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049: A Brave New Cyber World - A discussion on the future of our Rights in a Cyber Society

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been pondering about how our Constitutional rights fit in the construct of this digital age. This week's show I discuss these thoughts out loud for the first time. My thoughts are still a little raw and need to be worked through some more. I felt like it was a good time to speak them out loud to see what made sense and what was just a bunch of hot air. I do think I am on something that can be turned into a very core principle for at least how I view our...


048: Day 2 Interviews Live from CERIAS Security Symposium

This week I bring you my three interviews from day 2 of the CERIAS Security Symposium. The first interview is with Joel Rasmus the Managing Director of CERIAS. Second, I speak with Mark Loepker of the National Cryptologic Foundation. Finally, I speak with the godfather of cybersecurity himself, Dr. Gene Spafford. This is a 100% jam packed episode! Links:


047: My interview with Ray Rothrock Interview at the 2019 CERIAS Symposium

This week marks one year since the show launched. I rounded out the year recording at the 20th Annual CERIAS Security Symposium. This week’s episode I spend doing a bit of year in review and reflection at the beginning of the show. The highlight of this week’s show is my interview with Ray Rothrock the CEO of Red Seal and the opening Keynote for the 2019 CERIAS Security Symposium. Thanks to all of the folks at CERIAS for putting on another great conference. Next week I will bring the rest of...


046: A talk about corporate cyber malfeasance, negligence, and wrongdoing

This week I discuss a little bit on the legal side of cybersecurity. As a disclaimer I am not a lawyer and any legal discussion is opinion only and does not constitute any type of legal advice. With that said I cover Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA) and if this Facebook and other social media sites should lose their protection under this law. This conversation was prompted by two article I found where the Cisco security research group Talos found open and active criminal...


045: Community - In, with, and on Cyber

This week I discuss all things Cybersecurity and Community. We get into how the effects of cyber affects us, touch on the cybersecurity community as a whole and in some its individual pieces and parts. Often times we see the negative effects of cyber on the news. But there is a whole other positive side to that conversation. A big thanks to our show sponsor Delta Research! Links:


044: Cooperation in and with Cybersecurity

This week I expand on the topic of cooperation. I frame the conversation out by talking about cooperation from the free market standpoint then pivot to how it relates to cybersecurity. Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations, including the ISACs are a proven way for even competitors to cooperate to defend against cyber threats.


043: Community, Competition, and Cooperation

After a couple of weeks with no new shows due to some technical issues, I am back baby! You wouldn’t think that you would be rusty after two weeks away? To be honest I was little rusty this week. But I did not let a little rust or technical issues stop me! This week I intro the month's theme of Community, Competition, and Cooperation. Are they mutually exclusive, can two competitors come together and cooperate and is this a good thing for a given community? How does this affect the...


042: The Anwer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything

Changes are coming to the show. I spend the first part of the show talking about some of the changes I am going to be making to the show over the next few weeks and months. The title for this week is a nod to a well know sci-fi book and move!


041 - A Highly Motivating Conversation With Jason Stapleton Interview

Special Guest Alert! This week I was able to speak with Jason Stapleton of the Jason Stapleton Program. His podcast is one of the top Libertarian podcasts in the country. He is a former US Marine, entrepreneur, coach, trader, and businessman. He recently decided to change the direction of his show and made some pretty bold moves. We sat down over Zoom and talk about the change in direction of his show, success, motivation, liberty, individual responsibility, AI, and even bio hacking. Plain...


040: Everyone Sucks at Cyber, Yes even the U.S Military

This week’s show is dedicated to a fallen classmate, Trooper Daniel R. Barrett. Dan was killed in the line of duty 11 years ago today. I will never forget when I got that Dan had died. Though I didn’t know Dan that well, as he was in the other platoon, we along with 119 others shared a bond and were a part of something special, the 67th Recruit Academy. RIP brother! This week I discuss a law suit that 12 State Attorney Generals have brought against a Fort Wayne, IN based company for failing...


