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A no-holds-barred show about the Internet and how it's affecting our lives for good or bad. Hosts Jason DeFillippo & Brian Schulmeister have over 40 years of online experience and aren't afraid to tell it like it is.

A no-holds-barred show about the Internet and how it's affecting our lives for good or bad. Hosts Jason DeFillippo & Brian Schulmeister have over 40 years of online experience and aren't afraid to tell it like it is.
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A no-holds-barred show about the Internet and how it's affecting our lives for good or bad. Hosts Jason DeFillippo & Brian Schulmeister have over 40 years of online experience and aren't afraid to tell it like it is.




361: Thumbsy Uppies

YouTube's toxic feedback loop; e-scooter death; Facebook's $5 billion wrist-slap; Assange's war room; FBI social media surveillance; streaming eco-footprint; AT&T sued for location data; Jessica Jones; the Grand Tour; Eric Idle; getting to the Moon; interdimensional insurance agent; the Solar War; psychic apps; storming Area 51; feedback loop. Show notes at


360: Slackers

AI in music; Amazon upskill training; Microsoft vs Slack; running your home like a business; Tesla code stealer; T-Mobile arbitration terms of service; be a plumber; the internet cops are here; Zoom; license plate readers; satellite surveillance; Google recordings leaked; flying cars & hair straighteners; Marpac sound machines; Firefox; investing in Lego. Show notes at


359: 19% Upside?

Apple to fix keyboards; Amazon owns everything; ICE mines driver's licenses for facial recognition; Congress wants to halt Libra; Uber and labor unions meeting; bad optics; Chinese surveillance apps; AI recreates the universe, we don't know how; Running from Cops; Spotify Bacon; Stranger Things; Shaft; Blade Runner bar; Howard Stern; crypto ponzi; immigrants taking American jobs; Something Awful; 8chan; predictive policing; feedback. Show notes at


358: Inverted Schulmeister

China shuts down podcasts; deepfakes & deepnudes; free TV; we don't own anything; Huawei; outsourcing the important things; Black Mirror; Picard; id Software; Sandman; Pessimists & Cops; Children of Time & the Traveler; Arby's Megetables; NASA tapes; check your beer; feedback. Show notes at


357: Precious Little Dolphins

Civic duty; Bill Gates calls for regulation of platforms; Jony Ive; Reddit & Twitter reign in Trump; border crossings; facial recognition bans; Facebook's digital ID push; NASA hacked; heartbeat recognition; secret surveillance scores; aggression detection; doomsday preppier profiles; sous vide; robocalls; if we only had a brain. Show notes at


356: CRISPR Bacon

Regulating Big Tech; cost of an ad-free internet; Facebook class action continues; Amazon pays no taxes, AT&T gets tax breaks, no repercussions; Google's Be Internet Awesome; gaming Maps; new Firefox; Spotify wants its money back; the Chef Show; Pessimists Podcast; Alien III; Vertigo Comics; Children of Time; can't stop the CRISPR; all the beer; feedback. Show notes at


355: Phone Bones

Are phones making us horny; Quibi & Kodi; Slack IPO; YouTube considers change; is the problem content moderation or people; Comcast breaks law 445,000 times; porn-id brexit; Cellebrite breaks iPhones; LinkedIn scans; ransomware payments; Apple & Best Buy; Harry Potter: Wizards Unite; Roli LUMI; Ikea smart blinds. Show notes at


354: Viva Le Libra!

Questions about Facebook crypto Libra; going low tech to fight surveillance; photoshopping women into tech; Meeker's trends; Jessica Jones; lyric battles; the reality of being a musician; CDs are back; Huawei; Fall, or Dodge in Hell; the impossible whopper; Musk quits Twitter, not really; feedback loop, we killed ThinkGeek. Show notes at


353: Reality Apathy

Rosy retrospection & validation; income disparity; the platform excuse is dying; what did Zuck know & when did he know it; Uber's path of destruction; Fiverr goes public; express yourself; content moderation & irony; we told you so; Amazon Alexa & consent; eavesdropping apps; #notellmotelchallenge; deepfakes, Lyrebird & laws; hacked minidiscs. Show notes at


