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Podcast by Arthur Falls

Podcast by Arthur Falls
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Podcast by Arthur Falls




The Ether Review #32 - Peter Van Valkenburgh, The DAO & Regulation

Peter Van Valkenburgh, Director of Research at Coin Center explains the regulatory considerations that may bear on DAO tokens. This episode was recorded before the hack but is still an excellent guide for those interested in understanding the importance of due legal diligence in advance of a crowd sale. Thank you to Content: Arthur Falls, Peter Van Valkenburgh


The Ether Review #31 - Aftermath, Discussing the DAO Hack

So the DAO was hacked. Karl Floersch and myself discuss the state of play. What happened? Was it the fault of the DAO developers or a bug in the Solidity language? What does this mean for the ecosystem? How should we respond as a community? What is certain is that this event will drive the maturity of Ethereum forward. Understanding The DAO Hack for Journalists - Credits: Content: Karl Floersch, Arthur Falls


The Ether Review #30 - Vinay Gupta - All Roads lead to the Singularity

This episode features a somewhat undirected discussion with critical thinker Vinay Gupta. Starting with the technological components of Bitcoin and Ethereum, we find that all roads lead to the singularity. Thank you to for the support (Vinay's site) Content: Vinay Gupta, Arthur Falls Editing: Connor O'Day


The Ether Review #29 - Gavin and Ken of Ethcore, Parity and Web 3

Today we have Ethereum founder and Ethcore CEO, Gavin Wood and head of business development at Ethcore, Ken Kappler. We take a look at their Parity client and the Web 3 concept. We look at the future of Bitcoin - Ethereum interoperation, Geth security flaws, Whisper, Swarm, the DAO and even the possibility of sidechains on Ethereum. There was additional content cut into this episode so it’s a bit choppy but altogether this episode offers a fresh glimpse into the ever changing future of...


The Ether Review #28 - Dapp Structure and the New Decentralized Exchange, Bitsquare

This episode features two interviews. First, Karl Floersch discusses the underlying structures which shape distributed applications. Karl’s ability to explain the deeper mechanics of software running in the Ethereum environment is unique and discussions with him are always fun, insightful, and visionary. Then we have Manfred Karrer, the creator of Bitsquare. For the uninitiated, Bitsquare is a decentralized fiat to crypto exchange. While it is completely self contained and doesn’t use...


The Ether Review #27 - Blockchain Revolution

Blockchain Revolution, the acclaimed book by Alex and Don Tapscott has been stirring interest in elite tech circles in advance of it's launch. Steve Wozniac called it "Mindblowing in its expansiveness and profundity." Alex Tapscott joins to discus the work. Content: Alex Tapscott, Arthur Falls


The Ether Review #26 - The DAO is Here!

In the few days between this episodes interview and the recording of this introduction, the DAO has raised over ten million dollars, bringing its total cash reserves to twenty three million. Such investor enthusiasm is unprecedented in the cryptocurrency world. But is such enthusiasm justified? What is the DAO anyway? Where does Slockit fit into the picture? Will the investor control of the DAO result in overly optimistic capital management? Do these investors realize the highly...


The Ether Review #25 - Bob Summerwill of the C++ Team

Bob Summerwill has been developing the C++ Ethereum client since July last year. His background is primarily in game development but he spent a short time in finance as a “Solutions Architect” giving him a unique insight into development and culture across these fields. There are some interesting posts we speak about in this episode on his company website DoubleThink. Today we look primarily at the importance of C++ but I took the chance to ask Bob a few questions that had been...


The Ether Review #24 - Christoph Jentzsch, Slockit and the DAO

Christoph Jentzsch is a theoretical physicist and high performance computing expert. The road to co-founding Slockit lead Christoph through the world of mining to testing the Ethereum codebase to developing the DAO concept to it’s most advanced state. In this episode we cover not only the internet of things but also the challenges of creating a new model for online community entrepreneurship. Content: Christoph Jentzsch, Arthur Falls Editing: Richard Toth...