039: Lindsay Marie of

This week I am thankful to have Lindsay Marie of as my guest. Besides being a contributor at, she is a frequent guest on the Chicks on the Right, Hammer and Nigel, and the Rob Kendall Show, which can all be found on WIBC 93.1. Lindsay and I talked about a range of subjects from cryptocurrency to the federal government shutdown to Indiana politics. We really did cover the spectrum! This has been one of my favorite interviews to date. Please go check out what she is...


038: No The Fed Doesnt Have A Monopoly On Cybersecurity

An article I read from CyberScoop on cybersecurity jobs in the face of the Federal Government shutdown. gets my Irish up. This leads me into a diatribe on personal accountability, growing your human capital and taking action. I also want to give a shout out to Chris Spangle over at We Are Libertarians for inviting me to a WAL dinner last week. It was a great time, great food with great people. I also want to give a shout out to Books Over Beer which is a new project I am working on with my...


037 - Is the shutdown the perfect case for ISAOs and other similar orgs?

This week I discuss about how the U.S. Federal Government shutdown is affecting or at least what the perceived effect is having on cybersecurity. I raise the question do we really need US DHS or CISA to operate above a baseline capability? Is the ability or lack thereof to operate above a baseline really having a noticeable affect on the private sector or to the general public. I do believe this goes to show we need to be self reliant. This is also a perfect case for ISAOs. Links:...


036: Should US Law Enforcement Agencies Ethically Hack to Catch Criminals?

This week I discuss the legal, moral and ethical implications of US Law Enforcement using ethical hacking tools and techniques to catch criminals? I do want to thank all of you who have listened this year! Looking to do big things in 2019! Have a safe and happy New Year! Links


035: Rob Kendall Interview

This week I went to the WIBC studio to sit down with Rob Kendall to discuss Indiana politics. We talked about the 2019 Indiana Legislative Session, Gov. Holcomb's agenda, teacher pay and school referendums. Rob Kendall is the producer for Chicks on the Right and guest host on WIBC. He was a member of the Brownsburg Town Council from 2012-2015. He also served as Director of the Indiana Board of Pharmacy and worked under Indiana State Auditor Suzanne Crouch. The Rob Kendall Show has your recap...


034: Killing Net Neutrality Didn't Kill the Internet

This week I take a look back at the Vault7 where the CIA lost a bit portion of hits hacking arsenal. I also discuss free speech and hate crime laws and finish up talking about the anniversary of net neutrality being overturned. Links


033: Will a US Data Privacy Really Stop Data Breaches From Happening?

This week I tried things a little bit different and streamed live on This week's topics include Timbs v. Indiana, a minimum wage hike in NY for Uber and Lift Drivers and the Marriot Data Breach. Was the Marriott data break the straw that broke the camel’s back (and yes I am still using this PETA) that push Congress to pass a data privacy and breach notification law?


032: Yet Another New Federal Agency to Save Us from Evil

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! This week I am back at it after a couple of weeks off. While I was gone taking some time away Congress passed the Critical Infrastructure Security Act which elevated NPPD with in US DHS to a new Agency called Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. The bulk of the show is dedicated to talking about this new agency and my thoughts around it. Plus I guess there are at least a couple of Federal employees who didn't pay that much attention in...


031: Interview with Lt. Governor of Indiana Suzanne Crouch

This week I present my interview with the Lt. Governor of Indiana Suzanne Crouch from Purdue@Westgate. Thanks to Rofori Corp and Purdue@Westgate for making this interview possible.


030: My Interview with Indy Tech Legend Scott Jones

This week I am fortunate to bring to you all my interview with Indy tech legend Scott Jones @chachaman. Scott's work in the early 2000's paved the way for the tech boom that Indiana has seen over the past couple of years. Thanks to Purde@Westgate for setting up the space for me to use during the Applied Cybersecurity Symposium sponsored by Rofori Corp who is all the shows main sponsor.