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Dariush Derakhshani, Computer Graphics Expert, Talks RTX 2080, Ray Tracing, 8K TV's

Both Segments: Dariush Derakhshani, Computer America Correspondent. Graphics and CGI Expert for the show. Today's Topics Include:


Gamer World News Entertainment Interview, Apple EU Fines Paid, Artists To The Moon, Tesla

First Segment: Gamer World News Entertainment. Gayle Dickie, CEO/Executive Producer Gamer World News is the leading provider of eSports, gamer news and original entertainment around the globe. Our channels include the latest stories from eSports, Global Gamer News, Girls of the Game, Mobile, Health & Psych, Tech & VR Reports, Teams, Leagues & Publisher updates, and the latest Gossip Rumors and Reviews. Our ‘Point-Counterpoint’ channel is for serious game debates offering opposing opinions....


Parallels Interview, Amazon Investigation, California Net Neutrality, iOS 12 Features

First Segment: Parallels. Kurt Schmucker, Senior Product Manager. Parallels Inc., a global leader in cross-platform solutions, makes it simple for customers to use and access the applications and files they need on any device or operating system. We help businesses and individuals securely and productively use their favorite devices and preferred technology, whether it’s Windows®, Mac®, iOS, AndroidTM, Chromebook, Linux, Raspberry Pi or the Cloud. Parallels solutions enable seamless delivery...


Ralph Bond, Science/Tech Trends Correspondent, Talking Bionic People, 3D Printed Buildings, More!

Both Segments: Ralph Bond. Science/Tech Trends Correspondent Ralph Bond correspondent for the Computer America Show, and is the author of “Family Computer Fun, Digital Ideas Using Your Photos, Movies and Music” by Que Publishing, and co-author of “The PC Dads Guide to Becoming a Computer Smart Parent” by Dell Publishing. Ralph was Intel’s Consumer Education manager for more than 10 years, and for the past ten years he’s been part of Autodesk’s communications team. Now he freelances on the...


RedLock Inc Interview, Apple Event Breakdown, Facebook Checking Memes, Spectrum Negotiations

First Segment: RedLock. Alok Tongaonkar, Head of Data Science at RedLock. Founded in 2015, RedLock is made up of security experts and former entrepreneurs of successful cloud security companies, all of whom saw first-hand the growing complexity of this problem, combined with the rapid adoption of public cloud infrastructure. Our goal was to apply our deep market insight to tackle the public cloud infrastructure security problem in a new way and we set out to do just that. We deliver true...

Duration:01:15:52, Sandy Berger, Talks Smart Speakers, Lenovo Smart Display, Trends!

Both Segments: Sandy Berger, Sandy Berger is Computer America's resident consumer electronics expert and reviewer for the latest gadgets and gizmos. You can find more of her writing at her website, or every Second Wednesday of the month! Today's Topics Include: Lenovo Smart Display 50% Of Homes To Have A Smart Speaker BMW Getting A Digital Assistant And more! For full show notes, check out!


Computer/Tech News, Talking Right To Repair, How To Sell Your Phone, Teeth Microphones

Both Segments: Computer/Technology News. Today's Topics Include: Teeth Microphones Right To Repair How To Prepare Your Phone To Sell Deepfake Words And more! For full show notes, check out!


Computer/Tech News, Talking OnePlus 6T, Atrium Lawyer Moves, Vizio Announcements

Both Segments: Computer/Technology News. Today's Topics Include: Vizio To Announce Defects In Its Own Smart TV's HP's Metal Printer For 3D Manufacturing Right To Be Forgotten Issues Bay Area 5G Cancer Warning Atrium To Replace Lawyers And more! For full show notes, check out!


Computer/Tech News, Talking Roomba, 5G Networks, Vodafone, and Mac App Subterfuge

Both Segments: Computer/Technology News. Today's Topics Include: Top Grossing Mac App Steals Browser History Roomba Finally Does The Last Job By Itself 5G Networks And What You Need to Know Huawei Faked Benchmarks New Samsung RAM And more! For full show notes, check out!


AVCV Interview, US Treasury Charges North Korean, Uber Suspensions, Jocelyn Bell Burnell

First Segment: AVCV - Where Angels Meet. Micah Jackson, Founder. In this immersive VR experience, viewers are given the opportunity to watch the life decisions of a young man named Marcus play out in front of them. Although he faces some rough moments in his life, he finds solace in a secret place that only he can see. This VR experience will allow viewers to accompany Marcus on his journey through adulthood, while having a unique perspective. Second Segment: Computer and Technology News....

Duration:01:20:43, Mike Cermak, Talking Google, Chrome, Elon Musk

Both Segments: Mike Cermak., Correspondent. Today's Topics Include: Google is a no-show at DC tech hearings, stoking anger in Congress Chrome interface gets a new look 10 years after Google's browser debut Russians say ISS air leak could be a result of sabotage...


