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Design meets technical reality with opinions and interviews of lead thinkers driving the Internet of Things (IoT).

Design meets technical reality with opinions and interviews of lead thinkers driving the Internet of Things (IoT).
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Design meets technical reality with opinions and interviews of lead thinkers driving the Internet of Things (IoT).




The ThingCast - Episode 19 - Iskander & Marcel From ThingsConAms

Iskander Smit (@iskander) and Marcel Schouwenaar (@TheIncMac) are the organisers of ThingsCon Amsterdam 2016. ( At the very end of this two amazing days we had an opportunity to catch up about the conference and the whole experience. P.S. - Due to the lack of available rooms this podcast it's a bit noisy.


The ThingCast - Episode 18 - Ame Elliot @ ThingsConAms 2016

Design Director of Simply Secure, Ame Elliott is passionate about privacy, data protection and how can really small design decisions can have a huge impact on people's behaviour. She joined Simply Secure after eight years at IDEO San Francisco, where she led the discipline of Design Research and delivered human-centered tech strategy projects for clients such as Acer, Ericsson, and Samsung.


Episode 17 - Dr Oscar Tomico - Service Design Global Conference Amsterdam

Dr. Oscar Tomico is Assistant Professor of the Designing Quality in Interaction Research Group and part of Wearable Senses at Eindhoven University of Technology. Current projects focus on the textile industry and involve stakeholders during the design process to foster cooperation and reflective practices between participants to frame the design space, collaboration space and reformulate their design opportunities.


TheThingCast - Episode 16 - Boris Anthony

Boris Anthony // @Bopuc // "Break it down, abstract it up, figure it out, try it on." - that's Boris approach. The Strategic Director & Co-founder, Rebus Foundation tells us some war stories, from the early days of the web, what changed and where the future relies. We spoke about the changing role of Design, explored his Rebus project, went political, the connection between design and science and made a couple of interesting detours. Futurice & ThingsCon Conference //...


TheThingCast- Episode 15 - Alper Çuğun

Alper Çuğun // @alper // Book: Alper brings together the best of two worlds, he's a Berlin based Design Strategist and Software Engineer. Alper knows the future of interfaces will change, if is not changing already, how we design products and create customer experiences. He's currently writing a book about it, "Designing Conversational Interfaces", you can check it out and reserver your copy here: In this episode we talked about interfaces, the collaboration...

TheThingCast - Episode 13 - MCE3 Warsaw

Magdalena Zadara, UI Designer and Karolina Chmiel, Head of Design from Polidea are also the organisers of one of the hottest tech conferences in Warsaw: MCE - Mobile with a human touch. Counting this year as the 3rd edition, it gets people from all corners of Europe creating a community made by designers, technologists, and businesses. Magdalena Zadara /// @magdazadara Karolina Chmiel /// @karo_chmiel MCE Conf /// @mceconf

TheThingCast - Episode 10 - Kate Darling

KATE DARLING // @grok_ Dr. Kate Darling is a Research Specialist at the MIT Media Lab and a Fellow at the Harvard Berkman Center. Her interest is in how technology intersects with society. Kate’s work has explored economic issues in intellectual property systems and increasingly looks at the near-term effects of robotic technology, with a particular interest in law, social, and ethical issues. She runs experiments, holds workshops, writes, and speaks about some...

The TingCast - Episode 2 - Peter Bihr

In this episode we invited the multi-talented Peter Bihr to talk about Berlin tech landscape, the current state of the IoT and ThingsCon 2015.