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Showcasing anything of interest




DPC Episode 44: Utah Life Update

This podcast outlines what's been happening with my wife and I since we've moved back to Utah.


DPC Episode 43: Week 1 at LAFB

In this episode of DPC, I discuss my first week at LAFB, and what I do there.


DPC Episode 42: Virginia Job Move

In this episode of DPC, my wife and I discuss moving to Virginia for my job with LAFB and talk about our new apartment.


DPC Episode 41: Smith’s Adventure

In this episode of DPC, Sabrina and I go to the Smith's store in Utah to pick up some stuff for her mom's birthday.


DPC Episode 40: Cuban Bakery Experience

DPC episode 40 records from sunny Miami Florida. In this podcast episode, we discuss the cuban bakery experience Sabrina had at the local cuban bakery.


DPC Episode 39: Chillin’ With Friends

In DPC episode 39, we record from sunny Miami Florida. Sabrina and I hang out with our friend, Jessie who Sabrina has never seen in person until the recording of this podcast. We had pizza, garlic nots, and cinnamon bread bites, then just hung out and have fun.


DPC Episode 38: Life Updates

This podcast was originally recorded on January 18, 2021. This podcast goes over what's been going on with Sabrina and I as of late. We also detail what will be happening this February.


DPC Episode 37: Security For A Better Server

This podcast goes over some security tips for securing a server. Things you should disable, etc.


DPC Episode 36: Lifeline And Why You Need It

We go over the Philips Lifeline system, a system that can help you in case of a medical emergency. The GoSafe2 system, discussed at length in this podcast, has fall detection technology that can dispatch medical help to you if you fall and are unable to get back up within 30 seconds. We discuss briefly how to setup the system, how much the system costs, and provide a link for you to check out the system. Also discussed is insurance requirements that may apply to you should you get the...


DPC Episode 35: ScripTalk Station Reader

This podcast features my wife Sabrina. During this podcast, we go over the ScripTalk Station Reader, made by En-Vision America. This reader allows you to read special RFID electronic labels that are programmed by a pharmacist at your participating pharmacy with all of your prescription information. This information can include: Drug name, dosage, instructions, warnings, pharmacy information, doctor name, prescription number, date and more.The pharmacist places the tag on your prescription...


DPC Episode 34: Interview With Sabrina Chavez

This podcast is an interview with Sabrina Chavez. During the interview, we discuss her work as a sowing machine operator at IFB Solutions in Winston Salem NC. For more info about IFB Solutions please visit www.ifbsolutions.org


DPC Episode 33: CTX3000

This podcast describes and demonstrates my new Casio CTX3000 professional workstation that I got for Christmas. Various keyboard types are demoed within this episode.


DPC Episode 32: ScripTalk

I go over the ScripTalk app from EnVision America, as well as it's various options for medication information retrieval. You can learn more about the app (if using an iPhone,) by going to: ScripTalk On The iPhone Appstore


DPC Episode 31: Studio Demonstration

I demonstrate my new Tascam TM-80 studio mike and talk about my new Behringer Xenyx Q502USB mixer. You can find the mixer, and purchase it, on: Sweetwater.Com - Behringer Xenyx Q502USB Mixer with USB You can also find the Tascam TM-80 studio mike, and purchase it from Amazon.Com - Tascam TM-80 Large Diaphagm Condenser Microphone


DPC Episode 30: My Chart For iOS

This podcast details the My Chart iOS application. Some things you can do with My Chart are: View messages from your care team View messages from your doctor and message your doctor View and make appointments View test results View health reminders View your medical record View your medications To use My Chart, your doctor or other physician must participate in the My Chart program. If unsure, please ask your doctor or other physician regarding there participation in the My Chart program....


DPC Episode 29: Talking Microwave oven

I discuss and demo the features of my talking microwave oven that my father bought me a few years ago. You can learn more about the microwave and purchase it from Amazon


DPC Episode 28: New Home Exploration

Note The below podcast was produced on June 15, 2019. Do to internet and other technical issues, this podcast could not be published until now. Podcast Information This podcast is the tour of my wife and I's apartment that we moved into on June 14, 2019. We explore the complex; detailing various locations (I.E., mailboxes, trashcans, the leasing office, etc.)


DPC Episode 27: Google Speaker

This podcast demonstrates the Google Mini Home Speaker that my wife and I got from T-Mobile. We demo games as well as discuss what else the speaker can do. Note: DPC 27 will be the last podcast from Utah. Future podcasts will be recorded from North Carolina.