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Tech Talk: Updates from Brussels & a Preview of Tech Prom

It’s only February, but the proposals, rules, and regulations are coming out of Brussels rapidly. And as with GDPR, these proposals impact not just Europeans, but are driving policy debates globally. In this episode, CDT's EU lead Jens Henrik Jeppesen brings us the very latest from Europe. After that, we welcome the amazing Lee-Berkeley Shaw, CDT's Director of Development, who share details about our 25th Anniversary Tech Prom celebration. The event takes place April 23 in Washington, DC -...


Tech Talk: Examining the Electronic Monitoring of Youth in the Juvenile Justice System

Host Brian Wesolowski sits down with Catherine Crump. Electronic monitoring of young people in the juvenile justice system is on the rise nationwide. Despite the increase in usage, very little data actually exists about how the technology is being used and to what effect. That is, until now. Catherine Crump, a professor at the Berkeley School of Law, recently conducted a study on the use of electronic monitoring of youth in California. Her findings suggest that this technology is widening...


Digi Financing, FOSO -- Talking Tech w/ Steve Hollingworth & Charles Cooke, Seema Sueko, Lual Mayen

Host Brian Wesolowski sits down with Steve Hollingworth, of the Grameen Foundation. Access to financing is a major obstacle to alleviating poverty for millions of people around the world. The Grameen Foundation leverages data and technology to address this issue and in this episode we hear from their president about how they are doing that. Then, Brian takes you into our just-wrapped 2019 Future of Speech Online. At the event led by CDT, we asked six speakers to share what the future of...


IP & Justice, FOSO -- Talking Tech w/ Kimberly Tignor & Abdülhamit Bilici, Amber Baldet, Hoda Hawa

Host Brian Wesolowski first sits down with Kimberly Tignor, the Executive Director of the Institute for Intellectual Property and Justice. She highlights the work of the Institute and shares stories of how creators of all kinds have benefited from their efforts. Then, Brian takes you into our just-wrapped 2019 Future of Speech Online. At the event led by CDT, we asked six speakers to share what the future of speech looks like for a diversity of speakers. Here's the first three of those...


Visionary Pam, Algorithms and Housing -- Talking Tech w/ Pam Samuelson & Natasha Duarte

Host Brian Wesolowski sits down with the visionary Pam Samuelson, one of the leaders behind technology law and policy clinics. These clinics are helping answer some of today’s most pressing legal questions around tech and society, and Pam tells us more about how they got started and what they're tackling now. Then, Brian brings in CDT's Natasha Duarte to talk about changes the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development wants to make to its rules against housing discrimination. HUD...


Tech-splaining All Things 5G -- Talking Tech w/ Stan Adams

Host Brian Wesolowski sits down with CDT's Open Internet Counsel, Stan Adams, to discuss the latest installments in our series of technology explainers, called "Techsplanations." In these installments, Stan's broken down the basics of spectrum and network management, all building towards talking about the much hyped 5G network. If you've got questions on this technology, Stan answers it here. More from our Techsplanation series: More from the series on 5G:...


Taking a Tech Shabbat -- Talking Tech w/ Tiffany Shlain

Host Brian Wesolowski sits down with author, filmmaker, and founder of the Webby Awards Tiffany Shlain to talk about her latest book: "24/6: The Power of Unplugging One Day a Week." She brings her insight and tips from a 10-year journey with her family (including kids), taking 24 hours off each week from technological interaction. Get the book: More on Tiffany: More on our host, Brian: Attribution:...


Thinking About Broadband, 5G -- Talking Tech w/ Nicol Turner-Lee & Scott Turnbull

Host Brian Wesolowski brings in Dr. Nicol Turner Lee, a Fellow in the Center for Technology Innovation at the Brookings Institution. She has a forthcoming book, The Digitally Invisible: How the Internet is Creating the New Underclass. Together they discuss the implications of lacking broadband infrastructure and/ or access to high speed internet in communities across the country. Then, Brian sits down with Scott Turnbull, the Director of Technology for US Ignite, to discuss how 5G and other...


Summer Update, Privacy + Competition -- Talking Tech w/ Michelle Richardson & Avery Gardiner

Host Brian Wesolowski sits down with Director of Privacy & Data, Michelle Richardson, unpacking what the $5 billion dollar fine levied by the Federal Trade Commission against Facebook means and updating us on where things stand with a federal privacy law in the United States. Then Brian brings in Senior Fellow on Competition, Data, and Power, Avery Gardiner to talk about the latest on big tech and antitrust laws. More on CDT's privacy legislation efforts: More on...


Market Structure + Regs for Digital Platforms -- Talking Tech w/ Harold Feld

Calls for the regulation of so-called big tech are coming from all directions, and while the proposed interventions vary widely, a common refrain is that these companies have too much power. Host Brian Wesolowski sits down with author Harold Feld, Senior Vice President of Public Knowledge, about his new e-book, The Case for the Digital Platform Act. It takes a deeper look at some of the challenges posed by the increased power of digital platforms, and proposes the creation of a new U.S....


