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Hydrogen: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Paul Martin returns to It's Electric! to discuss Hydrogen and all of the myths, misconceptions, and facts surrounding the gas and it's potential as a fuel source. In This Episode Can Hydrogen improve energy efficiency The stages and losses of Hydrogen as fuel When is Hydrogen a viable option? The dollar breakdown behind Hydrogen “If you start with fossil fuels, then it's pointless” “Hydrogen has too many steps” “Where we want to go is a fossil free future” “There are long haul...


An Inventive Solution with Robert Dedomenico

In This Episode Why Electric Cars are a waste of time Why won't mass adoption occur? Low hanging fruit and a new perspective Government Subsidies “When you open your tap, don't you get water immediately?” “Natural gas, we're taking it out of the grounder faster every year”


A Complete Energy Solution with Charlie Jardine

In this episode of It's Electric! Afeez welcomes Charlie Jardine to the show. Charlie is the CEO of EO Charging. In this episode Charlie talks about his start in the EV Charging space The Genius Are EV's Enough to tackle climate change? Mass Adoption and Global Expansion “They popularized the technology and made it appealing to everyone” “Don't listen to your dad all the time, just do what you think is right” “We believe EV's are one part of a bigger picture” “At the core of...


EV Efficiency

In This Episode of It's Electric! EV batteries in the winter The 600 Mile Range Battery Are batteries made of rare metals? Fracking or Coal? “High Voltage is bad” “Dragging weight around is a problem” “If it's inefficient, it's going to cost you more to run your vehicle” “In exchange for a little less range, we get this tremendous benefit” Tesla Rentals


An Energy Source Analysis with Paul Martin

Afeez welcomes Paul Martin back to the show to do an energy source analysis. They cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time, so buckle up and listen in to It's Electric! Renewable energy sources and mining the materials for batteries Nuclear energy Coal, Natural Gas and Fracking Petroleum, and why humanity may be going about it all wrong How to move in a more environmentally friendly direction “We're always weighing harm to the world against convenience and money” “The...


Moving into the Charging Market - Joseph Cooper

Joseph Cooper is the Managing Director of Coventry Electrical Limited. Electrical contractors who are moving into the EV market. Joseph listened to It's Electric! and reached out to Afeez to talk about EV's, and after hearing about Jospeh's move into the EV charging business, he had to get him on the show to discuss it! Topics Covered: What kinds of charging points Joseph installs, and how fast are they? Are charging stations future-proof? Solar panel installation, and the ideology...


Well to Wheel with Paul Martin

On this episode of It's Electric! Afeez Kay welcomes Paul Martin back to discuss “well to wheel” and whether electric cars are better than internal combustion engine cars in the long run. Afeez and Paul discuss The production of each fuel source: Gasoline and Electricity, as well as the conditions they're produced in. Where EV's pull ahead of Internal Combustion Engine cars. Embodied Emissions, and how they factor in. An Energy Efficient future. Is vehicle to grid everything people...


Next Eco Car with Simon Acton

Simon Acton owns Next Eco Car in Dublin Ireland, and he sells electric cars. He's a self proclaimed petrol head who had a job in IT until the opportunity presented itself to join his knowledge and skills with his interest in automotive. - The charging network in Ireland vs. the charging network in the U.K. - Toll Free in Ireland? - Infrastructure, Charging Speed or Range? - Top 3 most anticipated Electric Vehicles - Ferrari's fist electric Supercar Quotes “We have tolls on quite...


Clean Technology and Africa with Kunle Onabekunka

Today Afeez welcomes a fellow Nigerian to the show to talk EV's! Kunle Onabekunka joins Afeez to discuss the possibility and the likelihood of electric vehicles gaining popularity in places like Nigeria, and Africa as a whole. They discuss: -Securing EV investments in Africa -Renewable energy in Africa -Which African country is the most advanced in terms of clean tech, and why. -Nigerian Politicians and the Grid Quotes “Where is the lobby for renewable energy in the National...


5x the Guests 5x the Electricity

On this very special episode of It's Electric! Afeez is joined by 4 other guests to talk Electric Cars! Lewis Black, the owner of an Electric Car dealership, ,Craig who runs the Renault Zoe owners club, join forces to discuss various issues and small annoyances surrounding the electric cars they love. -Are you charging or parking? -On-street parking solutions in our future? -When a charging station goes down, who is responsible? -The guys list their Top 3 Electric Cars “The rapid...


Ben Buys an i3

Afeez links up customer and salesman on this episode of It's Electric. Ben wants an Electric Car, Afeez has opinions on which would suit him, and Lewis gets the job done. - Why should he buy an Electric Car? - BMW under the microscope Producer's Cut -The decision to buy - The Sale is Made “Now, diesel is the worst car to have” More Afeez: facebook page YouTube


Inside the Minds at Ecar Test Drives

On this epiosde of It's Electric! Afeez welcomes Richard Shrubb to the show! Richard works alongside Afeez on another project called Richard kicks off by telling us a little bit about himself and his Green Peace activism, and then the guys get into some of the biggest topics that grind Richard's gears, and fascinate him most: - Solid State batteries, and 900 mile range electric vehicles: is it actually possible? - A battery that can be charged in 5 minutes and the...


Selling EV's to an Excited Market with Lewis Black

Afeez welcomes Lewis Black to It's Electric! Lewis runs an independent EV dealership. He sells new and used Electric Vehicles and mostly focuses on the used EV market. Lewis explains the growth happening in the market to Afeez, and shares that it's a big reason why he's decided to focus on them now, instead of waiting. He shares statistics, as well as experience surrounding the sale of Electric cars, as well as the customer's level of awareness when buying a vehicle. He also gives some...


Bursting the Hydrogen Bubble with Paul Martin

Afeez welcomes Paul Martin as a guest on this episode of It's Electric! Paul is passionate and extremely knowledgeable about electric vehicles, and electrification in general, and doesn't even work within the EV industry! He's a chemical engineer from Toronto, Canada. He's been passionate about the need to transition away from fossil fuels since before graduating university. Paul's experience has brought him to work within the environmental industry as well as the technology development...


Jonny Hates Fossil Fuels with Jonny Cooper

On this episode of It's Electric! Our supercharged host Afeez Kay welcomes Jonny Cooper of Jonny Hates Marketing onto the show to discuss all things fossil fuels and electric vehicles. Jonny is an EV-angelist, which is someone who pushes and promotes electric cars and clean tech in order to create a healthier, more sustainable world, and has strong opinions about the current state of things in the automotive industry. A little known fact about Jonny: He's also a race car driver! Afeez...


From Top Gear to Tesla with Scott Doucet

Host Afeez Kay welcomes Canadian guest Scott Doucet to the show to talk about electric cars. Scott comes from New Brunswick, a rural area of Atlantic Canada that is “behind the times” when it comes to technology, research and development in general, let alone in the electric car department. Scott admits that his knowledge of electric vehicles has come largely from Top Gear, and that he's only ever seen one charging station in his entire province, and it's 3 hours away. The first Question...


Welcome to It's Electric! The Electric Car Show with Afeez Kay

Host Afeez Kay takes us on an electric voyage to explain what's in store for the listeners of It's Electric! He explains the vision behind the show, and the dual purpose he hopes it will serve: Both to educate the listener on the benefits of electric vehicles, as well as educate himself! Quotes “People keep saying electric cars are the future, I don't agree with that, I believe electric cars are now.” Links


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