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071: Is 5G Internet All Hype?

In this episode Dennis and Joel cover what 5G Internet is and isn't, and discuss if it will be the tech that saves the Internet. They also talk about a new offering from Sling TV and the latest in the Amazon vs. Google feud. Show Links - Google is pulling You-tube from fire TV on January 1 2018 - Sling TV allows You to subscribe to other Services -...


070: The Death of Net Neutrality

Dennis and Joel discuss the fate of Net Neutrality in the United States. Check out the article Net Neutrality Explained for more information. Please Subscribe to The Show on iTunes, Stitcher, or your Podcast App. Be sure to visit for more tech tips and subscribe to the podcast on your favorite player using the links below. Subscribe Free on iTunes -...


069: A Streaming Service for Non-Sports Fans

Today we’re going to discuss heavy subscriber losses in the pay TV industry. We’re also going to talk about why a move by everyones favorite FCC Comish, Ajit Pai, is likely to raise cable TV bills. Then finally we’re going to cover a brand new TV streaming service that’s all about non-sports pay TV channels. Please Subscribe to The Show on iTunes, Stitcher, or your Podcast App. Be sure to visit for more tech tips and subscribe to the podcast on your...


068: The FCC Wants a Takeover of Local News

Trump's FCC head Ajit Pai is at it again. This time he was corporations to be able to buy up local news channels and not even require them to have a local newsroom. We discuss this absolute insanity on the show today. We also discuss ISPs attempt to stop your state from protecting Net Neutrality. The FCC rules under attack - Another attack on Net Neutrality -...


067: Horror Movies to Stream this Halloween

Dennis and Joel geek out over the horror movies you can stream for Halloween this year. Please Subscribe to The Show on iTunes, Stitcher, or your Podcast App. Be sure to visit for more tech tips and subscribe to the podcast on your favorite player using the links below. Subscribe Free on iTunes - Subscribe Free on Android -...


066: Watching the NBA Without Cable

Dennis and Joel cover how to watch the 2017/18 NBA season without having a pay TV Subscription. They also share some special announcements on The Season 8 premiere of "The Walking Dead" and the new Movies Anywhere app. NBA Without Cable - Walking Dead Without Cable - Please Subscribe to The Show on iTunes, Stitcher, or your Podcast App. Be sure to visit...


065: Movies Anywhere, Cord-Cutters Everywhere

Dennis and Joel talk a bit about what LA Podfest was like. They then discuss a great new service that will show all the movies you have purchased in a single app regardless of where you bought them online. Also on the docket: Pay-TV subscriber Losses, Google WiFi, and Ajit Pai's recent troubles. Movies anywhere - ATT losing video subs - ...


064: New Roku Devices and How Cord Cutters Watch The NHL

Joel and Dennis discuss how to watch the NHL when you don't have a cable TV subscription. They also cover the new Roku devices that are hitting the shelves on October 8th. The show closes with a bit of information on FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. Please Subscribe to The Show on iTunes, Stitcher, or your Podcast App. Be sure to visit for more tech tips and subscribe to the podcast on your favorite player using the links below. Subscribe Free on iTunes -...


063: CBS, Star Trek Discovery, and Angry Trekkies

In today's episode Dennis and Joel discuss how CBS has angered legions of Trekkies by complicating how one can watch Star Trek Discovery. Of course the media uses this to push a dystopian TV future - (CBS ALL ACCESS BAD) Traditional pay TV companies are waking up to what customers want . . . sort of. Here is what Verizon is doing - Comcast...


062: Streaming Services Dominate the Emmys

We’re back after a break. Joel and Dennis cover the number of broadcast networks jumping on the streaming bandwagon, They also discuss how streaming services kicked cable TV’s butt at the Emmys this year. Articles Discussed in this episode DirecTV Now – YouTube TV - Hulu TV - NFL without Cable -...


