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Ep. 22 – Ford Futurist Sheryl Connelly: 7 Trends Reshaping Business in 2020 and Beyond

What does the future hold for equipment manufacturers? We asked one of the world’s most well-known experts in future trends in technology, Sheryl Connelly. Connelly holds the title of Chief Futurist at the Ford Motor Company, and publishes the Annual “Looking Further with Ford” trends report. For more than 20 years, she’s been tasked with helping company executives prepare for what’s on the third horizon. In this episode, she talks about the importance of applying a futurist mindset to the...


Ep. 21 – Cat® Safety VR: Caterpillar’s New Virtual Reality Training Solution for Contractors, with Justin Ganschow

Statistics show that up to 90% of job site accidents are caused by unsafe behavior, not conditions. And Justin Ganschow of Caterpillar Safety Services believes that worksite rookies and veterans alike can benefit from learning critical safety lessons in a controlled, VR environment. In this episode, Ganschow takes AEM inside the Cat® Safety VR program, including a memorable hands-on demo, and explains the lessons that other equipment manufacturers can take away from the program’s...


Ep. 20 – Self-Driving Tech and the Future of Road-Building, with Forbes, May Mobility & Waymo's Autonomous Car

Just about every major player in Silicon Valley and the auto industry has efforts underway to develop autonomous car technology. Not only will self-driving cars change the way the construction industry builds roads, but some of that same tech will power the autonomous heavy equipment of the future. In this episode, an update on who’s leading the autonomous charge from Alan Ohnsman, a senior editor at Forbes. Then, Ellice Perez from Waymo, formerly the Google self-driving car project,...


Ep. 19 – Ag Data: Helping Farmers Reap New Value, with Trimble’s Clint Dotterer and Frank Fidanza

Using farm data to improve operating margins is perhaps more important than ever, in a year where weak commodity prices, international trade uncertainty and abysmal planting conditions are putting farmers under serious pressure. But how can equipment manufacturers help growers reap the benefits of digital technology? In this episode, two experts from AEM member Trimble share their insights. Director of Strategy for Trimble Ag Business Solutions Clint Dotterer outlines how and why data can...


Ep. 18 - Electrification and Autonomy: Volvo CE’s Electric Quarry Test Site, with Dr. Fares Beainy

Electromobility and automation are two of the hottest topics in leading edge technology right now. And at a test site in Sweden, Volvo CE has proved that these technologies can be combined to run a quarry that's virtually emission-free. In this episode, Volvo CE's Dr. Fares Beainy parses the benefits and challenges of an all-electric fleet of construction equipment and charts the future of autonomy for the construction industry. Overall, the project achieved a 98% reduction in carbon...


Ep. 17 - 3D Printed Concrete: How Oshkosh and Oak Ridge Are Developing a New Construction Technique, with Dr. Brian Post

Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, shows growing potential as a technique for fabricating parts out of plastic or metal. But what about building structures out of concrete? AEM member Oshkosh Corp. and Oak Ridge National Laboratory have teamed up to develop new 3D printed concrete technology, and the early results show the potential to reshape segments of the construction industry. In this episode, Oak Ridge's Dr. Brian Post provides an update on the project's status and explores the...


Ep. 16 - NASA Technology in Heavy Equipment and Inspiring the Mars Generation, with “Astronaut Abby” Harrison and Steven Gonzalez

Space may be the final frontier, but the technologies being developed to land the first humans on Mars can also be leveraged by tech-savvy OEMs in the heavy equipment industry. In this episode, NASA technologist Steven Gonzalez explains the space agency's technology transfer program, which makes cutting-edge tech available to U.S. enterprises. And 21-year-old "Astronaut Abby," Abigail Harrison, discusses her goal to be the first human to walk on Mars, and how manufacturers can inspire the...


Ep. 15 - How Electrification, IoT and Other Trends Could Hit Heavy Equipment, with JLG’s Guru Bandekar and Singularity’s Andre Wegner

They say, “We’ve Always Done It That Way” are the six most destructive words in the business world. That’s truer than ever in an era of disruptive technology. So what are the assumptions that define the heavy equipment manufacturing industry, and how could they be disrupted? On this episode, AEM Futures Council chair Guru Bandekar from JLG Industries outlines some of those potential turning points, exploring electrification, IoT and other trends. And, fresh off his latest TED talk,...


Ep. 14 - Embracing A.I. in the Heavy Equipment Industry, with Amber Mac and Neil Jacobstein

Artificial intelligence is a technology that is poised to begin disrupting every industry it touches--including heavy construction and agriculture equipment. And according to digital strategist and TV host Amber Mac, the sooner manufacturers accept the inevitable roles of A.I. in their business models, the better off they will be. Plus, Singularity University’s A.I. Chair Neil Jacobstein outlines the real perils posed by the rise of the machines--and they're not what you think. Learn more...


Ep. 13 - Penske Racing’s Machine Data and How to Optimize Performance, with Carlos Gutierrez and Al Cervero

In the world of racing, Team Penske stands as an unrivaled success. But it turns out that they’ve got a lot to teach equipment manufacturers about collecting and analyzing IoT data off high-performance machines. In this episode, Team Penske's Carlos Gutierrez explains why, from an engineer’s perspective, there’s a lot of crossover between racing and the fields of construction and agriculture. Also, AEM VP of Construction, Mining and Utilities Al Cervero, Link-Belt's Casey Watts and Wacker...


