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Cloud Talk brings you discussions on topics like digital transformation, Kubernetes, IoT, edge computing and multicloud, as told through the perspectives of the people and the companies who are living this transformation on a daily basis. In Cloud Talk, host Jeff DeVerter interviews some of the most influential figures on the frontlines of cloud technology, helping you stay connected. Jeff is CTO at Rackspace and has spent over 20 years immersed in the world of cutting-edge technology.


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Cloud Talk brings you discussions on topics like digital transformation, Kubernetes, IoT, edge computing and multicloud, as told through the perspectives of the people and the companies who are living this transformation on a daily basis. In Cloud Talk, host Jeff DeVerter interviews some of the most influential figures on the frontlines of cloud technology, helping you stay connected. Jeff is CTO at Rackspace and has spent over 20 years immersed in the world of cutting-edge technology.






Episode 148: The Road to re:Invent - Unveiling the Secrets to Innovation and Maximizing Your AWS Experience

re:Invent is AWS’ premier conference, and it’s right around the corner. In this episode, we catch up with JobTarget's Mark Oreta, as he discusses what innovation means to him and how JobTarget is leveraging AWS to stay ahead of the curve. We then delve into what you can expect at re:Invent. From hand-picking sessions that resonate with you, to expanding your professional network, interacting with renowned speakers, and ensuring a memorable time (that won’t land you in trouble) - we’ve got you covered! This is the first episode in a series dedicated to helping you get the most out of re:Invent.


Episode 147: VMWare Explore 2023 Announcements

In this episode, Jeff DeVerter unpacks everything you need to know that was announced or released this week from VMWare Explore 2023


Episode 146: VMWare and … Google! Learning about this winning pair

Cloud migration can be daunting, but we get by with some help from our friends. Join Jeff DeVerter and Craig Fletcher of Google Cloud as they show how the right partnerships can take the stress out of migrating live from #VMwareExplore2023.


Episode 145: Tech Trailblazing: AI, Empowerment and Innovation

We're back with another episode of #CloudTalkLive featuring Rebecca Potts, Director of Partner Solutions at Google Cloud. Rebecca and host Jeff DeVerter will discuss her background, commitment to women in technology, and the Executive Women's Network she founded inside Google. In addition, they'll touch on the significant growth and impact of AI, specifically Generative AI, and how it's transforming everything we do.


Episode 144: Changes in the Cloud Market and AI Impact

Join Jeff DeVerter, host of #CloudTalkLive, in an insightful conversation with Koby Phillips, the VP of Cloud Practice at Telarus! Discover the latest trends in the cloud market and how AI is revolutionizing transformation journeys for everyone. Don't miss the chance to learn from Koby's expertise and insights on effectively leveraging cloud and AI for your business success.


Episode 143: Smart Technologies and Cloud Computing for a Greener Future

Welcome to Cloud Talk, the podcast where we explore the latest trends and innovations in cloud computing. I’m your host, Jeff DeVerter, and today I have a special guest with me, Srinivas Koushik, a senior executive, thought leader, and CTO at Rackspace Technology. In this episode, we’re going to talk about sustainability in the context of IT. Sustainability is a hot topic these days, as we face the challenges of climate change, resource depletion, and social responsibility. But what does it mean for IT? How can IT both benefit from and impact sustainability? And what are some of the best practices and solutions for making IT more sustainable? We’ll answer these questions and more in this episode, where we’ll cover topics such as: • What is sustainable IT and why does it matter? • How IT affects resources and greenhouse gas emissions throughout the product life cycle • How to reduce the environmental impact of IT by using less harmful chemicals, making products more energy efficient, using recycled materials, reducing power consumption, extending product lifespan, and recycling or reusing old devices • How to leverage smart technologies and cloud computing to drive environmental innovations and improvements in sustainability performance • How to implement a sustainable IT strategy with an informed vision, engaged employees and leadership, and sustainable software architecture Join us for this insightful and inspiring conversation, where we’ll share our perspectives and experiences on sustainable IT. You’ll learn how to make your IT more green and why it matters for your business and the planet. Thanks for listening to Cloud Talk. If you enjoyed this episode, please subscribe, rate, and review us on your favorite podcast platform. And don’t forget to share it with your friends and colleagues. Until next time, stay tuned for more cloud talk.


