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AI Today Podcast #63: AI, AR, and VR: Interview with Mariana Acuna, Opaque Studios

Interested in the intersection of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR)? Curious how AI is being used in the entertainment, gaming, and media industries to enhance the overall experience? Listen to this podcast where Cognilytica analysts Kathleen Walch and Ronald Schmelzer interview Mariana Acuña Costa, Chief Product Officer and Co-founder of Opaque Studios as she shares insights into the use of AI in these various industries, how AI can help with content...


AI Today Podcast #62: AI in the Entertainment Industry – Interview with Hanno Basse, CTO, 20th Century Fox

Film, media, and entertainment industries are using AI and machine learning technologies to enhance and change the way that entertainment is produced, developed, and delivered. In this Cognilytica AI Today podcast, hear from Hanno Basse, Chief Technology Officer of 20th Century Fox Film Corp about how AI, machine learning, and cognitive technologies are forever changing the way that entertainment is being brought to the masses. Read More ...


AI Today Podcast #61: AI in News & Journalism — Use Case Series

Did you know that many of the articles and news reports you are reading are generated by AI systems? Using natural language generation (NLG) and other techniques these AI systems are not only creating content, but they are helping to manage the editorial process, moderate comments, help with research, and support the entire journalistic process. Read More ...


AI Today Podcast #60: Interview with Nav Kesher, Head of Data Sciences, Facebook Marketplace Experience

Social media is filled with lots and lots of content and most of it is unstructured data, meaning that it doesn’t fit into databases or rows and columns on a spreadsheet. In particular, lots of text, images, video and audio content is posted daily. In this podcast, Cognilytica analysts Kathleen Walch and Ronald Schmelzer interview Nav Kesher, Head of Data Sciences, Facebook Marketplace Experience on his insights and experience on AI and its various applications in different industries. Read...


AI Today Podcast #59: The Tubman Project – Interview with Darrell Malone Jr.

Public defenders in the United States are burdened with large workloads and ever-increasing piles of information they need to sort through. Additionally, they are deeply needed in an environment where defendants are unable to afford the legal protection they are entitled to under the rights of the constitution. This is one problem that AI and machine learning is promising to solve. Read More ...


AI Today Podcast #058: Data Scientists vs. Data Engineers

As Artificial Intelligence continues to become a focus for an increasing number of enterprises, these organizations are realizing how important it is to have the right people and skills in place. Increasingly, companies are hiring data scientists, and demand for data scientists has led to the talent crunch that we’re seeing across many enterprises and organizations. Read More ...


AI Today Podcast #057: Is VC Funding for AI Overheated?

Anyone observing the news can see that artificial intelligence and machine learning are getting lots of attention. As long as a startup has AI or cognitive technologies in their business plans or marketing material, they seem to get funding. And the amount of funding some of these startups are getting is eye-opening! So this makes us ask the question: Are we in a bubble? Read More ...


AI Today Podcast #056: AI’s Strategic Importance: A Look at Different Countries

When people hear about the race for AI dominance, they often think that the main competition is between the US and China. The US and China do have most of the largest and most well funded AI companies on the planet, and the pace of funding, company growth, and adoption doesn’t seem to be slowing anytime soon. Read More ...


AI Today Podcast #055: Autonomous Business Process (ABP)

The big idea of AI and cognitive technologies is to address and tackle problems that require human cognitive capabilities. Many vendors in the RPA market are simply using AI as a marketing vehicle and are not fundamentally changing or improving the way business process is done. This is why companies looking to pursue the path of Intelligent Process Automation need to have the desired end state in mind: full autonomous business process (ABP). Read More ...


AI Today Podcast #054: Anniversary Podcast: Does AI Still Matter?

The AI Today podcast is celebrating our 1 year anniversary! With this, we wanted to revisit our first podcast topic “Does AI Matter?” as well as reflect on a year of great podcasts, awesome guests, and some thought provoking content. In our inaugural podcast hosts Kathleen Walch and Ron Schmelzer discuss our reasons for Why AI Matters and we thought it was a great idea to go back and visit this topic again one year later. Read More ...


