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Welcome to the All In: Data for Community Health podcast, where we talk to local leaders who are collaborating with other sectors to share data that provides a more complete picture of community health needs. Join us as to hear about the challenges they faced, their secrets to success, and the lessons they learned along the way that can help other communities.


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Welcome to the All In: Data for Community Health podcast, where we talk to local leaders who are collaborating with other sectors to share data that provides a more complete picture of community health needs. Join us as to hear about the challenges they faced, their secrets to success, and the lessons they learned along the way that can help other communities.






S3 E5: Fighting the COVID Housing Crisis in New Jersey: An Interview with Daniel Joseph Wiley

Daniel Joseph Wiley is a housing justice advocate and artist in New Jersey, currently serving as the Managing Director of The HUUB in the City of Orange. In his previous role as Housing Justice Program and Policy Manager with the Ironbound Community Corporation (ICC) in Newark, Daniel was instrumental in bringing attention to the housing crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic. Daniel and the ICC helped to create Compassionate NJ, a coalition of grassroots organizations and policy experts that advocated for the People’s Bill to protect renters from evictions. A compromise version of the bill eventually became law in August 2021. In this episode, All In podcast host Miriam Castro talks to Daniel about his advocacy work, the importance of data, and the inclusion of people with lived experiences.


S3 E4: Dr. Ninez Ponce Discusses Data Visibility in the Nation's Largest State Health Survey

In this episode of the All In podcast, Host Miriam Castro is joined by the Director of the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research and the principal investigator of the California Health Interview Survey (CHIS), Dr. Ninez Ponce. As the principal investigator for CHIS, the nation's largest state health survey, Dr. Ponce discusses her influential role of advocating and creating processes of inclusion and representation in the survey that reaches over 20,000 people each year. Dr. Ponce discusses how she devised the rationale and implementation of Asian ethnic oversamples, and the cultural and linguistic adaptation of the survey in Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), Korean, Vietnamese, and Tagalog. In this episode, Dr. Ponce shares anecdotes with Miriam from experiences she has had within her 20+ year career in survey-based research, and the fight for data that is representative of the reality of every population served.


S3 E3: Slowing Down to Progress Data-sharing Forward: An Interview with Dr. Sue Gallagher

In this episode of the All In podcast, Host Miriam Castro is joined by Dr. Sue Gallagher, the Chief Innovation Officer of the Children’s Services Council of Broward County. Dr. Gallagher discusses the importance of education, prioritizing community perspectives, and the legal sides of data-sharing agreements. Dr. Gallagher also detailed how her team “slowed down” during the pandemic to acknowledge their humanity and the trauma of the moment. This powerful and timely conversation touches on aligning equity throughout data-sharing, consistent community engagement, and the power of human connection in a time of social distancing. Find Resources for this episode here:


S3 E2: Equitable Data-Sharing in Housing Justice: An Interview w/ Melissa Jones & Cristal Little

In this episode of the All In podcast, Host Miriam Castro is joined by Melissa Jones, the Executive Director of the Bay Area Regional Health Inequities Initiative (BARHII), and Cristal Little, a Vallejo Housing Justice Organizer for Urban Habitat. Jones and Little discuss educating their Bay Area communities about rent moratoriums and equitable state- funding. They also detailed the benefits of their data-sharing collaboration during COVID-19. This powerful and timely conversation touches on aligning equity throughout decision-making, consistent community engagement, and the power of women in leadership. Find Resources for this episode at:


S3 E1: Mass Surveillance of Black Bodies & Anti-Racist Data-Sharing: An Interview with Tawana Petty

Tawana Petty is a mother, social justice organizer, youth advocate, poet, and author. She is intricately involved in water rights advocacy, data, digital privacy rights education, racial justice, and equity work. She is the National Organizing Director at Data 4 Black Lives (D4BL), and director of Petty Propolis, a Black woman-led artist incubator primarily focused on cultivating visionary resistance through poetry, literacy and literary workshops, anti-racism facilitation, and social...


S2 E4: Seattle King County Reflects on Data-Sharing in the Early Days of the COVID-19 Pandemic

In this episode of the All In podcast, Host Peter Eckart is joined by Seattle King County Public Health epidemiologist, and original DASH grantee, Amy Laurent, to detail how her team used data to drive decisions in the early days of their COVID Response. Amy discusses her team’s pivot in creating a COVID surveillance data dashboard, agreeing on terminology, privacy in data collection, and relationship-building over multiple sectors in public health, policy, data, and housing. In this...


S2 E3: San Diego 2-1-1 Discuss Leveraging Community Information Exchanges During COVID

In this episode, Podcast host Peter Eckart is joined by 2-1-1 San Diego’s Vice President of Health and Community Impact, Karis Grounds, and Chief Business and Development Officer, Camey Christenson to discuss how they've leveraged their CIE and partner relationships for a comprehensive COVID response that meets their community's present needs. Camey and Karis share their insight on how other communities can leverage the community data and information systems and partnerships already present...


S2 E2: Trenton Health Team Talks About A Holistic Approach to Social Services

In this episode, Podcast host Peter Eckart is joined by Trenton Health Team(THT)’s own co-directors of Population Health, Natalie Terens, and Ernie Morganstern to discuss the integration of the NowPow Screening tool and Trenton’s Health Information Exchange(HIE)to match patient SDOH needs to available community resources in Trenton. Natalie and Ernie build on concepts and processes brought up in THT’s compelling case study, “A Holistic Approach to Social Services,” which can be found in the...


