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Fanz & Friends: Demian Ross: Road To Biz Success:

Why would someone want waste their time on a roadtrip or create blog content daily from the shower in a business development role? On this episode of FOMOFanz we bring on a new sponsor and I interview my new best friend Demian Ross who I just recently went on a road trip with 11 days from Ohio to Denver. We discussed many aspects of the roadtrip damien's nomadic lifestyle and many links to us both being dads well also answering the following questions: How can we...


075: Seize The Moment, Don't Wait To For Experiences

This episode is live from my #RoadToSocial in Indianapolis and I share some of my lessons from the road, the reasons I almost didn't go on this trip and the importance of not waiting for something to be an experience and allowing experiences to happen. Check out: Road To 300 with Demian Ross (Episode 093 you might see someone you recognize)


Fanz & Friends: Chris Kubby: Hat Marketers Perspective

On this episode I bring you a candid conversation with a good buddy of mine and fellow marketer Chris Kubby live from Poland where we are literally sitting at a table backstage at the INFOshare conference, shooting the shit. We discuss everything from why I love that he lives in my favorite city in the world to his opinion from outside of the US on that stereotype that sometimes Americans get when they travel. We also breakdown our thoughts on the current state of digital marketing we...


073: Time To Up Your T-Shirt Game!

What does it take to build relationships and grow business online to offline and back to online. Lots of people talk about living your life and being yourself including me but what does that mean and how does upping your t-shirt game relate to this discussion. I break down some comments I received at the Social Shake-Up Show last week and share why a brand emailed me to speak at their event because of my cool “You’re Killing Me Smalls T-Shirt.” I also answer the following questions: What...


072: Whats the Business Value of Facebook and Instagram?

Every business must be on Facebook and Instagram! No, I disagree but I would say that every business and brand no matter the industry can find massive business value leveraging Facebook and Instagram in 2018 and beyond. On this episode, I piggyback on episode 071 where I talked about the business value of Twitter with a focus on Facebook and Instagram that spurred one of the LARGEST live podcast audiences I’ve ever had with well over 2k questions, comments, and thoughts on this...


071: Why EVERY Brand & Entrepreneur Should Be On Twitter

Twitter is a social network that for many is confusing and overwhelming and Twitter hasn't exactly done a great job at marketing itself or helping people truly understand its platform. I mean they spent years fighting against Facebook only to come out and say they don't think they compete with Facebook (I agree) and they are really a real-time social news platform. But the thing about Twitter is, It changed my life both personal and professional and I believe every brand can benefit by...


070: STOP! Lazy Sales and PR Leaders

Hey sales leaders and PR folks.... #ShowUcare I'm fired up on this episode ranting about two methods that are really bothering me that both Sales and PR leaders are leveraging in this digital world! Below you'll see the two posts that inspired this episode! Comment on the post after listening to this episode where I share more context and advice on how we can change these ANNOYING and LAZY trends! Linkedin Post Discussed On This Episode: Dear sales people..... your email etiquette...


069: What Advice Do You Wish Millennials and GenZers never heard?

What's the worst advice you've received? What's the worst advice you've given.... It's time to set the record straight on some of this BS that is being told to our future generation.... it's also important to remember that TIMES HAVE CHANGED and some advice that we were given in the 90's is no longer of value in 2018 and beyond thanks to digital! On this episode I share my thoughts on the bad advice I’m tired of hearing and that includes such things as: Entrepreneurship is for...


068: Future Of Work: Empowered Collaboration

On this episode I got fired up talking about one of my all-time favorite topics "Collaboration" and it impacts on the future of work and why I feel empowerment is the key to company culture. On this show I tackle these common questions around the future of work, empowerment, and collaboration: What role does technology play? What about those damn millennial / GenZ job hoppers? Role of work from home continued growth? Culture outside the walls of HQ? What role does trust play in...


Delete Your Damn Account Already! #FOMOFanz 067

Guests are BACK!!! On this extra-long episode of FOMOFanz, I decided to share my thoughts on the most recent drama around “Delete Facebook” but I didn’t want to do that alone so I brought on Vincenzo Landino CEO of Aftermarq and Vincent Orleck Head of Social Media at AttictSalt I grabbed these two guys and asked them to jump on the show to not only add some unique vantage points to the most recent social media changing landscape but also because they are two of my closest friends and...


