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AT Banter’s goal is to provide a balanced and entertaining look at the field of Assistive Technology, with insights and discussions from varied technology specialists. Sometimes serious, sometimes irreverent, but always informative.

AT Banter’s goal is to provide a balanced and entertaining look at the field of Assistive Technology, with insights and discussions from varied technology specialists. Sometimes serious, sometimes irreverent, but always informative.
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AT Banter’s goal is to provide a balanced and entertaining look at the field of Assistive Technology, with insights and discussions from varied technology specialists. Sometimes serious, sometimes irreverent, but always informative.






AT Banter Podcast Episode 136 - Dr. Chad Andrews

This week in the Guitar Dungeon, Rob, Ryan, and Steve welcome Dr. Chad Andrews, Manager of Research and Education from the Foundation Fighting Blindness to give them an update of some of the more recent advancements in the research surrounding the battle against visual impairments. But first they lose a few brain cells talking about a recent bird-brained online challenge and some of the more significant announcements from the recent Consumer Electronics Show. Show Notes BirdBox Challenge...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 135 - Tom Perski and IrisVision

Steve makes his return to the Guitar Dungeon and joins Rob and Ryan in welcoming Tom Perski, Vice President at IrisVision, who discusses the challenges and advantages in developing a wearable Low Vision headset built on mainstream technology. Show Notes IrisVision https://irisvision.com/ AT Banter is brought to you by Canadian Assistive Technology, providing sales and training in Assistive Technology and Accessibility with over 30 years of knowledge and experience. Visit them online at...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 134 - Tap With Sabrina Kemeny

It’s the first show of 2019 as Rob and Ryan return to the Guitar Dungeon for the first time since the break. The boys briefly catch up with some news about a Kickstarted Brailler label maker and printer called Vrailler before getting their banter on with Sabrina Kemeny, CEO and Co-Founder of Tap Systems, makers of the Tap wearable Bluetooth Keyboard. Show Notes Vrailler...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 133 - It's Christmas Again!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year … and time for us to take an hour and crack the seal on some Christmas cheer reflect on the year that has passed. Rob, Rick, Steve, and Ryan pass around the Pumpkin Spice Bailey’s as they discuss a few of the AT trends of the past year before exchanging some presents and sharing some Christmas cheer. Merry Christmas to all! Show Notes Amazon Echo Silver Edition (SNL) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMwz487yG9I AT Banter is brought to you by...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 132 - Sean Tibbetts

This week Ryan and Rob respond to some email before welcoming Sean Tibbetts, CEO and Co-Founder of CyberTimez, maker of the Cyber Eyez wearable Assistive Technology device to the show. We discuss the state of the Wearables market and the development of wearables as pieces of AT before diving into some speculation of what the future may hold. Show Notes Cyber Timez https://www.cybertimez.com/ Cyber Eyez...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 131 - Kristina Shelden

Grab your ukulele and warm up those vocal cords, it's another Music show! This week Rob and Ryan welcome Kristina Shelden, local singer/songwriter and Vancouver Adapted Music Society board member into the Guitar Dungeon where they discuss the work VAMS does, both in Kristina’s own life but also among Vancouver’s disabled community. Show Notes Microsoft Passes Apple as Most Valuable Company https://www.macrumors.com/2018/11/26/microsoft-passes-apple-most-valuable-company/ AODA Examines...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 130 - Is the Shine off the Apple?

Rick Chant from Chaos Technical Services joins Rob, Ryan and Steve in the Guitar Dungeon this week as they dedicate the entire episode to discuss the state of Apple and some of the controversies facing the tech giant and what it means for its customers. Show Notes B.C. government shifting accessible parking requirements to local governments https://globalnews.ca/news/4692689/b-c-accessible-parking-local-government/ Apple defends iPhone app fees as high court weighs consumer...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 129 - Albert Ruel

This week we welcome Getting Together With Technology Coordinator and Aira Explorer Albert Ruel into the Guitar Dungeon. We grill him on what it’s like having the Aira service and the implications of it on his daily life, and what the pros and cons are for others in the visually impaired community. Show Notes Calgary Transit Demands Humiliating Claims...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 128 - The REAL Rick Hansen

So, remember two years ago when we said we were going to have Rick Hansen on the show? Well, better late than never! We finally got him! The Guitar Dungeon is awash with excitement as our dream has finally come to fruition and we welcome Canadian hero and accessibility advocate Rick Hansen to the show in our biggest episode yet! Show Notes Rick Hansen Foundation https://www.rickhansen.com/ Rick Hansen Foundation on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/rickhansenfdn/ AT Banter is brought...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 127 - SCIVIS

