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Blockchain Disruption is a podcast dedicated to giving our listeners access to the top names in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency innovation. Every week we’ll be bringing you interviews with experts on currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, along with founders of exciting use cases for Blockchain technology. If you’ve ever wondered what Blockchain can actually change, or what impact it will have on your life, this is the show for you.

Blockchain Disruption is a podcast dedicated to giving our listeners access to the top names in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency innovation. Every week we’ll be bringing you interviews with experts on currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, along with founders of exciting use cases for Blockchain technology. If you’ve ever wondered what Blockchain can actually change, or what impact it will have on your life, this is the show for you.
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Blockchain Disruption is a podcast dedicated to giving our listeners access to the top names in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency innovation. Every week we’ll be bringing you interviews with experts on currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, along with founders of exciting use cases for Blockchain technology. If you’ve ever wondered what Blockchain can actually change, or what impact it will have on your life, this is the show for you.






EP.31: Reinventing Revenue Models for the Music Industry - Stephen Brett

The last great disruption in the music industry was kicked off by Napster, and made mainstream with the launch of iTunes. Like it's predecessors, blockchain is poised to completely disrupt the music industry by reinventing revenue models, empowering artists to receive payments independently, and creating micro-investment models that will incentivize big labels to back smaller bands. In this interview, Stephen Brett shares why the music industry is so well suited for blockchain solutions, and...


EP.30: Building the Future of Ethereum with ConsenSys Capital - Andrew Keys

The blockchain industry is developing at a rapid pace, and as a result, a lot of people have questions as to which projects are trustworthy and which ones might be gone tomorrow after raising tens of millions of dollars. In this episode, Andrew Keys, who heads up ConsenSys Capital, shares valuable insights on how ConsenSys evaluates the potential of a project and their roadmap for future growth. Listen in if you want to learn how one of the biggest names in crypto allocates their resources...


EP.29: How Blockchain Will Disrupt Ticketing and Events - Shiv Madan

Tickets seem like an invention from the stone age. Countless events, sporting, concerts, theatres, etc. still rely on outdated ticket management systems and paper tickets. In this interview, Shiv Madan, CEO of Blockparty shares how blockchain could end scalping and fraud, make ticketing a much more streamlined part of the event experience, and bring the events industry into the digital age. If you've ever bought a fake ticket, or been frustrated while waiting in line, this episode is a must...


EP.28: Using Blockchain to Drive Participation in Games - Dylan Jones

In the current digital gaming marketplace, there are tons of barriers to entry when it comes to drawing attention to your game, and keeping users engaged. Dylan Jones is the founder of Refereum, a platform aiming to reward gamers for participating while giving game developers a more transparent advertising and engagement model. In this interview, Dylan shares how decentralized solutions can help drive innovation in the gaming industry, and how blockchain might transform the way gamers engage...


EP.27: How Blockchain is Driving Social Innovation - ConsenSys Impact - Ben Siegel

Decentralized systems can solve a host of social issues, but they require a critical eye, and continued guidance to make sure they are executed with the end user in mind. In this interview, Ben Siegel, the project lead at ConsenSys Social Impact, shares how blockchain can protect the rights of citizens, and whether or not self-sovereign identity is attainable in the near term. If you care about social impact and want to know how blockchain can help, give this interview a listen!


EP.26: How Blockchain Will Change Employment and Compensation - Crystal Stranger

Whether it's the sharing and freelancer economies replacing traditional work, or technology making it easier to employ people, the HR world is being disrupted on a daily basis. Crystal Stranger is an HR & Tax guru, who started advising friends and clients about the tax impact of their crypto investments. Crystal shares how Smart Contracts can impact employment relationships, the future of blockchain and crypto tax regulation, and where HR Technology and blockchain will intersect in the near...


EP.25: Creating a Privacy Layer for Decentralized Applications - Tor Bair

When it comes to creating privacy solutions for cloud systems, there's no quick fix. What's required is a shift in thinking from centralized systems to decentralized ones. Enigma is working to build privacy layers for decentralized systems while helping organizations continue to use, mine, process data as users allow. In this episode, Tor Bair shares how blockchain can help protect data while keeping it useful for the numerous applications organizations can use it for.


EP.24: How to Create Trading Signals for Cryptocurrency Markets - Timothy Tam

Cryptocurrency trading is in a wild wild west phase, and newcomers need to do everything they can to understand both the technology and crypto markets, before investing any money. In this interview, Timothy Tam, Co-founder of CoinFi, shares insights on where crypto trading technology is headed and what investors can expect in the near term. Timothy's insights will help listeners understand what challenges come with trading in crypto, and some suggestions on how to be a smarter investor.


EP.23: Bridging the Gap Between Blockchain Startups and Enterprise Incumbents - Ritika Singh

If you’ve been researching blockchain or listening to this show, you know that the applications for the technology are many. However, it can be tough to evaluate whether or not your blockchain startup is solving a clear problem in the market or if a blockchain solution is right for your company. In this interview, we chat with Ritika Singh, CEO and Founder of InnCreTech, about how enterprise-level organizations develop blockchain solutions for their businesses.


