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The biggest names, the latest news, and leading insights from the field. Podcasts, interviews, technology demonstrations, and commentary from industry experts. Get more at

The biggest names, the latest news, and leading insights from the field. Podcasts, interviews, technology demonstrations, and commentary from industry experts. Get more at
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The biggest names, the latest news, and leading insights from the field. Podcasts, interviews, technology demonstrations, and commentary from industry experts. Get more at




Blind Bargains Qast 185: Cocaine Poodle Whammy

June usually finds us talking about Apple and games thanks to WWDC and E3 respectively. Jesse Anderson slides down a warp pipe to talk about the big gaming event, his recent purchase of an Oculus Quest and his speaking engagement at the Games Accessibility Conference this past March in San Francisco. We have news and a great report on cord cutting in "Sound Off". And possibly the wildest tip we've had in quite some time. So, grab your power gloves and listen in to hear what J.J. calls...


Blind Bargains Qast 184: The Wheels On The Mac Go Round And Round

Thousands of developers and programmers headed west to San Jose for Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference this week. And our own BBQ Crew Member Shelly Brisbin was amongst the attendees during the main keynote. Tune in to hear an on-the-spot report from her, as well as, Byron Lee and Scott Davert joining Joe to discuss the big announcements in this wrap up format show. Sponsor: AIRA The Blind Bargains Qast is excited to bring you the new "Game of Words" contest that lets you work with...


Blind Bargains Qast 183: TapTap W3C

The long U.S. holiday, that coincides with the release of episode 182, was good for the BBQ Crew as we return refreshed and renewed. Proof is in the recordings they say, okay we're the only ones who say that really, as we come to you with actual news. Also, Ricky stops by to talk about new hardware. A listener Oreo follow-up in "Sound Off", a tip plus a "Last Word" that any audio engineer would love rounds out this pre-WWDC show. Sponsor: AIRA The Blind Bargains Qast is excited to bring...


Blind Bargains Qast 182: Baby Shark Dream Reader

Features abound this week as we look at what's new for Windows 10 in the recently released 2019 Spring Update. Winston Chen joins us to give some amazing insight into the creation of the new VoiceDream Scanner app for iOS. We also tell you about a fantastic new contest where you can win an iPhone and other prizes from AIRA. And, on top of all that, we celebrate Mickey mouse's 90th birthday while humming a popular tune in the "Last Word". Time to watch those progress bars move ever so...


Blind Bargains Qast 181: Lego My Braigo

We have a treat in store this week. Sure there is Joe and J.J. saying blah, blah, blah news and silly things per the usual. And you would think that this is just your run of the mill episode. How about we tell you that Patrick is on board with some talk about Bluetooth devices? Yeah, now we piqued some interest. Of course we still have a tip featuring a Tile demo, "Sound Off", "Last Word" and a bit of a tease about an upcoming event to round things out too. C'mon and fire up those devices...


Blind Bargains Qast 180: The Second F

The BBQ Crew returns to the studio to delve into the highlights from the 2019 Google i/o keynote. We also have an interview with a maker of some tasty products, Angela Fowler of Gliding Eagle Jerky. And David Ward stops by again to pass along another Amazon Echo tip. All of this, plus the "Last Word", is in store for you in episode 180. Discussion Topic: 2019 Google i/o J.J. and joe give their hot takes on the keynote. Here are some of the stories that powered their conversation about...


Blind Bargains Qast 179: Be My AI

This week finds J.J. on the road, and recording from April's Michigan AER convention. Joe is preparing for his return trip to Starkville to teach A.T. for MSU. And is not totally doing accessibility testing of the recent release of Mortal Kombat 11. Nope, not at all testing the new spoken menus in the game. Er, um, this week is a features format of the BBQ with an interview with Microsoft and Be My Eyes. David Ward joins us for the first time with a submitted tip. Also, there are some new...


Blind Bargains Qast 178: Smart Beagle

Time for some spring cleaning as the BBQ Crew sweeps out the cobwebs from the studio for an actual, gasp! in-studio recording of a podcast. Karthik Kannan drops by to pull back the studio curtains to shed some light in here, and on what's happening with Envision AI. A tip, "Sound Off" and a non-food-related "Last Word" round out the episode. Don't get too comfortable or we'll ask you to grab a dust pan and join us in cleaning up the place on BBQ 178. In The News: The Orbit Reader is...


Blind Bargains Qast 177: #CSUNATC19 Wrap Up Canes Vs. Swords

It has been an amazing time in Anaheim with tons of interviews now placed on the feed for your downloading pleasure. But we can t put a bow on CSUNATC19 coverage until the BBQ Crew sits down and raps about it during our annual wrap up show. J.J. and Joe are joined by Shelly, Chancy and Ricky in the BBQ Broadcast Suite from the fabulous Anaheim Hilton. The group describes aspects of the convention hotel, the elevators and the new registration process before moving on to their thoughts on...


#CSUNATC19 Sponsored Audio: APH Is Bringing The Community Together To Impact The World At Large

Blind Bargains Qast 175 featured a discussion about the recent Indoor Navigation Symposium, hosted by the American Printing House for the Blind. This kind of event is designed to bring together experts in their respective fields in order to foster collaboration. Craig Meador, president of APH, and Jose Gaztambide, CEO of the newly formed Access Explorer, offer J.J. an opportunity to learn more about how APH is looking to create more partnerships in key areas moving forward. Products like...


