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086: Disrupting The Professional Speaking Industry

By popular demand, we bring to you an episode dedicated to my thoughts on the public speaking industry, why I enjoy disrupting it and where I think the future of speaking is going. Topics & questions I cover on this episode: I've truly found my dream job and my calling for what I want to do for the rest of my life and with that being said I also want to help take this industry to new heights and in new ways. For the calls to action at the end of the show send me a tweet or tag me on...


085: When you treat your social media like a billboard, you get billboard results!

When you treat your social media like a billboard, you get billboard results! No emotion No trust No conversation No community No conversion No authenticity No way to prove ROI or track what success looks like. On this episode, I discuss the amazing things I learned about National Geographic and Food Networks social media and social video strategies and why we can all learn from the way they are doing things. I also get fired up talking about why I feel most brands are failing on...


084: Value of Social Media Marketing for Luxury Travel Agents

What I learned about the business value of social media working with Luxury Travel Agents! I’ve had the amazing opportunity to give keynotes, webinars and workshops for multiple luxury travel events and organizations this year and I felt like their use of social media and the questions they had for me would add massive value to anyone in a service or product business that wants to build trust and connect with future customers aka the younger generations. On this episode we covered some of...


083: Talk Triggers: Cookies & an Alpaca

On today's episode, I discuss the power of word of mouth marketing, talk triggers and a new must-read book. How has wearing a hat and bright red shoes helped grow my business? You'll have to listen to this episode to find out! Inspired by the new book by Jay Baer & Daniel Lemin titled Talk Triggers! Get a copy of the book at


082: Megatrends, Newsjacking, Humor, and Emotional Intelligence: Inbound 2018 with special guests David Meerman Scott & Andrew Tarvin.

Are you ready for a special live podcast episode from HubSpot Inbound 2018 where 27k marketers gathered in Boston Massachusetts to talk about the future of inbound marketing? Okay maybe that opening sentence was made to give you FOMO but you guys are in for a treat as not only is this broadcasted from the live studio at the event but I have two special guests on today’s show. What you’ll hear discussed on this episode with my two guests David Meerman Scott and Andrew Tarvin: What’s changed...


081: Advice For Business-Minded Content Creators

I don't think of myself as a creative as I can't write or sing or dance or draw but I do love telling stories and creating content to grow my business and tell my story and often people are confused on why I do this and what value it has for my business. On this episode I'm going to tackle the following questions around my strategies, struggles, and insights into creating content as a Business Minded Content Creator: - Why I use my content and community as my outbound marketing...


080: Highs and Lows of Entrepreneurship

On this episode I Brian Fanzo, founder of iSocialFanz get real with you and share something that happened to me this past week and why I had to be ok with it and why I feel I'm not alone with this struggle. That's all I'm going to share you have to listen to the show to find out the rest and stay around for the end as I share my favorite movies, my man crush and current netflix binge favorites!


079: Experience Marketing Lessons From Virtuoso Luxury Travel Week

When I think travel I immediately think about Instagram and the travel influencers I know that are making it big having the “dream job” of getting paid to travel the world. But as I’ve been working and speaking at travel/hospitality events in 2018 the tone of most in the audience is of one that either feels digital has hurt their brand or they aren’t sure how to sell what they do on social media. On this episode, I share my experience at an amazing luxury travel event that I spoke at called...


078: Strategic Serendipity

Brian Fanzo the host of FOMOFanz might present himself as a massive extrovert but you might be surprised at how he feels about "forced conversations" and the strategic approaches he takes to make sure he gets the most out of networking events. On this episode Brian answers the questions: -- SPONSOR: Call For Code-- Commit to the Cause. Push for Change. Answer the Call. Developers have revolutionized the way people live and interact with virtually everyone and everything. Where most...


077: Be SELFISH: We Is Greater Than Me!

On this episode, I discuss the importance of self-love, self-awareness, and selfishness in being part of a great team. I also break down how golf is like entrepreneurship and the only way to make it to the top is to have coaches and friends and others around you that are supporting you but also working with you to make you the best person you can be. Get started on your #CallforCode project this weekend during the Virtual Hackathon. The team will be available for support starting Friday and...


