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The adventures of Matt Lawrence and Mike Karan through the world of web development, web design, and small business management.

The adventures of Matt Lawrence and Mike Karan through the world of web development, web design, and small business management.
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The adventures of Matt Lawrence and Mike Karan through the world of web development, web design, and small business management.




Freelancing, Contracting, Remote Work

In this episode, Matt and Mike discuss freelancing, contracting, and remote work some of the most important and quickly growing segments in the web development industry. Web developers often find themselves trying to decide between a traditional job and freelancing their skills out on their own. While freelancing sound lucrative and exciting, traditional jobs offer more stability and benefits that are generally not found elsewhere. We discuss these pros and cons of each of these pathways,...


Marketing and SEO w/ Chris Dayley

This week we sit down with Chris Dayley a digital marketing entrepreneur that helps businesses succeed online. We discuss a bunch of very interesting topics including things like SEO, conversions, A/B testing, and PPC. This episode is a great resource for any web developer, or online entrepreneur, that needs to brush up on their marketing skills. Show Notes: You can find us on... Facebook | Twitter | Instagram RSS |...


Procedures & Standard Practices

In this week's episode, Matt and Mike discuss why procedures and standard practices are important. Every entrepreneur at some point in their career has tried to turn themselves against the bureaucracy and slow systems that drive large corporate machines only to find themselves needing similar systems to keep themselves afloat. We'll be discussing this sort of realization and how a business can slowly, yet naturally, create unique procedures that compliment their work style. Then we change...


Imposter Syndrome

In this episode Matt and Mike discuss something we've all felt at one time or another - Imposter Syndrome. Whether it's due to lack of experience, or tackling a brand new topic, imposter syndrome can zap your motivation and make you want to quit. While it's hard to overcome, it's important to note that everyone has experienced it at some point in their career and will almost definitely experience it again. We offer our stories alongside some tips to overcome the dread and emerge a better...


Future of Web Development - Motion UI, PWA's, Blockchain, and More

In this episode of the podcast Matt and Mike discuss the future of web development focusing on emerging trends and new technologies that are ready to take the world wide web by storm. Things like Motion UI, Progressive Web Apps (PWA), blockchain, voice search integration, and much more! With so much functionality being put into web developers' hands the future looks bright, but performance is a big concern with sites getting heavier and heavier as the years go by. Full show notes:...


Bootstrap, Materialize, Tailwind CSS

In this episode of the podcast, Matt and Mike discuss CSS frameworks, with a particular focus on Bootstrap, Materialize, and Tailwind CSS. Each of these frameworks comes with their own pros and cons that make them a great fit for particular projects offering UI developers a bunch of options when choosing the tools they need for a given project. Full show notes: You can find us on... Facebook | Twitter | Instagram RSS...


Choosing the Right Equipment

In this episode Mike and Matt discuss selecting, purchasing, and shopping for the equipment you need to get the job done. Whether you're on a budget, or ready to spend a bunch of money on something fancy, this episode covers how to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. We start off discussing the balance between pricing, your use-case, and future proofing, then we lay out ways to ensure you get all the features you need, followed by a discussion on some specific peripherals and...


MacBook Adventures & Podcast Update

This week our episode was cut short and released late due to a bit of a fiasco with our only in-house MacBook. We're also using this opportunity to announce some changes that we're going to be applying to future episodes based on some feedback that we've received. If you're a fan of our Web News segment, this week the episode was dominated by a discussion around exactly what happened to our MacBook and the various attempts we made to fix the issue. A standard full episode is planned for next...


Full Time and Side Hustles w/ David Lindahl

In this episode we sit down once again with David Lindahl to discuss his full time job and many side hustles. Segment 1 - What’s New? Tell us a little bit about yourself and what’s happened since we last spoke.Segment 2 - UI Developer How long did it take you to fully settle into your role?Before you got a full time position you were working on a variety of side hustles, many of which are still online today. How was the transition from being your own boss to working under a company?Is...


When to Start

In this episode Matt and Mike discuss when to start your business, a project, or whatever it is you're putting off. It's easy to get bogged down, luckily there are some tips and tricks to prevent it. Segment 1 - When to Start One of the things you’ll hear as an entrepreneur, and we’ve mentioned on the show several times is to “just start” This means that instead of being bogged down by “what ifs” that you should just jump in and get started on whatever it is you’re working onA prime...