The Ether Review #23 - Aaron Davis, Dan Finlay, MetaMask

MetaMask is a Chrome browser extension that will enable trustless interaction with DApps. Developers Aaron Davis and Dan Finlay discuss self sovereign identity, leaving Apple to develop on Ethereum and developing decentralized web services. We also talk about the Web 3 experience. Content: Aaron Davis, Dan Finlay, Arthur Falls Editing: Richard Toth


The Ether Review #22 - John Lilic, The Transactive Grid

John Lilic discusses the Transactive Grid project which aims to localize energy production through the creation of micro grids. John’s idea of using a pure incentive system to solve and infrastructure problem is inspired. We also touch on early days of ConsenSys and the Total Return Swap Content: @johnlilic, @arthurfalls @etherreview


The Ether Review #21 - Roman Mandeleil, Ethereum Full Transparency

Ethereum Full Transparency is a feature that has recently been added to the blockchain explorer. It now allows the user to explore the operations of a smart contract in both interpreted and raw form. It's the most interesting exposition of the inner workings of Ethereum to date and definitely something everyone should take a look at. @mandeleil @arthurfalls


The Ether Review #20 - Maker, the Stable Currency Platform

The stable token platform Maker is the focus of today’s episode. It’s a mature design that builds on both the academic and technological legacy of Bitshares. It’s live right now and has been for months. This is a great follow on to episode 16 with Dominic Williams. Rune Cristiansen, @arthurfalls @etherreview


The Ether Review #19 - Arcade City

Christopher David, founder of the transportation network Arcade City came on the show today to discuss the project. Arcade City aims ultimately to be owned by the drivers themselves using a suite of technologies built on our favorite platform. It was interesting to hear the complaints many drivers had about incumbent Uber and how this has turned into grass roots support for Arcade City. It’s also interesting to see a single use case employ so many technologies. It’s a taste of things to...


The Ether Review #18 - DevUpdate, Digix DAO Crowdsale

Taylor Gerring brings us an Ethereum Development update. Then we’re taking another look at Digix, a gold backed token issuance and exchange platform. The platform featured in episode 8 but given their crowdsale begins on the first of next month and their DAO goes live on the first of the following I figured it was worth revisiting. I’m a big fan of what Kai, Anthony and Shaun have done here. It’s no frills recombinant innovation. Robust and uncomplex. For a critical view of their...


The Ether Review Dev Update 2-19-16

This is a special episode of The Ether Review. Today Taylor Gerring, the director of technology at the Ethereum Foundation joins to offer a quick development update and answer a few listener questions. If you’re interested in finding out more or would like to participate, head over to Questions should be sent to


The Ether Review #16 - Dominic Williams, Synthetic Assets

Today we have one of my favourite thinkers in the cryptocurrency space. Dominic Williams featured briefly in the last episode of Beyond Bitcoin discussing Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus processes. Today we talk about Synthetic Assets: Colored Coins, Dynamically Collateralized Coins, Hedged Dao Assets, and Smart Market Instruments. This is really significant stuff and this conversation significantly deepened my understanding of the challenges of creating value pegged tokens....


The Ether Review #15 - Thomas Bertani, Oraclize

Oraclize is a project developing tools to provide trustable data feeds to smart contacts and prediction markets. Founder Thomas Bertani joins me today to explain oracles, oracle networks, TLS Notary and the emerging decentralised ecosystem. @ThomasBertani @oraclizeit Content: Thomas Bertani, Arthur Falls Production and Editing: Arthur Falls


The Ether Review #14 - Juan Benet, IPFS

Juan Bennet is the founder and CEO of Protocol Labs. The chief project under development over there is IPFS or the Interplanetary Storage Network. I keep hearing IPFS mentioned in the same sentence as Ethereum so I thought I’d ask Juan what the deal was. [Note: This episode does not contain a magic word.] Juan Benet: @juanbenet IPFS: Epicenter Episode: Josh Stern: @joshuastern Content: Juan Benet, Arthur...


The Ether Review #13 - Alex Van de Sande, Wallet, Contracts, Mist

Alex Van de Sande is the lead designer for the Ethereum Foundation and Eth Dev. Originally working on the Mist browser, more recently Alex has been focussed on the developing the Ethereum wallet. The exercise tutorials he published on the official Ethereum Blog were a blast to work through and examining them makes up much of the content of this episode. [Note: This episode does not contain a magic word.] Adam Van de Sande: @avsa Wallet Tutorials Josh...