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WFN289: The Force Awakens

Summary: We’re Looking Ahead to the new Star Wars movie. What’s happened to the rebel alliance and the empire in the last 30 years? We’ll know on December 18th! Just don’t tell us any spoilers. Hosts: Tom Kresic,John Kresic,Mike Kresic Running Time: 47:42 Nerd News Flash: It ... Read More The post WFN289: The Force Awakens appeared first on Same3Guys.


WFN288: Dear Santa

Summary: Thanksgiving will soon be here in the US and that means Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping is right around the corner. We’ve got some of the more unusual items out there if you are looking for some inspiration in your gift giving this season. Hosts: Tom Kresic,John ... Read More The post WFN288: Dear Santa appeared first on Same3Guys.


WFN287: Go Pro

Summary: With the new giant iPad about to go on sale, what do you need to know. What are your alternatives? From new to refurbished and high-end to clones, we’ll share some tips. And happy birthday Carl Sagan. Hosts: Tom Kresic,John Kresic,Mike Kresic Running Time: 44:46 ... Read More The post WFN287: Go Pro appeared first on Same3Guys.


WFN286: Spies Like Us

Summary: SPECTRE opens this week and we’ve got a look at some James Bond tech. We also look ahead to some of the movies coming to the box office this Holiday season. Plus, a new Star Trek series is in the works, Windows 10 is spying on you and much, ... Read More The post WFN286: Spies Like Us appeared first on Same3Guys.

WFN285: Someday My Printer Will Come

Summary When your printer breaks and you’re staring down the cost of ink and toner refills, when do you make the jump to just replacing the printer itself? If you haven’t bought one in awhile, what are some of the features and options you should be considering? We’ll discuss. Oh, ... Read More The post WFN285: Someday My Printer Will Come appeared first on Same3Guys.


WFN284: Look Ma, No Hands!

Summary Maybe we don’t have hoverboards and flying cars like we were supposed to in 2015, but we’re a lot closer to self-driving cars. Great Scott! This is heavy! Hosts: Tom Kresic,John Kresic,Mike Kresic Running Time: 35:13 Nerd News Flash Wednesday is Back to the Future Day! ... Read More The post WFN284: Look Ma, No Hands! appeared first on Same3Guys.


WFN263: Dump Your Junk

Summary: Why are you holding on to that old electronics gear? You can probably get cash for it. But don’t just give it away. Wipe your data. We’ll talk through some options for protecting your personal data and share some tips for selling that gear. That way you can get ... Read More The post WFN263: Dump Your Junk appeared first on Same3Guys.


WFN282: Content Blockers

Summary: Content blockers are all the rage with IOS9. One of them, in particular, was making news for the wrong reasons, causing Apple to make an unprecedented move. We’ll tell you all about it, plus the new Amazon Fire tablet six-pack. It must be getting close to the Holiday shopping ... Read More The post WFN282: Content Blockers appeared first on Same3Guys.


WFN281: Upgrades

Summary: Software and hardware upgrades Clint Eastwood style. That is, the good, the bad and the ugly of it all. Follow some common-sense advice before you embark on that Windows 10 upgrade. Hosts:Tom Kresic, John Kresic,Mike Kresic Running Time: 37:34 Nerd News Flash: Porsche decides to go ... Read More The post WFN281: Upgrades appeared first on Same3Guys.


WFN280: Apple’s September Event

Summary: We’re recapping all of the news from the September Apple Event. New iPhones, iPads and AppleTVs. How accurate were the rumors leading up to the event? More importantly, is it worth it to upgrade now? We’ve got you covered. Hosts:Tom Kresic,John Kresic,Mike Kresic Running Time: 57:40 Apple September Event: Apple […] The post WFN280: Apple’s September Event appeared first on Same3Guys.


WFN279: Screen Saving

Summary: Tom catches us up on his attempt to get all of his iTunes media merged onto one account, his experience with a smashed iPhone screen and the Shelby that he really, really wants. Hosts:Tom Kresic,John Kresic,Mike Kresic Running Time: 40:24 Nerd News Flash: Ford GT350R starts rolling off the assembly line. […] The post WFN279: Screen Saving appeared first on Same3Guys.


