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iBeat Interview, Android EU Fine, AirBNB Bill, Apple i9 Too Hot

First Segment: iBeat. Ryan Howard, CEO. The iBeat Heat Watch continuously monitors your heart rate and circulation for anything that appears to be unsafe. We analyze data in real-time to look for potential life-threatening emergencies. If something appears to be off, we ask if you are okay. If you indicate you are not okay or do not respond within ten seconds, our around-the-clock dispatch team will be contacted. Within seconds of an emergency happening, the watch will notify our dispatch...


Niceland Seafood Interview, 3D Printed Firearms, IoT Microwave, Jeff Bezos

First Segment: Niceland Seafood. Oliver Luckett, Chairman. Niceland Seafood is the first turn-key provider of fresh Icelandic fish to offer full traceability from sea to pan. It’s the simple answer to the ever-growing problem with transparency in the fishing and seafood industries: Every Niceland Seafood package comes with a unique QR code that, once scanned, visualizes each individual journey from the fishing grounds to the store. Likewise, the system allows retailers to both purchase and...


ATEN Interview, Pininfarina Car, Tesla Hypermiling, Amazon Prime Day Warning

First Segment: ATEN. Yu-Ting Liang, Product Manager. ATEN has specialized in connectivity and management solutions in information technology, professional audio/video and green energy business since its establishment in 1979, and has been a worldwide leader in the KVM switch market. ATEN offers a broad range of solutions to meet the needs of consumers, small office/home office (SOHO) users, and small and medium sized business (SMB) customers. ATEN´s state-of-the-art KVM switches include...


Ralph Bond, Science/Tech Trends, Talking Smart Stents, Plastic Eating, Mobile Groceries

Both Segments: Ralph Bond. Science and Tech Trends Correspondent. Ralph Bond correspondent for the Computer America Show, and is the author of “Family Computer Fun, Digital Ideas Using Your Photos, Movies and Music” by Que Publishing, and co-author of “The PC Dads Guide to Becoming a Computer Smart Parent” by Dell Publishing. Ralph was Intel’s Consumer Education manager for more than 10 years, and for the past ten years he’s been part of Autodesk’s communications team. Cheat Notes And more!...


Basel Action Network Interview, Walmart Audio Surveillance, Apple Macbook Pro Refresh 2018

First Segment: Basel Action Network (BAN). James Puckett, Executive Director. We’re a non-profit organization creating a sustainable world where society’s discarded items remain a force for good. We believe that true recycling should be both environmentally and socially responsible. Since 1997, we’ve been working at the nexus of human rights and environmental justice. We fulfill our bold mission with interrelated strategies for policy, marketing solutions, and public engagement....


Sandy Berger, Compukiss, Talks Streaming Devices, Streaming Services, Future of Streaming

Both Segments: Compukiss. Sandy Berger, Consumer Electronics Expert. Today's Topics Include: Streaming Device Options Streaming Services The Future of Streaming And more! For full show notes, check out!


Truly Social Games Interview, Shanghai Tesla Plant, Oldest Color Discovered, YouTube Crackdown

First Segment: Truly Social Games. Cooper Dubois, Co-founder/CEO. "We are Truly Social. We believe that games should be super fun, accessible to everyone, and able to be played for 2 minutes, or two hours." Here to talk about their latest release, Planet Gold Rush. Be the boss of your own gold mine in Planet Gold Rush, where you can survey new dig sites, explore gold rich lands, and most importantly, strike it rich! Second Segment: Computer and Technology News. Today's Topics Include: The...


Purism Interview, HBO Changes, Apples iOS 11.4.1, Twitter Purge

First Segment: Purism. Kyle Rankin, Chief Security Officer. Purism is a security and freedom-focused computer manufacturer based in San Francisco, founded in 2014 with the fundamental goals of combining the philosophies of the Free Software movement with the hardware manufacturing process, and to make it easy for individuals and businesses to have computers that they can trust and feel safe using, i.e. making security more convenient than not. Purism is a social purpose corporation (SPC)...


Chefling Interview, Rogue Browser Add-ons, Post Office Mix Up, YouTube Content

First Segment: Chefling. Jeff Xie, Co-Founder Chefling, Inc. is headquartered in Silicon Valley, and provides users with the ultimate solution for the smart kitchen, delivering cost-savings, convenience and a personalized assistant. Chefling has developed the only smart kitchen app that incorporates inventory organization, intuitive recipe suggestion, shopping list management, and voice assistant integration into one platform to simplify the cooking experience. Second Segment: Computer and...


Mike Cermak,, Talking Netflix, More GDPR, Renewable Energy

Both Segments: Mike Cermak, The site has grown from a simple site of common solutions to a whole community of people trying to help others. We learn and share and see a lot more than tech support come out of the site every day. I like to think that we make some small difference in the world. Even in this day of complicated software, spyware and viruses, our great team of Moderators and volunteers help to make computing a little easier for everyone who visits. With more than...