061: How Cord Cutters Watch NFL and College Football in 2017

With football season quickly approaching Dennis explains how you can watch both NFL and College football without a Pay TV subscription. Watching the NFL without cable TV in 2017: What about NCAA College Football: All about TV Antennas: Please Subscribe to The Show on iTunes, Stitcher, or your Podcast...


060: Net Neutrality and Cord Cutting Good, Nazis Bad

This episode we discuss everybody losing their heads on Disney’s announcement about their new streaming services. We also discuss some Ajit Pai shadiness at the FCC as it pertains to broadband standards. We also conflicted over Nazis being more popular than the FCC’s plan on repealing Net Neutrality. We live in the upside down. (2:10) Ajit Pai is trying to lower broadband standards: ...


059: ESPN, Disney, and CBS Bet Big on Streaming

With pay TV networks losing subscribers hand over fist, Networks are turning toward over the top streaming. Today we discuss what Disney, ESPN, CBS, and other networks are planning for cord cutters over the next year. (00:53) Pay TV lost 1 million in q2 this year (4:45) Disney\ESPN is putting out a couple streaming services Press Release:...


058: A Lack of Internet Access and How Title II Can Fix It

Dennis and Joel discuss the state of internet access in rural America, and why it hurts all Americans. They also discuss how so few companies came to control how we access the Internet. They also discuss what we can do to change it. (1:20) The worst Broadband in America Article that inspired this segment: (20:46) Internet Access In America: How did we get here? (40:20) Why the state of Internet...


057: There’s Evidence of Cord Cutting but Not Much Else

Today we’ve got Nielsen numbers to go over to see how many people are cutting the cord. We talk about the cable TV industry swearing it’s now competitive, and we have a whole bunch of news on the FCC, most notably how they’re getting sued. We also discuss Ajit Pai playing a game of hide the data that just got FOIA requested. (4:58) We cover the new Nielsen numbers and find out how many people are cutting the cord and dropping Pay TV Link to Nielsen Total Audience Report : ...


056: Polls for and Propaganda Against Net Neutrality

In today's show, we discuss the White Houses hedge regarding Net Neutrality. We also discuss what polls look like on the issue of Net Neutrality. Finally, we discuss the terrible arguments and outright propaganda you may have heard when it comes to open the internet. We kick off the show with a bit of a recap of last week's health care analogy and how we seemed to have kicked off a chain reaction in Washington. . . maybe. 22:20 The White House states it’s position on Net Neutrality 39:20...


055: Lies, Damn Lies, and ISPs (and Health Care)

Be warned. This episode is our most political episode to date. We discuss the tactics being employed by anti-Net Neutrality forces, how they are taking this tactic from politicians lead, and how it's destroying our system of government. (2:20) Net Neutrality Day explained What companies are doing - (7:10) The Big ISP attempt to Co-Op Net Neutrality by flat out lying. AT&T - ...


054: Bad News for PlayStation VUE and Disney

We've updated the way we do the show notes to make things a bit easier to find in each episode. Below you will find the topics discussed in this episode along with a timestamp of when we start discussing it. We hope you listen to the entire episode, but we understand that not everyone has the time to do so. (1:36) Playstation Vue surprises customers with a big price hike. We also cover the current subscriber numbers for the top Pay TV and streaming services. Top pay TV services...


053: Interview With MobiTV CEO Charlie Nooney

Today, Dennis interviews Charlie Nooney. He’s a been an executive at Walt Disney Company and technicolor. Presently, the CEO of a company called MobiTV. And they have a technology platform that may help the Pay TV industry innovate in a way that may actually give customers what they want. Links for today's show: MobiTV - OTT Streaming is eating PayTV's Lunch -...


052: Technology, Globalization, and Jobs

This episode covers current and developing technologies that have impacted the job market. It's only just beginning. Links for Todays Show AI Benefits to Healthcare Industry - Globalization and automation – Truck driving has been immune until now - ...