Fanz & Friends: Demian Ross: Road To Biz Success:

Why would someone want waste their time on a roadtrip or create blog content daily from the shower in a business development role? On this episode of FOMOFanz we bring on a new sponsor and I interview my new best friend Demian Ross who I just recently went on a road trip with 11 days from Ohio to Denver. We discussed many aspects of the roadtrip damien's nomadic lifestyle and many links to us both being dads well also answering the following questions: How can we...


075: Seize The Moment, Don't Wait To For Experiences

This episode is live from my #RoadToSocial in Indianapolis and I share some of my lessons from the road, the reasons I almost didn't go on this trip and the importance of not waiting for something to be an experience and allowing experiences to happen. Check out: Road To 300 with Demian Ross (Episode 093 you might see someone you recognize)


Fanz & Friends: Chris Kubby: Hat Marketers Perspective

On this episode I bring you a candid conversation with a good buddy of mine and fellow marketer Chris Kubby live from Poland where we are literally sitting at a table backstage at the INFOshare conference, shooting the shit. We discuss everything from why I love that he lives in my favorite city in the world to his opinion from outside of the US on that stereotype that sometimes Americans get when they travel. We also breakdown our thoughts on the current state of digital marketing we call...


073: Time To Up Your T-Shirt Game!

What does it take to build relationships and grow business online to offline and back to online. Lots of people talk about living your life and being yourself including me but what does that mean and how does upping your t-shirt game relate to this discussion. I break down some comments I received at the Social Shake-Up Show last week and share why a brand emailed me to speak at their event because of my cool “You’re Killing Me Smalls T-Shirt.” I also answer the following questions: What...


072: Whats the Business Value of Facebook and Instagram?

Every business must be on Facebook and Instagram! No, I disagree but I would say that every business and brand no matter the industry can find massive business value leveraging Facebook and Instagram in 2018 and beyond. On this episode, I piggyback on episode 071 where I talked about the business value of Twitter with a focus on Facebook and Instagram that spurred one of the LARGEST live podcast audiences I’ve ever had with well over 2k questions, comments, and thoughts on this...


071: Why EVERY Brand & Entrepreneur Should Be On Twitter

Twitter is a social network that for many is confusing and overwhelming and Twitter hasn't exactly done a great job at marketing itself or helping people truly understand its platform. I mean they spent years fighting against Facebook only to come out and say they don't think they compete with Facebook (I agree) and they are really a real-time social news platform. But the thing about Twitter is, It changed my life both personal and professional and I believe every brand can benefit by...


070: STOP! Lazy Sales and PR Leaders

Hey sales leaders and PR folks.... #ShowUcare I'm fired up on this episode ranting about two methods that are really bothering me that both Sales and PR leaders are leveraging in this digital world! Below you'll see the two posts that inspired this episode! Comment on the post after listening to this episode where I share more context and advice on how we can change these ANNOYING and LAZY trends! Linkedin Post Discussed On This Episode: Dear sales people..... your email etiquette...


069: What Advice Do You Wish Millennials and GenZers never heard?

What's the worst advice you've received? What's the worst advice you've given.... It's time to set the record straight on some of this BS that is being told to our future generation.... it's also important to remember that TIMES HAVE CHANGED and some advice that we were given in the 90's is no longer of value in 2018 and beyond thanks to digital! On this episode I share my thoughts on the bad advice I’m tired of hearing and that includes such things as: Entrepreneurship is for...


068: Future Of Work: Empowered Collaboration

On this episode I got fired up talking about one of my all-time favorite topics "Collaboration" and it impacts on the future of work and why I feel empowerment is the key to company culture. On this show I tackle these common questions around the future of work, empowerment, and collaboration: What role does technology play? What about those damn millennial / GenZ job hoppers? Role of work from home continued growth? Culture outside the walls of HQ? What role does trust play in today's...


067: Delete Your Damn Account Already!

Guests are BACK!!! On this extra-long episode of FOMOFanz, I decided to share my thoughts on the most recent drama around “Delete Facebook” but I didn’t want to do that alone so I brought on Vincenzo Landino CEO of Aftermarq and Vincent Orleck Head of Social Media at AttictSalt I grabbed these two guys and asked them to jump on the show to not only add some unique vantage points to the most recent social media changing landscape but also because they are two of my closest friends and...