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Episodes :: Angular Schematics with Brian Love and Kevin Schuchard

Angular Schematics with Brian Love and Kevin Schuchard In this episode, the Angularlicios podcast talks with two Angular Schematic experts. Brian Love, the CTO at Briebug Solutions, and Kevin Schuchard, a Senior Software Engineer at Briebug. Both Brian and Kevin have extensive experience with creating new Schematics, training, and using Schematics for Jest, Ngrx and for their clients. This episode is a great introduction to what Angular Schematics are and how they can be used to improve...

Duration:00:24:52 :: Are You an Effective Angular Developer?

Are you an effective Angular developer? Is your team effective? This episode looks at 3 Elements of Effectiveness. Learn how you and your team can improve in different areas. We examine what is required to be effective in using our tools, continuous learning, and execution of our recipes, architecture, and process.

Duration:00:26:33 :: Angular Tools

This episode is about some new tools for your Angular applications and development environments. Building custom libraries for your projects is not easy. However, there are some new tools that will improve your development environment by creating a consolidated workspace - so you can have multiple apps and libraries in the same environment. And when you are all done you want to be able to show off all of your hard work. Using allows you to embed your project with code and a...

Duration:00:12:32 :: Angular Design Patterns

The focus of this podcast is to identify software design patterns that are used in Angular with the goal of understanding how they work, why they are important. You will learn how to make services and components work better for you by knowing the patterns they implement. Now that we have Typescript, you are armed with the ability to take advantage of Object Oriented Programming concepts and design patterns. You can use design patterns to produce better business logic. This episode provides...

Duration:00:19:40 :: Premier Episode

A podcast about things Angular, including architecture. This episode provides the background for this podcast and what you can expect from future episode.

Duration:00:08:54 :: Custom Angular Modules

The focus of this podcast is about how to use Angular Modules the right way. You'll discover how many modules your application really needs. Also, if you've ever wanted to create a custom Angular module to share and distribute - this podcast provides the information you'll need to create, publish, and use your custom module. Free Guide: The whole notion of modules is to create reusable items to improve efficiency and minimize maintenance of...