Popzara, Cory Galliher, Gaming Correspondent, Talking RDR2, Gamestop, PUBG, Riot

Both Segments: Cory Galliher, Popzara, Gaming Correspondent. Cory Galliher Journalist, writer, and gamer extraordinaire, Senior Games Editor Cory aims to be king of the universe and all he surveys. His credits include AOL, The Cumberland Times-News, and The Well-Read Mage. Today's Topics Include: Take-Two CEO: Red Dead Redemption 2 selling as well as GTA 5 isn't a "realistic expectation" Gamestop's Strategy Just Isn't Working PUBG Developer Drops Fortnite Lawsuit Riot Accidentally Sends A...


Computer/Tech News, Talking Chinese Laser Rifles, Comcast Throttling, MoviePass

Both Segments: Computer and Technology News. Today's Topics Include: China Tests Laser Rifles Comcast Throttling Mobile Streaming Tesla Hits Milestone With Days To Spare MoviePass Uses Hail Mary To Save Itself Browser Maker Opera Going Public And more! For full show notes, check out!


Scott Schober, Cyber Security Expert, Talks NSA Spy Hubs, Cars Hacking iPhones

Both Segments: Scott Schober, Cyber Security Expert. Scott N. Schober is the President and CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Systems (BVS), a forty-year-old New Jersey-based privately held company and leading provider of advanced, world-class wireless test and security solutions. Schober also invented BVS’s cell phone detection tools, used to enforce a “no cell phone policy” in prisons and secure government facilities. Scott is a highly sought-after subject expert on the topic of cybersecurity....


Computer/Tech News, Talking WPA3, Pepper The Robot, ICE Modified Software

Both Segments: Computer and Technology News. Today's Topics Include: WPA3 Is Out Pepper The Robot Gets A New Job In New York Google Assistant Can Speak Spanish Nvidia Releases Draconian NDA DOTA 2 Player Kicked From $15 Million Tournemant And more! For full show notes, check out!


Cynerio Interview, World's Smallest Computer, Navy Omniphobic Ships, NSA Spy Hubs

First Segment: Cynerio. Leon Lerman, CEO. Cynerio is addressing one of healthcare’s most critical cybersecurity challenges. Cyber criminals are exploiting inherent vulnerabilities in medical devices to extract PHI, causing financial damage to healthcare organizations and putting patient privacy and safety at risk. Cynerio provides a unique network based platform that gives security leaders control over the security of their connected medical devices, and enables them to respond rapidly and...


Fasetto Interview, Talking .Forum, How To Connect To Devices, And Hearts

Both Segments: Fasetto. Coy Christmas, CEO. Forum is a smart meeting hub—and the best way to connect with any audience. It broadcasts presentations through its own Wi-Fi network and allows everyone in your meeting to follow along on all devices (as long as they have a browser). No apps. No cords. No internet necessary. Only better meetings. For full show notes, be sure to check out!


Cooking With Linux, Marcel Gagne, Talks Linux, Wine, and Distro's!

Before we get started, you should really follow my Flipboard and YouTube channels and personal Websites. "Cooking With Linux" on Flipboard Subscribe to Marcel's YouTube channel where you can view the latest editions of the Cooking With Linux show. My own site is where I talk about whatever comes into my head, including Linux and Open Source software. If you just...


Dariush Derakhshani, Computer Graphics Expert, Talks Holograms, AR, Fortune Telling

Both Segments: Dariush Derakhshani, Graphics Correspondent. Dariush Derakhshani is a VFX and CG supervisor in Los Angeles, Ca. and an award-winning CG generalist-lighter. He is the author of several Maya books, including the best-selling series Introducing Maya--now going into its 10th edition and translated into more than a dozen languages--and has been an educational resource around the world for eight years. Dariush has been an animator and supervisor on commercials and feature films...


The Totally Not Late, Still Relevant, Comprehensive E3 Roundup!

Both Segments: E3 Roundup w/ Popzara's Cory Galliher. Cory joins us on the program, having attended the event, to talk about overall impressions, stand out titles, keynotes that fell short, etc. Expert commentary included! Today's Topics Include: Nintendo EA Xbox/Microsoft Bethesda Square Enix Ubisoft Sony/Playstation Complete Games List And more! For full show notes, check out!


Computer/Tech News, Talking SPACE FORCE USA, Apple Location Sharing, Gaming Disorders

Both Segments: Computer and Technology News Today's Topics Include: Trump Directs The Creation Of Space Force Military Branch Jaguar Breaks Electric Boat Record CEO of Theranos Facing Criminal Charges CEO of Audi Facing Criminal Charges Apple Will Share Location During 911 Calls And more! For full show notes, check out!