Gamer Tuesday with Cory Galliher, Talking Microtransactions, Valve, and Star Citizen

Both Segments: Popzara Magazine. Cory Galliher, Senior Games Editor Cory Galliher Journalist, writer, and gamer extraordinaire, Senior Games Editor Cory aims to be king of the universe and all he surveys. His credits include AOL, The Cumberland Times-News, and The Well-Read Mage. Today's Topics Include: Microtransactions are an "Unfortunate Reality of Modern Gaming" Star Citizen puts paywall on CitizenCon stream Valve making games again? New game releases - Monster Hunter Generations...


Popzara Magazine, Nathan Evans, Talks DC Universe, Tencent, Student Discounts

Both Segments: Popzara Magazine, Nathan Evans, Managing Editor. Throughout Popzara you’ll experience views on gaming, movies, technology, cultural icons and movements, even politics. Reviews and previews, in-depth analyses, opinion pieces, conversations, news bits, and so much more. We value originality and our diverse staff are committed to bringing this cornucopia of editorial goodness in fair-minded and positive ways, with minimal snark. A little bit of everything for the discriminating...


Augmently Interview, Mashall Speakers, VPN's Real Use, Unlocking Phone Rights

First Segment: Augmently. Ziggy Kormandel, President. Augmently, Inc. is a Los Angeles based creative technology company that has developed a unique, patented Augmented Reality (AR) platform which allows mobile device users to virtually place a celebrity, animated character or product in an environment of their choice. Unlike other AR applications, Augmently uses hyper-realistic imagery rather than 3D computer generated objects. Augmently’s main focus is to be the leader in the mobile AR...


Scott Schober, Cyber Security Expert, Talks Voting Machines, T-Mobile Data Breach

Both Segments: Scott Schober. President/CEO, Author of Hacked Again, Cybersecurity expert Scott N. Schober is the President and CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Systems (BVS), a forty-year-old New Jersey-based privately held company and leading provider of advanced, world-class wireless test and security solutions. Schober also invented BVS’s cell phone detection tools, used to enforce a “no cell phone policy” in prisons and secure government facilities. Scott is a highly sought-after subject...


Voicera Interview, Huawei Becomes #2, AMD Chip Maker Out, Mozilla Data Public

First Segment: Voicera. Omar Tawakol, Founder/CEO. Eva is an in-meeting AI assistant. Eva will take notes for you in meetings you attend. Running late, double booked, had to leave early? Don’t miss out - Eva can take notes for you there too! Eva will listen and pull out important moments - we call these Predictive Highlights. If you want to mark something yourself, just say, "Okay Eva, Action Item" or tap in the app. With Eva in your meetings, they become activated. Voicera doesn’t own your...


Computer/Tech News, Talking Fortnite On Android, Amazon Reviews, iPhone Rumors, Disney Play

Both Segments: Computer and Technology News. Today's Topics Include: Disney Play Will Be Their Netflix Competitor Next iPhone Rumors Amazon Payed Employees To Say Nice Things Tesla Semi Truck Driving Cross Country Fortnite Android Vulnerability Toyota Investing Heavily In Uber And more! For full show notes, check out!


Ralph Bond, Science/Tech Trends Correspondent, Talking Spides, Spines, and Cars

Both Segments: Ralph Bond. Science and Tech Trends Correspondent. "I started my career in the early 80s with Computer Automation, and then worked for Rockwell International Semiconductors Division, PDA Engineering, IntelCorporation [1993-2006], and finally Autodesk [2007 - 17 Nov 2017]. Today I'm available to provide spot project support in PR, podcast production, and general marketing communications. My 10 years of service to Autodesk introduced me to the world of Architecture, Engineering...


OrCam Interview, Xbox Hardware Subscription, iFixIt Tear Down, Lights Out

First Segment: OrCam Technologies. Dr. Bryan Wolynski, Consultant. OrCam’s mission is to harness the power of artificial vision by incorporating pioneering technology into a wearable platform which improves the lives of individuals who are blind, visually impaired, and have reading difficulties. OrCam was jointly founded in 2010 by Prof. Amnon Shashua and Mr. Ziv Aviram, who are also the co-founders of Mobileye, the collision avoidance system leader and autonomous driving innovator. The...


Spaces Interview, IRC Turns 30, Fire Department Throttling, BlackHat Hacked

First Segment: Spaces. Brad Herman, CTO and Co-Founder. SPACES provides a unique and ground-breaking service: transportation to new realities. Our cutting edge technology ensures your safe passage into worlds beyond imagining, full of intrigue, excitement, and fun. Embark on an adventure together with your team, every sense immersed, to discover what awaits! Second Segment: Computer and Technology News. Today's Topics Include: Fire Department Throttled During...