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A weekly podcast from Chris Chinchilla covering technology, board and role play games, history, current affairs, and frankly whatever I feel like covering. Show notes can be found at -

A weekly podcast from Chris Chinchilla covering technology, board and role play games, history, current affairs, and frankly whatever I feel like covering. Show notes can be found at -




A weekly podcast from Chris Chinchilla covering technology, board and role play games, history, current affairs, and frankly whatever I feel like covering. Show notes can be found at -






Apollo GraphQL with Geoff Schmidt

This issue I speak with Geoff Schmidt of Apollo about their GraphQL offerings. I also cover general AI, decades old technology bets, is it wise to remove WhatsApp, and much more. xx Chinch


Updates from the Ukrainian Startup scene with Stepan Veselovskyi

I speak with Stepan Veselovskyi, the CEO at Lviv IT Cluster about what's been happening in the Ukraine tech and startup scene since my last visit. I also cover JetBrains, Google, WhatsApp, and… The Amiga


Nvidia Jetson with Amit Goel

This week, I speak with Amit Goel, Director of Product Management for Embedded AI Platforms at NVIDIA about the Jetson platform. I also cover the M1 (again), Discord, the Romans, and the Archers… xx Chinch


Algolia search with Julien Lemoine

In this episode I cover the new Algolia integration with Netlify and look at the rapid growth of interest in their search solution. Also features news on Fuscia OS, taking Google offline, GPT-3, and much more!


Ubuntu on Lenovo with Mark Pearson and Martin Wimpress

In this Weekly Squeak I speak with Mark and Martin and cover how the two teams worked together to make Ubuntu shine on Lenovo machines. Also features content on Slack acquisition, M1 on AWS, Garbage language, and much more…


Software error tracking with Brian Rue of Rollbar

This week I speak with Brian Rue of Rollbar, The Continuous Code Improvement Platform. No links… Because apparently, I didn't read anything…


The Weekly Squeak - Headless CMS with Aurélien Georget of Strapi

I speak with with Aurélien Georget of Strapi, the leading open-source headless CMS, 100% Javascript, fully customizable and developer-first. I also cover substack, did 2020 get the startups it needed, and just how good is the new M1 chip for machine learning practitioners?


Code Review in your IDE with Codestream

In this episode I speak with Peter Pezaris of Codestream about their IDE plugin that allows you to integrate code review, pull and merge requests, and issue trackers directly where you work. I also cover paying for podcasts, taxing working from home, tech acquisitions of 2020, and Big Sur.


Kubernetes observability with Pixie

This week I speak with the cofounders of Pixie labs, that helps you instantly troubleshoot your applications on Kubernetes. I also cover immutable operating systems, the ISS, real world quantum computing, the Lord of the Rings that never was, and more…


Graph and AI with Gaurav Deshpande

I have Gaurav Deshpande of TigerGraph back to talk about their recent conference covering the intersection of Graph and AI. I also cover Berlin airports, sci-fi recommendations, and bizarre operating systems.


Automating everything with Linden Tibbets of IFTTT

In this episode I speak with Linden Tibbets of IFTTT about the past, present, and future of their automation platform. I also look at the history of markdown, and legal frameworks for AI.


The present and future of Jamstack with Matt Biilmann

This weekly squeak I talk with Matt Biilmann of Netlify about their recent announcements and the future of Jamstack presented at their recent Jamstackconf. I also cover the ownership of Berlin startups, crypto hype, the history of search, new zoom integrations, and much more.


IoT trends and the future of conferences with Cate Lawrence

In this Weekly Squeak I have my old cohost back to discuss recent trends in IoT and her visit to IFA in Berlin, will the hybrid format be the future of conferences in the medium term? I also cover Goodreads, Flutter, Swift, Kubernetes, and famous historical deaths.


Scaling MySQL with Planet Scale

In this episode I speak with Jiten Vaidya and Sugu Sougoumarane of Planet Scale, a solution for scaling MySQL on Kubernetes. I also cover Mozilla, returning to the office, Canonical, and can open source be bought?


Christian Nunciato - Pulumi in Action

In this episode I speak with Christian Nunciato, author of Pulumi in Action from Manning. Use podchinc19 for a 40% discount code, or andy of the codes below for a free eBook: I also cover news from ARM, editing a robot, and more.


Contentful with Paolo Negri

In this episode I speak with Paolo Negri about their API-first content platform. Also features the story of Bullfrog, history books for roleplayers, judging an open source project, and more. Watch my DXpose livestream where I judge the developer experience of Contentful on Twitch.


D&D and Teams with Karthik Nagarajan

This episode I speak with Karthik Nagarajan about the advantages of running roleplaying games for teams, look at computer user groups, fraud, and a JavaScript version of Civilisation 6.


KubeCon EU 2020

In this episode I speak with Vijoy Pandey (Cisco), Amith Nair (HashiCorp), and Michael Friedrich (GitLab) about their announcements and highlights from KubeCon as well as my own personal highlights.


Robert Reeves of Liquibase

Robert Reeves joins me after a 2 year gap to discuss bringing DevOps practices to the database world. I also cover Zoom's amazing quarter, the end of PhoneGap, the end of the Beatles, and the end of WW2 (in Japan).


Tanmai Gopal of Hasura - Instant GraphQL APIs for your data

I speak with Tanmai Gopal about Hasura, an open source and hosted platform that brings instant GraphQL APIs to your data. Also features my weekly round up of geeky news including the best game consoles ever, GPT-3, and more.