the Juicero packs with your hands. We also talk about the ongoing Zonoff-Ring story, the acquisition of iDevices by Hubbell, IKEA's smart lights and the August Z-Wave lock. via Knit


The Regenerative Home: Envisioning The Home (And Neighborhood) Of The Future

When we think about the smart home, most of us think about what is doable today. But what will new homes and neighborhoods look like twenty five, fifty, hundred years from now as we face a world of dwindling resources? That's what my guest James Ehrlich thinks about every single day. James is a former video game entrepreneur turned successful TV documentary producer turned CEO of Regen Villages, a company that is building the 'Tesla of Ecovillages'. James and I talk about how our homes and...


After The Flood: How Smart Home Will Change Disaster Recovery & Other Critical Home Services

Mike sits in with Jamie Smith, the CIO of Servicemaster, one of the biggest providers of critical home services such as disaster recovery, pest control and home warranty services. Mike and Jamie talk about how the smart home will change these businesses and what Servicemaster is doing today to modernize their services with IoT. Check out this and more episodes of the Smart Home Show at via Knit


Recipe For Disruption: Housewares Meets Smart Home

Mike showed up at the Housewares show in Chicago this past week to discuss how the smart home will change the world of blenders, vacuum cleaners, cookware and home furnishings. Joining him was the Nathan Smith, CTO of Wink, Carley Knobloch, HGTV's smart home expert, and Chris Young, CEO of ChefSteps. Make sure you listen to this as it's a great episode! via Knit


Here Come The Robots

One of Mike's prediction for the smart home in 2017 was that robots would become an ever more important part of the smart home. While we aren't quite upon the era of fully independent humanoid robots, we are seeing more consumer robots in the form of vacuums, lawn mowers, drink makers and more. In this podcast we talk to iRobot's head VP of technology Chris Jones about the current state of consumer robotics, how he sees robots becoming an important part of the smart home, and where he sees...


Mike Invites An Amazon Smart Home Consultant Into His Home

A week and a half ago, I was the first to write about Amazon's new smart home consultations (You can read the article here That's right, Amazon is sending their own employees into consumer homes in seven west coast cities for free smart home consultations to help them figure out how to best build a smart home that fits their needs. And since Seattle was one of the markets, I decided to have Amazon visit my home and give me a consultation. In this podcast, you can hear...


Virtual Reality and The Smart Home

In this episode Mike visits with Basheer Tome, hardware interface designer for Google's virtual reality group. We talk about how VR is changing, how it will interact with the smart home, how new interfaces like Alexa will work with virtual environments and why the physical interface is still important. We're having a smart kitchen get together at the Target Open House concept store on February 16th. To get the email with an invite, sign up for our newsletter at via Knit


Let's Talk Artificial Intelligence With Derrick Harris

Let's Talk Artificial Intelligence With Derrick Harris by The Smart Home Show via Knit


The 2017 Smart Home Prediction Show

It's the smart home prediction show & CES 2017 wrap up all in one super-sized episode. I brought back two of my favorite guests: Nate Williams of August Home and Adam Justice of ConnectSense. You can find out more about their companies at: Also, do me a favor and check out if you want to learn about the future of food, cooking and the kitchen! Talk me up on Twitter at Thanks for listening! via Knit


The Technology.FM Smart Home Fireside Holiday Extravaganza

This is the second annual Technology.FM smart home holiday special/fireside chat where Mike joins the hosts of HomeTech.FM and Home:On to discuss the year that was in smart home and the year that will be in 2017. We revisit our predictions from last year, talk about our favorite smart home moments of 2016, talk about the biggest game changers and finally look forward towards next year. This podcast is presented exactly how it was recorded with very little editing. If you listen to...


Tracking Our Stuff With Tile's Mike Farley

I lose stuff. Wallets, keys. The occasional child. I usually find them, but those lost 15 minutes drive me crazy. Which is why I'm a big fan of trackers. Tile is one of the leading companies in the Bluetooth tracker market and in this podcast I talk with Tile CEO Mike Farley about his company's origin story, the company's product line up and how far we can go in tracking our stuff. You can find out more about Tile at via Knit


Jason Griffing and HomeTech Academy

This week Mike talks with his friend Jason Griffing about HomeTech Academy, Jason and Seth's awesome new education site for home system professionals. Check out HomeTech Academy at Have a great Thanksgiving! via Knit


Talking About The Almond 3 Smart Home Router With Securifi's Ram Malasani

In this podcast, Mike catches up with Ram Malasani to talk about what the Securifi CEO is seeing in the smart home as well as get an update on the Almond 3 smart home router. You can find out more about Ram and Securifi at Find more Smart Home Shows at Check out our new site on the future of the kitchen at via Knit


Fighting Off The IoT Zombie Hoard With Jim Hunter

Last week's botnet attack was akin to a massive technology-driven zombie attack, as hundreds of thousands of IoT and smart home devices were taken over by a malicious strain of malware called Mirai. The result was a massive DDOS attack on popular consumer websites such as Soundcloud and Twitter. To discuss the implications of Mirai on the IoT and smart home industry, Mike is joined by the Internet of Things Consortium's Jim Hunter. You can find out more about Jim at