This week we’re blasting off into the final frontier and talking to Lynn Langille and Dan Oates from SCIVIS (Space Camp for Interested Visually Impaired Students). They tell us all about the program and its importance in the lives of children who attend each year as well as regale us of tales of our own Steve Barclay and his adventures at the Camp in previous years. Show Notes SCIVIS Website http://www.scivis.org/ AMI Spotlight on...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 126 - This Is Halloween III

Three guys, a girl and a pumpkin walk into a basement .. Nope, this isn’t the start of a wildly inappropriate joke involving a gourd, it’s our Annual Halloween episode! Yes, the episode no one has been waiting for, Rob, Ryan, and Steve are joined by friend of the show Colleen Connor from BlindInspirationCast as they discuss some spooky Halloween topics as Steve attacks a defenseless pumpkin with power tools. Show Notes BlindInspirationCast http://www.blindinspirationcast.com/ Audio...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 125 - Sophie Aladas and Key2Access

Steve returns to the Guitar Dungeon this week just in time to join Rob and Ryan in talking to Sophie Aladas from Key2Access, a company that is revolutionizing pedestrian mobility through the use of wireless technology. Show Notes Key2Access https://www.key2access.com Key2Access App on Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.key2access.android Key2Access App on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/key2access/id1110583788?mt=8 AT Banter is brought to you by...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 124 - Alex Koren and Actiview

This week we’re combining two of our favorite things – accessibility and movies! Rob and Ryan talk to Alex Koren from Actiview, an accessible app that provides audio description, captioning, enhanced audio and sign language services for movies. They discuss the app’s origins and features as well as the importance of having working accessibility solutions in theaters. Show Notes Actiview https://actiview.co/en/ Get Actiview on...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 123 - The Return of Tommy Edison

This week Rob and Ryan revisit one of our most popular guests, Tommy Edison, The Blind Film Critic. We chat with him about what he’s been up to over the past year and have a free form conversation about a little bit of everything before diving into the latest Google Event’s announcements. Show Notes Tommy Edison Experience https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCld5SlwHrXgAYRE83WJOPCw Blind Film Critic Website http://blindfilmcritic.com/ Everything Announced at the October Google...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 122 - Ryan Kostiuk and Inclusio

This week sees us following up on an episode from last summer, Episode 92 – The Inclusio Project. Rob, Ryan and Steve talk to Inclusio resident Ryan Kostiuk about what it’s like to live in Alberta’s first full accessible and automated housing residence and the impact it has had on his life. Show Notes Accessible Housing http://accessiblehousing.ca/ Digital Lifestyles https://digilife.ca/ Inclusio http://accessiblehousing.ca/inclusio/ News Coverage of Ryan and...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 121 - Baked Crustaceans and Other Stories

Ever sit around wondering what’s been going on the last few weeks in Accessibility? Find yourself craving the need of listening to three old guys talking about a bunch of accessibility news topics while trying (and usually failing) to stay on topic? Well buckle up, this week’s show is for you! Rob, Ryan, and Steve fill us in with some of the last few week’s of interesting news stories before welcoming back Alexis Hillyard to the show where she fills us in on how her YouTube channel, Stump...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 120 - Damien Pickering and HIMS

Steve makes a triumphant return to the podcast and – ok, we may be overselling that, but he is back. We celebrate by talking a bit about the most recent Apple Event and delve into the capabilities of the newest version of the Apple Watch before welcoming Damien Pickering, Vice President of Sales for HIMS International to the show where he gives us a preview of their upcoming Braille device, the QBraille XL. Show Notes HIMS http://himsintl.com/ What Happened at the Apple Event...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 119 - Warmed Leftovers and Insightful Publications

This week Rob and Ryan tackle a few extra news stories left over from last month including what Aira and CNIB are up to, Apple's upcoming Press Event, and the forthcoming release of the new Blitab Braille Tablet before talking with Chritine Chaikin about her company, InSightful Publications which creates state resource handbooks specifically designed for use by the blind and visually impaired. Show Notes Hololens can now guide the blind through complicated...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 118 - Chaos Technical Services

This week we kick off September with an intimate sit-down with friend of the show, Rick Chant, owner and operator of Chaos Technical Services where he gives us a glimpse into his background and the challenges and rewards of operating an Assistive Technology service center. Show Notes Chaos Technical Services http://www.chaostechnicalservices.com AT Banter is brought to you by Canadian Assistive Technology, providing sales and training in Assistive Technology and Accessibility with over...


AT Banter Podcast Episode 117 - Haptic Boxing and Other Bad Ideas

The end is here! Well, the end of the month anyways, which means it’s time for our monthly news show! Joining us to discuss the latest in disability news is Colleen Connor, host of Blind Inspiration Cast, who brings the estrogen to the conversations which range from talking about a new tech that could help deaf-blind people enjoy live television broadcasts to yet more talk of robotic guide dogs. Show Notes New tech helps deaf-blind people ‘watch’...