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Are Electric Cars Actually Better For The Environment?

Paul Martin returns to debunk this myth: Do electric cars provide enough environmental benefit over its lifetime to offset the amount of CO2 that is needed to produce it? In This Episode The Union Of Concerned ScientistThe grain of truth to the mythThe energy cost and CO2 emissions of batteriesWhat’s typically missing from the petrol side of the conversation “Where are lithium ion batteries being made in the world right now?” “You still get the benefit that the car doesn’t have a...


The Future of Battery Technology with Euan McTurk

Euan McTurk takes charge of an episode of It’s Electric! to talk about battery technologies, and how they are currently performing. He also electrifies us with a dazzling look into what the future holds for EV’s In This Episode Future battery technologiesCross country EV’s on a single charge?Battery advances in aircraftCurrent battery technology and how we could make better use of it “My Nissan Leaf actually charges faster than a petrol car” “Your car spends 95% of its time sitting...


Electric Unicycle and Drone Talk with Henrik Olsen

Henrik Olsen joins us today on It’s Electric! He has a massive enthusiasm for electric unicycles and drones, which makes him a perfect guest! In This Episode How Denmark became an EV paradiseThe obstacles facing electric unicyclesHenrik’s unicycle recommendationsDrone tips and tricks “It feels like you’re gliding or flying over concrete” - Afeez “One of the things that we can do is to make sure that we get some of our policy makers to experience this mode of transportation” Henrik...


A Work of Tesla Art with Erik Dezsany

Erik is a huge electric car enthusiast with a knack for drawing cars, more specifically Tesla’s. He’s definitely got perspective on the EV industry and is more than happy to share his opinion on where things are going, and why he enjoys them so much. In This Episode Donating drawings for tiny Tesla’sEV PornBad news for EV hatersErik’s top 3 “We have so many problems to solve on earth first” “If you really want something, you can achieve your dreams” “They made electric cars… let’s say...


Battery Safety for Electric Vehicles with Paul Martin

Welcome to It’s Electric! Today we have the pleasure of having Paul Martin return to the show. Today’s topic: Battery safety. How batteries are constructed, how fires happen and what could be done to reduce the risk of combustion. In This Episode Flaming unicycles and the likelihood of combustionIs it possible to reduce the risk of fire?Precautions and mitigations that can help “All of these electric vehicles are comparatively new” “There’s always going to be some risk of fire, that’s...


Eco Vehicles May Be The Answer with Richard Marks

Richard Marks is the president of Environmental Transportation Solutions in Detroit, Michigan. His company has provided environmentally and financially friendly transportations solutions for both city and rural people for the last 15 years. In This Episode Creating vehicles for environmentally conscious peoplePolicies and procedures surrounding Low Speed VehiclesChallenges securing investmentThe Electric future “We’ve had a really difficult time with investors because they just don’t...


Cleevely Electric Vehicles with Matt Cleevely

Matt Cleevely was a Petrol car enthusiast until he investigated EV’s further and found them to be a perfect solution to his lifestyle. In This Episode Why the Nissan Leaf is Matt’s Vehicle of choiceCleevely Electric VehiclesCars as a mode of transportationScooters in the cityMatt’s top 3 Electric cars “Cars are not necessarily the part of the family the used to be” “Come rain or shine, I’m celebrating the fact that I’m renewable” “The Aim for Cleevely EV is to become a lifestyle...


Analyzing the Electric Car Market with Ejiro Gbenedio

Data and Statistics are great, especially when you have someone who can break it down for you and tell you the stories behind the data. Ejiro is joining Afeez on It’s Electric today to do exactly that. In This Episode Analyzing the Electric Car marketChina’s impressive adoption trendThe future of oil demands regardless of EV’sThe impact of EV’s from a different perspective “It’s going to disrupt a lot of markets right across the supply chain” “Not everyone wants to ride a bicycle” “A...


Making A Stand For Electric Vehicles with Edward Byard

Edward Byard is today’s guest on It’s Electric! Ed is a renewable energy and clean tech enthusiast, a lover of EV’s and the proud owner of a Tesla. He’s got some interesting opinions on the topic of electrification, and offers a great perspective on the conversation surrounding electric cars! In This Episode Reducing the number of private cars in usePractical applications for hydrogenJob losses as a result of EV’s catching onThe change the world needs “As a society we do need to reduce...


A Positive Outlook on EV’s with Katie Colledge-Price

Katie Colledge-Price is excited to be making her first ever podcast experience and Afeez is thrilled that it’s on this episode of It’s Electric! Katie is a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to EV’s and she’s here to share with us a little bit of what she knows! In This Episode A “genius”idea at MicrosoftWLTP - What is it?The Renewable Energy AssociationSustainable cities in the Middle East “Talk to somebody that’s got one because they’ve lived and breathed it” “You can’t...