#CSUNATC19 Audio: LS&S Would Like To Report A U.F.O. Sighting Over Anaheim

Each year s tour of the LS&S booth offers a massive information dump on the new and incredible products making their public debut. Jason Neeland, Senior Account Manager for LS&S, brings J.J. along on a closer look at a few of the newest offerings. The pair discuss a high tech pill bottle called the I Remember, the FDK Arm Blood Pressure Unit, an Atomic Talking Keychain, a new Adjustable Liquid Level Indicator, the newly revised Ti 30XS Talking Scientific Calculator and you will just have...


#CSUNATC19 Audio: A Deeper Dive Into The Process Of Updates And NV Access

The Blind Bargains Suite almost needed an adjoining room to fit all the participants from NV Access involved with this interview. Mick Curran (Executive Director and founder), James Boreham (General Manager), Reef Turner (Developer and Quentin Christensen (Training & Support Manager take J.J. on a whirlwind tour of the newest features of NVDA. braille display auto detection, enhanced support for Office 365 through UI Automation and the ability to use the Windows 10 One Core voices are...


#CSUNATC19 Audio: Long Distance Viewing With Longer Lasting Solutions For NorthState AT

Some traditions are hard to break. And even though we are not in San Diego any longer, Joe still managed to find Cory Hanosh , President of NorthState Assistive Technology, to see what was new at their booth. The company has shown off portable magnification before on larger Android tablets, and a product sporting a Lenovo computer, so it comes as no surprise that the latest Video Magnifier uses a Surface Pro for its display. The Revo2Go-WIN All-in-one Portable Magnifier, Windows 10 Tablet...


#CSUNATC19 Audio: Feel Books And More With Feelif

Books can be so boring just sitting there and not responding to your touch or swipes. It would be so cool if you could tactually interact with them somehow. Well, Rebecca Zerovnik, Business Developer for Feelif, gives Shelly an opportunity to do just that with the many products the company is hoping to bring to the U.S. soon. Each device utilizes a Samsung phone or tablet, with a tactile overlay, to give a user the ability to learn more about pictures and text through haptics and sound....

#CSUNATC19 Audio: Row, Row, Row your Code Jumper

I'm not going to lie. The interview I was looking forward to the most in Anaheim was with the American Printing House's Director of Sales Dave Wilkinson, who promised that I could play with toys and maybe learn a thing or two. Code Jumper is a completely hands-on tool to teach basic coding concepts to kids and even adults through the use of interactive audio pods. We get an extended hands-on in this podcast where we try to fix things, and then proceed to break them again. We also talk...


#CSUNATC19 Audio: Sweet Unlimited Access To Your Docs And More With Grackle

It would be so cool if you could click a button and run one batch scan on a big old G Drive full of documents to check them for accessibility issues would it not? Well oddly enough Jeff Mills, one of the Co-Founders of Grackle, tells Joe that the company is working towards this very thing in an upcoming release of the product. And he notes that the new unlimited plan is active now. To learn more about this plan, and see more about the product in beta, visit the Grackle Docs website CSUN...


#CSUNATC19 Audio: Modern Embossing With BrailleBox And Index Braille

Checking an embossing job and editing Braille from your phone sounds like science fiction, however in this interview, you will learn that these features exist today. Bjorn Lofstedt, Owner & CEO of Index Braille, provides J.J. with information about the BrailleBox and what s new for the v5 embosser line. To learn more, and to check out the other products not mentioned in this interview, visit the Index Braille website CSUN 2019 coverage is Brought to you by AFB AccessWorld. For the latest...


Blind Bargains Extra 176: Electrolytic Hipster Lunch Basket

Hi, how was your summer? See any good movies? TV? Read any books? So, yeah its been a while since our last episode. This little thing we try to avoid called real life got in the way. And we are really really sorry that happened. We are happy to be back on track with our little podcast and we are in no way recycling show notes from Episode Number 9, Number 9, number .. er um 9 a lot. The RockStar and Ranger are back with a new victim, seems HR won't let us call them that anymore, 3rd Chair...


#CSUNATC19 Audio: Confident Navigator Addresses A Pressing Need For Public Accommodations

Public travel can be daunting for many people. And it is easy to take some aspects of common activities for granted. Tarah Ornelas, Joe Ornelas, and Brandon Kley, ALL Cofounders of Confident Navigator, discuss with J.J. the challenges that come from providing this service in a public space. To learn more, visit the Confident Navigator website CSUN 2019 coverage is Brought to you by AFB AccessWorld. For the latest news and accessibility information on mainstream and access technology,...


#CSUNATC19 Audio: Hey Google, Tell Me About IrisVision Live

The CSUN Exhibit Hall contains many Video Magnification products that might look the same at first glance. Tom Perski, Vice President of Professional and Consumer Outreach for IrisVision Global, explains to Shelly what sets IrisVision apart from others in the field. Samsung driven hardware, voice control and the Google Assistant are all features of the IrisVision Live platform. And these same features are available as upgrades for existing users of the product. To learn more, visit the...