EP.22: Blockchain Emergency Services for Communities in Need - Mark Jeffrey

If the recent onslaught of reporting on extreme weather events has taught us anything, it’s that emergency services infrastructures vary wildly depending on region. Digital solutions may help communities to create emergency response networks to help one another stay safe and healthy in times of need. In this interview, I connect with Mark Jeffrey, founder of Guardian Circle. If you’ve ever been interested in how Blockchain can benefit developing communities, definitely check this episode out!


EP.21: Rewriting How Content is Distributed with Blockchain - Ted O’Neill

Publishing is broken. While digital platforms have forced media and publishing companies to rethink their distribution strategies, the lion's share of power and subsequently profits is left for a smaller group of big publishers. In this interview, I talk with Ted O’Neill, CEO and Founder of Narrative, a content creation and distribution platform. Ted and I discuss the future of content creation and publishing, and how Blockchain can help transform the industry as his company prepares for an...


EP.20: How Blockchain Can Democratize Graphics Rendering - Kalin Stoyanchev

The entertainment industry is being rapidly disrupted by tech companies, streaming services, and subscription-based content models. The massive computing power required to process visual and graphics data frequently forces small creators and firms to outsource their visual rendering to companies with more computing power. In this interview, Kalin Stoyanchev and I discuss the ways in which blockchain can remove barriers in the entertainment industry and help democratize content creation.


EP.19: Creating Financial Services for Crypto Investors - Joseph Kelly

While it's clear that blockchain is going to disrupt traditional banking services, it's also clear that as cryptocurrencies gain further adoption people need financial vehicles for using them. In this interview, Joe Kelly, CEO of Unchained Capital and I discuss the future of financial services for cryptocurrency users. If you've wondered whether or not cryptocurrencies will receive the same kind of financial infrastructure as fiat currencies, give this episode a listen.


EP.18: Special Interview. Amanda Gutterman, ConsenSys CMO on Marketing Ethereum

If you follow blockchain innovation or the Ethereum ecosystem, you know about ConsenSys. Amanda Gutterman is the Chief Marketing Officer for ConsenSys, and she's been at the center of marketing use cases for the Ethereum blockchain. Amanda took some time to sit down with us and share what it's been like leading marketing at one of the world's leading blockchain companies. If you're interested in what it takes to convince people of the importance of blockchain disruption, definitely listen to...


EP.17: Tokenizing Real Estate to Create Fractional Ownership Models - Connor O'Day

Real estate is ripe for blockchain disruption. In this interview, I connect with Connor O'Day from Meridio, a company aiming to tokenize properties to create fractional ownership models for commercial and rental properties. If you've dabbled in real estate transactions, bought a house, or plan to someday, check out this episode to find out how blockchain might improve the experience!


EP.16: Monitoring Cryptocurrency Performance with EthWatch Founder - Rebecca Qian

Tracking cryptocurrency performance for new investors poses a lot of challenges. Unlike stock markets, cryptocurrencies trade 24/7. In this interview, I talk with Rebecca Qian about what it's like launching one of these platforms and why it's so important to provide investors with better tools for evaluating cryptocurrency performance. If you're curious about investing in crypto, or in how monitoring systems might improve your understanding, definitely give this one a listen!


EP.15: Driving Enterprise Adoption of Blockchain Technologies with Former CNN Anchor Brian Jenkins

The blockchain industry is growing at a rapid pace, and as a result, leaders are flocking from all kinds of careers. Brian Jenkins is a former CNN Anchor, who found his way to blockchain from interviewing key thought leaders and now leads business development for BusinessBlock, a firm working on helping enterprises implement blockchain solutions. In this interview, Brian and I discuss how to drive adoption, why enterprises are jumping on-board, and what the future of blockchain and...


EP.14: Crypto-backed Fiat Loans are Bringing Liquidity to Cryptocurrency Holders - Jason Urban

For a lot of crypto investors who are bullish on their holdings, they'd like to invest in new projects but they don't want to liquidate their assets. Insert crypto-backed fiat loans. In this interview, Jason Urban and I discuss why lenders offer these kinds of loans, and what the future of crypto lending holds. If you're sitting on crypto and want it to work harder for you, or if you're a lender thinking about how to access more crypto asset holders, definitely give this one a listen!


EP.13: A Bold Take on How to Solve Scalability for Blockchains - Uri Klarman

If you’re new to blockchain, you may just be finding out about the scalability debate. The short version is that making distributed systems move quickly is hard. The long version is, well... long. In this interview, we talk with Uri Klarman, CEO of bloXroute Labs, a company coming up with feasible scalability solutions. Uri and his team have made some bold claims about how to solve scalability! If you're looking for answers on how to solve scalability issues, definitely give this episode a...


EP.12: How Blockchain Will Disrupt Cloud Storage - Bill Cordes

Most people don't know where they'd be without iCloud and Google Drive. The trouble is, these centralized platforms create all kinds of security and privacy concerns, and they also lock users into one company's view of how their data should be accessed. In this episode, we discuss with Bill Cordes why cloud storage is ripe for blockchain disruption. If you've ever complained about running out of space on your smartphone, or if you care about the security of your cloud data, this is the...