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Blockchain Disruption is a podcast dedicated to giving our listeners access to the top names in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency innovation. Every week we’ll be bringing you interviews with experts on currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, along with founders of exciting use cases for Blockchain technology. If you’ve ever wondered what Blockchain can actually change, or what impact it will have on your life, this is the show for you.

Blockchain Disruption is a podcast dedicated to giving our listeners access to the top names in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency innovation. Every week we’ll be bringing you interviews with experts on currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, along with founders of exciting use cases for Blockchain technology. If you’ve ever wondered what Blockchain can actually change, or what impact it will have on your life, this is the show for you.
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Blockchain Disruption is a podcast dedicated to giving our listeners access to the top names in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency innovation. Every week we’ll be bringing you interviews with experts on currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, along with founders of exciting use cases for Blockchain technology. If you’ve ever wondered what Blockchain can actually change, or what impact it will have on your life, this is the show for you.






EP.46: Building the Future of the Mortgage Industry on the Blockchain - Joe Markham

The mortgage process is terrible for almost everyone involved. Outdated paperwork and countless data silos make the journey slow and tedious, especially for the parties seeking the mortgage. In this interview, Joe Markham, CEO and founder of Block66, shares how blockchain could power a new breed of mortgage lending platform that leverages the technology to increase transparency and streamline the deployment of capital in the real estate industry.


EP.45: How to Build Compliant ICOs - Matthew Unger

In the new and burgeoning ICO sector, there are a lot of questions about how to build compliant technologies and companies without compromising the effectiveness of their blockchain applications. In this interview, Matthew Unger shares why his company, iComply remains technologically agnostic so that new blockchains, mesh networks, or centralized trading systems can be integrated in a regulated manner. Listen to hear how compliance and governance can be incorporated for the growing ICO...


EP.44: How Blockchain and AI Will Change the Way We Automate Knowledge Work - Rob May

The AI community needs a more universal infrastructure to increase trust and remove security issues throughout the industry. As algorithms become more powerful, it's important to consider how they will be managed as they automate all kinds of work. In this interview, Rob May, Founder and CEO of BotChain, shares how blockchain can help AI developers reduce malicious bot activity, the spread of fake news, and other unintended consequences that the technology may create.


EP.43: How Blockchain Will Disrupt Logistics and Shipping - Sloane Brakeville

The logistics and shipping industry is ripe for disruption. With disparate software solutions that create data silos and other operational challenges for supply chain stakeholders, the industry is in need of a new operational layer that can improve interoperability. Blockchain could help supply chain companies increase efficiency. In this interview, Sloane Brakeville shares the ways in which blockchain will bring change to the supply chain and what opportunities exist for early adopters.


EP.42: How to Manage Cryptocurrency Wallets and Keep Your Information Secure - Paul Puey

Managing cryptocurrency and other digital assets can be a daunting task for a lot of people, largely because of how new they are and how quickly these assets are evolving. In this episode, Paul Puey, Edge CEO comes back to share wallet basics, why non-custodial solutions offer some of the safest ways to store your currency, and how you can make better decisions when storing your crypto assets. If you're interested in buying crypto and want to know how to do it safely, definitely give this a...


EP.41: Special Interview. ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees On The Future of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

If you have been exploring how to buy and sell cryptocurrency, you’ve probably come across ShapeShift. The company has been helping its customers exchange assets since 2014, making them one of the most established financial services in the growing crypto ecosystem. ShapeShift's CEO Erik Voorhees is one of the most well-known names in the blockchain movement. In this interview, Erik shares the future of cryptocurrency exchanges and what regulators should know about the fast-evolving...


EP.40: How Blockchain is Bringing Advertising Attribution to Mobile Apps - Charles Manning

The advertising industry is plagued by fraud and harmful data practices. Fortunately, blockchain entrepreneurs are quickly working on solutions that will help reduce some of these abuses. Charles Manning is the CEO of Kochava & XCHNG. In this episode, Charles talks about the intersection of blockchain and advertising and how the technology can be used to prevent problematic practices in the industry.


EP.39: Taking Digital Collectibles Further Than CryptoKitties - David Yu

CryptoKitties was revolutionary in that it opened everyone’s eyes to the possibility of scarce digital collectibles on the blockchain. It did not, however, gain mainstream appeal and has never risen to very high user numbers. Despite their overhyped beginnings, digital collectibles have real potential if they successfully demonstrate their value compared to existing digital assets. In this interview, David Yu shares what's needed to drive more mainstream adoption of emerging digital...


EP.38: How Blockchain Can Help Fight The Opioid Epidemic - Michael Brunner

Pharma is an industry that's jumping on almost every technological bandwagon, and blockchain is no exception. In this interview, Michael Brunner, the CEO of BlockMedx, shares the implications of better provenance for pharmaceuticals and how blockchain can be applied to solve problems for patients. If you've wondered what potential uses exist for blockchain in healthcare and the opioid crisis, check out this episode!