S2 E1: Big Data, Racial Bias & A New Generation of Organizations: An Interview with Dr. Rhea Boyd

Dr. Rhea W. Boyd is a pediatrician, medical educator, and child health advocate in the Bay Area. She is a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics Executive Committee on Communications and Media, where she explores how digital clinical tools, interdisciplinary partnerships, and social media can incorporate diverse types of data and voices into traditional processes to improve health, particularly for communities of color. Podcast Host Peter Eckart and Rhea Boyd discuss a multitude of...


Catalyzing High-Quality Research to Address Social Needs in Healthcare Settings

Dr. Caroline Fichtenberg, Managing Director at SIREN (Social Interventions Research & Evaluation Network), catalyzes high-quality research that advances efforts to address social needs in healthcare settings. She joins the All In podcast to discuss her work. Resources for this podcast are available at: * Hosted by: Peter Eckart, co-founder of All In: Data for Community Health * Podcast Guest: Dr. Caroline Fichtenberg, Managing Director at SIREN


Building and Sustaining Effective Networks to Improve Community Health

Dr. Danielle Varda is a “scientist turned start-up founder” who is the CEO of Visible Network Labs, a social enterprise that provides tools, training, and other services to help communities build their capacity to leverage network science to strengthen supportive connections and improve health outcomes. In her work, she leads multidisciplinary teams in tackling complex social systems issues using technology, research, and translation to practice. In this episode, Dr. Varda discusses how to...


Collaborating to Improve Care for Medicaid and Uninsured Populations in Staten Island, NY

Dr. Joseph Conte is the Executive Director of the Staten Island Performing Provider System (SI PPS), an alliance of clinical and social service providers focused on improving the quality of care and overall health for Staten Island’s Medicaid and uninsured populations. SI PPS is one of 25 groups across the state working on the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program, which aims to fundamentally restructure the health care delivery system by reinvesting in Medicaid to reduce...


Using Privacy-Preserving Technology to Create a Continuum of Support for Families in Tulsa, OK

Podcast host Peter Eckart joined Jeff Jaynes, Executive Director at Restore Hope Ministries, and Aaron Bean, Managing Partner at Asemio, in Tulsa, Oklahoma during a site visit for their DASH CIC-START project, which is applying analytics technology to analyze the overlap between individuals who require basic needs assistance (eg. rent, food, utilities, etc.) and those whose children attend early childhood centers. The project utilizes an innovative technology that allows for analysis of...


BUILDing a Movement: Going Upstream to Address Health Disparities

Emily Yu, MBA, is Executive Director of the BUILD Health Challenge, an All In partner initiative that supports local collaborations between community-based organizations, health departments, and hospitals/health systems that are working to address important health issues in their communities. She shared examples of innovative multi-sector projects happening across the country and described key learnings, tools, and frameworks for multi-sector, community-driven partnerships working to reduce...


Coordinating Care for Individuals Experiencing Homelessness in Chicago, IL

Padma Thangaraj, MS, PMP, is the Vice President of Information Services & Analytics at All Chicago Making Homelessness History, a nonprofit organization that is working to integrate housing, health, and human services data to coordinate care for Chicago residents that are experiencing housing insecurity or homelessness. As one of the pilot awardees of DASH CIC-START, All Chicago worked to refine their mechanisms for exchanging data between hospitals, health care payers, and the county’s...


Bringing Multi-Sector Partners Together to Tackle Obesity in Hunterdon County, NJ

This podcast episode features the work of the Hunterdon County Partnership for Health, a multi-sector coalition that includes over 60 community agencies that share a common interest in improving health in Hunterdon County, NJ. Kim Blanda is a Project Director at Hunterdon Healthcare, Dr. Rose Puelle is a Senior Director of Population Health at Hunterdon Healthcare, and Karen DeMarco is the Director of the Hunterdon County Department of Health. Together, they are working on a project funded...


The National Inventory of Data Sharing Collaborations for Health

A special message from Podcast Host Peter Eckart: All In released a new survey that will inform a national analysis of community partnerships that are systematically sharing data across sectors to improve health. Your contribution will help highlight opportunities to advance a common agenda that can support and expand this crucial work!


Analyzing Health and Human Services Data to Maximize the Impact of Public Funds in Chicago, IL

This episode features two guests from the University of Chicago -- Dr. Julia Koschinsky, the Executive Director for the Center for Spatial Data Science, and Dr. Nicole Marwell, an Associate Professor in the School of Social Service Administration. They are leading a project, funded by the Public Health National Center for Innovations (PHNCI), which is analyzing data on geographic access to health and human services to help government officials address gaps and maximize the impact of existing...


Empowering Communities to Discover and Use their Assets to Create Change

Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) is a large and growing movement that considers local assets as the primary building blocks of community development, social capital, and health and well-being. Ron Dwyer-Voss, MA, the Owner of Pacific Community Solutions, who also happens to be a long-time friend of podcast host Peter Eckart, joined the show to discuss how ABCD draws on existing strengths of local residents, associations, and institutions to build stronger, healthier, and more...


Adding New Partners, Sectors, and Data to a Care Coordination System in Humboldt County, CA

This episode features Martin Love, CEO and Jessica Osborne-Stafsnes, Program Manager at the North Coast Health Improvement and Information Network (NCHIIN) - a non-profit health information exchange in Humboldt County, CA. NHIIN focuses on exchanging information across multiple sectors - including social care, medical care, behavioral health, criminal justice, education and more - to support care coordination and improve health. As an awardee of DASH CIC-START, NCHIIN worked with partners to...