Episode 142: Partnering for AI Success with Rob Harper, Google Channel Sales Exec

Welcome to Cloud Talk Live with Jeff DeVerter! This week, we have a special guest: Rob Harper, the AI aficionado and Google's Channel Sales Exec for North America! 🚀 Get ready to explore Google's mind-boggling AI initiatives 🤖 and how Rackspace's AI offering blends seamlessly with their genius creations. Oh, and here's a surprise: Rob's not just an AI whiz, he's also a sneaker fanatic! 👟 Who knew the tech world had style? Join us on LinkedIn Live this Tuesday at 8:30 AM CST for AI talk, business insights, and a dash of sneaker culture - it's the perfect blend of tech and cool! 😄 #CloudTalkLive #AIadventures #SneakerheadTechie


Episode 141: A Conversation with Brian Lillie: From Air Force to Cloud Force

What does it take to succeed in the fast-paced and ever-changing world of cloud technology? How do you balance your personal and professional goals and values? How do you find your true north in the midst of chaos and complexity? These are some of the questions that Jeff DeVerter, the host of Cloud Talk Podcast, explores with his guest Brian Lillie, the President of Private Cloud at Rackspace Technology. Brian has a remarkable career story that spans from his education in mathematics and telecommunications, to his service in the US Air Force, to his leadership roles at various tech companies such as SGI, VeriSign, Equinix¹, and Zayo Group². Brian also shares his "compass" with the four points that represent his values which he uses to make decisions for his career and his life. This episode is full of insights, wisdom, and inspiration from a seasoned cloud expert and leader. Don't miss this chance to learn from Brian's journey and discover how you can find your own compass in the cloud.


Episode 140: How to Future-Proof Your Business with AI: A Conversation with Robert Scoble

AI is transforming every industry and creating new opportunities for growth and innovation. But how can you leverage AI in your business today and prepare for the future? Join Jeff DeVerter, host of Cloud Talk Live, as he chats with Robert Scoble, a renowned tech journalist and author of The Infinite Retina. They will discuss Robert's journey and insights into AI, what he is most excited and concerned about with AI, and what steps you can take to adopt AI in your business. You will also get a chance to ask your questions live and interact with other attendees. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the leading voices in the AI space and discover how to future-proof your business with AI.


Episode 139: Unleash the Power of the Cloud: Join the Solve Cloud Transformation Summit with Jeff DeVerter

Get ready to embark on a cloud-filled adventure at the "Solve Cloud Transformation Summit" hosted by our Chief Technology Evangelist, Jeff DeVerter. This hour-long livestream extravaganza will have you laughing, learning, and wondering why your data didn't move to the cloud sooner. Tune in from anywhere in the world on LinkedIn Live as our expert panel unravels the mysteries of cloud transformation, from giving advice to optimizing like pros. Take advantage of this cloud-tastic event featuring talented leaders from Rackspace Technology and Amazon Web Services.


Episode 138: Revolutionize Your Business: Embrace Full Stack Observability

Join #CloudTalkLive and learn how to achieve full-stack observability for your business with AppDynamics! Host Jeff DeVerter and guest Keith Llorens will show you how to bridge the gap between IT and business teams, monitor your applications and infrastructure in real-time, and align your business objectives with your IT performance. Don’t miss this game-changing transformation for your business!


Rising to the Challenge: Success Stories of Senior Leaders at Rackspace

In this engaging episode of "Cloud Talk," host Jeff DeVerter sits down with Josh Prewitt and Travis Runty, esteemed senior leaders at Rackspace. Prepare to be inspired as they share their remarkable journeys, starting from entry-level positions and ascending to influential leadership roles within the company. Get ready to uncover the strategies and insights they acquired along the way. Together, they reveal what they look for in new employees, offering valuable perspectives on the qualities and attributes that distinguish exceptional candidates in the tech industry. With a focus on empowering the next wave of employees, Josh and Travis provide invaluable advice that can shape careers and drive professional growth. Discover how they caught the attention of their peers and superiors in those early years, and gain practical tips for maintaining visibility and seizing opportunities throughout your own career path. Moreover, explore the intriguing aspect of formal education and its role in the technologists' journey. Josh and Travis share their personal experiences, highlighting how they leveraged hands-on experience and continuous learning to excel in the ever-evolving tech landscape, proving that success is not solely determined by formal education. Join Jeff, Josh, and Travis in this thought-provoking conversation as they discuss the real-life stories behind their rise to senior leadership positions. Whether you're an aspiring professional seeking guidance or a seasoned veteran seeking new perspectives, this episode offers a wealth of inspiration and practical insights. Tune in to "Rising to the Challenge: Success Stories of Senior Leaders at Rackspace" and discover the compelling narratives of these exceptional leaders who epitomize what it means to thrive and make an impact in the world of cloud technology.


