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Signals of Trustworthy VPNs -– Talking Tech w/ Joseph Jerome

CDT has launched a new initiative aimed at helping internet users better assess the trustworthiness of VPNs, and a number of VPN providers were active partners in this process. Host Brian Wesolowski sits down with Joseph Jerome to discuss the work he's spearheading, and why it's so essential. More info on the Signals of Trustworthy VPNs initiative: More on Joe: || email: More on our host, Brian: Attribution: sounds used...


CDT Takes On EDTECH –– Talking Tech w/ Elizabeth Laird, Hannah Quay-de la Vallee, Adarsh Mahesh

The Center for Democracy and Technology is ramping up its student privacy work – and here's your introduction to our new team: Elizabeth Laird, Student Privacy Senior Fellow Hannah Quay-de la Vallee, Senior Technologist Adarsh Mahesh, Research & Communications Associate More on our student privacy work: More on Elizabeth: More on Hannah: More on Adarsh:...


One EO's Impact, Medical Data Debunked –– Talking Tech w/ Nuala O'Connor & Adam Tanner

CDT President & CEO Nuala O'Connor sits down to discuss why Trump's executive order stopping the application of Privacy Act provisions to non-US persons is a critical mistake. She was originally part of the team at the Department of Homeland Security that helped develop the policy, and examines the dangers of it's repeal with host Brian Wesolowski. Then author and researcher Adam Tanner calls in to give us an understanding of the huge market out there for personal health data and who it is...


Data Privacy Day –– Talking Tech w/ Mike Kaiser

January 28th is Data Privacy Day and hopefully you all have plans to mark the day. Data Privacy Day is held each year to create awareness about the importance of privacy and protecting personal information - something everyone at CDT certainly believes in. Joining Brian to talk about this year's theme [“Respecting Privacy, Safeguarding Data, and Enabling Trust”] is Michael Kaiser, Executive Director of the National Cybersecurity Alliance. More on Data Privacy Day & NCA:


Startups & the Gig Economy – Talking Tech w/ Brian Park

When it comes to companies operating in the so-called “gig” economy, policy makers at all levels are likely to have a strong opinion. But regardless of one’s view, it’s hard to argue that many of these services are incredibly popular, both for those offering their services and for the users. We’ve already looked at this issue a bit through the lens of Section 230, as well as privacy policies, etc. But we have yet to look at this through the eyes of an actual entrepreneur. Joining Host Brian...


Weapons of Math Destruction –– Talking Tech w/ Cathy O’Neil

Is math biased? That seems like a silly question - in math there is right and wrong, so how could it possibly be biased. But humans use math and develop mathematical models and algorithms, and well, humans can certainly be biased. So, well, maybe math can in fact be biased. In her new book, Weapons of Math Destruction, Cathy O’Neil explores how big data is increasing inequality and threatening democracy - that is actually the subtitle for the book. More on Cathy: More...


Dangerous Precedent, Data Quality –– Talking Tech w/ Emma Llansó & Aimee Rogstad Guidera

Governments worldwide are grappling with ways to combat terrorism, and one channel they're exploring is engaging internet companies in blocking or removing online extremist content. Host Brian Wesolowski brings in CDT’s Director of Free Expression, Emma Llansó to discuss the dangers. Brian then sits down with the Data Quality Campaign’s President, Aimee Rogstad Guidera, to discuss their recommendations for the next presidential administration. How do we reduce risks and still realize the...


Peace Through Entrepreneurship –– Talking Tech w/ Steven Koltai

Host Brian Wesolowski brings on author Steven Koltai to discuss his latest book, “Peace Through Entrepreneurship.” Steven explains why he believes entrepreneurship should be elevated as a foreign policy tool, arguing that it is a uniquely American export that can help address the underlying issues of many conflicts today - the lack of jobs. "Peace Through Entrepreneurship:” More on Steven: More info on our host, @brianwez:


Tech Policy & Trump, Obstacles for Broadband –– Talking Tech w/ Chris Calabrese & Natasha Duarte

Host Brian Wesolowski sits down with CDT's VP of Policy, Chris Calabrese, to overview the landscape for tech policy with the new Trump administration, based on what we know now. Chris highlights what CDT's transition priorities and perspectives are. Secondly, Brian brings on Natasha Duarte, a Privacy & Data fellow, to discuss what the recent broadband privacy win in the FCC means – both now, and with several looming obstacles ahead. More on the FCC Broadband Privacy rules:...


The Hereafter Life, #IoTfail –– Talking Tech w/ Gabriel Barcia-Colombo & Michelle De Mooy

Host Brian Wesolowski chats with Gabriel Barcia-Colombo, a mixed media artist who is exploring how your digital footprint will influence the way people remember you once you die. Are you ready for social media to curate your memorial service? Then he brings in CDT’s privacy guru, Michelle De Mooy, to talk about what the recent massive DDoS attack means for the internet of things, and why this is something industry, government, and general internet users need to be thinking about. More info...


