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AT Banter’s goal is to provide a balanced and entertaining look at the field of Assistive Technology, with insights and discussions from varied technology specialists. Sometimes serious, sometimes irreverent, but always informative.

AT Banter’s goal is to provide a balanced and entertaining look at the field of Assistive Technology, with insights and discussions from varied technology specialists. Sometimes serious, sometimes irreverent, but always informative.
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AT Banter’s goal is to provide a balanced and entertaining look at the field of Assistive Technology, with insights and discussions from varied technology specialists. Sometimes serious, sometimes irreverent, but always informative.






AT Banter Podcast Episode 106 - The Marrakesh Treaty

If you’ve been paying attention to the news around Accessibility for the past few years, you’ve surely heard of the Marrakesh Treaty. But what exactly is the Treaty and what does it all mean? You might even be asking yourself (as we did), where the heck IS Marrakesh? This week Brad Turner from Benetech returns to the show to break down all the details of the Treaty and what exactly it means for accessible books for the global visually impaired community while the Guitar Dungeon’s Google...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 105 - President’s Group and CNIB

This week we serve up a double shot of accessibility! First we talk with Kirsten Sutton, Managing Director of SAP Labs Canada and member of President’s Group, an organization that advocates for the employment of people with disabilities in the Lower Mainland. And if that isn’t enough for one show, we then talk with Len Baker, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Innovation, who fills us in on the details of CNIB’s new partnerships with Aira, BlindSquare, and Key2Access. Show...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 104 - Evil Alexa

It’s the end of the month and time for our monthly free-form news show! This week we welcome Clement Chou to help talk about a host of news stories from the past few weeks in a free form discussion that, as usual, breaks out into several digressions, a few arguments, and even a celestial musical interlude. Show Notes Blog Article about ‘Disability...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 103 - Colleen Connor

This week we welcome fellow podcaster, motivational speaker, and YouTuber Colleen Connor into the Guitar Dungeon where she tells us about her visual impairment and experiences of being a content creator and advocate for audio description. We also find the time to discuss Microsoft’s new adaptive controller and an announcement from CNIB regarding some new partnerships. Show Notes Microsoft’s New Adaptive Controller https://news.microsoft.com/stories/xbox-adaptive-controller/ CNIB...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 102 - Google-palooza

It’s a totally Google-rific show this week as we welcome no less than 5 Google employees spanning over two interviews, talking about many different accessibility projects! On the heels of Google I/O we talk with members of the Google Accessibility Team Kyndra LaCoco, Patrick Clary, and Victor Tsaran about the conference and the announcements that were made. Then if that wasn’t enough, we chat with Rodrigo Alarcon and Nienke Vonsee about the newly announced Accessibility lessons added to...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 101 - The Anniversary Show II

Can you believe it’s been two years and over 100 episodes? We take a break from our regular format and invite friend of the show and owner of Chaos Technical Services Rick Chant into the Guitar Dungeon where we reminisce and engage in some free form conversations. We talk about everything from the state of AI Assistants to the idea of disability as loss and everything in between, including Gibraltar monkeys. Yes, you read that right – you’ll just have to listen to see how that happens. So,...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 100 - Goodbye Double Digits

It’s that time of the month again! Yup, time to compile a bunch of AT-related news stories and babble somewhat coherently about them. Helping out us out this month is local Grind-Blinder and TedTalker Harjinder Saran who also gives us some background on what it was like doing a TedTalk and climbing Vancouver’s most treacherous hiking trail before lending her voice to the news. Show Notes Pinterest Accessibility...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 99 - Microsoft Soundscape

This week we’re thrilled to be talking with Jarnail Chudge and Amos Miller, two team members from Microsoft’s new Soundscape App for the visually impaired. They join us in the Guitar Dungeon to discuss the app’s origins, how it works, and the impact it has had on mobility experiences so far. Show Notes Soundscape https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/product/soundscape/ Soundscape on the App Store https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/microsoft-soundscape/id1240320677?ls=1&mt=8 ELIA...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 98 - Mark Bentz and Canadian Blind Hockey

Sharpen your skates and get your gear on — it’s time to hit the ice! This week we’re talking to Mark Bentz from Canadian Blind Hockey about the organization and their efforts to grow the sport on both sides of the border into an official Paralympic Event. Sports! Show Notes Canadian Blind Hockey http://blindicehockey.com/ AT Banter is brought to you by Canadian Assistive Technology, providing sales and training in Assistive Technology and Accessibility with over 30 years of knowledge...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 97 - Daniel Kish

The Guitar Dungeon is awash with excitement this week as we welcome in Daniel Kish, President of World Access for the Blind and well-known teacher of echo location. We talk to Daniel about what echo location is and what it means for the people who use it as well as its potential impact on the visually impaired community. You don’t want to miss this one (not that you’d want to miss ANY episodes, of course…) Show Notes World Access for the...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 96 - Aimee Cayer and Autism on the Seas

