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064 - Libido

There's a new sheriff in town - DJI launches the Osmo Action - a New GoPro Competitor. Bowen is driving the Alpine A110 and it's a rocket-ship, he's also using the new Telstra TV 3 and loving that too. Trev reads YouTube Comments, Bowen stuffs up a Supermodel's name, Kids are messy as all hell, locking your car is a legal requirement did you know that? . How many fingers am I holding up - and getting an office pet!


063 - Blown away by VR

Bowen and Trev get their first look at the new Oculus Quest and it's mind blowing - really! Bowen's driving two great BMW's and has the lowdown on what they're like if you're flush with cash. The weird but hot selling sleep device, Traffic Problems and how to solve them - LEGO sales up up and up, Ordering Pizza on Facebook chat, Southern Comfort's crazy deal for Volleys, Kids are clumsy, and Canberra's Light Rail.


062 - Chippy

This week Trev finally fully reviews the Huawei P30 Pro - and we ask - why should Bowen try Android? We're driving the Mazda CX5 and Kia Sorento SUVs and discuss the market and buying plans.... Has Siri gone too far controlling your tap? Organ deliveries by Drone, the high end Coffee machine from Jura, going Electric for your Lawns with Ryobi and the Convertible - should you drive one? When is it right to have the top down? Finally, we remember the great man, Peter Frilingos.


061 - Hairdressers

Trev and Bowen discuss the good old days of Vinyl as Trev looks at Sony's Turntable with Bluetooth - Bowen is driving the NISMO Juke and we've still got the all-electric Ioniq for Bowen's drive impressions. Trev looks at data around our love of Mobile Phones vs our Wallet, Trev and Bowen BOTH talk LG VACUUMS, the new Aussie Luggage company JULY, a weird but great new Mouse. Dycleaning what the hell is it? Courier Dramas on a next level scale, Women and their hairdressers - all in one...


060 - Integrity

All together again, the boys are back - and this week we're talking electric cars, the long and the short of it, plus we're driving the Hyundai Ioniq EV right now. There's a HEAP of new TVs coming from Samsung, LG and even Aldi so we discuss that... Trev's got the new Huawei P30 Pro and it's sensational. Bowen is driving the Renault Koleos, John's reviewing the new game The Division 2, and the Noise in offices. How good or bad are open plan offices. And here's one actually ringing people -...


059 - Honesty

Bowen's missing - does it still stack up? Your thoughts? Talking foldable phones and what the future holds - tracking your kids with the new Alcatel Smart Watch from Vodafone, tap and drive - the Hyundai keyless entry solution coming soon to a car near you. LG's crazy amazing Mopping Vacuum, John's gaming segment - the first and last? Smart TV ads and thongs - are they a good thing?


IN THE MAN CAVE: Daniel Ricciardo

Talking all things F1 in 2019, his move to Renault, the differences in the cars, the possible close racing in 2019 and responding to claims by others about his move. Trevor Long sits down with Dan at Pre-season testing in Barcelona (you'll hear the cars in the background)


058 - Express Post

The boys discuss the latest home security cameras coming out from D-Link and how they take on the current brands and products. Bowen drives the HSV SportsCat but is it a HSV? The boys drive the Hyundai Ionic PHEV and Trev wonders why it exists, Bowen has an app to remind you of your rego renewal, Trev has an app for the kids finances, John's Car is back and working, and we take a look at Tinder - worth sticking around for....


057 - Respect

Facebook turns 15 - all the dramas over the last year - is it a good thing though overall? Bowen drives the Subaru Forester 2019 and Renault Megane RS - John reviews the Kogan Agora 9, Bowen and Trev hit the mountain for the 12 hour, Trev talks Pies, John got to the office without a car - how? And movie star dramas... All happening on the EFTM podcast.


056 - Collaboration

The Suzuki Jimny - a classic or a joke? Bowen seems to love it, what do the boys thing? Trev's handing out Smartwatches which gets us thinking about the law, Bowen finds a solution for those putting petrol in a diesel and vice versa - the concern about Trev's love of lego - John is a Poet and doesn't he know it, plus the airing of grievances - Full page ad or twitter?



The show is well and truly underway, the boys are back and on fire. Recorded LIVE they discuss everything from the future of cars to massage chairs, hypnosis, air purifications, clocks, smart toothbrushes, big yachts and combine harvesters, losing a phone in the toilet and a little treat for John Boy


054 - CES 2019 SHOW ONE

The boys are deep into CES 2019, it's day 1 and the show is underway so Trev, Bowen and John get together to discuss what they've seen and what's hot at CES 2019.



A live show talking all things CES with John who's about to head to the US and CES for the first time ever...


052 - Loyalty

Just what was hidden under Christmas Trees this year? Trev takes a look at the App Store rankings to work it out. Bowen drove a Tesla to Bathurst with the latest Version 9 software on it and has a look at new features like dashcam built in and has his verdict. Love Cocktails - stay at home and have everything you need delivered with a new subscription service, Trev's had another pre CES injury - how this time? A pool. Air conditioning at home - why are our wives so against it? Wikipedia...


051 - Teamwork

Keyboard warriors that we are - what did we Google this year. The boys take on the Google list of 2018 searches. Bowen's been driving Fords and the new Focus impresses, Commonwealth Bank launches Apple pay - FINALLY, Freeview on the web - but why. Bowen samples a stiff drink, an update on the UbiCar challenge, Bowens robot maid, and Trevs online shopping fail.


050 - No Worries

The electric car revolution is hitting full swing, Bowen has driven the Jaguar i-Pace electric car and is impressed. We've launched our safest driver competition so it's time for you to join, Trev's a fan of a wireless charger that Bowen and Geoff don't seem to like the idea of, the Nanoleaf Canvas is up on the wall, Bowen's been driving fast and testing tyres, Trev witnessed some 5G action and Geoff is going off the grid. Oh, and hi to PETA:)


049 - We're not great drivers

Trev and Bowen have kicked of a mini challenge using the app UbiCar - it monitors and scores your driving, and we want you to take part - we're even offering prizes! Bowen puts the Mazda CX9 head to head with the Holden Arcadia, JBL have launched a Bluetooth speaker with a Digital Radio, the strange strange names and the troubles they cause - same sex walk lights in Canberra, John's poor twitter showing, Trev's Farming anger, a live Whiskey taste and Cash - what is it good for?


IN THE MAN CAVE: KAYO Sports CEO Julian Ogrin

The hype around KAYO Sports launching has been loud here at EFTM, lots of your comments, questions etc - so Trevor sat down with KAYO CEO Julian Ogrin to talk about what Kayo is, how it works and who it's aimed out - a podcast about all things sport and streaming.


048 - Robots, Christmas Lights and the Toyota Camry

Trev's been in Korea where he saw Robots giving directions, what he reckons are trees more beautiful than in Australia and learned about the brains ability to see more on an 8K TV. Bowen has great things to say about Kia's Picanto GT Line, we talk Smart Displays, Geoff's getting into Christmas lights, The Camry surely isn't the car of the year is it? Highway odometer signs and the dust storm. Oh, and Geoff's fascinated by the Lion King. Wow.


047 - Geoff's Wine

The Netflix of Sport - KAYO Sports launches with Fox Sports and more, just what you need as a sports fan right? The boys discuss. Bowen's into Hyundai's and their future energy cars, plus their sporty i30n, Geoff is up in arms about Bunnings new Sausage edict which raises more questions than it answers, LIME Share bikes are here and Trev's ok with them and explains why, Geoff makes his Auction Debut and gets pranked by the boys, Undercover cops posing as windscreen washers at lights to catch...