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Episode 39 - How to help First Line workers adopt Teams with Vesa Nopanen

In this week's episode, Jay and Steve are joined by MVP Vesa Nopanen to talk about First Line workers and Microsoft Teams. We discuss:


Episode 38 - Accelerating Teams Enablement with Sean Wilson

In this episode Steve and Jay are joined by Microsoft's Sean Wilson, to discuss how to accelerate your enablement of Microsoft Teams. In this show we talk about


Episode 37 - Hello, can you hear me now? Using Microsoft Teams Advanced Call Quality Dashboard

In episode 37, Steve and Jay get together at Microsoft Ignite to discuss the CQDv3 - the Advanced Call Quality Dashboard and why you should be using it with your Microsoft Teams deployment. In the show we ask -


Episode 36 - How Microsoft IT moved to Teams Only Mode

In Episode 36, Steve and Jay talk to Petra Thomas, Emily Kirby and Lesley Montgomery from Microsoft IT about their move to Teams Only mode from Skype and Teams Islands mode for over 200,000 people. We cover what Teams only mode is - and why you should consider moving to it, the challenges Microsoft encountered with their own move and what we can learn from their approach.


Episode 35 - Teams Cloud Video Interop & Direct Guest Join with Microsoft & Poly

On the show today, we're joined by Ilya Bukshteyn from Microsoft and Adam Jacobs from Poly to talk about new features announced at Microsoft Ignite - Cloud Video interop and Direct Guest Join. Listen to the show to find out a bit of the history behind where we are today, where the future is headed, what the experience is going to be and much more.


Episode 34 - Under the hood with Private Channels in Microsoft Teams

This time on All About 365, Steve and Jay are talking about a long-awaited feature in Microsoft Teams - Private Channels. In the show today, we go beyond the basics and talk about - - What similar functionality is in Microsoft Teams and where does Private Channels fit in - Why do people want Private Channels at all? - How does it work under the hood? - What challenges might you need to consider? And much more...


Episode 33 - Teams migrations, Ignite 2019 and more with Tony Redmond

On the show today, Steve and Jay are joined by legendary Microsoft MVP Tony Redmond to talk about Teams migrations, the state of tenant to tenant moves, compliance in Microsoft 365, predictions for Microsoft Ignite 2019 - and of course we have a few laughs along the way!


Episode 32 - Teams and Community with Laurie Pottmeyer

In episode 32, Steve and Jay are joined by Microsoft's Laurie Pottmeyer, to talk about how YOU can get involved in the Microsoft Community. We chat about: And much more!


Episode 31 - (Microsoft) Search and you will find

On this episode we're on the lookout for facts on Microsoft Search! We'll discover what it is, how it fits into Office 365 and the rest of the suite and how to access it. is it just a posh version of Bing, or will it be the tool that helps us find and discover everything we need within the Office 365 suite, wherever that conversation, email or file lives? Tune in to find out!


Episode 30 - How to get involved with Microsoft Ignite 2019, with Anna Chu

On episode 30 of the All About 365 podcast, Anna Chu from Microsoft joins Steve and Jay to talk about Microsoft Ignite, and opportunities to be a part of Microsoft's premier IT conference. You'll find out what Microsoft Ignite is - how has it changed from last year - and get some tips on how to convince your boss to send you. And if you are interested in becoming a community reporter or submitting a session before the August 4th deadline, tune in for some tips and tricks from Anna, Steve...


Episode 29 - Go with the flow

In this episode, Steve and Jason talk about Microsoft Flow - the business process automation and personal productivity tool inside Microsoft 365. Comprising a key part of the Microsoft Power Platform, we ask:


Episode 28 - Windows 10 planning and rollout tips and tricks

In episode 28 of the All About 365 podcast, Jason and Steve are joined by Robert Epstein, Product Marketing Lead for Microsoft 365 to talk about Windows 10 in the Enterprise and your roll as an IT pro in rollout and adoption.


Episode 27 - How should you tackle adoption and change management as an IT Pro?

In Episode 27 we discuss how IT professionals should tackle user adoption and change management, with Levente Nagy, PMM for Microsoft 365 Customer Success. What works? What doesn't work? What have IT done well and not so well in the past and what approach is best to take when rolling out a productivity suite like Office 365? Find out in the show and visit the website for links to everything discussed.


Episode 26 - Office 365 Backups with Theresa Miller

In episode 26, Steve and Jay are joined by Theresa Miller - Microsoft MVP, Citrix CTP and VMware vExpert to talk about Office 365 backups and gain valuable perspective from this industry veteran on why it is something you might want to consider


Episode 25 - Cloud Skills with Will Rowe

In episode 25 Steve and Jay talk to experienced Office 365 and Azure recruiter, Will Rowe. In the show, recorded live from Ignite London, Will talks about the skills companies are looking for today, how to keep your skills current and more.


Episode 24 - All About Microsoft Teams Rooms

This week, Steve and Jay talk about Microsoft Teams Rooms. It can be quite confusing trying to understand exactly what you need to buy if you want a great meeting experience in Teams and traditionally there's been a variety of solutions to choose from. Teams Rooms makes things simpler and we explain why.


Episode 23 - Talking Microsoft Teams Governance

On the show today, Steve and Jay talk about one of the deceptively interesting and most important aspects of an Office 365 deployment - governance! We discuss who you need to involve; how you do it - and what you need to pull it all together.


Episode 22 - What is Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

On today's show, Steve and Jay talk about Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection. What is it and where does it fit within the Microsoft 365 suite? What does it include and what's the best way to configure configure it? Then we tackle the all important question - licensing. Finally we talk about alternatives on the market.


Episode 21 - Working from home - myth or Microsoft 365 miracle?

On this week's episode Steve and Jay talk about working from home - a topic that's often very controversial. As two "road warriors", working remotely from anywhere, we chat about how home workers often get stigmatised and why that might be - be warned, it gets a little controversial! Of course we've got a Microsoft 365 angle as it's how to remain part of the team even though you are not tied to a desk...


Episode 20 - Rise of the Machine (Learning and AI)

On this week's episode, Steve and Jay get together to discuss the FUTURE! Will robots make us all obsolete,or make us more productive? We take a gamble on the latter and explore what the future looks like when we harness new capabilities in Microsoft 365 - and explain how to get started as a user, IT pro or developer.