Episode 136: Evolving your data operating model for the Generative AI world

Now, more than ever, CDOs must define a robust data strategy to maintain and grow their competitive edge. A successful data strategy must encompass governance, technology, and constant education. Join Rackspace Technology for this #CloudTalkLive with a special guest from @Microsoft, Jubair Patel, and #Racker, Shwetank Sheel, to understand how a well-defined operating model for data can improve data literacy, accelerate innovation, and create value for your stakeholders. With a focus on repeatability and IP-led growth, this session will showcase how organizations have successfully built new data products and improved pipeline operational efficiencies.


Episode 135: Successful Cloud Blueprint

Jjoin host Jeff DeVerter as he engages in a captivating discussion with guest DK Sinha, an esteemed leader renowned for his expertise in building successful and high-performing teams. Dive deep into DK's educational background and career journey, as he shares invaluable insights on how to construct teams that excel in the ever-evolving landscape of cloud technology. DK takes us on a remarkable journey through his educational experiences, where his passion for technology and commitment to learning paved the way for his success. From there, he embarked on a fulfilling career, working on groundbreaking projects with exceptional teams. Discover the pivotal moments and highlights that shaped DK's trajectory in the industry. The heart of the conversation revolves around DK's profound knowledge of creating high-performing teams. Unveil the key ingredients that contribute to the success of these teams, as DK emphasizes the importance of shared vision and clear goals. Gain insights into the nurturing of a culture built on trust and psychological safety, where open communication and collaboration flourish. Listeners will be inspired by DK's advice on how to cultivate an environment that encourages individual growth and collective achievement. He delves into the significance of understanding team members on a personal level, leveraging their strengths, and providing the necessary resources for their development. DK emphasizes the power of celebrating milestones together, fostering a sense of unity and propelling future triumphs. If you aspire to build your own successful teams or lead in the cloud technology realm, this episode is a must-listen. Prepare to be empowered as DK Sinha shares his wisdom and proven strategies for constructing teams that not only survive but thrive in the dynamic landscape of the cloud. Tune in to "The Success Blueprint" and embark on a transformative journey toward creating your very own Successful Cloud Blueprint. Note: The description above captures the essence of the podcast episode and highlights the key discussion points. The actual description can be adapted further to match the specific style and format of "The Success Blueprint" podcast.


Episode 134: Cloud Modernization with Mark Oreta of Job Target



Episode 133: Exploring the Benefits & Challenges of Value-Based Care in the Digital Age

Value-based care focuses on providing high-quality care to patients while controlling costs. Engage in our Cloud Talk Live conversation with expert Josh Stern at Vatica Health on how technology helps minimize risk and establish a successful value-based healthcare program.


Episode 132: The Rise of Community in Corporate America

At Rackspace Technology, we are proud to recognize our Black Rackers. This Black History Month, Mike Ross, President of the employee resource group RISE, highlighted achievements through some amazing examples of African American women.


Episode 131: Unpacking the Digital Future of Healthcare

The opportunities for digital transformation in healthcare will be abundant in 2023! Improvements could enhance patient care and outcomes, increase efficiency and reduce costs using technology such as electronic health records, telemedicine, and artificial intelligence. Upgraded technologies allow for better coordination of care, remote access to medical care and personalized healthcare. Join #CloudTalkLive host Jeff DeVerter, alongside Sarah Richardson from Tivity Health, and Racker Vinesh Kolpe, as they unpack the possibilities.


Episode 130: WIT: The Challenges and Benefits of Your Geography When Pursuing a Technical Career

Women in Tech Tuesdays are back in 2023 on Cloud Talk Live with Burcu Isiktas from Cisco AppDynamics, who will be LIVE from Turkey! When we think about the challenges women face in the workforce, they are compounded by cultures in different geographies. However, these experiences did not stop Burcu. Join us to learn from her inspiring journey!


Episode 127: The Winding Road to Passionate Pursuits

In our first #CloudTalkLive of the year, we'll hear from Seth Ezekiel West, who reinvented his career around his passion for photography and videography after a few setbacks.