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Everything’s Connected: A Supplier Collaboration Podcast

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A new podcast illuminating the hurdles organizations face in collaborating with key trading partners and the solutions you can use to keep your supply chain moving.


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A new podcast illuminating the hurdles organizations face in collaborating with key trading partners and the solutions you can use to keep your supply chain moving.




Episode 10 - Tackling the Supply Continuity Challenge at Vodafone

In this episode, we feature guest speaker Reinhard Plaza Bartsch, Global Head of SCM Development at Vodafone, who is responsible of global logistics transformation within Vodafone. Learn how today’s environment of unprecedented disruptions and supply shortages require two fundamental requirement to keep your business running successfully: ensuring early, pro-active transparency into potential challenges at your suppliers, and providing visibility into your demand to your suppliers so they...


Episode 9: Moving from Operational to Strategic Benefits of Supplier Collaboration

Many organizations have embarked on streamlining supplier collaboration, and achieve benefits such as process automation and standardization, efficiency gains and improved visibility. Have you looked beyond these traditional values? Listen to our podcast with guest speaker Srinivas Nair, Supply Chain & Procurement Digitalization Partner at Bristlecone to learn how supplier collaboration technologies and strategies can help you • Co-innovate with your suppliers • Optimize supply chain...


Episode 8 - Collaborating With Suppliers to Drive Positive Social Impacts

As we become more aware of the effect our company policies and products have on society and the environment, it’s important to understand the roles played by our supplier networks and supply chain collaboration processes. Listen to this podcast as our guest co-host Robert Casamento, president and chief product officer of Givewith, shares his insights on how program priorities and supplier collaboration can have a positive effect on your social impact initiatives while elevating the strategic...


Episode 7 - Supplier Collaboration in the Automotive Industry

As the automotive industry faces tremendous change – including intrinsic industry trends such as the electric vehicle and the global COVID-19 pandemic – supplier collaboration must be flexible and innovative. Tune in to hear our guest co-host, Lisa Gonzalez Smith, discuss these trends and their subsequent impact on supplier collaboration. Lisa – a seasoned source to pay executive with more than 30 years in global automotive procurement at Ford and Toyota – explains the pursuit of common...


Episode 6 – How to Evaluate and Manage Supplier Risk

How are your suppliers and supply chain doing? Can they deliver the parts or ingredients you need to avoid shortages? In Episode 6, we discuss how you can quickly check in with suppliers, gauge their ability to meet demand, and learn what help they need – if any – to keep your supply chain intact.


Episode 5 – How to Help Your Suppliers Manage Demand Risk

In this episode, we discuss how you can help your suppliers manage their demand risk, why it’s essential that you provide your supplier with a frequent and updated forecast, and how to move toward a more stable supply.


Episode 4 – Smart Supplier Collaboration

Tune in to a discussion about the importance of simplifying the way you collaborate with suppliers, so your category managers are free to carry out higher-value tasks. You’ll discover what it means to communicate smarter, not harder; and tips for finding the right collaboration tool for your organization.


Episode 3 – Encourage Suppliers to Share Their Capacity

Listen to this episode to discover how you can encourage suppliers to share their commitment to your real-time demand without blocking the capacity they need to serve other customers.


Episode 2 – Clarity Is King: The Case for Giving Trading Partners Visibility into Your Demand

What does it really take to mitigate (or potentially avoid) supply chain disruptions and ensure continuity? Listen in to learn why clarity is critical, how to get full visibility into your suppliers’ ability to deliver, and why you need to give as good as you get.


Episode 1 – Disruption by Any Other Name

The challenges and basic models of manufacturing haven’t changed since the division of labor occurred in early history. Listen in to hear why disruption is here to stay and what you can do about it.