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Ep. 016: Emile Cambry Unplugged

Episode of 16 of Black Tech Unplugged features Emile Cambry, Jr. Emile is a business professor, filmmaker, and social entrepreneur born, raised in Chicago. Mr. Cambry’s largest project to date was founding the technology and entrepreneurship incubator, BLUE1647, expanding to several different locations across the Midwest. Rounding out Mr. Cambry’s experiences include being named on Ebony Magazine’s Power 100, The Root Power 100, Chicago Crains Tech 50, a Top 100 Innovator in Chicago by the...


Ep. 015: Dr. Jeremy Marguder- Waisome Unplugged

Episode 15 of Black Tech Unplugged features Dr. Jeremy Magruder-Waisome. Dr. Waisome is a graduate of the University of Florida's (UF) Department of Civil & Coastal Engineering where she obtained her bachelors and masters of science and doctorate of philosophy degrees. She currently serves as Postdoctoral Associate in the Computer & Information Sciences & Engineering Department at UF and Project Manager of the National Science Foundation Broadening Participation in Computing Alliance:...


Ep. 014: Dr. Kortney Ziegler & Tiffany Mikell Unplugged

Episode of 14 of Black Tech Unplugged features two brilliant guests, Dr. Kortney Ziegler (Director of Research & Design) and Tiffany Mikell (Managing Director)of ZamLabs. ZaMLabs, Inc is an Idea to Seed Tech Incubator for Mad Scientists & Social Engineers. Their core area of focus is solving problems for the world's most marginalized communities. Their portfolio to-date includes Trans*H4CK, BlackStarLaunch (Sunset), AerialSpaces & Appolition. On this episode, Tiffany, Kortney, and I...


Episode 013: Antonio Brasse Unplugged

Episode of 13 of Black Tech Unplugged features Antonio Brasse. Antonio is the founder and CEO of BlockQuake LLC, which will be the most regulatory friendly crypto. Antonio has experience in finance, operations, investments and technology audits. He holds a BS in Accounting and a BS in Computer Science. Being the technology auditor that understands the business has been very helpful in his career. Another important fact is that this is another LIVE episode! This time Black Tech Unplugged...


Ep 11: Dawn Dickson Unplugged

On episode 11 of Black Tech Unplugged I chat with the phenomenal Dawn Dickson. Known as a serial entrepreneur by most, her journey in tech is something unique. As a woman who’s always stayed ahead of the curve you’ll truly enjoy listening to Dawn’s journey through the tech industry thus far. In this episode we discuss: • How Dawn went from the newsroom to the tech industry • About Dawn's first tech company • How to adapt when you are ahead of your time • How to stay learning no matter what...


Ep. 10: Felecia Hatcher-Pearson & Derick Pearson Unplugged

On episode 10 of Black Tech Unplugged I chat with Felecia Hatcher-Pearson ( & Derick Pearson (, husband/wife duo and creators of Black Tech Week ( Not only do we talk tech in this episode, but we also talk about how real life and tech truly correlate.Also, Derick & Felecia have created numerous businesses so of course we had to talk lessons and tips so future tech entrepreneurs can have an upper hand in the game!...


Ep. 08: Fred Mwangaguhunga Unplugged

On this episode of Black Tech Unplugged I chat with Fred Mwangaguhunga, founder of the infamous website mediatakeout. Yes that's right the owner of THAT gossip site we've all read a time or two. You're probably wondering why is the founder of mediatakeout on a tech podcast... Well there's more to Fred than you would ever know, but you're gonna learn today! With a JD/MBA in Law from Colombia University, accompanied by an intuitive knack for business, Fred Mwangaguhunga made his opening...


Ep. 05: Black Tech Mecca Unplugged (Part 2)

On this bonus episode of Black Tech Unplugged I speak to Fabian Elliot and Dineo (Dee) Seakamela on a more personal note. In the first episode, we spoke about Black Tech Mecca and it's goals and mission. This episode we speak about them as individuals in the tech industry. This includes working together as a married couple. I did mention they were married right? Listen to their advice and tips for working with a spouse, how they got into tech and much more! Full show notes here:...


Ep. 05: Black Tech Mecca Unplugged (Part 1)

On this episode of Black Tech Unplugged I have the pleasure of speaking with Fabian Elliot and Dineo (Dee) Seakamela, the co-founders of Black Tech Mecca. Black Tech Mecca’s mission is to ensure Black people are full participants in the global technology sector. BTM uses data to paint a clearer picture of Black participation in local tech ecosystems. Their goal is to democratize the tech sector, ecosystem by ecosystem.


Ep. 04: Rohan Gilkes Unplugged

Rohan Gilkes is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder/CEO of Innclusive, a platform that allows you to rent unique, local accommodations on any budget, anywhere in the world. Rohan also serves as a thought leader in customer acquisition and local inter-mediation, bringing seekers and providers of local services together using technology. He serves on the advisory board of a number of local startups and has developed and presented business case studies for Catholic University MBA program and...


Ep. 01 Deena McKay Unplugged

The very first episode of Black Tech Unplugged is out! And what better way to learn more about the host than having her share her story? Jump right in and learn about Deena McKay, not only the woman behind this podcast, but also her journey as a Black women in tech. Full show notes:


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