The Digital Mystique, and ICANN Transitions –– Talking Tech w/ Sarah Granger & Matthew Shears

Host Brian Wesolowski brings in Sarah Granger, a nationally recognized expert on online culture and social technology, to discuss how digital media is shaping our lives in real time – everything from how we raise children, communicate in love & partnerships, support causes, or establish friendships & trust. Then we chat with CDT's Matthew Shears, all the way from Costa Rica, to highlight ICANN's official transition on Oct. 1. Matthew dispels some of the headlines that circulated in the...


Sitting Down with our Founder – Tech Talk w/ Jerry Berman

Host Brian Wesolowski sits down with an extended episode of #cdttechtalk, to review our history – and the future of our space. More info on Jerry: Attribution: sounds used from Psykophobia, Taira Komori, BenKoning, Zabuhailo, bloomypetal, guitarguy1985, bmusic92, and offthesky of


Presidential elections HACKED? + Digital Social Norms –– Talking Tech w/ Joe Hall & Kate Klonick

The US Presidential election is less than two months away, and you’ve undoubtedly heard questions about cybersecurity in the lead up to the election (DNC, RNC hacks, etc.). Our resident voting and election cybersecurity expert covers all the issues that could come up this November, and what we should expect. Brian also chatted with journalist Kate Klonick about her recent article with Slate on what really governs online speech (hint – not the 1st Amendment). She breaks it down for us....


Digital Parents, CDT's a nonprofit? –– Talking Tech w/ Stephen Balkam & Abbie Goliber

Stephen Balkam, founder and CEO of the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI), joins host Brian Wesolowski to talk about the resources and program they've put together on Good Digital Parenting. ALSO – we talk a lot about the the important tech policy work CDT does on this podcast, but we don't often talk about how that work is funded. Yes, we are a nonprofit organization that doesn’t sell widgets or direct services. Abbie Goliber, CDT's Director of Development, pulls back the curtain on how...


LGBT Tech, Social Media @ the Border –– Talking Tech w/ Chris Wood, Michelle De Mooy & Rita Cant

The US government wants to know the identifiers for your social media accounts –including your Twitter handle, the name you use on your Facebook account, and perhaps even your OkCupid profile – if you're a visa waiver holder at the border. Michelle & Rita break down the clear privacy and free speech implications. ALSO – Forty percent of US homeless youth identify as LGBT, and for them technology is often essential to survival, critical to overcoming the unique obstacles they face. Chris...


Section 702: What It Means, Why Needs Reform –– Talking Tech w/ Jadzia Butler & Greg Nojeim

Host Brian Wesolowski sits down with Greg Nojeim & Jadzia Butler to discuss the one the next key steps in US government surveillance – Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). The two go in-depth with Brian about what #S702 means, and why it should be reformed. Attribution: sounds used from Psykophobia, Taira Komori, BenKoning, Zabuhailo, bloomypetal, guitarguy1985, bmusic92, and offthesky of


Algorithmic Fairness, Embedded Privacy –– Talking Tech w/ Ali Lange, Gautam Hans, & Michelle De Mooy

Host Brian Wesolowski sits down first with Gautam Hans and Ali Lange to talk about new joint research from CDT and Berkeley that addresses algorithmic fairness, specifically what people think is fair in terms of the automated decisions made about them. Then he jumps to Michelle De Mooy to discuss a new joint report from CDT and Fitbit that looks at how health wearable companies can embed privacy and ethics into their research and development process. BERKLEY RESEARCH:


Fake ATMs at DEFCON: Staying Secure Online, While Traveling –– Talking Tech w/ Greg Norcie

Host Brian Wesolowski sits down with CDT staff technologist Greg Norcie to talk about a new tool we've created: a security quiz to see how much you know about staying safe online, *especially* when you travel. He covers the key lessons to take away from the quiz. Of note – a particularly incredible story about fake ATMs, casinos, and In-N-Out Burger. You've got hear this yourself. SECURITY QUIZ: Attribution: sounds used from Psykophobia, Taira Komori,...


On to the Senate! –– Talking Tech w/ Chris Calabrese

Host Brian Wesolowski sits down with Chris Calabrese, our Vice President of Policy, to go behind the scenes of the House's unanimous 419-0 vote to reform the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA) and what unique challenges lie ahead for the incredibly important next step – the vote in the Senate. Attribution: sounds used from Psykophobia, Taira Komori, BenKoning, Zabuhailo, bloomypetal, guitarguy1985, bmusic92, and offthesky of


ICANN, Startups, & Ice Cream – Talking Tech w/ Matthew Shears, Ali Lange & GS Hans

Host Brian Wesolowski sits down with Matthew Shears as he passes through Washington, discussing the latest steps forward for the IANA transition (and potential "nuclear" obstacles). He then brings on Ali Lange & Gautam Hans to discuss their work together on our Tech Policy for Startups tool kit, and how it can help young companies guide their way forward when thinking about the myriad of issues that small shops often aren't equipped or ready for. SHAMELESS PLUG: Gautam's own potential...