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Reaching the informed B2B buyer (and their networks) - an informal podcamp session with Jon Reed

In this interactive live discussion from Western Mass Podcamp 2018, Jon shares his views on researching the so-called informed buyer, and why marketing and sales must change. Participants from the session share their own challenges, and Jon hits on the dynamics of winning (and sustaining) attention, and why topic authority and opt-in audiences are essential. He explains why social media is useless without content, and why content is useless without a clear business identity. The role of...


Acumatica Summit 2018 in review - the quest for modern ERP

In their Nashville sit down, Brian Sommer and Jon Reed break down Acumatica Summit 2018, with an eye towards what constitutes modern ERP software (and modern go-to-market). The guys discuss the big takeaways and talk about the reasons behind Acumatica’s growth surge. Topics include the challenge ERP vendors face with external (big) data and IoT, as well as Acumatica’s approach to next-gen (AI, ML, etc). They wrap by discussing Acumatica’s challenges and what other vendors can learn from...


XeroCon 2 - blockchain, AI, and arguing about banking innovation

In part two of their XeroCon 2017 sit down, Jon Reed and Brian Sommer continue hashing what XeroCon needs to do for cloud financials traction in the U.S. They move on to discuss Xero’s stance on cryptocurrency and blockchain, and more on AI and predictive. Jon also tricks Brian into revisiting his argument with the banking panel on the lack of big bank innovation. Finally, Brian and Jon unveil their name for Xero’s chatbot (which has yet to issue any chatbot announcements or plans, but...


Xero in review - talking clouds, AI, accountants, XeroCon and biz change with Brian Sommer

In the short version of Jon’s chat with Brian Sommer at XeroCon 2017, the guys settle into their makeshift podcast bunker to talk about how accountants are faring in their tech-driven push to become advisors - and why the surge of automation is forcing the issue. Alexa can’t save them from Austin’s crud weather, but they persist. The guys talk about the pros and cons of Xero’s plans for US expansion, and what value their users are deriving from a cloud financials platform. They kick around...


SAP TechEd Barcelona Review - Reed and Hirsch on Leonardo, cloud, and where SAP goes next

In their Barcelona tradition, Jon Reed of diginomica and SAP Mentor and cloud expert Dick Hirsch review the news, debates, and questions from SAP TechEd Barcelona 2017. They break down what they learned on Leonardo, along with questions about how SAP got away from process expertise in their positioning. Separating hype from reality includes a review of SAP’s blockchain pursuits, and why cloud requires a different level of pricing transparency. Can SAP flip the pricing script? The guys also...


Teamability and the art - and gotchas - of team-building

In this live podcast from Constellation Research’s Connected Enterprise 2017, Jon talks with the Teamability team about why team building is hard - and the unique method they bring. With the occasional bird chirping during our outdoor taping session, CEO Dr. Janice Presser and COO Mark Talaba share field examples and explain why the science of team building goes far beyond “good” and “bad” teams. Jon also gets into his own experience being tested by Teamability, what he learned, and the...


An inside look at how ERPfixers hopes to impact SAP consulting - with an on-demand platform

In this in-depth conversation with Paul Ovigele of ERPfixers, Ovigele gives an frank look at his goal of using an Uber-like platform to provide SAP customers with a new option to get their questions answered. Jon Reed of diginomica.com talks with Ovigele about the challenges ERPfixers has faced during a live sit down at SAP Controlling 2017. They also discuss the need for consulting to change - just like cloud has changed software business models. Jon also gets Ovigele’s answers to reader...


Talking Acumatica, modern ERP and business change with Brian Sommer

During this informal chat after the Acumatica analyst and R2 launch event, Jon Reed and Brian Sommer of diginomica delve into the role of modern ERP in the push towards business model change. After hashing out the latest Acumatica announcements, the guys talk about the components of modern ERP (UX, platform, data visibility) and why ring fending ERP is problematic when it comes to pursuing digital projects and integrating new external data sources. Yes, you can get Busting the Omnichannel...


FinancialForce Community Live - the podcast review

During this live on-site podcast with Jon Reed of diginomica and the usual suspect Brian Sommer (also a diginomica contributor), the guys hash out what they learned from a newsworthy FinancialForce user conference. This was the first time media/analysts were invited to a FinancialForce user conference, which generated plenty of discussions on customer value and sparks on the ADP partner announcement. Jon gets into highlights from the slew of customers FinancialForce lined up for him....


SAP UX from the inside out - Sam Yen on SAP Leonardo, design thinking and the challenges ahead

In part two of their live taping at Enterprise UX 2017, Jon Reed of diginomica.com talks with Sam Yen of SAP about their UX overhaul and the integral role design thinking plays in Leonardo - including project delivery. Yen also gives a glimpse into Hasso Plattner’s passion for design and how this impacts SAP’s UX challenges ahead. Also check the itunes channel for the full podcast archives. Yes, you can get Busting the Omnichannel on iTunes.