352: The Quibi Must Flow

Yet another streaming service; broadcast regulation & the internet; gaming the algorithm; Airdropping kids; busting deepfakes; Maker Faire needs help; Ghostbusting Lebowski; bizarre bundles; the spice will be flowing; Mars (of which the Moon is a part); Beebs vs Cruise; feedback loop. Show notes at


351: Let Them Poke Cake

Politicians don't understand big tech; more e-scooter madness; Uber-copters; Facebook internal revolt; YouTube's baffling enforcement of it's policies; the no-tell motel challenge; iPhone fraud; police building surveillance network with Ring; sign-in with Apple; Oura Ring; mobile browsers; mecha-hand Bezos. Show notes at


350: Cangaroooooo!

Tech don't care; more unintended consequences; FTC, DOJ mull tech antitrust; blitzup bop; Hyperloop, scaled down; Apple news; iTunes is dead, finally; YouTube's pedophilia algorithm is a feature, not a problem; Deadwood wrap-up; Good Omens; Britpop; Factfulness; feedback loop. Show notes at


349: Pika-Poo

Space nets; Amazon goes to NYC; FCC takes on robocalls; selling your data; Uber eats bigger than rides; Cameo celeb shout outs; running out of spectrum; gaming Wikipedia & Google images; database of banned bar patrons; what's on your iPhone doesn't stay there; the Alexa forget loop; Pokemon sleep; Duet; Cryptokitties & dapps; tech philanthropy; freedom gas. Show notes at


348: No Country for No Men

Power washers & smart hotels; orbital junk; Zuck says screw you, Canada; Amazon's small supplier purge; ba-Zynga; Google's shadow work force; robocall bill; Deadwood; GOT BTS; Rim of the World; The Church on the Cure; History of Horror; Cory Doctorow; Ark Encounter rain damage; self-entitled Cha Cha Matcha; functionally extinct; feedback loop. Show notes at


347: Meh ¯\(ツ)/¯

Facebook removes billions of fake accounts; CrossFit leaves FB & IG; Apple privacy-preserving ads; Amazon investors reject all that's good and holy; gamifying work; security fatigue; how is GDPR doing; Snapchat's SnapLion; tracking on the tube; delivery robots; disrupting dining; $800 million pizzas; Dave's got trouble, right here in River City. Show notes at


346: A Honeycomb and a Jackass

Gmail tracks your purchases; Instagram influencer data scrape exposed; don't advertise your criminal services; China may be getting drone data; the Big Bang, Game of Thrones finales; Rammstein & Bad Religion; Chernobyl, Succession & Downton Abbey; Everything is F*cked; logical fallacies; Murderbot Diaries; Man Gooped, duped; getting into cybersecurity; feedback loop. Show notes at


345: Farewell Tard

We lose our spirit animal; do we really like privacy; where's our manuals; Twitter sets policies; Wing delivery in Finland; smart walls; Señorita needs a Margarita; San Fran bans facial recognition; end to end encryption, cryptocurrency not as safe as you think; Alexa Guard; Quora; mobile podcasting gear; smart strollers; boozeless bars; spice up your life. Show notes at


344: Dorf on Glue

Uber's unsurprising IPO; airport facial recognition; Facebook steps up for moderators; Google backs out of the cloud; Amazon get cash, cashiers; fear-based social media; Amazon's automation plan; be a delivery entrepreneur; Game of Thrones; the Wandering Earth; old man's festivals; Adam Savage; the Daily Stoic; feedback. Show notes at


343: A Whimsical Dream

The big business of loneliness; high decibel drones; pseudo science; living with smart devices; Amazon & big business; Alexa eavesdropping; Facebook reads your posts; AI Clippy; Microsoft news; Netflix tweets; bundle battles; the Predator; Daniel Suarez; humans are horrible; Winterfell's Starbucks; feedback loop. Show notes at


342: Fortress of Loneliness

The dark of war; unionization efforts in tech; Facebook’s new push to “privacy” & problems with “AI”; Google’s voodoo doll avatars; bored lonely angry stupid; conspiracy correlation matrix; Latch problems; no more getting lost; respect my authority!; what does delete & privacy mean; Apple iPad & pencil; sound machines; the case against dark mode; wood wide web. Show notes at