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S2E10 Preparing your voice for a podcast

Do you blow through a straw in the shower? Do you chew cud like a cow? Do you regularly stretch your articulators? If you're not sure what all this means, then it's likely you're not warming up your voice properly. Voice coach, Anouska Taylor, takes Chris Ashmore through a training regime to get the most out of your voice in a podcast. And, to wrap up BE Podcasting for 2018, Chris Ashmore and Nick Schildberger examine the year that's been. Anouska Taylor BE Podcasting...


S2E9 A review of OzPod 2018 - what it means for brands

OzPod is an annual podcasting conference, bringing together the industry leaders in one place on one day to discuss all things podcasting. The ABC-organised event was held this year at Federation Square on October 17th. BE’s Nick Schildberger and Chris Ashmore are joined this episode by Sharon Taylor, CEO of Omny Studio, to discuss some of the highlights of the conference. They provide their thoughts into some of the statistics, the future of audio, smart speakers (are they a “thing”?),...


S2E8 Lessons from award-winning producer and his in-house medical podcast

A podcast produced in-house for a medical organisation has commanded a huge following and accolades since its debut in June 2015. Produced by Mic Cavazzini, Pomegranate Health is a podcast for the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, a member association representing 25,000 medical and trainee specialists in Australia and New Zealand. The podcast won the Career and Industry category at the 2018 Australian Podcast Awards, and its production quality has been compared with Radiotopia and...


S2E7 How to build your personal brand through podcasting

Increasing numbers of thought leaders are using podcasts to engage more deeply with their audience and to help build their person brand. In this episode, Chris Ashmore hears from six thought leaders about why they have chosen podcasting to grow their tribe. Chris also highlights some branded podcasts we've been working hard creating recently: Paper Cuts Big Sis Pod More...


S2E6 Evo Terra on the business of podcasting

What should a brand think about before starting a podcast? What are some good examples of branded podcasts? What’s the future of podcasting and what is a good audio strategy? Those are just some of the questions we ask American podcast expert, Evo Terra, who co-authored the original Podcasting for Dummies. Co-hosts Chris Ashmore and Nick Schildberger also examine Google and its new dedicated podcast app for Android devices. How does Google’s ambition to accelerate the growth of podcast...


S2E5 RateIt CEO, Michael Momsen: A leader in customer experience & experience in a leading podcast

To help position himself as a leader in the field of customer experience, RateIt’s CEO Michael Momsen teams up with Wavelength Creative’s Adam Jaffrey to produce Customer Experience Leaders, a fortnightly podcast to unpack the best practices in customer service. Michael says podcasting is like what Instagram was when in the beginning - if you jump in now, you can build your influence in the burgeoning medium. Podcasting over time, he says, is a particularly useful tool to grow a loyal tribe...


S2E4 An Aussie UX company using LX for better engagement

Loop11 is a company which offers tools to test your website's usability and navigation functionality. With such a niche product, how does the team at Loop 11 manage to create a buzz around what it offers? You guessed it — via a podcast! Produced by Loop 11's Product Head, Ben Newton, True North branded podcast for Loop11 has steadily built quite a following of dedicated fans. It’s a high-quality UX and Design podcast which tells the stories about design teams, innovation and problem-solving...


S2E3 A branded podcast from a team of in-house professionals

Phil Sylvester is a former TV producer and FM radio broadcaster, who has brought his talent and skills across to World Nomads to create the company’s podcast. Brilliantly produced, Phil explains how it is helping the company achieve longterm goals of market awareness. Phil discusses the podcast’s production quality and has advice to other companies looking to get involved in podcasting. Presented by Nick Schildberger and Chris Ashmore. World Nomads World Nomads...


S2E2 The conception of an immaculate podcast

Fertility treatment specialists, Genea, took a punt commissioning a podcast series to inform its target market of young couples on the process of IVF treatment. Genea’s Head of Brand and Marketing, Nicole Papoutsis, explains why the gamble has paid off, as they company has noticed an increase in clients using its services since the podcast’s release. Nicole explains the unique advantages podcasting brings to a company’s marketing mix, and provides insights in Genea’s involvement in the...


S2E1 Prescribing podcasts for a marketing cure

A not-for-profit organisation has found that podcasting is a powerful way to spread its message with new audiences. Australian Prescriber Podcast is a new podcast to complement the journal of the same name. Its reach is in the tens of thousands; and, after launch, it soon was elevated to Apple’s New & Noteworthy section. Funded by the the federal Department of Health, NPS MedicineWise publishes the peer-reviewed national independent journal of drugs and therapeutics, Australian...


