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The Average Consumers Guide to Cryptocurrency

The Average Consumers Guide to Cryptocurrency
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The Average Consumers Guide to Cryptocurrency




National Geographic’s Commitment: Tech for Global Betterment

** this is not financial or legal advice*** National Geographic is a 131 yeah old company, with follows of the likes of jacque cousteau, jane goodall and many more. Marcus East joins CRYPTO 101 to tell the history of NatGeo, and goals of NatGeo to make the world a better place, and how blockchain technology can help in the process. Marcus is a customer-focused product and technology executive, non-executive director and board level technology advisor with a passion for driving commercial and...


Richard Heart: Bitcoin Failed As A Currency & Bitcoin HEX

** this is not financial or legal advice*** Richard Heart is creating Bitcoin HEX and is of the opinion that Bitcoin has failed as a currency. He argues that it is a great store value, however. Listen to Richard’s reasoning and also get a 101 on Bitcoin HEX. Twitter: @crypto__101 @Matthew__101 IG: crypto__101 Richard Heart Twitter: @RichardHeartWin Website: YouTube:


Mt. GOX: Investigating the Facts

** this is not financial or legal advice*** Mt. GOX lost approximately 850,000 bitcoins in the biggest and most costly hack in crypto history. One of those people who lost their bitcoin in the hack was Kim Nilsson. After the hack, Kim took it upon himself to research all aspects of the Mt. GOX hack, making himself one of the leading authorities on the facts behind the case. Listen to Kim Nilsson tell us the facts behind Mt. GOX and the recent efforts of Brock Pierce to bring back the...


Brock Pierce: GOX Rising

*** this is not financial or legal advice*** Mt. GOX lost approximately 850,000 bitcoins in the biggest and most costly hack in crypto history. Now, Brock Pierce wants to bring the exchange back as a way to rise the stain on the crypto space from the ashes. Listen to Brock tell us about he history, the operations, the hack, and the hope of reviving Mt. GOX. Note: Brock’s actions and intentions are highly debated and questioned in the crypto space. We will follow up with alternate points of...


Staying BAD w/ Joel Comm & Travis Wright

*** this is not financial or legal advice*** This is a BAD Podcast. With Joel Comm and Travis Wright of the BAD Crypto Podcast. Matthew loves hanging out with other people in the industry to see what they are up to and get their perspectives on all things crypto and content creation. Joel Comm is New York Times bestselling author, blockchain enthusiast, professional keynote speaker, social media marketing strategist, live video expert, technologist, brand influencer, futurist and eternal 12...


Token 2049 w/ Christopher Strauch

*** this is not financial or legal advice*** TOKEN2049 is one of the biggest crypto conferences in Asia. Yet, it is only on its second year. How did Christopher Strauch, Managing Partner of Alice Capital and Co-host of the event, create the successful event? Chris hangs out with Matthew Aaron to tell CRYPTO 101 exactly how and why he did it. Bio: Christopher Strauch is the Managing Partner of Alice Capital and in addition to his role with Alice Capital, Chris has also established and acts as...


Brave New Coin 101 w/ CEO Fran Strajnar

*** this is not financial or legal advice*** Great ideas don’t always come in ICO or blockchain form. Sometimes, it is just the ability to connect the old world to the new world that makes for a great project. Meet Brave New Coin and its CEO/Founder Fran Strajnar. Fran is a multi-disciplined entrepreneur and blockchain evangelist, Fran co-founded Brave New Coin in 2014 and has been deeply involved in the cryptocurrency and blockchain communities from their earliest days. Fran is a...


Meet Listeners: Jace, Ken, Arseni, & GOT Miner

*** this is not financial or legal advice*** Jace Cohen, GOT Miner, Ken (@livelife724), & Arseni Temirov, listeners of CRYPTO 101, spend more than an hour hanging out with Matthew to chat many topics in the crypto space. This is an amazing episode because we get 4 different perspectives of a variety of questions from the average consumer in the crypto space. Listeners Links: Jace Cohen, works in the music industry from Los Angeles, CA and has...


Decentralization 101 w/ Allen Hena

*** this is not financial or legal advice*** One of the biggest buzz words in the crypto space is decentralization/decentralized. But, does ‘decentralization’ only refer to the network? Does it refer to the community? How about the governance of a coin? And if it refers to all of the above, then to what extent? In this episode Allen Hena formally of Stake and Nodes and founder of DARC Network joins to put the work decentralized through the 101 treatment. Check out the PDF to follow along...