Enterprise UX as a change driver - live from #EUX17 with Sam Yen

In this impromptu. on-site podcast, Jon Reed of diginomica.com talks with Sam Yen of SAP about his presentation on driving organizational change through design. In this first of two podcasts with Reed and Yen, the guys hit on issues like the (relative) maturity of enterprise UX, and the big themes from Enterprise UX 2017, including breaking down silos. Yen critiques incremental innovation and makes the case for organization-wide design culture. Yen also gives his advice for non-designers...


Sapphire Now 2017 in review - disruption and being disrupted edition

In their traditional post-Sapphire Now live recording, Jon and Dick once again grab an empty meeting room, but this time, they are - fittingly enough - disrupted. But the taping goes on, as Jon and Dick talk through the major themes of the show, kicking off with the diginomica.com story Dick published before Sapphire Now 2017 on multi-cloud that caused a stir. The guys hit on Sap Cloud Platform and Cloud Foundry, debate whether S/4HANA Cloud was overlooked, and break down Leonardo. Dick...


Your tech keynote survival guide - a satirical riff with Brian Sommer

In this brief satirical effort, Brian and Jon present to you their “Vendor Innovation Keynote Survival Guide” and BS Detector. Advice for vendors on what not to do, advice for attendees, e.g. “bring your safety glasses.” The guys cover drones delivering pizza, auto-driving cars on stage, celebrity keynotes, stand-up comics from hell, and other keynote mishaps. We also cover all the hot topics that all vendor will suddenly be doing incredible amazing things with, e.g. the blockchain. Yes,...


How to build an enterprise tribe - tips and reflections with Mark Finnern

In the audio-only version of this informal video hangout from Mark Finnern’s departed treehouse, Finnern reflects with Jon Reed of diginomica on what he learned at SAP in the early days of building enterprise tribes. Now a consultant, Finnern explains why companies should be passionate about communities - not just for customers, but for competitive edge. Finnern also makes his case playfulness as a way of energizing companies and breaking down silos. The guys also discuss Finnern’s keys to...


Acumatica’s Jon Roskill on cloud ERP, the multi-cloud, and Acumatica’s direction

In this live, on-site podcast from the Acumatica Summit, Jon Reed of diginomica talks to Acumatica CEO Jon Roskill about the state of cloud ERP and Acumatica’s direction. Roskill shares his views on the multi-cloud and why customers expect to combine/integrate clouds without being tied to one vendor. The guys also discuss why open APis are key to modern ERP. Then there is the problem of project failure/cost overruns due to excessive customization. But can SaaS ERP, criticized as...


Hyperledger hacking and enterprise blockchain potentials - an informal chat

In this informal, audio-only Hangout, Jon Reed of diginomica talks with two enterprise blockchain enthusiasts about the potential of blockchain in the enterprise. Fresh off a Hyperledger hackathon event, Clive Boulton and Greg Misiorek share what they’ve learned, and why a couple of enterprisey dudes think that the enterprise is due for some enterprisey disruption. The guys also touch on Ethereum and why Hyperledger, a Linux project heavily supported by IBM and other players, seems to have...


Talking IoT use cases, smart cities and security - with Mrinal Wadhwa

In this live podcast from SAP TechEd Barcelona, Jon finally gets his schedule aligned with Mrinal Wadhwa of Fybr, which has a very interesting IoT play underway. The guys talk about Wadhwa’s career shifts, before moving to a deeper talk on Internet of Things use cases. Wadhwa shares customer projects with cities, and how those projects are designed and funded. The guys discuss what the IoT value is underneath the hype, and wrap with some words on IoT security. There is a bit of wind noise...


The SAP TechEd Review - Cloud and Devops with Dick Hirsch

In this SAP TechEd 2016 Barcelona review podcast, Jon Reed talks with cloud and DevOps expert and SAP Mentor Dick Hirsch about his reactions. The guys break down the high points of their meetings, with a look at digital transformation, Hybris and micro-services, IoT, and progress with SAP’s Apple iOS development partnership. They also explore the question: why isn’t there more DevOps at SAP TechEd? The impact of DevOps and pros/cons of micro-services are other topics the guys explore from...


Acumatica - reviewing their cloud ERP pursuits with Brian Sommer

After Acumatica’s analyst day, prior to the next-day launch of Acumatica 6, Jon Reed and Brian Sommer convene for an informal review of what they learned about Acumatica’s cloud ERP pursuits. After a bit of fun at the expense of non-disclosure agreements, Jon and Brian hit on the areas that stood out from the show, including a different approach to IoT and machine learning, the emphasis on a platform partners can build on, and the merits of a vertical cloud strategy. The guys also kick...


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