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Emanuele Francioni & Jelle Pol | Dusk Network

Emanuele Francioni and Jelle Pol are Founders from Dusk Network, a privacy protocol that uses zero knowledge cryptography to create encrypted communication channels, and infrastructure for confidential payments that maintain regulatory compliance. In this episode we're talking about private communications, surveillance, building a protocol, encryption and the security token space. We recorded on October 29, 2018. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @decentpod. Join our...


Xinshu Dong | Zilliqa

Xinshu Dong is the CEO of Zilliqa, a leading blockchain protocol based in Singapore. In this episode we're talking about the scalability problem for blockchains, comparisons to Ethereum, sharding, what high data throughput can be used for, and projects being built on Zilliqa right now. This conversation was recorded on October 16, 2018. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @decentpod. Join our Telegram group via Decentralised is sponsored by New Alchemy.


Fennie Wang | ixo Foundation

Fennie Wang is a Co-Founder from ixo Foundation who transitioned into the blockchain space as a banker and lawyer. She contributes to academic work with COALA, exploring the future of governance with smart contracts. In this episode we're talking about blockchain for social impact, the power of meaningful data, and futurist visions of a countercultural movement in the ascendancy. We recorded in Manhattan during Blockchain Week NYC on May 21, 2018. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and...


Halsey Minor | VideoCoin & Live Planet

Halsey Minor has been founding technology companies since CNET in 1993, including NBCi, OpenDNS, Salesforce, Uphold Inc., Google Voice, and his latest ventures, VideoCoin and Live Planet. VideoCoin aims to compete with Amazon, Google and Microsoft – by sharply reducing cost for encoding, storing and streaming video … by decentralising the infrastructure … rewarding machines for processing video, similar to how Bitcoin miners are rewarded for confirming transactions. Live Planet is a...


Aaron Wright | OpenLaw

Aaron Wright is a Co-Founder of OpenLaw, an open source company based with ConsenSys in Brooklyn, creating next generation smart legal agreements. Their project aims to reduce cost for legal services, while increasing speed and ease for getting things done via smart contracts. As we’ll hear in this episode, blockchain technology has major implications for all industries. Beyond OpenLaw, Aaron is a Professor at Cardozo Law School in New York City, and leads the Cardozo Blockchain...


Vanessa Grellet | ConsenSys

Vanessa Grellet is the Executive Director at ConsenSys and President of the Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition. She contributes to the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and is Chair for the Nexus Working Group on Impact Investing. In this episode we talk about leveraging disruptive technologies to create change in the world, across areas like supply chain, identity, financial inclusion and the environment. The millennial generation has rapidly generated vast amounts of wealth through...


Michael Oved | AirSwap

Michael Oved is a Co-Founder of AirSwap, a decentralised, peer-to-peer token trading platform for ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. In this episode, we talk about ConsenSys, the founding of AirSwap with Don Mosites, the future for decentralised exchanges, token assets, and the present limits of blockchain technology. Prior to his adventures with AirSwap, Michael was an algo trader at Virtu Financial from 2011 through 2015. Before this, he experienced the Global Financial Crisis as...


Peter Vessenes | New Alchemy

Peter Vessenes is the founder of New Alchemy, a leading blockchain strategy and technology group based in Seattle, who specialise in tokenisation. We talk about the early days of Bitcoin, Peter’s accurate prediction of The DAO hack in 2016, his patent on de-anonymising Bitcoin transactions, and much more. He is the Former CEO of CoinLab, Inc, the first Venture-backed Bitcoin Company launched in 2011. He was a Co-Founder and Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation, who has also consulted about...


Nyla Rodgers | Mama Hope & Satoshi Is Female

Nyla Rodgers is the Founder of Mama Hope and the Creator of Satoshi Is Female. In this episode we talk about bringing human values into economics, and hear the incredible story of Suubi Health Clinic in Uganda and it’s founder Bernard Makisa. We also go below the surface of ‘women in blockchain’ … and the creation of Satoshi Is Female. Our conversation took place on May 25th in Manhattan, just after Blockchain Week NYC. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook...


Lisa Nestor |

Lisa Nestor is Director of Partnerships at In this episode we talk about Stellar as a platform for cross border transactions, their consensus model, what’s being built on the platform, and also the organisation’s origin story, founded by Jed McCaleb and Joyce Kim in 2014. Our conversation took place on February 6th at Blockchain Economic Forum in Singapore. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @decentpod Decentralised Podcast is sponsored by New Alchemy


Reese Jones | Singularity University

Reese Jones is an Associate Founder of Singularity University. Currently an Advisor to Facebook. He’s a biophysicist, keynote speaker and educator, entrepreneur, advisor to a range of blockchain projects, and a founder and investor in tech start-ups, who also contributed to the mapping the human genome. A specialist in exponential technologies. Reese has had a hand in creating the hyperconnected world we now find ourselves living in. In this episode we talk about decentralised systems...


Richard Titus | ARK ADVISORS

Richard Titus is a raconteur and entrepreneur, Managing Partner at ARK ADVISORS and producer of Who Killed The Electric Car? We talk about blockchain, the loss of shared consensus about reality, and the importance of investing in companies that align with your values and the future you'd like to see for the world.As an early investor we also spoke about Tesla, our interests in SpaceX and The Boring Company, and how it's a terrible move to bet against Elon Musk. Richard has been the...


Toni Lane Casserly | CULTU.RE

Toni Lane Casserly has been referred to as the Joan of Arc of Blockchain. Presently she’s a Founder of CULTU.RE, a project focused on blockchain governance and self-sovereignty for an interplanetary society. We talk about identity on blockchain, the culture of Burning Man, open source projects, progressive notions of justice, governments, education, and how the idea of having a ‘job’ will be foreign within a couple generations. Toni's a Founding Member of shEOS, an international group of...


Fabian Vogelsteller | Ethereum

Fabian Vogelsteller is a leading developer at Ethereum who proposed ERC20 Tokens, built the Ethereum Wallet and Mist Browser, and is now at the fore of identity projects in the Ethereum ecosystem via ERC725 and ERC735. He is a Founder of Lukso, a blockchain project focusing on the fashion and design industry. We talk about his history at Ethereum since 2015 and how ERC20 tokens propelled the ICO boom of last year. Another topic is the imminent potential of virtual reality and augmented...


Jimmy Song | Blockchain Capital

We talk with leading Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song about how he got started with Bitcoin. About 'sound money' as a vital foundation for society, along with Lightning Network, Bitcoin Cash, and how everyone who HODL'd Bitcoin from $30 up to $10,000 deserves every cent. Jimmy instructs developers about Bitcoin at a seminar called 'Programming Blockchain', which he's currently converting into a book. He's a Venture Partner at Blockchain Capital and Principal Architect at Paxos. He also...