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Bonus Episode // Podcasting Panel at CASE Social Media & Community Conference

At the 2018 CASE Social Media and Community Conference in New Orleans, I got the opportunity to organize and speak on a panel all about podcasting in higher education. I was joined by fellow podcasters Tim Cigelske, Jackie Vetrano, Stephen App, Chris Barrows, where we share our podcasting journeys and perspectives. From figuring out how to start a podcast to how to promote it and grow your audience. Each panelist brings a unique set of experiences to their shows and this conversation and...


Bonus Episode // Coffee Talk with Walter Kimbrough at CASE Social Media & Community Conference

This year I served on the faculty team of the 2018 CASE Social Media and Community Conference in New Orleans. I quickly reached out Dillard University President, Walter M. Kimbrough to invite him to be part of the conference for a coffee talk interview. In this episode, you’ll catch the recording of this session, where we chat about how his presidency has grown up alongside social media, how to control your narrative, and why and how college presidents should speak out about what matters...


Kirk and Noel Schulz // #GoCougs First Family

The presidency in higher education can be personal, which is exactly why I invited on not only the president of Washington State Kirk Schulz but also the first lady Noel Schulz, who also serves as an engineering professor. This first family talks about how the role university president has drastically changed related to social media and public presence - which for them even include their grown children and corgi puppies. In this episode, we get the unique opportunity to learn not just from...


Terrell Strayhorn // The #DoGoodWork Professor, Public Speaker & Provocateur

He’s been called a provocateur, top diversity scholar, accomplished author, international speaker, and even “fun-sized.” But despite the various titles Terrell Lamont Strayhorn, focuses on the importance of belonging, especially in higher education spaces to meet his objective to #DoGoodWork. Terrell and I discuss the hidden curriculum of higher ed, Terrell’s educational and speaking philosophy, and how universities can and are working to develop students’ sense of belonging. For entire...


Liz Gross // Educator meets Intrepreneur to Ignite Social Listening

We’ve all got topics that are important to us, whether it’s our furry friends or the events that are happening on our campuses. Social listening is one way to turn those topics into real opportunities, and this week’s podcast guest is a social listening expert. Liz Gross is the director of Campus Sonar, and she explains what social listening is for higher ed, her intrepreneurial journey, and even shares a few travel tips! Notes from this Episode UW Milwaukee Michelin Star Service...


Melissa Woo // Social Higher Ed CIO

Melissa Woo is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Vice President of Information Technology (IT) at Stony Brook University, and she’s got an insider’s perspective on life on the other side of the IT desk. And guess, what? It’s not all about technology, it’s actually about people. In this episode, Melissa and I discuss the ways that IT can and should be integrating with the entire campus, her approach to creating a more diverse team, and how to find and be a mentor. As a bonus, Melissa...


Sabrina Cruz // Growing Up Online

Calling all nerds, geeks, and fanboys/fangirls! This week’s guest is Sabrina Cruz, the mastermind behind the epic YouTube channel Nerdy and Quirky (and a few others). Her channel combines nerd culture and comedy to keep her audience laughing and learning, and Sabrina brings the same energy to this week’s episode. She’ll be sharing what it’s like to be a YouTuber and a university student, talking about her fandom journey, and giving some excellent advice for both students and higher...


Luoluo Hong // Putting Wheels Under Your Values

Grab your guildies and get ready to learn how Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management at San Francisco State University Luoluo Hong creates connections with her campus community through innovative platforms like World of Warcraft. This episode features a discussion of how her approach to social has changed as an executive, the importance of advocacy in Luoluo’s work and life, and ways to practice social justice without burning out. Notes from this Episode Daario...


Bonus Holiday Episode

I love the holidays so much I just had to wrap up a little extra podcast cheer to spread for all to hear. This bonus episode you'll learn a bit more about me, including what it was like to grow up in Wyoming, what I'm celebrating this year and lots of shoutouts to my top podcast supporters and behind the scenes production crew. And what holiday bonus episode would be complete without a surprise at the end! Find all the show notes at and follow the podcast on...


Ed Cabellon // The Evolution of Tech in Student Affairs

There is a lot more to technology than downloading the hottest app or upgrading the latest software update. As Dr. Ed Cabellon shares technology is actually pretty personal - with skills required for successful technology implementation including politics, emotions and a long-term investment. Ed has seen the evolution of technology especially in students affairs and enrollment management as an early adopter and educator of digital identity, social media, and digital marketing. He’ll share...