Progressive Web Apps

In this episode we'll be discussing the ins and outs of progressive web apps including what they are, some of their functionality, and what challenges/limitations they still face. Segment 1 - What is a PWA As mentioned on the show a few times before, PWA stands for Progressive Web App, which is the evolution of the standard web appIf you’re new to all of this, the breakdown is rather simple:Website - A website is a more basic presence on the web, it delivers content to a visitor (ie blog...



In this solo episode, Mike discusses the code refactoring process and then deep dives on work/life balance. Segment 1 - What is Refactoring Refactoring definitionChanging your code to improve its organization and structure without directly influencing it’s performanceExplanation of terminologyCode SmellsSomething you notice as your coding that you think will later require a restructure/reorganizationExtensibilityAbility to later down the road use your current code to extend the...


Advanced Topics w/ Little Experience

In this episode we take a look at taking on complex tasks in a field where you're not very experienced, something all programmers must do at one point or another in their career. Segment 1 - The Newcomer Effect This segment is going to focus on our experience configuring a vuejs service worker - I went in with no previous hand-on experience, a complete newcomer to service workers and an amateur at vuejs. Therefore this process is no doubt clunky, but as you’ll hear that’s exactly the...


Leadership w/ Scott McCarthy

In this episode we sit down with leadership expert Scott McCarthy, to discuss leadership skills related to small business and independent entrepreneurs. Segment 1 - Introduce Yourself Segment 2 - Starting Out Do you think that leadership is more of a school-learned skill (note-taking, reading, etc.) or more of one that you learn by putting it into practice? How closely would you relate self-discipline with leadership skills? Should you work on self-discipline before trying to lead...


jQuery to Vue.js

With Vue.js' popularity steadily rising, many of you are probably thinking of migrating from jQuery. Segment 1 - State of jQuery is a javascript library mainly targeted at HTML document traversal and manipulation, event handling, animation* and ajax requests. Meant to simplify your code and reduce the amount you would have to write doing simple things such asAssigning event listeners to all elements of the same classCreating DOM elements such as DIVsUsing the...


Pivoting a Project

Pivoting a project can be a blessing, or a curse. It's important to know when and when not to pivot to avoid derailing your development cycle. Segment 1 - Our Pivots When first starting out it’s important to be open to all avenues to youIn our case we chose to try to get into the IT and Web Design/Development business from the get go.Although we did have a few IT clients we both seemed to prefer the web development side of the business as time went on. Eventually we landed a larger Web...


Git Workflow

In this episode we talk about keeping our projects together with OneDrive and eventually upgrading to git for full version control. Segment 1 - Starting Without Git We used to use OneDrive to keep each other on the same pageWe had the same OneDrive directory sync to our computers so that our work would carry overHowever, this is not proper version control and therefore a bunch of conflicts would happen if we were working on the same projects, luckily most were minor and just required...


Site Builders and Webflow

In this episode we discuss website builders in general, then do a deep dive into Webflow. Segment 1 - Site Builders There are many reasons out there to use a site builder, they can range anywhere from convenience aspects, to pricing. I think it’s fairly important for a web developer to be at least familiar with these reasons and also the downfalls of site builders so that when it comes time for them to explain to their customer why they need a custom website, they will be coming at if from...


Your First Website Contract

In this episode Mike and Matt discuss what it's like to take on your first website contract as a complete beginner web developer, focusing on a small business website refresh. Segment 1 - Gathering Requirements We’ve talked about requirements a few times but this whole conversation will be very specific to a typical first site that a developer will have to do for their first project.So in this scenario a small business call Happy Coffee has approached you with a request for their old site...


Negative Customer Relations

In this episode we discuss the difficult conversations we all face when dealing with customers including pricing, misunderstandings, and more. Segment 1 - Saying No Sometimes customers relations aren’t just selling them on your latest theme, service, or skill - there comes a time where you have to deal with intricacies that have a negative connotation attached to themSpecifically these are often: pricing, value (of work and of the product to the customer), bad content (low quality images,...