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Episode 21 - Working from home - myth or Microsoft 365 miracle?

On this week's episode Steve and Jay talk about working from home - a topic that's often very controversial. As two "road warriors", working remotely from anywhere, we chat about how home workers often get stigmatised and why that might be - be warned, it gets a little controversial! Of course we've got a Microsoft 365 angle as it's how to remain part of the team even though you are not tied to a desk...


Episode 20 - Rise of the Machine (Learning and AI)

On this week's episode, Steve and Jay get together to discuss the FUTURE! Will robots make us all obsolete,or make us more productive? We take a gamble on the latter and explore what the future looks like when we harness new capabilities in Microsoft 365 - and explain how to get started as a user, IT pro or developer.


Episode 19 - Do you need to backup Office 365?

On the latest All About 365 podcast, Steve and Jay discuss backups for Office 365. Do you really need them? We attempt to have a fairly balanced discussion weighing up the reasons we see backup solutions being sought, and the real capabilities these solutions offer versus Office 365's native functionality.


Episode 18 - Managing Microsoft Teams

We're getting the band back together. If you know MIcrosoft's Jamie Stark and Sean Wilson, formerly of Microsoft's SfB Broadcast Meeting video podcast, then you'll enjoy today's show. We're talking management of Teams - including select new features and ways to make it easy to get help starting your teams project. At least, that was the plan for what we were going to talk about...


Episode 17 - Ignite Edition - Talking IT Pros with the Exchange Goddess

In this episode we're joined by special guest Phoummala Schmit, Cloud Ops Advocate at Microsoft A.K.A Exchange Goddess. We talk about IT pros and developers and what the future holds for both, Microsoft's shift away from a niche developer focus to the rest of the industry, skills you need in the future to succeed and the fear of change. We only wish we could have went on longer - Exchange Goddess has a ton of war stories!


Episode 16 - Ignite Edition - Direct Routing Deep Dive

Live from Ignite 2018, Steve and Jay chat with Nikolay Muravlyannikov, Principal PM for Direct Routing in the Microsoft Teams product group. In this episode, we recap some Direct Routing basics, gotchas to avoid, pros and cons of different approaches, dealing with multiple sites & regions, integrating into the enterprise and more.


Episode 15 - Is the Skype to Teams Roadmap Really Complete?

Microsoft have completed their roadmap for bringing Skype for Business Online features and functionality into Teams, and according to Microsoft, Teams is ready to meet your messaging, meeting and calling needs. In this episode we find out and discuss meeting, messaging, calling and device improvements and discuss what the reality is, and how you can begin to use Teams in your organization if you are running Skype for Business Online today.


Episode 14 - VPN, Proxy, Rock, Scissors, Paper

On today's episode Jay and Steve talk about remote workers and access to Office 365. How can the user experience be managed, what can go wrong; and more importantly, what solutions are there available. It's a complex topic - with no easy answers so we went a little bit over today. Let us know if you share our frustrations.


Episode 13 - Device Management with Intune

On today's episode Steve and Jay chat about Microsoft key to modern device management - Intune. Where does it fit within the wider Microsoft 365 suite? How does it compare to traditional solutions and how well does it work with Office 365? All this and more, in today's show.


Episode 12 - All About Direct Routing with Microsoft Teams

In today's show, Steve and Jay talk all about Direct Routing in Microsoft Teams. What is it? How is it different to Cloud Connector Edition? What do you need to use it, and how do you set it up? And what are the wider considerations you need to think about. Find out in this week's show.


Episode 11 - Why you should use PowerShell with Office 365

In today's show we are talking PowerShell - the subject that splits many IT Pros - should you use it or just stick with the GUI? And how do you get the best out of it with Office 365? We discuss how to get started, how to learn more about PowerShell and the top commands you'll find essential when managing your Office 365 tenant.


Episode 10 - Exchange Hybrid 101

In today's show we go back to basics and cover a topic Steve has been working with since Office 365's inception - and try to cram in the things you need to know about Exchange Hybrid into just over half an hour. We discuss the benefits and downsides to Hybrid, what it offers, key areas you need to get right, and what the user and admin experience is like.


Episode 9 - Migrating from CUCM to Office 365

In today's show we take a listener request - how to migrate from Cisco Unified Communications Manager to Skype for Business Online, or Microsoft Teams. It's a whistle stop tour as we discuss what you need to discovery, decisions you need to make, planning your migration and user training considerations


Episode 8 - Talking about Teams Announcements and a call to vote on UserVoice

In today's show we talk about last week's announcements at Enterprise Connect in Florida, where Microsoft Teams won "Best in Show" and celebrated it's first birthday. We talk through the announcements, what they mean for you and then talk about a long wished-for feature in Outlook and Exchange - and how to help make it happen.


Episode 7 - Windows Autopilot and S Mode with Jon Maunder

In today's show we are joined by Jon Maunder, Senior Product Manager with Windows at Microsoft. Jon talks us through Windows Autopilot and how this fits into the deployment and management offerings for Microsoft 365 and also gives us some insight into Microsoft's plans for Windows S Mode, which replaces Windows 10 S Edition.


Episode 6 - Talking Microsoft 365 and personal productivity with OneNote

In today's show we're joined by Ståle Hansen, Office 365 MVP and CEO of Ståle talks to Steve and Jay about how he's helping partners roll out Microsoft 365 to organizations, and talks us through how to hack your own personal productivity using OneNote.


Episode 5 - Talking skills, Teams and delving deeper on migrations

Today's second show of the day is live from Bellevue (yes, I got corrected on the first one) and Jay and I sat down with Tony Redmond, Office 365 MVP, to talk about a variety of topics ranging from skills needed for IT Pros, Teams functionality, we dig a little deeper on Episode 4's tenant to tenant question and we chat about the possibility of a freemium option for Teams


Episode 4 - Dealing with Mergers and Acquisitions with Teams & Office 365

Today's show recorded LIVE in Seattle is all about how you deal with mergers and acquisitions when you are running Office 365 and Teams. We talk about the gotchas you need to know about with tenant to tenant migrations, tools you can use and what can be migrated from Teams


Episode 3 - How Windows 10 affects your Office 365 deployment

Today's show is All About understanding how Windows 10 will impact your Office 365 deployment. We talk about Microsoft 365 and the various versions available, what trends are being seen out in the wild, the impact of the Windows 7 deployment lifecycle, future proofing for the upcoming version of Office, where management and security is affected and of course Windows 10 autopilot.


Episode 2 - Office 365 Network Performance

Today's show is All About Office 365 network performance. We talk where to identify problems, how to gather information, best practices for deployment and what we see in real life deployments.