Kevin O'Connell // Telling Your Story and Finding Your Niche

Finding your niche has never seemed more achievable thanks to this week’s guest, Niche Movement founder Kevin O’Connell. He’s an entrepreneur, author, and digital storyteller on a quest to build the perfect Spotify playlist. Our conversation is all about storytelling, from digital platform best practices to ways to launch the next chapter of your career. Best of all, this episode is packed with practical and tactical advice, especially if you are ready to make some shifts in your life.


Mallie Rust // Students Want Authenticity Over Ads on Social Media

What if something as simple as a tweet could help you make your next career move - while you’re still in college? My guest this week can tell you firsthand what that experience is like. Mallie Rust is my content and marketing coordinator, a freelance editor, TexasMedia student, and even an amateur ballroom dancer. As a college senior Mallie shares her experience growing up on social media, how campuses can best use social to connect with current and future students and explains why she’s...


Vernon A. Wall // Social Justice is More Than Sound Bites

Social justice work may go by many names: multiculturalism, inclusive excellence, diversity, equality, etc. According to Vernon A. Wall, what you call it doesn’t matter; it’s about your actions. Our discussion on how to engage in difficult dialogues and advocating for others - even if it’s uncomfortable, and the ways that a focus on language can help and hurt social justice efforts. There is also lots of celebrity talk from his leadership with Capital Pride and behind the scenes of the...


Karen Freberg // Social Media Professor Running on Coffee

Is it possible that university curriculum can keep up with the ever-changing speed of social media? My guest today believes so, with a lot of coffee and commitment. In this episode, Dr. Karen Freberg discusses life as a social media professor, from developing lesson plans to partnerships with companies like General Motors and Louisville Bats to Hootsuite and Adobe. Karen shares the ways that her time as a record-setting college athlete helped shape her career path in sports marketing,...


Walter M. Kimbrough // Hip Hop President

If you’ve ever read a list of college presidents to follow on Twitter, you’ve probably heard of Dr. Walter M. Kimbrough, the Hip Hop President. Walter’s official title is “President of Dillard University,” but he’s so much more than that. He’s also a published author, accomplished researcher, master of personal branding and presidential tweeting pro. In our conversation, we break down the development of Walter’s personal brand, his experiences tackling difficult discussions, and the people...


Digital Leadership Throughout Campus // Classroom Edition

This episode marks the last panel in the podcast’s classroom edition series. The classroom edition features panels I moderated for my Florida State University graduate-level course, Technology in Higher Ed. We’re closing out with a deep dive into what digital leadership looks like in higher education from perspectives all across campus. This week’s panelists Juhi Bhatt, Joy Hoffman, Douglas Eck, and Nathan Victoria cover everything from advice on digital reputations the realities and risks...


Digital Leadership at the Executive Level // Classroom Edition

For this episode of my classroom edition series, I’ve invited three student affairs professionals in senior-level positions to give their perspective on digital leadership in higher education. Note: I moderated this panel (and the others in the classroom edition) for my Florida State University graduate-level course, Technology in Higher Ed. Tonantzin Oseguera, Damien Peña, and Peter A. Konwerski are our three panelists, and they break down what it’s like to be in an executive position in...


Opportunities in EdTech // Tech in Higher Ed Classroom Edition

Ever wondered what life is like for the folks on the other side of the EdTech exchange? This week’s panelists are three professionals working on the vendor side of edtech. Join guests Kayley Robsham, Chris Trudell, and Dustin Ramsdell for their advice on exploring careers in educational technology, the challenges they faced shifting from student affairs to edtech, and how to evaluate vendors. This episode is part of a classroom edition series to the podcast, featuring panels I moderated...


Digital Identity and Reputation // Tech in Higher Ed Classroom Edition

This episode is part of a classroom edition series to the podcast, featuring panels I moderated for my Florida State University graduate-level course, Technology in Higher Ed. Sometimes phrases like “personal branding” and “online presence” feel like buzzwords, which is why we’re dissecting them in this week’s panel. Guests Laura Pasquini, Katie Linder, and Ed Cabellon talk about their approaches to digital identity, give their advice for maintaining a positive digital reputation, and even...


Information Technology // Tech in Higher ed Classroom Edition

This episode is part of a classroom edition series to the podcast, featuring panels I moderated for my Florida State University graduate-level course, Technology in Higher Ed. Information technology (IT) is the backbone of any tech solution, which is why we’re talking IT in higher education in this third installment of Classroom Edition. IT pros Joe Sabado and Paul Schantz discuss the role their department plays in their universities, how to approach new technology solutions, and tech...