Ep. 12 - The Netflix-ification of Manufacturing Business Models, with Robbie Kellman Baxter

The "Membership Economy" is a hot topic among business leaders, and Robbie Kellman Baxter literally wrote the book on it. In this episode, she explains how heavy equipment manufacturers can use “forever promises” like Netflix does to move from an ownership business model to a membership model. That can mean new sources of revenue, ongoing customer relationships and constant feedback. Read more about the membership economy, and subscribe to the AEM Industry Advisor for regular updates in...


Ep. 11 - The Future of Agriculture: New Technology & Macro Trends, with Doug Griffin, Curt Blades and Dr. Dennis Buckmaster

For the manufacturers who build agriculture equipment, understanding the Internet of Things, digital service business models and consolidating farm ownership is more crucial than ever before. Together with the Context Network, the Association of Equipment Manufacturers prepared "The Future of Agriculture," a comprehensive report on the trends that will impact manufacturers over the next 25 years. In this episode, Context's Doug Griffin and AEM VP of Ag Services Curt Blades flesh out key...


Ep. 10 - How A.I. is Changing the Way Manufacturers Innovate, with Bryce Heventhal

What if, instead of prototyping two or three different design concepts, your engineers could try thousands? By putting artificial intelligence and cloud computing to work for heavy equipment manufacturers, the innovators at Autodesk say their new software effectively lets you do just that. The process is known as Generative Design, and it is already producing some eyebrow-raising results for the companies that have experimented with it. In this episode, learn how it works from Autodesk's...


Ep. 09 - Still Standing: Vermeer's Diverse Workforce Culture Weathers the Storm, with Mary Andringa & Nicole Hallada

Renowned for its creative approach to workforce development, Vermeer Corporation was tested like never before when its manufacturing campus in Pella, Iowa was struck by a tornado on July 19. In the weeks since this near-disaster, the employees of this company have rallied around the concept of #VermeerStrong, picked up the pieces and begun the process of rebuilding. In this episode, former Vermeer President Mary Andringa discusses the recovery effort, Vermeer's workforce culture, and her...


Ep. 08 - Lessons from 3M: How Manufacturers Can Encourage Innovation, with Terry Ceulemans, Jason Campagna & Rich Goldsbury

"If you put fences around people, you get sheep." The McKnight Principles, penned by former 3M President William McKnight, define the corporate culture at this $32 billion a year company. But, from its start as a failed mining operation, 3M has never stopped reinventing itself. And by giving employees permission to experiment, and even to fail, 3M continues to pioneer innovative solutions to modern manufacturing challenges. In this episode, tour the 3M Innovation Center and learn lessons...


Ep. 07 - Bringing Silicon Valley to the Equipment Manufacturing Industry, with Dr. Timothy Chou

The digital revolution is opening up new sources of revenue to companies that know how to tap into it. And as the construction and agriculture equipment industry incorporates more software into the products it sells, there are valuable lessons manufacturers can learn from Silicon Valley. In this episode, former Oracle on Demand CEO, Stanford lecturer and IoT technology pioneer Dr. Timothy Chou discusses how OEMs can capture new revenue from digital services and attract the talent they need...


Ep. 06 - Makerspaces & Incubators: Plugging Manufacturers Into Tech Talent, with Bill Fienup and Jeff Garascia

Innovative technology talent is tough to come by for manufacturers looking to make their equipment "smarter." But the business incubator and makerspace mHub in Chicago is turning the talent model upside down, enabling companies like the Marmon Group to contract out fresh solutions to industry challenges by tapping into mHub's deep pool of IoT talent. In this episode, learn how this unique partnership works from mHub co-founder Bill Fienup and Marmon Chief Innovation Officer Jeff Garascia....


Ep. 05 - How Serious Labs and Skyjack Reinvented VR Operator Training, with Jim Colvin and Brad Boehler

When it comes to heavy equipment operator training, we've heard for years that there's no substitute for hands-on learning. But a new virtual reality training platform, developed by Serious Labs with the help of Skyjack, is allowing trainees to get that "hands-on" experience on aerial work platforms without ever having to leave the ground. In this episode, Serious CEO Jim Colvin and Skyjack President Brad Boehler discuss how this technology partnership could revolutionize the industry. See...


Ep. 04 - What Your Customers Expect From New Tech, with Kevin Laczkowski, Asutosh Padhi & Dennis Slater

Whether it’s predictive maintenance, GPS guidance or any other technology that's making heavy equipment smarter, the first step in continuing to meet your customers’ needs and expectations is understanding what those needs and expectations are. So AEM partnered with the consulting firm McKinsey & Co. to survey 1,409 construction contractors and farmers across North America. In this episode, Kevin Laczkowski and Asutosh Padhi, senior partners from McKinsey, share their insights from the...


Ep. 03 - The Evolution of Precision Agriculture, with Eric Lescourret and Curt Blades

"Every penny has to be maximized, every square inch of the field has to be optimized," in order for American agriculture to remain dominant on the global market, says Eric Lescourret from AGCO Corporation. With the growing suite of precision agriculture tools to make that happen, he discusses how equipment manufacturers can tailor these solutions to their customers' needs, and the mandate that the country faces to provide the broadband infrastructure needed to compete. Plus, AEM Vice...