First Hand Experience At the Border -- Talking Tech w/ Alex Mensing & Harley Geiger

Host Brian Wesolowski sits down first with Pueblo Sin Fronteras' Alex Mensing, to discuss first hand-experience of enhanced screenings by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol at ports of entry – and why we should all be concerned. Then Brian sits down with Rapid7's Harley Geiger (CDT alum) and CDT's Michelle Richardson to talk about the data security angle to US privacy legislation, and why Congress seems to be not giving it the attention it deserves. More on Pueblo Sin Fronteras:...


EU Elections, Black Girl Nerds -- Talking Tech w/ JH Jeppesen, Vincenzo Tiani, Jamie Broadnax

Host Brian Wesolowski sits down with CDTEU's Jens-Henrik Jeppesen & Vincenzo Tiani to discuss the upcoming EU elections. The European Union has been driving a lot of change in tech and internet policy worldwide, so these elections have the potential to shake things up even more. Then Brian brings on Jamie Broadnax, the creator of the thriving online community Black Girl Nerds and previous Future of Speech Online speaker this past December. Jamie shares with us why she created the online...


Democratic Values, GRAIL -- Talking Tech w/ Nuala O'Connor & Stan Adams

Host Brian Wesolowski highlights CDT President & CEO Nuala O'Connor's remarks at this year's Tech Prom, where she challenged everyone to think about how they could help create technology that advances democratic values. Listen in for the full speech, and watch on CDT's YouTube channel if you'd like: Then, Brian brings in Stan Adams to talk about a new coalition between CDT and the R Street Institute around artificial intelligence, the newly formed GRAIL Network...


Apple, Encryption, and Privacy -- Talking Tech w/ Erik Neuenschwander

Host Brian Wesolowski sits down with Erik Neuenschwander, the Manager of User Privacy at Apple, to discuss a myriad of privacy issues. More on Erik: More on our host, Brian: Attribution: sounds used from Psykophobia, Taira Komori, BenKoning, Zabuhailo, bloomypetal, guitarguy1985, bmusic92, and offthesky of


Student Privacy, CDTEU in the CASA -- Talking Tech w/ Joy M. Bruce & Vincenzo Tiani

Host Brian Wesolowski sits down first with Joy M. Bruce, the executive director of CASA New Orleans, a nonprofit focused on the rights of abused and neglected children. She helps Brian put the focus on the impact data has on foster kids in the education system – alongside Keedy Bradley, who was part of the foster care system in New Orleans, and now interns with CASA. Then, Brian tackles the European Parliament's recent controversial adoption of the Copyright Directive, aimed at modernizing...


Deepfakes, Internet Art & Game of Thrones -- Talking Tech w/ Tara Vassefi & Sarah Jamison

This week, host Brian Wesolowski tackles "deepfakes:" images or videos created using fairly advanced technology that depict something that never really happened. In this episode we hear from Tara Vassefi of Truepic, a company that is working to address the implications of this serious issue. After that, Brian brings in D.C.-based artist Sarah Jamison, who draws her inspiration from the digital media that permeates our life. Her work will soon be on display at CDT’s DC offices, so be sure to...


Smart Walls & Free Speech -- Talking Tech w/ Mana Azarmi & Emma Llansó

In this episode, host Brian Wesolowski sits down with Mana Azarmi to explain the civil liberties concerns that come with a proposed "smart wall" on the southern border of the US. Then, Emma Llansó shares with Brian the latest on legal challenges to FOSTA, the bill aimed at addressing online trafficking –– but that is having serious unintended impacts on free speech. More on the smart wall from Mana: More on FOSTA from Emma: More on our host, Brian:...


Fiber, The Coming Revolution -- Talking Tech w/ Susan Crawford

Welcome to CDT’s Tech Talk, where we dish on tech and internet policy, while also explaining what these policies mean to our daily lives. I’m Tim Hoagland –– CDT’s Lead Designer, Digital Strategist, and resident Podcast Engineer, and I sat in for Brian this episode –– and it’s time to talk tech. This episode brings us Susan Crawford – author, and a professor at Harvard Law School. She digs into her most recent book, "Fiber: The Coming Tech Revolution—and Why America Might Miss It." More on...


CDT Starting the Conversation on US Federal Privacy -- Talking Tech w/ CDT's Privacy & Data Team

Tim Hoagland –– CDT’s lead designer, digital strategist, and resident podcast engineer –– steps up to the microphone and joins Tech Talk as host this week. CDT has been running full speed, and one key area of focus is getting the spotlight today – our Privacy & Data team's draft privacy legislation. Director Michelle Richardson joins Natasha Duarte and Joe Jerome to dig into the nitty gritty. More of CDT's federal privacy legislation work: Blog mentioned in podcast:...


Speaking Freely at FOSO 2019 -- Jewell Jones, Nick Alder, Maggie Mayhem, Shannon Watts

On December 7, 2018, the Center for Democracy & Technology, in partnership with the Freedom Forum Institute, Charles Koch Institute and WAMU's 1A, convened a one-day symposium on the future of speech online, the (second annual) "Freedom of Speech Online 2018." Video of the event: More on Jewell Jones: More on Nickecia "Nick" Alder: More on Maggie Mayhem: More on Shannon...