066: How Great Content Creators Make It Look Easy!

I believe every person no matter your job or industry must embrace the fact that they are the producer of their own reality tv series about their life. Now I don’t mean the over produced and fake versions of reality tv rather the real, raw and unfilter access types that make you feel like you could be on that show or that one of those reality tv stars reminds you of a friend of yours. Our first impression in 2018 and beyond happens online and having a website or being on social media...


065: Facebook Zero Strategy Changes: SMMW18 Keynote

On this episode you'll listen to the 35 minute keynote I gave at Social Media Marketing World on the Facebook Zero: News Feed changes. This presentation was done with 51 gifs but the audio I captured from my iPhone on stage still captured my message and I thought this would be massively valuable to the FOMOFanz community. Keynote details: Facebook Strategy in Light of the Facebook Apocalypse Facebook has long preached the importance of social media being an extension of human to human...


064: Why Marketing Disruption Has Only Just Begun!

Pumped to talk about a wide range of disruptive technologies impacting all forms of marketing after a couple weeks of speaking at National Speakers Association, Digital Summit Phoenix and Social Media Marketing World. Focus of this episode: Brands or links mentioned on this episode: My speaker site: Video Marketing World Workshop AAffiliate Link: Away Luggage Tweet I sent:...


63: Power of a Startup Grind Mindset

I'm on the board of 5 startups as a strategic advisor which I love doing but as a speaker most of the events I attend and brands I work with are industry, enterprise or larger association. This past week one of the startups I advice, Fledge Connect, placed in the top 50 for the Startup Grind competition allowing them to go to the global event in Redwood Ca to pitch VC's, have a booth and participate in the event. Although I had heard of Startup Grind, this was my first time attending one...


062: The Secret To Connecting Your Business with Digital Natives Online

When most hear about selling online they either think about the overused term “social selling” or they think about the infomercial style selling where brands push webinars, online courses and free downloads in consumers faces to get them on their email list so they can hammer them with email upsells and limited space available marketing crap. I do believe in the power of social selling and know many people who do it well but the reason the other time of online selling works is because...


061: What Brands Must Do Different With Influencer Marketing In 2018!

The concept of influencer marketing isn’t new but how brands can leverage influencers and what works for collaborating with an influencer has drastically changed over the last 18 months. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business or an enterprise there are people that use your product or service that influence others through their actions, their words or simply their trust in that person. The hard part is finding the right influencer then mapping out what success looks like for you the...


60: Facebook News Feed Changes: What You Need To Know

Facebook is now focused on facilitate the most meaningful interactions between PEOPLE, rather than the previous mandate of helping people find the most meaningful content... Full press release here. Why this shift? Mark Zuckerberg stated that: “If what we’re here to do is help people build relationships, then we need to adjust.” So what does this mean for your business, what impact will this have on content creation and social media marketing as a whole? I believe this will have a...


059: Why It’s The Worst-Best Time To Be An Entrepreneur

The idea of what an entrepreneur is the value of entrepreneurship has drastically transformed over the last many years. No matter which way you turn you are flooded with online courses teaching you how to get rich quick and the pontification of entrepreneurs that upon reaching great success want to highlight their rags to riches “memories.” But few talk about their failures while they are failing, their struggles as they are struggling or the crazy rollercoaster ride that is...


058: Trends to Follow To Avoid FOMO in 2018

On FOMOFanz I have the luxury of talking about the future emerging technology Digital transformation the latest thing in digital marketing each week so on this episode I decided to focus on trans and why I think some of those trends are good and some of them are going to lead to really bad branded podcasts. The trends I discuss on this episode range from the idea that technology won't work to fix bad rules, for example, the Steelers versus patriots Game with the bad overturned call to how...


057: Embrace Change with the 4 T's!

The world we live in today is no doubt full of change infused with innovation and new technologies but for many, this is overwhelming or leads to repetitive failures across their business organization. I believe technology isn't scary, change is often presented in the wrong way and go about implementing our version of success in a way the puts too much emphasis on the technology and not enough on the people, the mindset or the need to create a scalable process. On this episode, I break...