Ledger Nano X w/ CEO Eric Larcheveque

*** this is not financial or legal advice*** In this Episode Matthew has a chat with the CEO of Ledger; one of the most popular hardware wallets in the crypto space. We expand on his recent interviews as well as asked listener and user questions. In 2013, Eric discovered Bitcoin and the blockchain technology that struck him as the fourth industrial revolution. He then opened La Maison du Bitcoin, the French Bitcoin Center, before co-founding Ledger with the ambition to build the next...


CoolWallet S w/ Michael Ou CEO CoolbitX

*** this is not financial or legal advice*** If we want the masses to use crypto, we will need more and more companies coming in to the market to innovate the way we are our own bank. We need to make it more convenient and simpler to use. Today Matthew Aaron has a chat with the CEO of CoolbitX Mr. Michael Ou, a company that is innovating the way we think of the hardware wallet. Cool Wallet S Discount Code CRYPTO101 Michael...


The 23andMe Dilemma w/ Dr. David Koepsell

*** this is not financial or legal advice*** Over 5 million people have been tested by 23andMe. The process is simple. You pay about 100USD to the company and they send you a kit. You are waiting for some genetic information about your ancestery, your aliments, possible future health issues. Seems like a good deal. But, did you know that they then take your DNA data and sell it to whoever wants it? Our next guest Dr. Dave Koepsell tell us all about this process and also lets us know how you...


Baseball to Blockchain: The Tyler Adkison Story

*** this is not financial or legal advice*** What if you were drafted by the L.A. Dodgers our of college? Would you quit to work in blockchain? Tyler Adkison, Managing Director of Blockterra Capital, had to make that decision. He recently sat down with Matthew to tell us about making that decision and why he thinks blockchain is so important. Sponsor: Tyler’s Twitter @tyblockterra Referal Links...


Evolution of the Encyclopedia w/ Dr. Larry Sanger Cofounder Wikipedia

*** this is not financial or legal advice*** In this episode we take a look at the history of encyclopedia and try to find out what was the cons of each new technology to allow for innovation to take over. From hard bound volumes, to CD-Rom, to online, to blockchain, the encyclopedia has evolved rapidly of the past 3 decades. Where did it come from and where is it going? Sponsor: Larry on the fiddle...


ICO 101 Presents: Unitychain 101

*** this is not financial or legal advice*** In this episode I caught up with Josh Tobkin Founder & CEO of Unitychain Unitychain is a next generation consensus protocol and blockchain that does not rely on PoW or PoS. Utilizing Chaos Theory and The Butterfly Effect in conjunction with their system’s architecture, they are able to create an equitable protocol that leads to greater democratization of blockchain participation without sacrificing scalability and security. In this episode we...


Blockfolio 101 w/ CEO Edward Moncada

*** this is not financial or legal advice*** In this episode Matthew sits with Edward Moncada the co-founder and CEO of Blockfolio, the #1 cryptocurrency portfolio tracking and information platform servicing over 5 million users around the world. We chat about the origins of the app, how they handled the rapid growth, operations and much more. Edward is also a founding board member of the Dash foundation and a co-originator of Dash’s “Governance by Blockchain” concept, the ecosystem’s first...


MimbleWimble & BEAM 101 w/ Alexander Zaidelson

*** this is not financial or legal advice*** MimbleWimble has been hailed as a scaling solution to the bitcoin network. But, what is it? Beam is creating a payment network that utilizes MimbleWimble, so who better to give us a 101 on MW than the CEO Alexander Zaidelson. Github: Website: Telegram: Medium: Alexander...


Climate Change: Can Blockchain Help? w/ Chris Round

*** this is not financial or legal advice*** Climate change is on everyone’s mind. But, for different reasons. Some people really want to make a change in our consumption to put a halt to climate change, while others deny that climate change even exists. In this episode Chris Round gives us the 101 on what is climate change, the issues around the policies, the reasons for different perceptions, and if blockchain technology can help incentivize companies, governments, and individuals to...


Trace Mayer: Talking From Experience / Proof of Keys January 3rd

*** this is not financial or legal advice*** Trace Mayer is a crypto evangelist, investor, podcaster, author, and founder of January 3rd Proof of Keys. Matthew sits down with him to get to know him a little, while picking his brain about the recent market. Trace has been in bitcoin since is was under a dollar. So, it goes without saying that he has been around the block and can shed some light on the current state of bitcoin. Also, what is proof of keys? We find that out too....


Tales from the Crypto w/ Mario Nawfal

*** this is not financial or legal advice*** Mario Nawfal has an ICO consulting company in 2017 and he wants to hop on and tell some stories of what he was dealing with. Referal Links Promo Code: CRYPTO101