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Big Squid Podcast – Episode 10 – Knight Customs

Greetings Podcast Fans! Welcome to the first Big Squid RC podcast of 2019! We have some great guests lined up already this year, so lets get things rolling. On Today's episode we have James Knight from Knight Customs! Knight Customs offers some amazing ways to customize your rc vehicles with the use of 3D printed parts. If you are looking to step up that custom scale game, you are going to want to see the stuff James has going on over there! From bumpers and light racks to crazy cool...


Big Squid Podcast – Episode 9 – Redcat Racing

Greetings Podcast Fans! Wow.. are the podcasts going to be more regular now? Well... fingers crossed. On Today's episode we have F.C. Brigham, Matt Jackson, and Alaric Egli from Redcat Racing joining us! It's always great to get multiple representatives from a company on to hear everyone's thoughts, as well as hear answers from the actual the people doing the design, not just the people running the show. The crew from Redcat sat down with us to give us some history and insight on the company...


Big Squid Podcast – Episode 8 – Reef’s RC

Greetings podcast listeners! We had a bit of a break but now we are back! We actually have two new episodes already finished, so watch for the next one to follow soon. Today's episode, we had the opportunity to speak with Sheref Hafez from Reef's RC. Sheref talks about how he got into the hobby, what motivated him to start an RC company, and also a little about some of the Reef's RC product line for those unfamiliar with it. We hope you enjoy this latest episode. Special thanks to Sheref...


Big Squid Podcast – Episode 7 – Peter Gray – Carisma

Greetings podcast listeners! Today's episode, we had the pleasure to speak with Peter Gray from Carisma. Episode number 7 is a break from the norm for us clocking in at an amazing hour and twenty four minutes. (1h:24m!) This one might take a few car rides to listen to the whole thing, but it was great to have peter talk about Carisma Scale Adventure, general RC stuff, the Carisma brand, 24th scale stuff, and everything in between. Special thanks to Peter from Carisma for giving us much of...


Big Squid Podcast – Episode 6 – Joe Ambrose – Horizon Hobby

Greetings podcast listeners! Everyone in the industry has had questions about the Horizon Hobby buyout of Hobbico, and I mean EVERYONE. Hobby shop owners, manufacturers, even your average basher, wants to know what's happening to some of their favorite brands. We recently had the honor of being invited to sit down with Joe Ambrose, the CEO and President of Horizon Hobby, and ask him a bunch of questions that we had and knew that our readers had. When we were finished with the interview, we...


Big Squid Podcast – Episode 5 – Matt Wallace – Pro-Line Racing

Episode 5 is here! This episode features Matt Wallace from Pro-Line Racing. We have known Matt for quite a while now, and it's always great to chat with him and get his view of how things are going in the hobby. Matt has been with Pro-Line for about as long as we can remember, and he has always been a huge part of the innovation side of things while pushing Pro-Line forward with their amazing new products. Thanks again to Matt from Pro-Line Racing for taking the time to chat with us and give...


Big Squid Podcast – Episode 4

Episode 4 is ready to enter your eardrums, and we are glad you are here! This show features Joshua Barker, PR and Marketing Manager of MaxAmps, arguably one of the best known LiPO battery companies in the world. Joshua and Tim discuss all sorts of LiPO and battery myths, future tech, and general MaxAmps info. If you are curious about the world of LiPO this pod's for you. Thanks to Joshua from MaxAmps for participating in Episode 4 of the podcast. Click Here to see all of our Podcasts on...


Big Squid Podcast – Episode 3

Welcome to episode 3 of the Big Squid RC Podcast! This time around we have the pleasure of talking with Tom Allen, the vice president of RC4WD. RC4WD has been crushing it for years, and when it comes to the scale scene, there isn't really anyone doing it better. Tom gives some insight into the company, the products, and hopefully answers anything you may of always wanted to know about RC4WD. Most of the Big Squid RC crew has an RC4WD vehicle in their stable of vehicles, many of them stock,...


Big Squid RC Podcast – Episode 2

Welcome to episode number 2 of the Big Squid RC Podcast! This episode Tim chats with Patrick del Castillo from Castle Creations and discusses all things brushless. It does not matter if you are a air guy or a surface guy, experiencing a Castle system in your model is a must do! If you are in the bashing scene, the racing scene, or just about anything else that involves an electric motor, that (usually) green can will always bring a smile to your face. Please enjoy this second episode as...


Big Squid RC Podcast – Episode 1

Holy cow we have a podcast! We are excited that our first guest is Derek Wagner from Horizon Hobby! Derek offered some great info and insight with us and our readers / listeners covering all sorts of Horizon brands from ECX and Losi to Vaterra plus everything in between! Tim Gluth did a great job of putting the podcast together, and we are looking forward to many more. We have been kicking around the idea for a while, but finally people have convinced us to make it happen! We have a bunch of...