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Ep. 09 - Still Standing: Vermeer's Diverse Workforce Culture Weathers the Storm, with Mary Andringa & Nicole Hallada

Renowned for its creative approach to workforce development, Vermeer Corporation was tested like never before when its manufacturing campus in Pella, Iowa was struck by a tornado on July 19. In the weeks since this near-disaster, the employees of this company have rallied around the concept of #VermeerStrong, picked up the pieces and begun the process of rebuilding. In this episode, former Vermeer President Mary Andringa discusses the recovery effort, Vermeer's workforce culture, and her...


Ep. 08 - Lessons from 3M: How Manufacturers Can Encourage Innovation, with Terry Ceulemans, Jason Campagna & Rich Goldsbury

"If you put fences around people, you get sheep." The McKnight Principles, penned by former 3M President William McKnight, define the corporate culture at this $32 billion a year company. But, from its start as a failed mining operation, 3M has never stopped reinventing itself. And by giving employees permission to experiment, and even to fail, 3M continues to pioneer innovative solutions to modern manufacturing challenges. In this episode, tour the 3M Innovation Center and learn lessons...


Ep. 07 - Bringing Silicon Valley to the Equipment Manufacturing Industry, with Dr. Timothy Chou

The digital revolution is opening up new sources of revenue to companies that know how to tap into it. And as the construction and agriculture equipment industry incorporates more software into the products it sells, there are valuable lessons manufacturers can learn from Silicon Valley. In this episode, former Oracle on Demand CEO, Stanford lecturer and IoT technology pioneer Dr. Timothy Chou discusses how OEMs can capture new revenue from digital services and attract the talent they...


Ep. 06 - Makerspaces & Incubators: Plugging Manufacturers Into Tech Talent, with Bill Fienup and Jeff Garascia

Innovative technology talent is tough to come by for manufacturers looking to make their equipment "smarter." But the business incubator and makerspace mHub in Chicago is turning the talent model upside down, enabling companies like the Marmon Group to contract out fresh solutions to industry challenges by tapping into mHub's deep pool of IoT talent. In this episode, learn how this unique partnership works from mHub co-founder Bill Fienup and Marmon Chief Innovation Officer Jeff Garascia....


Ep. 05 - How Serious Labs and Skyjack Reinvented VR Operator Training, with Jim Colvin and Brad Boehler

When it comes to heavy equipment operator training, we've heard for years that there's no substitute for hands-on learning. But a new virtual reality training platform, developed by Serious Labs with the help of Skyjack, is allowing trainees to get that "hands-on" experience on aerial work platforms without ever having to leave the ground. In this episode, Serious CEO Jim Colvin and Skyjack President Brad Boehler discuss how this technology partnership could revolutionize the...


Ep. 04 - What Your Customers Expect From New Tech, with Kevin Laczkowski, Asutosh Padhi & Dennis Slater

Whether it’s predictive maintenance, GPS guidance or any other technology that's making heavy equipment smarter, the first step in continuing to meet your customers’ needs and expectations is understanding what those needs and expectations are. So AEM partnered with the consulting firm McKinsey & Co. to survey 1,409 construction contractors and farmers across North America. In this episode, Kevin Laczkowski and Asutosh Padhi, senior partners from McKinsey, share their insights from the...


Ep. 03 - The Evolution of Precision Agriculture, with Eric Lescourret and Curt Blades

"Every penny has to be maximized, every square inch of the field has to be optimized," in order for American agriculture to remain dominant on the global market, says Eric Lescourret from AGCO Corporation. With the growing suite of precision agriculture tools to make that happen, he discusses how equipment manufacturers can tailor these solutions to their customers' needs, and the mandate that the country faces to provide the broadband infrastructure needed to compete. Plus, AEM Vice...


Ep. 02 - Automating Data Collection with Drones and What Manufacturers Should Know, with Danny Ellis

Several potentially disruptive trends are poised to make an impact on the heavy equipment manufacturing industry—drones, automation, predictive maintenance and the service-oriented business model. And where those trends intersect, technology pioneers like SkySpecs CEO Danny Ellis are reimagining an entire sector of the economy. In this edition of the AEM Thinking Forward Podcast, Danny explains how professionals are using automated drones to inspect infrastructure, and Dusty shares the...


Ep. 01 - What’s Next for 3D Printing in the Equipment Manufacturing Sector, with Dr. Lonnie Love

Dr. Lonnie Love was the lynchpin that held together the massive effort to build the world's first additive manufactured excavator, Project AME. In this inaugural edition of the AEM Thinking Forward Podcast, we check in with Lonnie at the Oak Ridge National Lab to learn how the new 3D printing technology they develop is changing business models throughout the manufacturing sector. Learn more about the world's first 3D printed excavator, Project AME, or subscribe to the AEM Industry Advisor...