Special Episode: Do you have a podcasting strategy?

One of the most effective tools to promote your brand is podcasting. In this special episode we hear from some of the most respected voices in commercial podcasting. What makes it so attractive for audiences? How do you make a good one? And why are organisations embracing audio content now to engage more effectively with consumers? We provide case studies of Australian brands which understand the unique pulling power of podcasting, including GE with its podcast Decoding Genius, fertility...


Ep19 How podcasting offers deeper engagement with your audience

Podcasting is proving to be a valuable tool to engage audiences on a much deeper level. Newspapers in particular are using podcasts to initiate a stronger conversation and explore issues in more depth than the written word. We hear from Katie DeFiore of Pennsylvania State University on how its newspaper is using podcasts to better connect with those on campus. And, we learn of a new tool to allow your audience to interact with your podcast, by asking recorded questions to the host or the...


Ep18 The strength of podcast advertising and sponsorship

Podcasting has come a long way in the last 12 months, as brands look to get involved by creating their own audio content or by advertising on existing podcasts. Andy Hayes of Placard Media explains why a host-read ad is the most effective way to promote a product in a podcast. And he is a champion of branded podcasts which can provide useful information to an eager audience. Presented by Nick Schildberger and Chris Ashmore. More Information Placard Media BE...


Ep17 The growth of a podcast network

Ex-ABC producer Courtney Carthy took a plunge in the world of podcasting almost 12 months ago when he started Nearly Media with fellow producer, Andy Bellairs. The podcast network has several quality podcasts in its portfolio including The Debrief with Dave O’Neil, The Clappers, and Ten Questions with Adam Zwar. Courtney discusses the network’s experimentation with advertising on trams, the differences of producing for radio and podcasts, and why podcasting is particularly attractive for...


Ep16 Busting the myths around podcasting

Rob Walch is one of the world’s most influential people in podcasting. Rob manages the relations of 35,000+ podcast producers as VP of Podcaster Relations at Libsyn, the largest podcast hosting platform in the world. Rob pops some of the leading myths around the marketing of podcasting, including the old chestnut: what is the ideal length of a podcast? Rob also offers his thoughts on acquiring larger audiences, some of the biggest fails he’s seen in podcasting, the best way to advertise on...


Ep15 An insider’s guide to podcast discovery

Want to know how to get your podcast featured on a podcast app? What makes good podcast cover art? How does a podcast get into the trending chart? We present those questions to Russell Ivanovic, developer and founder of Shifty Jelly based in Adelaide, which has developed one of the most popular podcast apps, Pocket Casts. Russell offers his thoughts on what makes a podcast popular, the future of the industry and how advertisers and brands can get involved Presented by Nick Schildberger and...


Ep14 Our take on OzPod2017 and Australia’s podcasting landscape

There’s little doubt significant changes in podcasting have been made in the 12 months since the ABC’s inaugural podcasting conference. Held at the ABC’s Ultimo HQ in Sydney, OzPod2017 brought speakers and podcasters from across the country and overseas to meet and learn from each other on the latest trends in the industry. Chris Ashmore and Nick Schildberger discuss the highlights from the event and share their thoughts on how podcasting is shaping up and the lessons for businesses looking...


Ep13 How to create a podcasting strategy

Podcasting isn’t merely a matter of uploading audio content and then waiting for crowds to tune in. An amplification strategy is at least as important as the story you wish to tell. Fundamentally, a podcast should tie-in with your overall business goals. Those are the lessons Andrew Sidwell offers from his current role as National Content Solutions Manager at Macquarie Media. Macquarie has produced several branded podcasts, including Decoding Genius for GE and The Road Next Travelled for...


Ep12 Why podcasting is an effective content marketing strategy

Content marketing is a long-term strategy to build credibility, awareness and trust, says former Fairfax journalist, Peter Gearin who founded online branded content magazine, Brand Tales. As a form of content marketing, Peter says, podcasting is uniquely placed to provide the real ‘voice’ of a company and engage more sincerely with an audience. Peter provides examples of companies which are doing content marketing well, by being clear on wha they want to achieve with their overall business...


Ep11 The genius behind GE's branded podcast

Since Thomas Edison's invention of the incandescent light, GE has always been a trailblazer of innovation. To amplify its vision of being the world's digital industrial leader, it has embraced new platforms like podcasting to spread the message. That's according to Joanne Woo, VP Communications, GE Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. Decoding Genius is GE's branded 6-episode podcast which explores the lives of six young geniuses in Australia and around the world. Joanne Woo...