We are all over the map, literally, this week as welcome Aimee Cayer from the non-profit organization ‘Autism on the Seas’ into the Guitar Dungeon. She gives an overview of the invaluable services the organization provide vacationing families with Special Needs family members and its origins before leaving the boys to talk about a host of off-topic bits, including hockey, Las Vegas, and a crazy story involving seagulls. Show Notes Study Reveals Blind People Imagine the Future Differently...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 94 - Marco Trujillo and the Sunu Band

This week sees us chatting with Marco Trujillo, CEO and Founder of Sunu, makers of the new haptic mobility aid, the Sunu Band. We discuss the Sunu Band’s origins, the signifigance of using Sonar, and the importance of the Visiually Impaired community in its development. We also wake Steve up long enough to talk about Microsoft’s announced Accessibility changes to Windows 10 and his upcoming trip to CSUN. Show Notes Sunu Band Website http://www.sunu.io Sunu on...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 93 - Dave Williams and the Canute

This week we jump over the pond to the UK and welcome Dave Williams from The Braillists Foundation into the Guitar Dungeon to talk all about the Canute, Bristol Braille’s new multi-line E-Reader that is poised to be released this year. We discuss the development of the project, what seperates the Canute from other similar electronic Braille products on the market, and the importance of Braille Literacy. Show Notes Bristol Braille http://www.bristolbraille.co.uk/ Bristol Braille...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 92 - The Inclusio Project

For the first time ever, we welcome two guests onto the show: Anita Hofer from Accessible Housing, a non-profit organization from Calgary that builds accessible and affordable housing and Mike Dummer, owner of Digital Lifestyles the company that was responsible for installing and maintaining the automation and accessibility features of AH’s new Inclusio Development. Show Notes Microsoft Soundscape https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/product/soundscape/ Accessible...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 91 - Let’s All Move to Norway

This week Steve’s out with a bug and long time listener of the show Ali Moussa steps in to help us talk about some Accessibility related news items from the last few weeks! Show Notes Man Seeks New Copy of Windows 7 After Forced Windows 10 Upgrade https://yro.slashdot.org/story/18/02/19/1550230/man-seeking-new-copy-of-windows-7-after-forced-windows-10-upgrade-sues-microsoft?utm_source=slashdot&utm_medium=twitter Blindfold Games Now Offers Braille...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 90 - David MacDonald - The GodFather of WCAG

This week David MacDonald, president of CanAdapt and long-time WCAG and web accessibility guru, calls in to make the Banter Boys an offer they can’t refuse – namely making the online world a more accessible space! Show Notes University Teams Up To Develop Smart Paint to Help the Visually Impaired Navigate https://coolblindtech.com/university-teams-up-to-develop-smart-paint-to-help-the-visually-impaired-navigate/ CanAdapt WCAG Training and Audits http://www.davidmacd.com/ AT Banter is...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 89 - Keith Lang and Music Works Talent

This week we talk to Keith Lang, owner and operator of Music Works Talent about what it’s like to be a visually impaired business owner and how technology and the disability community has impacted his own life and business practices. Show Notes Intel Smart Glasses https://www.theverge.com/2018/2/5/16966530/intel-vaunt-smart-glasses-announced-ar-video Flame thrower Boring...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 88 - Shawn Marsolais and the Taser Suit

This week we welcome in our 2nd in-Dungeon guest — Shawn Marsolais from Blind Beginnings, a local non-profit organization that provides services and support for children who are visually impaired and their families. She fills us in on what Blind Beginnings has been up to over the past year, including their ‘Do the Grind Blind’ event that garnered a lot of media attention last summer. Show Notes Blind Beginnings https://www.blindbeginnings.ca Blind Beginnings YouTube...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 87 - Grumpy Old Men And A Cowbell

This week Ryan, Steve, Rob, and Mr Cowbell sleepily enter the Guitar Dungeon and tackle a few news stories including some local Accessibility news, how the first wave of HomePod reviews have looked, and the acquisition of Enhanced Vision by VFO. Show Notes Blind B.C. woman’s access to audiobooks threatened by political flap http://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/blind-b-c-womans-access-to-audio-books-threatened-by-political-flap TransLink unveils accessible fare-gate program for...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 86 - Jon Dibble and Enhanced Vision

It’s a very special episode as Ryan, Rob, and Steve welcome the first ever in-person guest to the Guitar Dungeon. Jon Dibble, Marketing Manager from Enhanced Vision braves the harsh Vancouver climate in exchange for beer in order to talk to us about what Enhanced Vision does, how the Low Vision industry has changed over the years and where it might go in the future. Show Notes Enhanced Vision www.enhancedvision.com AT Banter is brought to you by Canadian Assistive Technology,...