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IoT – The Internet of EveryThing

It will be only a few years before the number of devices connected to the Internet outnumbers the human population by 10 to 1. In this episode we talk to Cisco’s Chief Technology Officer Kevin Bloch about the future that these connected ‘things’ will enable, while Ros Harvey describes how her company The Yield is using connected devices to revolutionise agriculture.


Privacy - Staying safe in the connected world

Every day we read about organisations falling victim to data breaches, but these are only the latest manifestation of the dangers that lurk online. In this episode we speak to former Australian Privacy Commissioner Malcolm Crompton regarding how to safeguard our personal information, and Australia’s eSafety Commission Julie Inman Grant, about how to ensure we have the best possible experience we can when exploring the online realm.


Corporates and Startups - The ultimate frenemies?

Startups have created remarkable disruption in some industries, but are they destined to be giant slayers? Increasingly, startups and the traditional businesses they challenge are finding a better future together through cooperation. So in this episode we speak to Westpac Group’s CIO Dave Curran and Alex Scandurra, CEO at the fintech hub Stone & Chalk, to find out if Corporates and Startups are friends or foes or maybe the ultimate frenemies.



Quantum computers promise to unleash computational power well beyond what we can imagine right now, using the sometimes baffling physics of the subatomic world. But to date, building a true quantum computer has proven an elusive goal. In this episode we speak to a range of experts about the state of quantum computing research, and the potential benefits and challenges the technology presents.


Smart Cities - Making cities smart for everyone

Digital technology has had a huge impact on our homes and workplaces - now it’s helping to reshape entire cities too. In this episode we hear from the City of Adelaide’s Associate Director for Information Management, Peter Auhl, on how Adelaide is using sensors and data to improve life for residents, businesses and visitors. And we speak to the City of Brisbane's Chief Digital Officer, Cat Matson, on how she is helping her fellow citizens get the most out of digital technology.


Data – Big, Small and Open to Everyone

Data has become a hot commodity in the digital world, but how much do we know about what data is out there, and how it’s being used? In this episode we hear from Maree Adshead, founder of the Open Data Institute’s Australian Network, about how can business can benefit from data. Westpac’s Director of Analytics Kelley Yohe talks about the different uses for data and the ethical considerations this raises, and NSW Chief Data Scientist and CEO of NSW Data Analytics Dr Ian Oppermann explores...


Future of Work

In this episode we examine the future of work, and ask how technologies such as automation and artificial intelligence will change not just how we perform our work, but also the actual work we perform. We speak to one of the world’s leading thinkers on the impact of technology on the workplace, Michael Priddis, whose company Faethm helps organisations plan for their future workforce requirements. And we speak to Anne Moore, founder and CEO of the startup PlanDo, about what we can all do to...


Cyber-Security – Staying safe in a hostile digital world

In this episode we look at cybercrime, and examine what it takes to keep digital systems safe from would-be criminals. We hear from Westpac Group’s Chief Information Security Officer Richard Johnson about the scale of the threat that organisations face today and what we can all do to stay safe, while the University of the Sunshine Coast’s cybersecurity expert Professor David Lacey explains the growing problem of identity theft, and how we can avoid falling victim to it.


Blockchain – Beyond the Cryptocurrencies

In this episode we examine the rapid rise of Blockchain and ask why this new technology for managing distributed ledgers is generating so much interest. We hear from Singtel's Associate Director for Financial Services Industry Innovation Cindy Nicholson regarding Blockchain use cases, the ASX's Deputy CEO Peter Hiom describes how distributed ledger technology is being used to redevelop a core function of securities exchange, and Rodolf Salem and Peter Pallister from Westpac’s Institutional...


Agile Working – Fad or future?

In this episode we explore the agile development methodology and its use in Australian businesses, and ask what future it has beyond its common use in technology projects. Guests include Tomas Varsavsky one of Australia's leading agile practitioners and the Chief Engineer at REA Group, and the Chief Information Officer at Westpac New Zealand, Dawie Olivier, who talks about his own experiences in implementing agile within the bank.


STEM – An impending crisis for Australia’s workforce?

In this episode we investigate STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) skills in the Australian workforce – why they are needed, and how interest in STEM is being stimulated amongst young Australians. Guests include the Global Leader for People in Organisation at PricewaterhouseCoopers Jon Williams, ambassador for the Young ICT Explorers contest Greg Miller, and Westpac's General Manager for Business Integration, Ana Cammaroto, who talks about her own experience in building a...


Artificial Intelligence – intelligent for whom?

In this episode we talk about artificial intelligence, and what it means for Australian businesses. We examine why it is getting so much attention now, and where its benefits and limitations lie. Guests include global AI authority and author of the new book It’s Alive, UNSW and Data61’s Professor Toby Walsh, and Marie Johnson, Managing Director and Chief Digital officer at the Centre for Digital Business, who was the co-creator of Nadia, an AI powered digital human built for the National...