Motorsports, Electric Car Fleets and the EV Queen with Beth Lilly

Beth Lilly is joining Afeez Kay from Norway! She’s in the middle of an epic EV road trip, and during her day to day is involved with Electric Vehicles and Motorsport as a part of her job! In This Episode How Beth got into the EV industryCharging to the Circle#EVQueenThe challenges with the massive road tripShould EV’s be mass adopted, and what needs to be done? “I spent quite a lot of my life being very conscious about the environment and the planet but I had never connected that up to...


A Step Backwards for Canada

Canada’s Correspondent for It’s Electric returns for another episode! Paul Martin is back to discuss car wrecks, carbon prices and the province of Ontario, Canada. In This Episode A sad day for EV’s in Ontario CanadaLife after electricInsurance for converted electric vehicles “We lost the purchasing incentives and we lost the charging infrastructure” “This is going to be a challenge for a while” “The distance to work and back again is the same every day” Rent a...


A Data Driven Approach to Electric Cars with Gill Nowell

Afeez is excited to welcome Gill Nowell to the show! Gill is passionate about electric cars in all shapes and sizes, and how they can help us move toward a sustainable future! She currently works with Electrolink, and before that she was with EA Technology. She has experience developing and delivering projects related to EV’s and their impact on the world. She’s also a massive data lover, so buckle up for an informative episode! In This Episode The impact of proper data in the Electric...


Current EV News with Paul Martin

Welcome back to It’s Electric! The electric car show with Afeez Kay! In this episode, Afeez welcomes Paul Martin back to the show to discuss current affairs in the EV world. In this episode: Tesla’s are catching fire: Why?Air cooling versus water cooling for batteriesWhy Tesla are using less cobaltAfeez shows Paul his Unicycle “Tesla’s are really cool cars, they’re fast cars and people tend to drive them aggressively” “We need alternative electric vehicles” Try out a...


Power, Energy and Battery Talk with Euan McTurk

Afeez welcomes Euan McTurk to It’s Electric! Euan is an electrochemist, knows a ton about batteries and he’s been driving EV’s since he was an undergrad student! Get ready for a supercharged discussion! In This Episode The car that made Euan love EV’sRapid charging and grid capacityPublic transport is electrifyingThe most efficient electric car on the marketContactless payment for fuelLithium Ion, Lithium Air and Solid State batteries “I knew that I wanted to do something in green tech...


The Best Performance Electric Cars with Daryl Pearce of EVHIRE

Afeez is please to welcome Daryl to It’s Electric! Daryl runs a performance EV rental company called EVHIRE. In This Episode Tesla’s influence on the birth of EVHIREThe main concerns people have with Electric CarsCustomer reactions to renting a Tesla “I could really see how they are disrupting the game and I wanted to be a part of it somehow” “The adoption is growing exponentially over the last 2 or 3 years” “The other mainstream manufacturers are following suit” “I’ve never had a...


Giving Them the Best of the Best with Funmi Onamusi

Welcome to It’s Electric! The Electric Vehicle Show with Afeez Kay! In this episode, Afeez is honoured to be joined by Funmi Onamusi, the owner of 3F EV an electric car rental company. In This Episode: Funmi before 3F EV.Changes in the EV marketInfrastructure talk, and Funmi’s divergent viewFuture trends in the Electric Vehicle spaceChanging the world, a person at a time. “At some point, your professional life merges with your personal life” “There was nowhere in the country where we...


What About Electric Ships? with Richard Shrubbs

In this episode of It’s Electric! Afeez welcomes an amazing writer and environmental enthusiast Richard Shrubbs to the show! In this episode, Richard and Afeez open up about electric boats and ships. In This Episode Where ships fit into the environmental pictureWhy battery prices are negatively impacting the development of EV’s outside of the automotive industry.China’s electric container ship.Electric Powerboat racing “The world is waking up” “Ships make globalization happen” “If you...


Electric Unicycles and Other EV's in Singapore with Simon Tay

Afeez welcomes one of his electric unicycle heroes onto this episode of It's Electric! Simon Tay is heavily involved in the electric unicycle game and has a ton of insights and perspectives on what companies are doing right, and how they can be improved! In This Episode What is an electric unicycle and how does it work? Car ownership and the appeal of unicycles in Singapore Makes and Models that Simon enjoys Features that future unicycles should have “The pedestrian path is very...


The Very Near Future of Electric Cars with Scott Edy

Afeez welcomes Scott Edy to this episode of It's Electric! Scott is a business development manager for The Phoenix Works, who are an installer of energy efficient technology. They are heavily involved in the vehicle charging network. In This Episode Payment for charging and what can be improved. Do the masses need cars? A must attend event for EV's What's to come for the Electric Vehicle world “Mass adoption is not an if, or will it never. It's just kind of when, and it's...