WFN278: The Grand Tour

Summary: Mike’s got himself a new car and it’s loaded to the hilt with cool tech. We’ll talk about what’s in there from the headlights to the rear cameras and everything in between. Plus some major news if you have an HTC phone that you can’t miss. Hosts:Tom Kresic,John Kresic,Mike Kresic Running Time: 50:04 […] The post WFN278: The Grand Tour appeared first on Same3Guys.


WFN277: The One After Comic-Con

Summary: Another Comic-Con has come and gone. That means there were teasers from upcoming Hollywood blockbusters to talk about and new footage from them, too. We’ll recap some of the bigger news and talk about some of the Blockbusters that we’ve seen lately, namely Ant-Man and Terminator: Genisys. Hosts: Tom Kresic,John Kresic,Mike Kresic Running […] The post WFN277: The One After Comic-Con appeared first on Same3Guys.


WFN276: Business Travel

Summary: We’re reviewing tips and apps for the business traveler. From things to take to those that you should have on your person, we’ve got plenty of first-hand experience to share. Hosts:Tom Kresic, John Kresic, Mike Kresic Running Time: 54:39 Nerd News Flash: Apple Music is out now. You’ll need iOS 8.4 […] The post WFN276: Business Travel appeared first on Same3Guys.


WFN275: Personal and Family Travel

Summary: Vacation season is upon us. Whether you are traveling abroad or staying close to home, you probably won’t be too far away from your tech. We’ve got some tips for using it, controlling your cellular bills, using some new apps and even adding some new gadgets to your tool kit. Hosts: Tom Kresic, John […] The post WFN275: Personal and Family Travel appeared first on Same3Guys.


WFN274: Google Photos

Summary: Is Google Photos too good to be true? Well, how much do you value your privacy? Plus, Mike seeks your advice on a good pair of bluetooth headphones to solve a problem during fitness walks. And a magic sunset in New York that only engineers and nerds could appreciate. Hosts:Tom Kresic,John Kresic,Mike Kresic Running […] The post WFN274: Google Photos appeared first on Same3Guys.


WFN273: Automate Your Life

Summary: Things get interesting when the worlds of FitBit, IFTT, Hue Lights, Apple Watch and Amazon Echo collide. At least that’s what Mike found while playing with some of his new toys. It’s an IoT world, after all. Hosts:Tom Kresic, John Kresic, Mike Kresic Running Time: 42:26 Listener Feedback: Big thanks to Violet […] The post WFN273: Automate Your Life appeared first on Same3Guys.


WFN272: Bobbing for Apples

Summary: Early impressions of the Apple Watch, first hand. Yes, pun intended. And spoiler discussions about Avengers: Age of Ultron. We all had a chance to see it, as did millions of you. And this was our first chance to discuss the blockbuster sequel. Hosts:Tom Kresic,John Kresic,Mike Kresic Running Time: 49:51 Nerd […] The post WFN272: Bobbing for Apples appeared first on Same3Guys.


WFN271: Cars

Summary: The show number made us do it. We’re talking about the latest tech news in new vehicles. It’s a Cleveland thing. Hosts:Tom Kresic,John Kresic,Mike Kresic Running Time: 41:24 Nerd News Flash: Graphene makes everything better! These Mini Goggles are cool. Not very mini though. The Dutch know how to […] The post WFN271: Cars appeared first on Same3Guys.


WFN270: News From Space!

Summary: Apple Watch pre-orders sell out. Marvel’s DareDevil series on Netflix is really cool. What is Amazon Pantry? And the Hubble space telescope is about to turn 25 years old! Hosts:Tom Kresic, John Kresic, Mike Kresic Running Time: 35:18 Nerd News Flash: Apple Watch pre-order Amazon Pantry Amazon Prime Music Marvel’s DareDevil Approaching the […] The post WFN270: News From Space! appeared first on Same3Guys.