AI Today Podcast #053: The Three Fallacies of Conversational AI — Interview with Martin Reddy, PullString

In recent years we have seen amazing advances in the field of conversational AI. Machine learning, and in particular deep learning, has been getting a lot of attention lately. But this is not always the best method when building conversational AI. In this podcast Cognilytica analysts interview Martin Reddy, Co-Founder and CTO at PullString. We discuss 3 fallacies related to conversational AI, why machine learning isn’t always the best approach to solving conversations problems, and how...


AI Today Podcast #052: AI on the Campus — Interview with John Rome, Arizona State University

Arizona State University (ASU) is trying something very interesting: in addition to giving their incoming students the usual handbooks and orientation materials, they’re also giving some of them an Amazon Alexa device preloaded with ASU-specific skills. The results of this test are quite remarkable and might suggest that voice assistants could be the future of providing knowledge and interaction to users. Read More ...


AI Today Podcast #051: Bringing AI to Lego — Interview with James Poulter

Artificial intelligence (AI) is making inroads into a wide range of industries, and there’s no exception even within the world of kid’s play. In this podcast, Cognilytica analysts Kathleen Walch and Ronald Schmelzer interview James Poulter, Head of Emerging Platforms and Partnerships at Lego. He explains how Lego is adopting AI in a wide range of ways including with its Alexa voice assistant skills and additional insights into adding elements of AI to the various Lego platforms, including...


AI Today Podcast #050: Enhancing Experiences with AI – Interview with Tom Edwards, Epsilon Agency

AI and cognitive technologies are enhancing many different industries and providing significant ROI for early adopters. However, AI is also providing benefit in improving our various experiences in life. In this podcast, Cognilytica analysts Kathleen Walch and Ronald Schmelzer interview Tom Edwards, Chief Digital & Innovation Officer at Epsilon Agency, who shares insights into how AI is impacting marketing, customer experience, and more. Read More ...


AI Today Podcast #049: Surprising Results from the Cognilytica Voice Assistant Benchmark

On July 31, 2018 Cognilytica released the latest iteration of the Cognilytica Voice Assistant Benchmark. Conversational interface-based devices are quickly taking off with devices and technology such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana, and an increasing number of new entrants into the space. Cognilytica calls these devices “voice assistants”, rather than the less-useful term “smart speakers”. Read More ...


AI Today Podcast #48: Pseudo AI – Faking it Till You Make it in AI

With the rise in popularity of AI has come the inevitable wave of those looking to take advantage of its popularity. Startups are beginning to realize that simply saying they have “AI” capabilities leads to increased valuations, greater attention, and more possibilities. But people are starting to get wise and it’s already starting to catch up with these firms. Read More ...


AI Today Podcast #47: AI in Customer Service — AI Use Case Series

Artificial Intelligence is allowing companies to improve customer service in ways not possible before. Chatbots allow companies to have an always-on agent that can be integrated into customer support service teams to answer questions or help provide more relevant products and services based on customer preferences. AI enabled systems can help handle complicated, multi-step transactions that are often error-prone such as loan application or student applications or real estate. Read More ...


AI Today Podcast #46: AI in the Back Office — AI Use Case Series

If you’re ever worked in an office you know that there is much to be improved with back office processes. It’s often discussed how AI can help the front office, but it’s doing just as much to improve back office operations as well. AI can be a smart, augmented assistant that can help enhance data, provide research, and collect valuable information. Read More ...


AI Today Podcast #45: AI and Blockchain in Government: Interview with Jose Arrieta, US Department of Health & Human Services (HHS)

Many governments worldwide are looking at using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other cognitive technologies as part of making their operations more efficient, better serving their citizens, and increasing the range of ways they can meet their missions. In this podcast, Cognilytica analysts Kathleen Walch and Ronald Schmelzer interview Jose Arrieta, Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary for Acquisitions at the United States Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) who is working to bring...


AI Today Podcast #44: AI in the Banking Industry: Interview with Casey Royer, USAA

AI is seeing increasing adoption across a wide range of industries, and banking is no exception. Founded in 1922, USAA is a Texas-based Fortune 500 diversified financial services company offering banking, investing, and insurance to people and families who serve, or served, in the United States military, with over 12.4 million members. As a result of their broadly geographically distributed customer base and needs for in-person as well as online and mobile offerings, the company has invested...