EP.37: Not All Decentralized Systems are Blockchains - Mance Harmon

There's a lot of hype surrounding cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, but when you break it down what everyone's really excited about is decentralized systems and distributed ledgers. Mance Harmon is the CEO and Co-Founder of Hedera Hashgraph, a DLT platform. In this interview, Mance shares what the future of DLT looks like, and why there's more to the conversation than the blockchains we all know and love!


EP.36: Gitcoin Founder on the Future of Open Source Development - Kevin Owocki

Frequently developers don't directly benefit from the open source projects they contribute to, which is why sometimes it helps to have incentives involved. Kevin Owocki, head of the Gitcoin project, is working to incentivize open source software development in the blockchain sector. In this interview, Kevin shares the importance of open source development for decentralized systems, how to encourage open source innovation, and what the future of open source looks like.


EP.35: How Blockchain Can Help Users Get Paid When Advertisers Use Their Data - Neil Sweeney

Advertisers use your data every day. They also make money while using it. In this interview, serial entrepreneur Neil Sweeney shares that most consumer data profiles are worth $200 a month. Killi is a blockchain platform working to bridge the gap between consumers and advertisers, to help consumers benefit financially from the use of their data. Throughout the interview, Neil shares how blockchain will disrupt existing advertising paradigms, why they should be disrupted, and what the future...


EP.34: Using Blockchain to Upgrade the Freelance Economy with Bounties - Simona Pop

Freelancing is on the rise. Whether it's super inexpensive tasks on Amazon's MTurk, or higher level knowledge work that occurs on platforms like Upwork, the number of platforms emerging to connect freelancers with customers is increasing. In this interview, Simona Pop from Bounties Network shares why some freelancers prefer crypto bounties over incumbents, and what the future of the freelancing economy will look like on the blockchain!


EP.33: How Blockchain Can Solve Identity Verification for Enterprise - Armin Ebrahimi

Enterprise organizations are tasked with collecting all kinds of personal data. Employee identity, vendor verification, and login data are just a few examples of the critical information enterprises need to keep secure. Costly hacks have increased interest in decentralized identity verification, particularly at the enterprise level. In this interview, Armin Ebrahimi shares why companies are flocking to decentralized identity tools and what the future of identity management looks like in...


EP.32: Building Cryptocurrencies that Last - Sebastian Schepis

Launching an ICO has become commonplace, but launching bigger altcoins dates back several years before ICOs took off. In this interview, Sebastian Schepis, one of the Co-Founders of Syscoin and the current CIO for Blockchain Foundry, shares the journey of creating Syscoin which started small, ballooned to a top 100 market cap cryptocurrency, along with what it takes to launch ICOs and new currencies today!


EP.31: Reinventing Revenue Models for the Music Industry - Stephen Brett

The last great disruption in the music industry was kicked off by Napster, and made mainstream with the launch of iTunes. Like it's predecessors, blockchain is poised to completely disrupt the music industry by reinventing revenue models, empowering artists to receive payments independently, and creating micro-investment models that will incentivize big labels to back smaller bands. In this interview, Stephen Brett shares why the music industry is so well suited for blockchain solutions, and...


EP.30: Building the Future of Ethereum with ConsenSys Capital - Andrew Keys

The blockchain industry is developing at a rapid pace, and as a result, a lot of people have questions as to which projects are trustworthy and which ones might be gone tomorrow after raising tens of millions of dollars. In this episode, Andrew Keys, who heads up ConsenSys Capital, shares valuable insights on how ConsenSys evaluates the potential of a project and their roadmap for future growth. Listen in if you want to learn how one of the biggest names in crypto allocates their resources...


EP.29: How Blockchain Will Disrupt Ticketing and Events - Shiv Madan

Tickets seem like an invention from the stone age. Countless events, sporting, concerts, theatres, etc. still rely on outdated ticket management systems and paper tickets. In this interview, Shiv Madan, CEO of Blockparty shares how blockchain could end scalping and fraud, make ticketing a much more streamlined part of the event experience, and bring the events industry into the digital age. If you've ever bought a fake ticket, or been frustrated while waiting in line, this episode is a must...


EP.28: Using Blockchain to Drive Participation in Games - Dylan Jones

In the current digital gaming marketplace, there are tons of barriers to entry when it comes to drawing attention to your game, and keeping users engaged. Dylan Jones is the founder of Refereum, a platform aiming to reward gamers for participating while giving game developers a more transparent advertising and engagement model. In this interview, Dylan shares how decentralized solutions can help drive innovation in the gaming industry, and how blockchain might transform the way gamers engage...


EP.27: How Blockchain is Driving Social Innovation - ConsenSys Impact - Ben Siegel

Decentralized systems can solve a host of social issues, but they require a critical eye, and continued guidance to make sure they are executed with the end user in mind. In this interview, Ben Siegel, the project lead at ConsenSys Social Impact, shares how blockchain can protect the rights of citizens, and whether or not self-sovereign identity is attainable in the near term. If you care about social impact and want to know how blockchain can help, give this interview a listen!